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How to Become TripAdvisor’s #1 Fake Restaurant

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The Shed at Dulwich was the number one rated restaurant in London, with foodies, celebrities and bloggers trying to get a table. The main obstacle for them, however, was that it didn't exist. Over the course of 8 months VICE's Oobah Butler used an assault of fake reviews to get his 'restaurant' to the hallowed top spot on TripAdvisor. With his phone perpetually ringing, PR agencies begging to represent it and TV crews pitching shows, Oobah decided he had no choice but to open its doors for one night only. Here is Oobah's journey into a false reality that captured the world's attention. Read Oobah's full story on VICE.com - https://vice.video/2DrLgCC Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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VICE (9 months ago)
Oobah Butler used an assault of fake reviews to get his 'restaurant' to the hallowed top spot on TripAdvisor. WATCH NEXT: The Story of 'Sandstorm' by Darude - https://vice.video/2DXMLJP
Graham Jonathan (3 days ago)
+J unknown backyard restaurants are the ones people want to go too. Which is one of the aspects of pulling all these peoples trousers down.
Graham Jonathan (3 days ago)
+Justin Last He broke no laws... fucknut!
Damion Wilson (22 days ago)
This guy is the best scammer in the 🌎
Vanilla Gorilla (2 months ago)
VICE, Well done! It really is quite an accomplishment and shows how much people rely upon the internet and others opinions now days.
MØødG00ver TM (4 months ago)
VICE need more of this brilliant show!, I'll continue watching and subscribe if so.
sydney agpay (1 day ago)
reminds me of humpty dumpty in puss in boots and the prince in shrek
Graham Jonathan (3 days ago)
When it comes to comedy the UK & Ireland rule. No one can spin a twist like these isles. Imagine chilling in bed everyday telling all the big movers & shakers "we're fully booked" hahahaha Genius!
andrew Please (3 days ago)
You just been on tele
Trang Lam (3 days ago)
You wouldn't be able to fool me. I eat frozen dinners all the time.
Sisay Isco Fekadu (4 days ago)
You just do it for real and become very rich person.
Scarlet's Sanctuary (4 days ago)
This should be a Black Mirror episode!!! XD
the charged stallion (5 days ago)
Lauren The Lady (5 days ago)
What the shit is happening at 4:50
Zero (5 days ago)
really good
Brendan Templar (6 days ago)
You know what the most insane part is? After watching this. I would absolutely go eat eat The Shed at Dulwich. In all honesty. Even if it was ready meals, the food had to be good or someone would have gone “oh this taste like processed food” Not to mention. This place was an experience. It was a bit of a show what with the blindfold and the moods. That would definitely be a cool place if it really opened up for business
Eric Draven (7 days ago)
create a fake you and convince your parents the fake is you and the real is a fake
Snobler :D (7 days ago)
4:50 that weirded me out
Anthony Barnett (7 days ago)
genius. This should be taught in a psychology class.
over00lord Unknown (8 days ago)
Sammy Salads (8 days ago)
Even though I know how shite it is I feel like the aesthetic is amazing
Eve Diby (8 days ago)
Is it weird that I actually want to go to The Shed because that's the kind of food I kinda grew up on?
Hubert Borzym (9 days ago)
What is the music at the end of the video ?
L Minerz (9 days ago)
why does he remind me of ryan evans from hsm LOL
Lathea Smith (9 days ago)
Forget culinary school. Just troll TripAdvisor and you'll become a successful "chef".
Sean P (9 days ago)
Oobah's face makes me feel sick. He looks like he's been faceswapped
Morgan WMC (9 days ago)
What the frick is happening with his eybrow 4:49
LAme11325 (9 days ago)
and then there are real customers who are bribed into being "genuine" - me
the ART world has been doing this for years...😂
Ericson Estrosos (10 days ago)
This is reality just happen by big company under our nose
Ericson Estrosos (10 days ago)
Great marketing stunt
NinjarTurtle (10 days ago)
13:13 damn that’s harry kane’s new job?
Gina Anagnostopoulou (10 days ago)
Awesome idea and result. Bravo! It tells us a lot about reviews and human nature.
It's a meme, Mario (10 days ago)
TΛBBY (11 days ago)
“You don’t order meals, you order moods” *_Can I have uhhhh depression?_*
Display Name (11 days ago)
Moods? What if the chef or cook is in the mood to ejaculate into a cup and call it Cup O Noodles?
Deplorable D (11 days ago)
So this is what Milo is doing now.
All The Artsy (11 days ago)
I'm just waiting for the documentary that tells us this man isn't even Oobah Butler and that Oobah doesn't actually exist. Next, next, next level prank yo
Azbayar. Z (11 days ago)
omfg i love this dude. he is fuking legend! I wont be surprised if he is son of banksy or even banksy himself lmao
Yagmur Ayar (11 days ago)
Yagmur Ayar (11 days ago)
ı agree lol
Khaz ardt (11 days ago)
17:35 is that the weird guy from the talent show
Nobe (11 days ago)
Copy of yes theory???
Rafim Rabbi (11 days ago)
He's the Frank Abagnale of our generation!
Ostingu 3 (12 days ago)
They should bring gordon ramsey there
Denis Agati (12 days ago)
Ааа создатель молодчина!!! Я лет 15 вспять точно этак открыл строительную фирму в Молдове, которой не было, для исследования рынка. Клиенты звонили сотками)) Пока милиция меня не вызвала для проверки документов, которых естественно же не было, они желали чтоб я их начальнику домик выстроил практически безвозмездно!) И я "закрыл" это предприятие. П.С. Мой товарищ занимался тогда перевозками грузов на своём древнем бусике, и потом открыл всё таки стройтельную фирмочку, на данный момент он миллионер и строит жилые дома в Кишиневе.
