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"Just Gold" - Five Nights at Freddy's song by MandoPony

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ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1020812171 BANDCAMP: https://mandopony.bandcamp.com/album/just-gold This is it. The final song. I'll leave the story up for you guys to figure out. ;) Thanks as always to EVERYONE who listens, comments, likes, and downloads the music -- your support is AMAZING and I am so grateful for you all. I am also extremely grateful for the amazing Orlando Fox, who again lent her talent to this video. You are an inspiration! Check her out: DA: http://thedoggygal.deviantart.com/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Orlando_Fox Tumblr: http://orlandofox.tumblr.com Thank you, once more. Enjoy the song and have a great holiday season guys :) ~andy MUSIC & LYRICS BY: Andrew Stein ARTWORK BY: Brianna "Orlando Fox" Thomas Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mandopony Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mandopony Tumblr: http://mandopony.tumblr.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mandopony ______________________ LYRICS: TIME FOR THE MAIN ATTRACTION THE STORY MUST BE TOLD TIME FOR A CHAIN REACTION IT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD. I'm not the bad guy I'm just a bit surprising It's not worth losing sleep It's not worth analyzing There was a time, not So long ago at all I was just like you Can you hear my call? Now I'm popping in over here, over there I'll be checking in, but you'll never be aware In the beginning I kept a keen eye on the state of affairs with the new guy Now I got a new gig, Lemme know if ya dig, Ain't goin' home so I better go big Just gotta glance at Cam 2B Then you get a little surprise... IT'S ME You may say that I'm breaking your mind In my opinion, you're much too kind... TIME FOR THE MAIN ATTRACTION THE STORY MUST BE TOLD TIME FOR A CHAIN REACTION IT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD. You did a good job Watching those little screens It warms my servos and circuits To hear some fresh screams But don't get me wrong! You were very brave When faced with friendly singing Animals, you never caved. I'm finished training Done explaining No more facts are left remaining Now you know the gist of it You're a perfect fit! I don't wanna hear no more complaining! I'm passing down this golden opportunity Eternal scrap-yard immunity Take it with pride, And enjoy the ride You'll forever be a part of this community You may say that it's all in your mind, But in the end, I think that you will find... YOU ARE THE MAIN ATTRACTION YOUR STORY MUST BE TOLD YOU ARE A CHAIN REACTION THAT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD.
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Text Comments (26374)
Show 98 (28 minutes ago)
some of this song sounds like i'm the bad Guy from Wonder over Yonder like word for word at some parts
ZUCC (5 hours ago)
it's been 4 years yet I still remember the lyrics....
Foxied (9 hours ago)
Fnaf never gets old!! 😭
XxKalegreenxX (13 hours ago)
did the tune just change?
Jammy Terror652 (1 day ago)
“It’s not worth analyzing” Matpat: *let me introduce myself*
Monster 2883 (1 day ago)
827181818891919 anyone?
fox 87br (1 day ago)
Ym em god
MaD HaTtEr (20 hours ago)
I licc She thicc But most importantly *nO cHiCa FaN-fIc*
rain Art (2 days ago)
I’m not a fan of fnaf anymore,but I do like the music that was made for it
Spikeclaw Productions (2 days ago)
Is it just me, or does 0:40 sound like got drums?
ShadowElric (2 days ago)
My friends: FNaF is a jumpscare game, i don't want play Me:FNaF is Just Gold
Ember MicCormick (2 days ago)
Egnato 116 (3 days ago)
So after almost five years since the first game out, and after two years since I started learning music production... I just came here to say that this shit creative as fuck and I love the sound design. Oh and nostalgia does hit hard, let me tell ya
It's not worth analysing Matpat:HOLD MY GAME THEORIES
Marie Jordan (3 days ago)
Purple guy:come to the back with me Me:nope(runs as fast as I can) Children ghost:DONT TOUCH THE CHILD
team mangle (3 days ago)
SNAKE VIBER (3 days ago)
guys do you saw there were a word up in the mask : fox-14
Jeffrey Mccombs (3 days ago)
nice song i always louved this song
Alyssa Conley (4 days ago)
“you’ll forever be a part of this community” yep i felt that. still here
team Golden (4 days ago)
Stay golden my friends💛
youtube Pro (4 days ago)
this song will work perfact song with mr pyg in batman
Jasmine Miles (4 days ago)
Set the speed to 1.25 and it sound a bit better-For the people who like things faster and have the Golden opportunity to sing it fast
Katelyn Oakley (4 days ago)
"It never gets old" Preach.
Milo Plays (5 days ago)
Comments: 99% MatPat memes 1% "Good song"
JMW (5 days ago)
nostalgia bois
Emigamerul (5 days ago)
0:46 Me everytime I have to study for a test
ItsMeDunzo (6 days ago)
It’s 2019 yet its still a tune... The flashbacks to the greatest horror game ever made (in my opinion)
Modernwoman 201433 (6 days ago)
I like the fact that not only do most commenters know who MatPat is but also know he would disagree with the line 'It's not worth losing sleep...it's not worth analyzing'
STILL 2019?!?!
