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Father of White Girl Rejects Black Boyfriend | "What Would You Do?"

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What would you do if you are White and your daughter had a black boyfriend?
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Mateus Brito (6 hours ago)
The old woman is disgusting, holy shiiiiiit
Irish Notwhite (10 hours ago)
Some people are pieces of shit. Easy enough. Fuck racism.
WadeWillyTv (2 days ago)
I love everyone but damn, can’t wait until this mindset dies off, I’m mixed.
Mike Suall (2 days ago)
Im mixed my mom is white my dad is arab olive skinned i came out gorgeous 😂😂
Ama Governor (3 days ago)
2018 anyone??
Thiago Cruz (3 days ago)
This racist old lady is a piece of shit!
Roy P (3 days ago)
racist old bitches save your fucking tears... FOH
Isaiah too Lit (4 days ago)
“so how was breakfast granny?”Asks her 5 year old half black grandchild. 💀
Isaiah too Lit (4 days ago)
Isaiah too Lit (4 days ago)
This happened to me in highschool. Never holding a white girls hand again 💯
Amy Lopez (4 days ago)
i would have told her your not coming to my house smelling like black😝
Amy Lopez (4 days ago)
that old lady is kkk 😂😄😄😄😂
Guadalupe Washington (5 days ago)
Who still says color? Wow and quote she said and Mexican people that's okay.....but I'm mixed Mexican and black so please tell me who am I allowed to date?
Liam's Lenz (5 days ago)
That elderly woman would've voted for Trump.
Whitnado Lit (5 days ago)
dumb*** people I’m black I’m not a thing I’m a human being
Kevin Martin (6 days ago)
Everybody in that restaurant is racist prejudice and some mo shit but I’m like u I don’t wanna see no black woman whit a white guy that was hatched not born 🤬🤬🤬🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
CrazyCupcake Gamer (6 days ago)
Someone should have smacked the wig off grandma's head!! Talking bout she don't like blacks and such... She trying to be black with that *FRO ON HER HEAD*
Aries Lover (6 days ago)
That old lady is disgusting tbh
The people's Eyebrow (6 days ago)
She's racist period.
Nawaf Albluwi (7 days ago)
I mean come on this granny has all right to express her thoughts even if it's crappy and plain racist. This is America
Cofvefe the Frog (8 days ago)
"Basketball scholarship" LMAO
White Walker (8 days ago)
typical american racists
Teamylefa official (9 days ago)
No . white men and women are disgusting please stop. their skin is gross 😝 they are piglet piglet
Nephlim Jedi (9 days ago)
Racism is always the wrong thing to do, it only separates people from each other. How are we going to achieve a racism free world if there are still people out there who think like that? I'm sorry fokes, I'd kick them back to the 1940's if I could! Racism has no place in the 21st century.
NORELIS FLORES (10 days ago)
Behavior like that make me want to cry, love sees no color. Stop the hate and discrimination
Cute Relationships (11 days ago)
"If you're white, you're white. If you're colored, you go with colored people. *starts crying sooo hard :'( * " Really? Old hag!!!!!
Santrice McPherson (11 days ago)
How sad are the last group. ...
black native (11 days ago)
Those ignorant old boy bitches will die out sooner or later.
Elicia Xx (12 days ago)
“I love THEM , I think THEYRE lovely ppl” racist bitch fuck off
Tamel Calloway (13 days ago)
Racist son of a Bitch
Caitlyn Bacchus (13 days ago)
Those old white women are HOES I SAY BROKE ASS HOES
Ishhy (13 days ago)
All these old ppl hide their racism
lilpops (13 days ago)
I think that ALL mixed race are beautiful. A child or an adult. For all you mixed race people out there it is a gift to be part of more than one culture and you should be greatful of that.
Audie Conroy (13 days ago)
U should never say that i like black people i thinck black people are more attractive than white
lilpops (13 days ago)
That old lady is a bitch
Its_powerx10001 Gaming (14 days ago)
WTF is wrong with this old granny bitch she says mexican are white people and that people should be with people with the same color. This wat i got to say it dose'nt fucking matter if your asian,black,mexican, Muslum,mixed,or white we bleed the same blood
Dora Nobody (15 days ago)
Hannah Greene (15 days ago)
That older lady is so wrong. So mean.
Calvin H (15 days ago)
If your colored keep it in your own family. Its obviously a disease to them
Unicorn Fan (16 days ago)
I have lots of friends who are black Me: hahahaha fuck you
Ryan Mulloy (16 days ago)
I agree with the older ladies at the end of this segment.
