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The Beginning of Black Male Erasure - Breeding Sons that will Replace You

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Text Comments (3781)
tatiana baptiste (7 months ago)
Black men like these want their little girls black identity in looks to disappear, but when it comes to their little boys they think that shit just automatically trickles down so strange
Candy xoxo (11 days ago)
@NWo..I'll try to be quick on this. AA does not have a home country. We are not dual citizens of Africa. It's like telling Native Americans don't you have an entire continent somewhere else exclusively to you. Geeze.
Candy xoxo (11 days ago)
Bw are about to stop this sexual obligation to a bf for the most part. Five years with a man and no marriage to show?? What did she gain? Smh.
Candy xoxo (11 days ago)
Ok but they date women with fillers and implants to look like bw.
Kiara Love Carter (15 days ago)
the streets is talking wow did u really just say black women are jealous of black men? Y’all wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for us FOH all we want black men to do is wake up and start loving their melanin and loving themselves instead and their darkskin mamas, daughters, and sister. And boo society is obsessed with black women we inspire and set the bar high when it comes to beauty, intelligence, athletics, style, music CULTURE. We just don’t get credit and it doesn’t help that white people have turned black men into biracial fetishizing robots.
Alexander Coffman (19 days ago)
@ Gail Cubiequeen- Michael X's mom was mixed not White, but she could just pass for White like Sprite.
Elevating Vibration (35 minutes ago)
You are a problem....if you don't see the agenda behind WHY WHAT'S GOING ON IS GOING ON? AND IT ISN'T BLACK MEN BEHIND THE PROGRAM. THERE IS A PLAN TO WIPE OUT OR AT THE VERY LEAST PUT BLACK ON THE BOTTOM. AND IT ISN'T A PLAN DESIGNED BY BLACK MEN....I can tell by your voice what you are all about and that you can't see the bigger picture and definitely aren't talking about it. You have no support for black men or black unity....talking down on dark brothers....DISGUSTING...and I'm not even a dark brother...but I see a problem and it's women like you.
Softie Round (46 minutes ago)
The white men that have children with black women in Africa tend to have these children as part of their "second family". They would have already had white children with white women.
Clive Obi (1 day ago)
This us just a lie. I'm a very intelligent, hardworking young black man, I couldn't give fuck about looks. Tell me how many men of other races that are as physically skilled as us. BTW I love dark skin women as a brown skinned man.
Elizabeth Ferreira (1 day ago)
I found your channel not so long ago !!! But I love ❤️ it . I'm from Brazil , and people are getting things so wrong over here .the way they portrayed black people are so wrong . The mix race are the one in mídia and the one complaining about everything. And the dark skin people are always quiet! In one of your videos you said "there is no problem in been bi racial but it must have a line where black start ... " you said same thing like and I love ❤️ it . You should not be embarrassed of been mix race but you should not take the spot that does not belong to you .... however the dark skin gilts out there should speak up ! Beijosssss
Maureen Lionel (1 day ago)
I'm very happy the white blood in me is not visible.
Fair Ani (1 day ago)
Let’s just say Michael will never be a Joseph Jackson. These young black men are 💄 & 💋. You got to go to Africa to get manly men. Try dating the Sudanese, Kenyans and Nigerians. They are already motivated and are mentally strong.
Sugarrr (3 days ago)
Dark skinned men are always dreaming about the mixed race light skinned girls with long loose curly hair and light eyes that they will produce but forget that they have a 50% chance of producing mixed race boys too. All they care about is having biracial daughters to fetishise.
Sugarrr (3 days ago)
A lot of black men are jealous of their light skinned sons but put their light skinned biracial daughters on a pedestal. These men cannot way to breed out their blackness, so pathetic.
Quonzii (3 days ago)
This video proves you contradict yourself soooo much it’s sad
My grandfather was a darkskin Haitian men he married my native american grandmother creating my bi racial father but my father ended up with a dark skin women
Bobby M (3 days ago)
I was with you in the begining then this turned into a hate video. The truth is yes the media is using figures like jessie Williams and he is put on a peddle stool by black women who dont put blk men of darkskin thier. The real issue is the racial pride you spoke of blk people need to have that same pride that other races have
god is woman (4 days ago)
Well good riddance 😂 let Becky have them all lol black men are dying breed I have no empathy for these so called males lol . Good riddance 😂
mysingleblackladies (11 days ago)
Wow. We just watched a few of your videos. So on point!! You are fair, balanced and truthful. Had to sub.