Purika (12 days ago)
The next Borat eh
Yusef Shihadeh (12 days ago)
Amazing lmaooo
YOUNGBULL (12 days ago)
The DJ part was fucking great
Niobeee (12 days ago)
why is the dj andrew siwicki? lmaoo
Trie Haryanto (12 days ago)
People love fake things, anyway. 😂😂😂
Cringe Lietuva (13 days ago)
You should create fake music artist and hit Top50 in spotify. Now that would be hilarious :D
Jiminimized (13 days ago)
Oobah would be seriously smart to create his own Youtube Channel rather than making avg profit having his amazing ideas published under Vice
WTC 110 (13 days ago)
Can you STOP having SCREAMS and MOANS sounds at EARRAPE VOLUME!?!>?!
Senzaki S (13 days ago)
4:50 ~ 4:52 Wtf?
16:17 😂😂😂😂😂 BRILLIANT!!!
Delaney Bradford (14 days ago)
Late capitalism? ...late capitalism...
Cedric Chan (14 days ago)
I’m fuckin dead
apoacd (14 days ago)
Vice is the new CNN. Shame.
tiny crimester (14 days ago)
this is basically a black mirror episode.
BLaZze (14 days ago)
this guy is clickbait in it's purest form
Gabrielle Andia (15 days ago)
You know, despite all this deceit...I would actually eat at the shed; it looks kinda like my thing. If Oobah decides he wants to create an actual ' the shed ' I would gladly accept it.
saggy (15 days ago)
This guy looks like georgio paviani
ShairaAfridaOyshee (7 days ago)
I was just gonna say that!
Lucifer Morningstar (15 days ago)
I’m getting Wolf Of Wall Street vibes here.
Ulrina4 (15 days ago)
He is awesome ~♡ and has beautiful eyes 💕
Young Questo (15 days ago)
This man is a genius if this wasn’t an experiment, he could have made some serious money from this he could have made a restaurant in the his back yard 😂 bring in like 10-20 for a night and since it’s number #1 and booking takes forever his prices could be high for meals.
Cristel Pelaez (16 days ago)
Someone give this man his own show
Mr Vintage (16 days ago)
£800 a month to live in a shed in someones garden !
Maliha Mehjabeen (16 days ago)
That was insane 🤣
Vloggin' Vlogs (17 days ago)
Oobah can do basically fake anything.
invisible girl (17 days ago)
RNCuber (17 days ago)
Man u can really make a living out of the shed
Mr.Techaky (17 days ago)
This dude should totally actually make a working restaurant out of this....
Millie Twist (17 days ago)
PorcupineMenhaden (17 days ago)
4:50 you can see his soul leaving his body
Junkcock BEACH (17 days ago)
Wait 4/6 tried to book again 😂😂😂
anano sanikidze (18 days ago)
Make Gordon Ramsey watch this
司此雷 (18 days ago)
keep this series rolling!
Michelle Cassion (18 days ago)
I love this guy!!!
Kathleen Wesley (18 days ago)
When picking the hat is this to much? Picks random hat and says fuck it I’m wearing this! Man, he must be such a good shit talker
Jayvee Aurea (18 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay is blowing up😂
aatsista (18 days ago)
This is sooo down my alley.
Elena P. (18 days ago)
How did all those rejected not leave bad reviews hat they weren’t able to get an appointment lol
Rea L (18 days ago)
Bet all the people that disliked this video were the drips that called in/got pranked 😂
SpiderWizard (18 days ago)
Dude is a such a troll, love this
Dirzy Cuello (18 days ago)
Amazing! This guy is a legend.
Random Person (18 days ago)
How did people trust him to blindfold them??
moi (19 days ago)
I like "weird" cafes and restaurants so I wouldn't mind going to a place like this --- though "beef tea" doesn't exactly sound like my thing. The mood menu reminds me of Dans le noir's color surprise menu.
Evvie Potter (19 days ago)
the dj was honestly the fucking funniest part
Grace Mcnerney (19 days ago)
Healthy Hattie turned it out
alyssa marie (19 days ago)
this is fucking genius
Jay Lakke (19 days ago)
Mayn’t he pLease make this a real thing!
Maria - Julia (19 days ago)
Why do I kinda wanna go
Hafizin Khairi (19 days ago)
Real life Phineas & Ferb
Marky (19 days ago)
The internet has a lot to answer for
Entraya Crosshill (19 days ago)
this is kinda wholesome. you basically made people enjoy something super mundane, a cozy backyard shed and ready meals and some fun company, and made it into something kind of magical, without charging for it it genuinely seems like a lovely idea for people who wanna get out but couldn't care less about fancy ass food in stuffy restaurants
ShadowMaster 45 (19 days ago)
Do this and charge like 7000$ per meal
Shehran Salam (20 days ago)
The guy in the thumbnail looks like a male version of Ellen/ Ellen ripoff!
Oli Rose (20 days ago)
brilliant, what a legend.
warm blankets (20 days ago)
"i have to look the way that represents the shed" *cuts to oobah putting on a black turtleneck*
WAHYU GITA (20 days ago)
Followers of instagram can be fake too to get popularity
Brian Ibay (20 days ago)
"we're fully booked that day" b r i l l i a n t
BangtanArmy (20 days ago)
This man is brilliant. Literally. If he invests in a business or something he can definitely become really really big.
Alexandra Hernandez (20 days ago)
It's like Dorsia
Naruto kyuubi kid (20 days ago)
Stealing from yes theory
KeKe Awnyo (20 days ago)
I wonder what Gordan Ramsey has to say about this 😂😂😂

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