FIREZING _LP (7 days ago)
You'll forever be a part of this community <3 sounds freakin lit
FIREZING _LP (6 days ago)
+Mrs Beci same
Mrs Beci (6 days ago)
FIREZING _LP my fav part
McKenna335 (7 days ago)
5 years later, here I am. Revisiting a song I forgot about. Damn, the memories.
Arianna Arrollo (7 days ago)
This song was one of the first ten Fnaf songs I ever heard, and after ucn, sister location, Fnaf pizzeria simulator, time passing, the books, the upcoming vr game, the possible upcoming movie, Matpat losing his sanity, and much more, I kind of forgot about this song, but listening to it, the nostalgia is real. I love this song much. Brings back my childhood.
Canis Lupus Mysticus (7 days ago)
tfw you just realized the video is slowly zooming in
Crystle Presson (8 days ago)
Golden Freddy: It's not worth analyzing... MatPat: Hold my beer.
Charlie Seely (8 days ago)
"Then you get a little surprise...IT'S ME!!!!"
Veronica Tokmina (8 days ago)
It's not worth analyzing MatPat: CAN YOU SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO RECORD A FNAF THEORY!!!! *Gets back to recordings video* ok, time to analyze this Freddy poster.
Talissa Griffiths (9 days ago)
omg i've somehow wandered back here after years of hearing this song at first. i was obsessed with fnaf and the nostalgia is amazing but also making me cry i did nOt aPpRoVe oF tHiS
Talissa Griffiths (5 days ago)
Indeed it was, so many memories man
ItsMeDunzo (6 days ago)
Same here it was one of if not the best horror game ever made
Myuki Neko (9 days ago)
Codexian Trickster (9 days ago)
This song is actually fire. Even in 2019.
Mister lee (10 days ago)
some bots are just GOLD the rest are iron
Mrs Beci (6 days ago)
Veronica Tokmina (8 days ago)
XD you made me laugh
Creeperinaminecart 13 (10 days ago)
This is better than fortnite
Mrs Beci (6 days ago)
Creeperinaminecart 13 yeahh
FRANCESCO Spada (10 days ago)
SpringTrap retard (11 days ago)
old but gold :) i want that old times back :(
08.05.2019 ?
미선Tea (11 days ago)
Dang I haven't listened to this song for almost 2 years! This is so Nostalgic
Lancemations (11 days ago)
When you decide to look at your old music playlist for nostalgia
Llama Loca (7 days ago)
Lmaooo im doing that right now
Anti (11 days ago)
5 years later I'm still watching this
chloekitty and lps (11 days ago)
*golden freddy has entered the chat*
I learned of his song through a TFP-Tribute for Soundwave. Love it.
Fireheart318 (12 days ago)
[sleep lyrics] [matpat] gib me liks
Black Rose (12 days ago)
oh god nostalgia hit me hard
Nice Lasagna (13 days ago)
5 years later still know all the lyrics danm I remember it all.
GREEAZEE (13 days ago)
okey (13 days ago)
"this is it.the final song" well yes,but actually no
Loup De Loop (13 days ago)
Ahh the nostalgia
Julien Francis (13 days ago)
I would've left once I saw the 'You've made a great career choice' I would be like NOPE IMA WORK AT CHUCKY'S
arabian fruit (14 days ago)
angry rohan noises (14 days ago)
一人氣引人休 (14 days ago)
Even tho is extremely late... <3 You too
LemonCar (14 days ago)
''It's not worth losing sleep, it's not worth analyzing..'' MatPat: *You dare oppose me mortal?*
Coldyn Joralemon (14 days ago)
En freddy
G00N 113 (16 days ago)
This fits UCN quite nice actually
Tammie Criscione (16 days ago)
the lyrics in spanish: tiempo para la atracción principal la historia debe ser contada hora para una reacción en cadena que nunca envejece algunos bots obtienen satisfacción rompiendo el molde algunos bots son solo distracciones algunos bots son solo oro no soy el malo Soy solo un poco sorprendente es No vale la pena perder el sueño, no vale la pena analizarlo. Hubo un tiempo, no hace mucho tiempo, era como tú puedes llamar aquí, ahora estoy llamando aquí, estaré registrándome pero nunca lo sabrás en el rogando mantuve un buen ojo del estado de las cosas con el chico nuevo, ahora tengo un nuevo concierto, déjame si ya no estoy yendo a casa, así que mejor me vuelvo grande, solo eché un vistazo a la cámara 2b y luego obtendrás una pequeña sorpresa. Puede que diga que estoy rompiendo su mente, pero en mi opinión, es un momento muy agradable para la atracción principal. A la historia se le debe contar la hora de una reacción en cadena que nunca envejece. Algunos robots obtienen satisfacción al romper el molde. los bots son solo distracciones, algunos bots son solo oro, hiciste un buen trabajo viendo esas pequeñas pantallas calienta mis servos y circuitos para escuchar algunos gritos frescos, pero no me