SonoMondialeMusic (11 days ago)
A lot of "Black" people is the US are mixed/biracial without knowing and still dark skinned ... History
Linval Williams (12 days ago)
I hear you, but I didn’t think you can wipe out the Black race no matter how much you mix it. If so they would’ve wiped us out when they owned us.
Jada Berry (12 days ago)
terrell brannon (13 days ago)
You are on the money!!! some of us are so said that we do not like our black ASS skin it is a Dam SHAME!!!!! But I love the my black ASS skin that shines in the summer and endures any kind of weather. We are a lost people and it is so very said but I will always love my black skin.
kelkel5169 (13 days ago)
You could be on to something and right but for the record Stephen curry mother is all black woman she spoke on this she's a fair /light skin Haitian both her parents are Africanshe said it herself !no offense look it up lol
Shane John-lewis (14 days ago)
I honestly don't care I never saw my self in that light to feel threatened or replace or whatever
Isaiah Padilla (14 days ago)
I am mixed and it saddens me every time a dark skinned person throws hate my way. I am thankful for the ones that accept me for who I am. I can't change even if I wanted to.
Kiara Love Carter (15 days ago)
This is what the white supremacy wanted. They always envied the black race the closets way they can get to being black is breeding with us. And black men are a fool if they think white men don’t lust for black women just as much as white women lust them it’s just not shown as much because we still prefer and will choose and stand by their our men over white men or any other race as a matter of fact. Sadly I can’t say the same for black men.
Maverick Boone (15 days ago)
This is true but we don't all feel like that....black men
Sadiku Anubu (16 days ago)
You’re sad and dejected... and pathetic
Teddy Ted (17 days ago)
600+ million black men in Africa this vid is laughable
Tammy Mcpherson (18 days ago)
This is not high school, “Oh, look at her! Who she think she is flipping her fake -as long hair, cuz you know that ain’t her hair. I can tell she got weave, and it look like it come from Dollar Store! Oh, if she look at us one more time, I swear I will rip that weave up off her head! Now, run, go tell dat!” But the video reminded me of that. HOLLYWOOD, MEDIA, JUSTICE SYSTEM, and NEW WORLD ORDER are the ones responsible for manipulating the general public’s opinion of what or who is “more popular, in demand, or more valuable”. Be aware that there are more factors involved in opening the doors of success to people, other than their ethnicity or looks. Sometimes it’s who you know or what you know, instead of being about what shade or tone your skin color is. You seem to be hating on people that are successful, and blaming the reason for success on their skin tone. You don’t think that maybe they got the success through hard work, knowing the right people, and being at the right place, at the right time??? Just because they are successful doesn’t mean that they look down at others. At the same time, some of those people may very well think that they are better than anyone else, and are simply shallow. That doesn’t make it right for you to go on a witch hunt, to cut down anyone that happens to be extra dark or light skinned, and has achieved success. Maybe you are worried that the popularity of their physical attributes might change society’s perception of you, which is stoking insecurities that you may or may not be aware of. Insecurities and jealousy will cause a person to think irrationally. Whether or not a shallow person is successful, they are always going to think of themselves as better than others. Shallow trait occurs in many different types of people, so it’s not about skin color. I seriously think that this is an issue of insecurities from experiences while growing up, and it has tampered with perception of people’s intensions, us you are prematurely judging what someone is thinking based on their skin color. Please deal with your insecurities and I think that the light skin, dark skin issue will clear your view on things. Not all light or dark skinned people are monsters, it’s a judgement call on an individual basis. That’s like saying all black people love watermelon, or all white people have good hair. Simply not true in either example. I just wanted to be real with you on how I felt about your opinion on people having success based completely on their skin color, and that they just think they are better than the rest. I hope you take a moment to reflect on what I said, and that you take it as constructive criticism instead of an attack, because that was not my intentions. Hugs, love, and God Bless to all.
John Creasy (18 days ago)
I wouldn't think you'd be into the black male interracial porn. Interesting that you watch it. lol. You read way too much into why black men date white women. A guy with his shit together will simply marry the best looking woman that treats him well. Unfortunately they have to look outside the race for that.