Ryan Mulloy (16 days ago)
I don’t see why the media and people of this time are trying to make older people, who were raised and grew up with that thought are the bad guy. It’s not their fault it’s how they were raised.
Austin Allen (17 days ago)
mixbreeding= vomit alert
Lionel Sanon (17 days ago)
Don't worry ma'am if u don't like💖 black but we love you, ❤ I'm so sorry cuz u cried for nothing God will blessing you
Ariel Williams (17 days ago)
These people rlly don't realize skin color is SKIN DEEP. We all bleed the same wtf is wrong with them. Can't blame them though hey were raised like that. Racism is taught. But good thing they r old cuz they will die.
Lydia Reed (18 days ago)
The funny thing is that granny’s view on bullying is the other way around at my school lol I get racist slurs thrown at me a lot
Lydia Reed (18 days ago)
My family is freakin ignorant
Danielle Morrison (19 days ago)
Everybody's commenting on the old Ladies comments but.... How about the other guy saying he changed his ways from "Lots of experience" LOL :p
Asif Adnan Hossain (19 days ago)
I don’t blame Trump for this. This has nothing to do with him
Liam's Lenz (5 days ago)
No kidding; after all, this was before he became president.
ELECTRIC LUCARIO (19 days ago)
I can't trust anyone on this entire planet. I don't believe in change or that there are good people in the world because there arent. No one cares anymore
Chloe Villarreal (20 days ago)
I grew up thinking these views would die with our parents...
K V (20 days ago)
WWYDshow channel is the most crap... no wonder it has very little subscribers with all that equipments.
K V (20 days ago)
Those two women were the wise one. good for them for protecting their daughters and sons from nigga dirts.
DanielWhaaaa (20 days ago)
6:00 why does that matter so much????
DanielWhaaaa (20 days ago)
Ugh fucking crackers
J C (21 days ago)
It’s been a good 5 years that granny bitch is probably dead by now anyways
L O N E L Y (21 days ago)
6:19 at that moment she knew she fucked up
loke sandford (21 days ago)
2021 WORLD END share IT please!!
Mia Paulsen (21 days ago)
White ass old ass bitches
Johannes Franke (21 days ago)
With the hidden cameras.......the actor talks to the people who are now caught being racists. so hypocritical of the show
Johannes Franke (21 days ago)
but this black man looks like ugly
Diamond Maríe (21 days ago)
I’m watching this in 2018 and I’m so confused with the old lady that’s just racist period hispanics aren’t white people 🤦🏾‍♀️ and why spread hate about black people but then say you weren’t trying to be mean
CupcakeGeek01 (21 days ago)
As somebody in an interracial couple myself, I found this incredibly disrespectful . We are all human, and being part of another country doesn't make anybody any less of a person
Anggi Pardede (21 days ago)
That old lady voted for hitler in 1932
Nada Rakha (22 days ago)
How could the black actor still hug that bitch after calling him "that"?!
Alana Bailey (22 days ago)
im mix race and i don't get bullied or anything everyone in my class says that i'm beautiful like every other race is
Alana Bailey (22 days ago)
they are both just sick them dirty old granny don't ever open your ugly mouth again
JustJohnnyB (22 days ago)
I’m fucking tired of people saying Mexicans are white. That only makes sense if your ancestors were white people who became Mexican citizens some time after being born, and the generations ahead of them leading up to the present would have all needed to marry whites. There are cases like this in Mexico, but they are not so common. Most Mexicans can trace their heritage back to the times where the Spanish invaded what is Mexico today, and made children with native women. Most modern Mexicans have mixed white and native Latin American DNA, and that is why our looks(hair color, eye color, skin tone etc.) are so diverse. I am Mexican, and I have somewhat whiter facial features, and I have medium brown skin, and I believe that standing me next to the majority of white people and claiming we fit into the same racial category would be ridiculous
Black Izac (22 days ago)
we are both human, have the same color of blood, the same bone and the same flesh. Every human being can not determine where and where they are born. All is destiny, when we die will also be the same frame. And when humans die and become bones you can not guess which bones are from whites or blacks. Either Asian, African, American, European and others. all equally Humans, Be humans who are not racist
Pc Hriatpuia (22 days ago)
4:58 that reaction
Ry.004 (23 days ago)
I personally like black boys and I’m a white girl there is nothing wrong with mixing races. And it is so embarrassing to see some white people act like that🤦‍♀️
Goldenn Bitxh (23 days ago)
She disgusts me .