malinterpretes, fuiste muy valiente cuando te enfrentaste a animales de canto amistosos con los que nunca te habías derrumbado. He terminado de entrenar y no tengo más datos pendientes. Ahora sabes lo esencial. eres un ajuste perfecto. No quiero quejarte aquí. No estoy más quejándome. Voy a dejar pasar esta oportunidad dorada. Inmunidad contra el desguace de basura. Tómalo con orgullo y disfruta del viaje. Siempre serás parte de esta comunidad. Puedes decir que es todo. en su mente, pero al final creo que descubrirá que usted es la atracción principal que debe contar. Se debe decir que se trata de una reacción en cadena que nunca envejece. Algunos bots obtienen satisfacción al romper el molde, algunos bots son solo distracciones, algunos bots. solo eres oro, tú eres la atracción principal, tu historia debe ser contada, eres una reacción en cadena que nunca envejece, algunos bots obtienen satisfacción al romper el molde, algunos bots son solo distracciones, algunos bots son solo oro
5Ravee5 (16 days ago)
Oh old good times :(
Šüßhį Træßh (17 days ago)
I used to sing this song ALL THE FRICKING TIMEEEE
Šüßhį Træßh (17 days ago)
Yo I used to love fnaf sfm
ohwow (18 days ago)
I remember i didn't know how to download songs when i listened to this back then so i put my phone next to the speaker and recorded it This was my favourite one so this was the loudest one i recorded
ohwow (18 days ago)
+にゃ~たん (・∀・)
にゃ~たん (18 days ago)
omg i used to do that too
Annabeth Jackson (18 days ago)
notice it says you made an excellent career choice and at the bottom it says why
iceninja884r f (18 days ago)
Back during last summer I could not stop listening to this also last summer is 2018
Baby CaKes (19 days ago)
XD I wanted to do this for the relent show once!!!
It's not worth loosing sleep? I'm watching this at 1am rn... It's totally worth it.
Tersina (19 days ago)
hnnnngh I thought "bots" was "thoughts" for the longest time and overanalyzed the _shiiit_ out of it ;;w;;;
DixieChick1 (19 days ago)
I ❤ the tails doll
Benjamin Smithynunta (20 days ago)
NamelessZazzy _ (20 days ago)
It's not worth losing sleep It's not worth analyzing Matpat: hold my diet coke
Spiderlord 2264 (20 days ago)
The moment when you realize you’ve heard a song so many times you memorized all of it and can sing it perfectly.
MollyandEllaPlayz Hi (20 days ago)
It was great when fnaf was just an amazing lore and great Games now it’s just stupid ships
Lucifer Heller (20 days ago)
Golden Freddy: Dancing like a gentleman butler. Me: Been watching too much Persona Dancing.
Jambo Rolambo (21 days ago)
This song used to be my fricking religion
Ashley (21 days ago)
"Its not worth losing sleep, its not worth analyzing" Nobody: Matpat: hold my diet coke
Ashley (21 days ago)
"Its not worth losing sleep, its not worth analyzing" Matpat laughs loudly. "You are very wrong" "We will see about that" he says before laughing and returning to his work of analyzing any small clues he can find
Lucario 3 (21 days ago)
2:27 <3
Fukin Rip (22 days ago)
love that song
shawna newlove (22 days ago)
Song: “It’s not worth losing sleep it’s not worth analyzing” mat pat: KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Suba47 Songs (22 days ago)
This sooong 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛is part of my life!!!!
Luis Valencia (23 days ago)
My favorite song
itz_ snodoggie (23 days ago)
I ❤to this I used it in the talent show last year my teacher loved it
Enrico SelleR (23 days ago)
My favourite song of fnaf ❤️
jordan arcangelo (24 days ago)
I'm crying!! i miss fnaf.
Lucas Chamberlain (25 days ago)
2019 Anyone? Dang tho this is a old song. Your story must be told..
BR Games BR Games (25 days ago)
dAT MESSAGE IN DA BACK "youve made an exxelant charrear choice xd
The Emerald Pickaxe (25 days ago)
Sir s-s-s Sir? Y-y-y-your songs are amazing please sir, teach me!
zeno fobia (25 days ago)
Youre a robot :v?
P_Duyd (26 days ago)
not worth analizing the song was on to something all the years ago
A B (26 days ago)
this song describes social justice perfectly to me
2014 was a good year for fan songs
яuby the яeaper (26 days ago)
🎵 "It's not worth losing sleep, it's not worth analyzing~" 🎵 Matpat: *_finger gun_* That's where your wrong kiddo.
chungus malone (26 days ago)
Sometimes my computer is worth more than Just gold
Maus (26 days ago)
i mean, i think i was listening to this while ima young.... im proud of myself i guess even though i dont like now

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