EL- Supreme (18 days ago)
Don't get it twisted all black man don't think that way I know I don't I know I won't only strongly marinated children any retard who think biracial children ain't going to have problems in the future is a total DumbFUCK I used to question why so many black women are with white men now I see who started it it's the black man fucking fault that black women are with white men the majority of black man in America are just a bunch of maroons in disguise just a bunch of traitors and backstabbers I bet they ancestors are the same Traders who helped the European enslave Africans
Shine Brightly (19 days ago)
How can you talk like this when you have a biracial nephew? Jeez. You even say that you believe it's better to mix, but racism prevents this, so why are YOU adding to a racist world? Because white people don't mix? So what? Hispanics mix all the time. Black people mix a lot. We should be a mixed society. Mixing is GOOD. The problem isn't mixing. The problem will always be treating people differently based on their ethnicity and skin color. Why not address these issues instead of be against mixing? Right, because attacking mixing feels better, right? It lets you air out grievances against "light skin girls". It's disappointing to see this pattern in your videos. I've been watching these videos all night and initially I liked your honesty, but then I noticed you were very hypocritical on many fronts, and now I just realize that you're anti-mixing and you believe blacks should only be with blacks, and probably not even THAT, but dark blacks should mix with dark blacks, and it's just WHOA. You're exactly like white people who don't want to mix. It's crazy that so many black people are OPEN to mixing, but some dark skin women like you want to prevent this due to "colorism" and put their "community" OVER humanity. Because you must know that for HUMANITY at large, you know that GREATER COMMUNITY you belong to, would be better served if we continued to mix. That would solve a lot of bullshit issues. But, no, you'd rather focus on a smaller "community" literally based on PIGMENT, than think about the entire world and our future as a single unit of people. It's sad. You have a lot of anger, self-loathing, and insecurity, but you think you're so above it, and I must say, you make a convincing case, until you watch several videos back to back and you start to see how poisoned your mind is against other people for petty shit. You take literally all these individual cases of "Oh, becky with the good hair" and "ooh this light skin girl with goggles" and use them to represent all white women and all light women and don't see how absolutely biased you are. And you have light skin relatives! That's the kicker. How you can act like its YOU against LIGHT SKIN when these are YOUR BLOOD RELATIVES is mind boggling. It's funny how hispanic people can fucking BE A MIXED PEOPLE and still have culture and values that are part of a mixed heritage, but somehow blacks who mix with other cultures can't do that? Shit. You act like values and cultures don't change overtime anyway. You think dark skin black women 1000 years from now will be doing what YOU'RE doing? Do you ever think about how the world changes? Disappointing. Disappointing. You sound intelligent AF but you're so caught up in this box white people put you in.
Kabeer King (20 days ago)
This shit is treason who are you to make war OMG!!!
Maji Kam (20 days ago)
I was really excited to come on this channel and get some black thoughts on black issues. But this is just throwing a bunch of people against each other. Everything she says is an opinion. It doesn’t affect any body. Idk why there’s so much black on black hate in the comments. This shit is ass backwards
Maji Kam (20 days ago)
Why do you guys always see it as a black person losing color when there’s a biracial child?? How about seeing it as a white person having a colored baby. Meaning the white race is also being erased. Y’all see shit negative all the time.
Blu Nite (21 days ago)
Hah Hah hah Your telling the truth I’m a Brother 💯👏🏾
KiKi Carr (21 days ago)
KiKi Carr (21 days ago)
Celo Bernard (21 days ago)
U called black men femine really. just because we more confident then black women.wow that's a bit excesive don't you think.
Dion Bush (21 days ago)
sweet heart they can't replace us. like the brothers said we ain't the same.
Gamma Male (21 days ago)
Indian men are the most "I think I'm the most beautiful thing on earth" feminine men on the planet.
ecell2 videos (22 days ago)
You cant trust black men who want light skin mixed kids. Thats a white thought process so they are capable of white dysfunction like incest, abuse, and a whole other list of shit.
Crown British (22 days ago)
I like your videos because of the unique perspective and opinions you have but I don't like how you generalise all dark skin and light skin people. There's too much of a focus on skin colour and that's a problem within itself.
Val F. (22 days ago)
Hard as I tried, I really don't ...get your point 😮.
Black Panther8118 (22 days ago)
Hold up...Isn’t this the same chick that is saying it’s okay for black women to be promoted together with white men? A union that will also produce daughters who will replace YOU ALL???!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Y’all seriously need to stop this madness and hypocrisy.
