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"Just Gold" - Five Nights at Freddy's song by MandoPony

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ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1020812171 BANDCAMP: https://mandopony.bandcamp.com/album/just-gold This is it. The final song. I'll leave the story up for you guys to figure out. ;) Thanks as always to EVERYONE who listens, comments, likes, and downloads the music -- your support is AMAZING and I am so grateful for you all. I am also extremely grateful for the amazing Orlando Fox, who again lent her talent to this video. You are an inspiration! Check her out: DA: http://thedoggygal.deviantart.com/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Orlando_Fox Tumblr: http://orlandofox.tumblr.com Thank you, once more. Enjoy the song and have a great holiday season guys :) ~andy MUSIC & LYRICS BY: Andrew Stein ARTWORK BY: Brianna "Orlando Fox" Thomas Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mandopony Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mandopony Tumblr: http://mandopony.tumblr.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mandopony ______________________ LYRICS: TIME FOR THE MAIN ATTRACTION THE STORY MUST BE TOLD TIME FOR A CHAIN REACTION IT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD. I'm not the bad guy I'm just a bit surprising It's not worth losing sleep It's not worth analyzing There was a time, not So long ago at all I was just like you Can you hear my call? Now I'm popping in over here, over there I'll be checking in, but you'll never be aware In the beginning I kept a keen eye on the state of affairs with the new guy Now I got a new gig, Lemme know if ya dig, Ain't goin' home so I better go big Just gotta glance at Cam 2B Then you get a little surprise... IT'S ME You may say that I'm breaking your mind In my opinion, you're much too kind... TIME FOR THE MAIN ATTRACTION THE STORY MUST BE TOLD TIME FOR A CHAIN REACTION IT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD. You did a good job Watching those little screens It warms my servos and circuits To hear some fresh screams But don't get me wrong! You were very brave When faced with friendly singing Animals, you never caved. I'm finished training Done explaining No more facts are left remaining Now you know the gist of it You're a perfect fit! I don't wanna hear no more complaining! I'm passing down this golden opportunity Eternal scrap-yard immunity Take it with pride, And enjoy the ride You'll forever be a part of this community You may say that it's all in your mind, But in the end, I think that you will find... YOU ARE THE MAIN ATTRACTION YOUR STORY MUST BE TOLD YOU ARE A CHAIN REACTION THAT NEVER GETS OLD SOME BOTS GET SATISFACTION BREAKING THE MOLD SOME BOTS ARE JUST DISTRACTIONS SOME BOTS ARE JUST GOLD.
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Text Comments (25409)
dankmemez memez (3 hours ago)
That hair ehhhhhhhhh no ._.
Mirroughs (11 hours ago)
I've watched this a lot, even had it playing in the background while doing other things. I need to ask though, am I the only one who missed the "Why..." at the bottom in the picture the first time around?
skylergaming sky (13 hours ago)
Dgbear & Rekt (15 hours ago)
Easy Maxx (20 hours ago)
Inky Demon (22 hours ago)
I can see bendy singing this to all of the other toons and turning them into searchers
Bendy The Ink Demon (1 day ago)
I would Title this Just Gold : A Golden Freddy and Springtrap Song
user_ unavailable (1 day ago)
This was my all time, favorite song when I was into fnaf, I remember clearly.
AZON WERT (1 day ago)
2019?????😁😀 LOL
mrs guitar girl (2 days ago)
I LOVE Mando fnaf Songs so much i hope he or ahe NEVER stops im always there fan FOREVER
introvert nerd (3 days ago)
Gekyume (3 days ago)
Remember waking up at 9:00 am playing adventure quest every weekend blasting fnaf songs
FLA_ Oracle (3 days ago)
Listen on double speed it is a lol song then
I'm Hater 04 (3 days ago)
Okay. I don't even know what FNAF is but From bloody 2014. What's wrong with me. (P.S. Sorry for my English, I'm Russian).
Presonia (4 days ago)
4 years has gone by, and I still I turn to this song when I need the boost.
BST_Vyper (2 days ago)
This îs my new favourite song.
Kris (5 days ago)
This song actually fits Ultimate Custom Night. *_"When facing little singing animals you were never caved."_*
Улясик Play (5 days ago)
now is 2019?
Boople Doop (5 days ago)
"It never gets old." Nor does this song.
Stegochan //3/// (5 days ago)
So old and so nostalgic...when the game franchise held promise
Pugy Potato (5 days ago)
S'mores Rabbit (6 days ago)
Oh my god, these flashbacks. No. No, i'm not crying. Damn.
Gina Evans (6 days ago)
Wait...you made this song.....no way....woah😲☺😦
Animation W (6 days ago)
Im in 7th grade now and i listened to this in like 4th grade. Im getting some grade A nostalgia
That ONE dude. (6 days ago)
I didn't realize this guy made this song!
Byron Romero (7 days ago)
it's been 5 years i'm old now
It's Madikuu (7 days ago)
I remember when this first came out, I would non-stop listening to this. Now in 2019, I'm coming back after years and still remember the words 😂
Matthew Thaxton (7 days ago)
TheEpicGamer218 (7 days ago)
The thing i dont like is the background
*IT NEVER GETS OLD* yeah,i know
Sole (7 days ago)
Is it bad last time I listened to this was actually over a year ago
triceslice what (8 days ago)
2019 anyone?
yeee (8 days ago)
Only 4 years and I'm getting nostalgia for some reason?
Shiro Neko (8 days ago)
almost 5 years since this song was made and still alot of people is listening to it x)
Logan Nalepa (8 days ago)
Super Chanson
Lou Grem (9 days ago)
На скорости 1,25 увлекательнее звучит
Speed runner (10 days ago)
Just good old times
Aston Martin DB5.