I am go with these it's just a color
If they are not love baby I love you can't change that I'm a Christian lady but if there are people like that which there is God chosen to be together for a reason so some people need to learn to grow up
King Peewee (23 days ago)
I agree with abuelita.
thedinko69 (23 days ago)
That’s just the definition of segregation.
cellogirl11RW (24 days ago)
We need to take our racial filters off.
cellogirl11RW (24 days ago)
I would support them fully if their relationship was healthy.
Lefty (24 days ago)
racist old bitty. evil is dying out.
Awanna Hamm (25 days ago)
Frodo Baggins (25 days ago)
It's mid 2018 now, hopefully those racist old ladies are dead now.
youngknowledgeseeker (25 days ago)
(I am black btw) This might sound weird, but as long it’s not motivated by racism, I completely understand somebody wanting their child to marry within their own culture or race for the sake of preserving the look and/or culture of their people. I wouldn’t be mad at somebody for having that thought because you’re ALLOWED to be proud of your culture/race/heritage/looks and want to preserve. Now of course everything I say is within reason and within certain boundaries.
youngknowledgeseeker (15 days ago)
Nothing Tolose k troll
Nothing Tolose (15 days ago)
youngknowledgeseeker you're not black. Cut it out
Кира Мишель (23 days ago)
youngknowledgeseeker There is nothing wrong with wanting your child to look a certain way. But saying that someone shouldn't do something because of skin color is horrible. My family is partly white. People in my family have had green eyes, brown eyes, curly hair, wavy hair. If two people love each other, then it's not anybody else's place to say it's wrong. No matter how light-hearted they try to be.
Skullfire56 (24 days ago)
youngknowledgeseeker 100% agree but how she worded came off as rude
Amina Ferhat (26 days ago)
That's not nice white with white coloured with coloured what do you mean that's racist it's not nice I was raised to like all people no matter colour not matter race or religion I raise My kids this way not to be racist that old lady really shocked me what does matter white with coloured it will look nice kids will be pretty
Jeremy Fields (26 days ago)
Old people get a pass black or white let em be racist
shuni nishu (26 days ago)
She said that she has a lot of black friends and my quetsion is how the hell does she refers to them? Does she call that?? It is a lie
Lara Lizardbreath (27 days ago)
Oh my god, the old bag got caught and don't wanna look bad herself so she had to lied through her teeth using the "race card".
Brooklinnn_ (28 days ago)
You have to be kidding me right........ I couldn't even finish watching the video that's highly disrespectful.
Yasmin Rahali (30 days ago)
As a mixed raced person, I grew up in a household where my parents loved each other and gave me everything I needed to turn out as the adult I am today. I do not agree with that last woman, love is love and colour of skin should not get in this way of that, what if we were all colour blind? Then what would we see each other as? Actually shocking and very sad.
RisingAsh (30 days ago)
uhh lmao nah thanks
X (30 days ago)
Yea no i dont care how messed uo it aounds i had hougt of killing that bitch when i heard the shut coming out of her mouth. Hope this bitch and anyone with the mindset she has suffers
Sharkman YT (30 days ago)
First of all, I’m white, FYI. Those last two old geezers disgust me. She seriously referred to a perfectly nice and fine (black) man as ‘that’. I like kids two, but mixed kids are beautiful. I’m so mad at the fact that those people still exist. Honestly, I would have zero problem dating a black girl.
miguel Jacobo (1 month ago)
the old lady is racist
reef lover (1 month ago)
4:12 that granny is sick she should not be talking like that 4:30 that lady should not be crying but that is just cold if she wants to date or marrie a black guy then she can but that is just sick
Alli 3 (1 month ago)
These older people really need to take a minute and think about what they have just said! But I completely understand where they are coming from. they grew up in a rural town and it was a different world back then. I'm not saying I agree with them because I DONT AT ALL. (I wish she'd get with the times) but you can obviously tell where she is coming from.
hasanshareef1 (1 month ago)
Racists old bitch!
Natasha Nichols (1 month ago)
I hop she gets slapet it the face
jessica (1 month ago)
wtf ? mexican people aren't like white people oooOoh PLEASE I HOPE SHES CHANGED
Chai Persaud (1 month ago)
This old bitch she referred to him as “that” like 2 times omfg my blood is boiling
QuietGuitaristfan (1 month ago)
That lady was lying because there barely any black people here in Utah, let alone in the rural city of Brigham.
Swami Vivekananda (1 month ago)
Interracial relationships are wrong and goes against God. Your children will be tortured life long, don't make this mistake.
J C (21 days ago)
Well you’re going to have a tough life since they are only becoming more common year by year
Skullfire56 (27 days ago)
Swami Vivekananda I’m just curious where does it say in the Bible it’s wrong ?
Comicalsun (1 month ago)
Hopefully that old lady dropped dead

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