MidoMidox Doskwanza (23 days ago)
I'm Black, I'm not African and then you hate your woman because, she looks African not Mexican LoL
Reginald Person (23 days ago)
Yall like those thugs & pretty boys. You are right everybody will be replaced, even you.
chinedu nkwoka (23 days ago)
sis chrissie i'm new on your channel.i can feel honesty towards some of our black men running after other girls than their black queen.if not black queen i won't marry.my wife will be black honest girl
chinedu nkwoka (23 days ago)
i have no respect for any black guy that has hatred for black women,and same goes to any black women that hated black men
Chris Graham (23 days ago)
There is no such thing as bi racial you are the seed of your father if he is black then his seed is black if he is white his seed is white etc etc
Vu Mornionne (23 days ago)
What about the black women who's having kids with white men?
Ayla Ayla (23 days ago)
The people writing the article about biracial men are more stronger than pure race is telling half truth . There are a lot of special needs biracial children being born and classified than pure black children.the biracial is more athletic than a pure white.another thing not to be mean but I have observed a lot of biracial children and adults are not really that good looking in their face and children become really funny looking
BLACK KING (23 days ago)
Many dark skin black ppl have a color complex.
eprahs (23 days ago)
Alot of black men want to be replaced. They are purposely having biracial children.
Calvin Henderson (23 days ago)
Damn you hating
m lamoureaux (23 days ago)
Smh. Forever bitter black American women with low self esteem still wondering why men do not find that attractive lol. You angry crazy fatherless bitches need to go seek therapy. Bunch of idiot hood rats.
Yosef Monserrat (23 days ago)
Let people choose ...love is a spirit not a color...black women are Possessed by the Jezebel Spirit arrogant narcissist and nasty...shot out to the real queens who know how to submit to read Alpha males
Bias Wrecked (23 days ago)
I’m just taking my behind to a sperm bank. Picking a dark skin donor. And going along with my babies who will be deeply loved.
PWH 1 (24 days ago)
Dem niggas weak same that leaft haiti behind to hail to ceasar
Etienne Bunbury (24 days ago)
Whooooo taaaaaalks liiiiiike thiiiiiss withhhhh suuuuuchhh and aaaaanooooying voooice. I’d kill this woman for this voooice alone, full stop! Fuck if she’s white, light or dark, pretty or butt ugly I’d kill the annoying be eye ch. Her voice would drive a humble man to murder. Manhood is based on the hoood literally be eye ch! Back to basics can you get pregnant can you get me pregnant. Biology baby economics is a social construct but doesn’t define whether you are a man or not! Merely defines the choices you have and your reality to Some degree.. A man is defined by his ability to procreate not buy economics. Provide the be eye ch with the one thing she wants. THEN AND ONLY THEN it’s about provisions providing etc. In fact 65/80% of the worlds population are poor (dirt poor) and continue to populate this earth in greater numbers to the 5/10% rich. So how does your dumb arse theory fit within these figures... Explain away dumb arse beach!!
JOHN SANDERS (24 days ago)
Good presentation here Chrissy! Keep the knowledge coming. We are listening & support you
Jamal Burch (24 days ago)
Steph Curry isn't mixed he's fully black lol his mom just very light skin and his dad is Brown. I'm light skin but my complexion is darker so I'm close to brown then light I'm not biracial. My dad dark skin and mom is light skin 🤷🏾‍♂️
LBloggie (24 days ago)
OMG Black people as a whole dont have much to boost their self esteem so why not promote what you can .....black women are known for twerkin weaves nails a donk and their sex appeal as well its the same flip of the coin ....blacks period are dominant in entertainment and athletisicm you cant demonize one without demonizing the other ..untill blacks are all entepreneurs math wizzes and doctors and lawyers we take what we can get
Lovelm Purple (25 days ago)
black men are the only race of men that is erasing their heritage, culture, race, at high records. so pathetic. thats why the black race at the bottom. no loyalty bm and bw are doomed if theres no unity.
powerone1 (26 days ago)
I don't see anything wrong with everyone mixing it up. These terms like black, white and whatever are all made up illusions to begin with.
yahrise onelove (26 days ago)
#Facts baby
Queen LeLe (26 days ago)
Also how is the black man beautiful but the black woman ugly when black men come from black women ? What kind of logic is that ? Some people are just clueless.