The Cleanscouts (11 days ago)
Anyone in 2019? =D
Zündapp Janus 1957 year.
Monkey D. Luffy (11 days ago)
0:42 - 1:00 those are lyrics from a song call the bad guy
idi otic (11 days ago)
this song went SICKO MODE
Little Roar (11 days ago)
2019? I found it in my playlist and im thinking of singing it on my channel
Doge (11 days ago)
So I just noticed after five years that there's a caption that says "...you've made an excellent career choice" and a scrabble on the inside of the head that says "...WHY"
Theresa Lynn (9 days ago)
I never noticed that before
The debate Solver (11 days ago)
Ummm I guess you idk what to put here 🤨
Black Warrior207 (12 days ago)
Isn't this mixed with I'm the bad guy? 2019 anyone??
Taryn Garton (13 days ago)
Mandopony, this song of yours is bomb as hell! I found this from a playlist on Instruments of Cyanide, and I don’t regret checking this one out on a whim!
goo song dro <3
Dat_Art_Freak (13 days ago)
Listening to this in 2019 for a nostalgia trip.
FIREZING _LP (13 days ago)
2:29 anyone was searching part of this song if yes u are welcome 😀
Amazon Alexa (13 days ago)
Nostalgia trip for one more day ;(
FoxyThePirateKid14 (13 days ago)
Umm...is that guy okay?
BLACK LEMONADE (14 days ago)
2019 anyone? U hope to God FNAF isn't dead. Me under my breath:if FNAF dies I die
Aleksandra Waliszewska (14 days ago)
zoe (14 days ago)
tbh I don’t like fnaf anymore and I still like this song
burieme (7 days ago)
Desi Alvarez (14 days ago)
who is he saying it to spring trap or fready bc they both gold lol 2019 anybody
Mr. DiZzY (14 days ago)
i used to play call of duty mwf2 with my friend whi;le listening to this
Unknown sad clown (16 days ago)
I still love some fnaf songs even tho I been out of the random for 2 years
Edgyboi117 (16 days ago)
I used to be ridiculously involved with fnaf
burieme (7 days ago)
Arryu 68 (16 days ago)
Micayla M (16 days ago)
you're good singer♡♡♡⊙_⊙
SpritesOfTheWind (16 days ago)
2019 anybody?
Vali Valentin (16 days ago)
This song used to give me nightmares and creeps
hanamakki (17 days ago)
i remember jamming out to all the fnaf songs with my cousins
小維Xiao Wei (18 days ago)
still a amazing song in 2019
olliesapples ____ (18 days ago)
I learned this whole song and I can still recite the whole thing
cuck master (18 days ago)
I remember hearing this shit in 2014, still love it
TM Lucker (18 days ago)
2019?Who's there?
StqrLX (18 days ago)
*Who's here from 2076?*
ectoBiologist (19 days ago)
i i feel old
Only true ni🅱🅱as remember when this *golden* shit came out. 😎
_[[AUTHOR]]_ (19 days ago)
am I the only one who thinks he looks like Sans?
tord larsson (19 days ago)
I literally left fnaf for undertale and now I’m obsessed with undertale tho fnaf is actually a very good game and it was a great experience of my life! I’ll never forget my old times when i LOVEd fnaf : )
Diego Osores (19 days ago)
Good old days when the fnaf story have sence! 2019!
biggest fan (20 days ago)
The view on this vid should be your subcribers
Andrei Banquil (20 days ago)
Welp 2019 anyone?
1LE PRO (20 days ago)
j butler (21 days ago)
2019 anyone?
j butler me :3
Alex lobo (21 days ago)
Moxie (21 days ago)
2 0 1 9 ?
Oh ja ja (8 days ago)
2 2 2 2 Anyone?
Hello Im_Dany (21 days ago)
Gotta take this '*GOLDEN*' song Puppet: OH.MY.GOD. NO Mike: I love this girl-
algame Roxy (21 days ago)
In 2019 this song it's "JUST GOLD". . . Guys this song "never get old". "No more facts" My favorite part it's at 1:00 and finnish at 1:50
Lisa Leksa (22 days ago)
Ух, ебать. Я российский с 2018! Песня very good
Vortex (22 days ago)
Danny plays stuf (22 days ago)
TheKriptorzink Rbx (23 days ago)
New fortnite Gold gamemode theme song lmao
SgtSkisky (23 days ago)
2019 guys , ive been throught puberty since this song
Sugercane 72 (23 days ago)
Has it been that long? Thinking?
Potato Llama? (23 days ago)
Rewatching FNAF songs and the nostalgia is so refreshing
Cyndie Green (23 days ago)
"it's not worth analyzing" up next is theorys
deadly kidder (23 days ago)
i literally dug this up from the deepest depths of my memory
Thunderdrum (23 days ago)
I don’t even really like fnaf anymore but this is still a bop
Lexx Yuhasz (24 days ago)
I am made out of gold
Jessica Chandler (24 days ago)
i am so sad that this is the last song😥😥😥but I love this song😍😍😍
Nayar Basakla (24 days ago)
Panic Wolf (24 days ago)
I've been rocking all these songs for 4 years, wow.
LivvyNoodles (24 days ago)
Back after many months, still know all the words
It's... Beautiful song😍😍😍
AveryLee's Art Studio (25 days ago)
One of these lines is literaly takin right from the song 'Im The Bad Guy' The line is: Im not the bad guy Im just a bit surprising Its not worth losing sleep Its not worth analyzing There was a time Not so long ago at all I was just like you Can you hear my call?

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