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TOSHIBA CT-90325 TV Remote Control PN: 75014374

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This is a review of the TOSHIBA CT-90325 TV Remote Control that we stock here at replacementremotes.com. Click the link to purchase: http://www.replacementremotes.com/TOSHIBA/Buy-CT-90325-CT90325-75014374-TV-Remote-Control.html Product description Model: CT90325 Part Number: 75014374 Associated Number: CT-90325 Catalogue No.: 63101 This remote controls units: TV Battery Required: 2 AAA Originally supplied with models 19AV600U, 19C100U, 19SL400U, 22AV500U, 22AV600U, 22C100U, 22SL400U, 26AV500U, 26AV502R, 26AV502R/U, 26AV502RZ, 26AV502U, 26AV52R, 26AV52U, 26C100U, 26C100U1, 26c1100u, 26SL400U, 32AV500U, 32AV502R, 32AV502RZ, 32AV502U, 32AV50SU, 32AV52R, 32C100U, 32C100U1, 32C100U2, 32CV510, 32CV510U, 32DT1U, 32E200U, 32RV530U, 32SL400U, 37AV500E, 37av500u, 37AV502R, 37AV502U, 37AV52R, 37AV52U, 37CV510, 37CV510U, 37E200U, 37RV525R, 37RV525RZ, 37RV52R, 37RV530U, 40E200U, 40E200U1, 40E200U2, 40FT1U, 40G300U, 40G30U, 40RV525R, 40RV525U, 40RV52R, 40RV52U, 40XF550U, 40XV640U, 40XV645U, 40XV648U, 42AV500U, 42RV530, 42RV530U, 42RV535U, 46/40/55S41U, 46G300U, 46G30U, 46RV525R, 46RV525U, 46RV530U, 46RV535U, 46RV53CU, 46SL412U, 46XF550U, 46XV640U, 46XV645U, 46XV648U, 52RV, 52RV530U, 52RV535U, 52RV53U, 52XF550U, 52XV645U, 52XV648U, 55G300U, 55HT1U, 55S41U, 55SL412U, 19AV600UZ, 19SL410U, 24SL410U, 32C110UM, 32FT2U, 32SL415UM, 40E210U, 40SL412U, 55G310U, 42RV525R, 32C100UM, 32DT2U, 40E210U1, 65HT2U, 32RV525RZ, 46RV525RM, 40G300U3, 46G300U1, 32C120U, CT90302 Programming Instructions and Codes, CT90302, 75022871, 75017678, 32E20U, 37E20U, 40E20U, CT90325, 75028874, 24SL410UM, 32C110U, 32SL410U, 32SL410UM, 40E210UM, 46G310U, 32C110U1, 32DT2U1, 40FT2U, 32C10U
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Text Comments (11)
Thushara Mallawa (4 months ago)
haier L24m3 rimot ..cod .plss
ReplacementRemotes.com (4 months ago)
We do not have codes
Rafael Pagalan (2 years ago)
do you have available for Toshiba CT-90448 remote control
james eads (2 years ago)
my tv is set to retail lock and I can't get off its stuck on the same channel and besides pressing the power button and volume button it says retail lock
Lashaun Williams (1 year ago)
james eads did you ever get it unlock having the same problem
Lashaun Williams (1 year ago)
Did you ever get it unlock
Alexandra O'keefe (4 years ago)
how to reconnect a Ct-90330 to a tv
M Giovanni (5 years ago)
it will be my second return tif i do that,the first time i got a 40" Toshiba ( i think the remote was pretty good for that model ) but i decided to use my Verizon RC and TV got messed up , after putting the code the TV didn't show any image and i returned it then I got another brand new unit ( more expensive, $250 more) and the remote was weak, i didn't want to go back to the store again.
M Giovanni (5 years ago)
this remote control is the worse RC ever ! is sooo weak, i have to be very close to the TV otherwise it won't work , TV is great, remote control is just useless
Brodrick Vincent (5 years ago)
How would you program those new toshiba remotes to my current television?
Cesar Luisjuan (5 years ago)
How to program to toshiba 50l5200u?

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