Queen LeLe (26 days ago)
Some black men have been replacing black women with mixed women for years yet they don’t want to be replaced themselves .
mr.knowitall (26 days ago)
Let's not forget there was a time when light skinned brothers were the beauty standard.
Elle Yo (26 days ago)
When they are replaced, I'd love to see if they will humble themselves. Get so sick of hearing from black men I know that nobody wants us, they just want them. Smh
M M Foresight (26 days ago)
Yes, Preach the truth.
T.K S (27 days ago)
At the end of the day, they aren't benefiting from or receiving white privilege. Biracial people HAVE to navigate the world as black because it's physically undeniable that they are regardless of color. Their sometimes lighter appearances don't negate from blackness because we all vary in general, but it is however used as a visual pacifier to try to make white people feel "less" threatened. Halle Berry could never wake up and say to herself that she's going to be white today. We need to stop having these discussions and perpetuating the false narrative that biracial-black individuals are different. I lot of us exist today because of interracial situations. If you go back far enough, a lot of us have a white ancestor.
Steevy Horton (27 days ago)
BItch I'm not femenine , you're generalizing. That's like when others say black women are masculine, do you agree with that? All those characteristics you apply to being a man such as power and money are really perspective , white men run this country and have all the money basically cause they have the ability to kill in great numbers , that don't make black men less of men , that only men white men have financial and military control over the land at this time , some would say that living in peace, and not being violent is the real measure of manhood , it's all what your perspective is , your argument is only correct if it uses your personal perspective of what makes a man which is military power and wealth , which isn't what everyone's ideal of a man is.
Middy Mizzle (27 days ago)
My Beautiful black women: there's beauty in EVERY race. Stop thinking you have the answer, humble yourselves, walk up to a non-black woman and ask them honestly why/how they are winning and you aren't. I'm 99% sure ATTITUDE will have a lot to do with it
Middy Mizzle (27 days ago)
Black women's ideology: it's NEVER the woman's fault and always the man's. If yall got it so figured out why are yall so single?
tghetto5 (30 days ago)
I can't really see this happening. I worked with kids for years in a sports setting. Only reason I say it's not very likely is because in society men are praised more for accomplishments and talent rather than looks. Most of the best players in our league had two black parents. I follow a page that posts little up and coming athletes and most look full black. The genetic tests youre talking about deal with is more of the medical side. The theory is mixing can eliminate certain race specific diseases etc. But to suggest mixed race men are going to be the athletic standard is probably way off. Same with rap. You will have a few sprinkled in, the Currys, the Simmons, the Drakes and the Coles but overall, especially football and basketball, full black men dominate. But, working with kids I did notice a lot of black dads with mixed kids I just think overall it's a small percentage.
Porcha Johnson (1 month ago)
White men are using black men to save the white race. Listen to Francis Welsing. This propaganda is smart marketing to breed out blacks.
Winston Smith (1 month ago)
Lady you don't know what the fuck you talking about.
Melissa McBeal (1 month ago)
I'm beautiful, yo ass is HANDSOME! TF?
Cenique (1 month ago)
That's crazy.. I said that to my mom during basketball season. I was like this is the result from all the swirling from the late 80's & 90's. There are tons of bi-racial young guys in the NBA. I've never seen so many.
TroubleChizzy2010 (1 month ago)
Flagged!! Lmao We all can "Play" this who can get who fucked over and shit down game.. #GameOnYaBlkCunt #HateFilledBlkBitches
EcClair Mayo (1 month ago)
Look at NBA, outside of lebron, everybody who is a star is biracial and their dad's are men who used to play in the NBA. Wouldn't be surprised if that makes NBA commissioner happy for his product. I remember when they caught the previous commissioner admitting in a conference call that he needed more white guys or looking guys on the NBA to improve the product and make sure they can attract white fans. I knew I wasn't the only one caught this.
Metaphysical Alchemist (1 month ago)
If Black men are like that, it is because of their retarded single mamma's that destroy both their son's and daughters, while being HOES.
Mohamed Ahmed (1 month ago)
Thank God. In my culture it is not this bad. women and men don't bash each other like this. Of Course there is colorism but it's not like men vs women.
Londonlink (1 month ago)
So are you talking about the guys who commented or all black men in general?
Josh George (1 month ago)
Black men trying to get rid of themselves. Sad
god is woman (4 days ago)
Josh George not really it's just black men know they fucked up but won't admit it out loud .
Foxtail (1 month ago)
??? Do you not realize this is pretty much the same argument white supremacists are making about white erasure? I know you say you're not trying to stir up fear, but why you talk about "race mixing propaganda" in media is *very* similar to other videos I've seen where white supremacists are screaming about blacks replacing them in the media. I don't know. This is my first time watching a video from you. Kinda hard to tell when you are being sarcastic or not. Assuming all of this was serious, I don't think it does any good to say light-skinned/biracial are detrimental to the black community. They can't help the way they look. Overall this video has me concerned.
Tinker B (1 month ago)
Latinas are mixed lol
Foxtail (1 month ago)
Oh if anyone wants to argue with me I'm Latina, but people tend to assume I'm mixed when first meeting me. So make judgements off of that :P
King OV (1 month ago)
So LOVE must be taken out of the equation then since everything is about breeding now. Sounds like y'all would rather a black man just procreate with a black woman for the hell of it than him actually have children with someone he's fell in love with. Last time I checked all the cultures that had no choice but to be with their own race weren't too happy about it and that's where everyone seems to want us to be. Black men can be with mixed/other women just like black women can be with mix/other men but for the most part choose not to. Black women would be a lie though of they said they don't drool over mixed niggas like black men do with foreigns because y'all like pretty eyes and hair and all that other bullshit just as much.
S N (1 month ago)
Y’all need to take a trip to the hood. Everybody black lol
TraRob-EastSide (1 month ago)
[email protected] ERASED.. i'm a 35yr old black male; i dated black women until i was 28. The lil kid in the avatar thats one of my sons' he's half russian. I date those who i GRAVITATE TOWARDS/BOND WITH. Unfortunately, the black women i have dated were too judgemental and close minded to music, hobbies etc and some flat out reminded me of sisters or aunts etc. I never intentionally go out thinkin " I NEEDS ME A HOE WITH GUD HAIR!" ... its irrelevant. My mother is dark, my father ( rip) was light brown.... i ended up light brown with hazel eyes and as far as im concerned my brothas are my brothas but ive gotten shit for having " pretty eyes/nice eyebrows" ....petty " nigga shit" from south central LA to compton to everywhere ive been out of state. I think a lot of the problem is generational, socio economic etc which exposes you to various experiences in life. Personally, i notice brothas teens to mid 20s are WEIRD effeminate, entitled, cowardly, etc. I think ppl also forget about the regional component; in california i'd say 50% of black women interracially date and or are open to it. Also, there is rarely talk to lighter skinned blks discriminated, bullied etc by darker skinned blks. So, much so that when i come across high yella blk who arent use to being around too many blks that they TRY TOO HARD TO " BE BLACK" whatever that is but i can sense a distinct difference.
Hookemhorns48 (1 month ago)
Dark skin men are the biggest sellouts
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
The shit goes both way honey the other differences you and other hurt black women are more angry so you make racist videos about it
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
How can race mixing ever be a problem come on now, you are attacking the wrong men attack another race because black men get way more backlash for being in a relationship with a white women then black women with white men.
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
How about a Face Reveal no matter what your skin tone is lets see the face behind all these strong appearences in you are just keeping it real right. show your real face
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
I think the fact that you think most darkskinned men actually care about the apparence in the media shows how hurt you are
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
Forget colorist you are full blown racist, How dare you come for a whole races manhood, okay somebody made you feel bad about being black and you feel for others like you. That does not give you the right to come for a whole Races manhood. And stop acting like black men and darkskinned males in general are not subjected to colorism. You are racist sexist and colorist mad ass little girl
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
“We are talking about black men they think they are beautiful.... they put emphasize on looks because in reality unlike other groups of men thats all they have going for them” YOU A RACIST” what kinda shit is that
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
Why are you attacking Black Men, are you not trying to stop the abuse of darkskinned women so why attack your counterpart
Too Nasty (1 month ago)
Who hurt you. mad ass bitch
Tanisha Lashay (1 month ago)
unrelated but I've noticed that even tho black men don't want to date black women as much any more Afro Latino men do. They're getting on the black girl wave lol.
Be'a Okintikkaj (1 month ago)
Whoa🤔😐 WOW....
Deandre (1 month ago)
So do you dislike interracial relationships between black men and white women??
Darren Nicholas (1 month ago)
White men created plenty light folks by raping bw. We didn’t start IR.

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