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Armaf Club de Nuit Man Intense Unboxing First Impression with Tiff Benson + GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)

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Tiff Benson's channel https://www.youtube.com/user/BeingTiffBenson Brooklyn Fragrance Lover Blog: http://brooklynfragrancelover.com/ Follow Brooklyn Fragrance Lover on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/pbu7bch Follow Brooklyn Fragrance Lover on Instagram: http://tinyurl.com/pdn7wjq Follow Brooklyn Fragrance Lover on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Carlos319
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Text Comments (330)
ABDULRAHMAN (6 days ago)
Carlos I love you ❤️
Ryen C (16 days ago)
Damn she look good
Dj Speed (22 days ago)
You guys are allowing the price points to cloud your judgement I own both but get more compliments from CDNIM
Andre Wills (11 days ago)
I do too. Women love it.
Steven R. (1 month ago)
Anyone else bottle arrive dusty and scratched right out the box ????
Kenny Arenault (1 month ago)
Is Tiff Benson still free and available? Lol She’s so beautiful, what a smile!
Jeffry Zen (1 month ago)
Blind buy this Armaf CDNIM and honestly i love it.. Made in France with black spray batch 2018. i dont know about Aventus as i never use it. CDNIM now become my signature scent lol 😂🤣.
Chad Thomas (1 month ago)
Nice video. What’s your scotch choice? It’s mixed so likely a blend. Maybe a future scotch video?? Please.
I’m not fancy, whatever’s on sale lol
Farhan Ali (2 months ago)
Can this mask the smell of herb?
Roco Wolf (2 months ago)
I just got my club de nuit. And I have to say I smell no fruit notes at all I smell cedar and a musky patchouli. It does smell good. But Im missing the fruity notes. It was delivered to my house and hundred four degree weather. That could be the problem
Made2last (2 months ago)
Thanks Carlos, just got my bottle and love it!!
Dj Speed (2 months ago)
The price of a fragrance influence people's thoughts when they should be judging it solely on the way the notes smell to their nose
Luis Bowers (2 months ago)
Where do you get your aventus at a discounted price?
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (2 months ago)
Luis Bowers so many FB groups offering the juice at a discount
Lyndon Earlington (2 months ago)
mexighosthunter 86 (2 months ago)
Saw tiff and had to c this vid...shes the queen of perfume reviewers😍😍😍😘😘😘
Bee J (2 months ago)
Tiff so gotdamn fine. Just thought I state the obvious. Great review though. Thanks!
Giovanni Tripodi (2 months ago)
Should I pull the trigger on this cologne is it really close to aventus I honestly never smelled either!
Giovanni Tripodi (2 months ago)
oh no so it wont smell the same then? What is the closest creed aventus clone in your opinion or GIT?
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (2 months ago)
It's been reformulated from what I hear.
Gipsy Avenger (2 months ago)
The bottle is dope but if the chit inside is sub who cares?  This stuff is legit and gives CA one of the strongest runs for the money out of all the clones out there.  I have the Insurrection II which is an absolute abomination in the fact that it opens just like AVENTUS and is dead and dying in the yard in 5-10 minutes after putting it on.  I now use it to deodorize my sneakers after a sweaty run. Sorry NO COLOGNE is worth 300-400 dollars.  WTF is wrong with people ?
Chris Vargas (3 months ago)
You're awesome Carlos straight inspiration man!!!Finally ordered this armaf and it will be my first attempt at aventus!!!Yes I know its not aventus but franctly it's very pricy!!!So this one will be my intro !!!Hope its longevity is what it's hyped up to be!!!👍👍👍
Love that Carlos and Cuba have a glass of liquor while doing their vids....I have a glass and watch them.
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (3 months ago)
Anthony Gonzales (3 months ago)
She is gorgeous!
peter lyder (3 months ago)
Hola Saludos, my name is Peter i am from Panama city Panama and i live in Holland he seguido tus comentarios acerca de fragrancias y me gusta tu descripcion y opinion eres un buen maestro he seguido tu canal pero hasta ahora he tenido el valor de comentar, hablo espanol y ingles muy poco holandes, me encanta verte con tu trago saludos y abrazos
Glock _The _God XXX (3 months ago)
She looks likes Pontiac DDG
raidernationcali (3 months ago)
Is Club intense reformulation better than silver sprayer?
jegul jeg (3 months ago)
Bring her back! She's a real hotty!! Boss gg!
Mar.K (4 months ago)
CDNI has unfortunately been reformulated and now the performance sucks really bad and it's impossible to buy the old versions of this.
Mar.K (4 months ago)
All the batches after 2016.. I think the new ones have the black sprayer on top rather than the silver one. Mine has a black sprayer and it's from France - Feb_2017 batch
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (4 months ago)
It has? When? I wasn’t aware
Indigenous Geek (4 months ago)
I was personally expecting to hear about how good CDNI is a so-called clone of Avantus. But good/better does not help us much understand your appreciation of Armaf CDNI. The simple fact you and many other folk out there are comparing then means a lot of non-verbal credit for CDNI. I have not smelled either but will definitely try CDNI which I have ordered recently. Thanks anyway for this video, you are both so cute (💖💖💖)!
Haroon (4 months ago)
club de nuit edt or edp?
MiamiAroma (5 months ago)
I’ve been on the fence about CDNIM and I do love the fruity batches of Aventus but I blind bought CDNIM today. For $28 it’s worth trying
Alejandro Bello (5 months ago)
Thumbs up for acknowledging Big Beard Box Bashing Business. Now hit the damn bell!
Alejandro Bello (5 months ago)
Honestly, I could care less for the opening of ANY fragance, since it only lasts while you spray it unto you while finish dressing up. The heart and basenotes are key.
Isak (5 months ago)
Club de nuit gives me headache so i will sell it, to me it smells pretty cheap and i feel cheap wearing it. I haven't tried Aventus, and won't do it, this has created to much of a bad connotation. Brooklyn fragrance lover have such a pure and awesome vibe, always nice to see your reviews.
H1NCH (5 months ago)
CDNIM smells amazing on drydown on skin but not good at all on paper!
Captain Chaos (5 months ago)
Hey Carlos. New Yorker to New Yorker, can you vouch for Fragrancenet.com? Bought my first creed scent from Nieman Marcus (Original Santal), then got wind of Fragracenet shortly after, to find the 4 ounce bottle sells there for about 50% less than the 3.3 ounce store bought. I haven't opened the package and have 60 days to return. This opportunity is tempting, but I've seen reviews of that site, that have been VERY negative. What say you? Thanks.
ITS Prof_C (6 months ago)
The straw for this one is shaped weird i couldn't get it in the atomizer.. Got it all over my hands. :(
StangGT Fan (6 months ago)
Tiff is gorgeous. I'm in love.
Mike L (7 months ago)
Great review! I have been on the fence about this fragrance for a while now since all the Perfumeries around me are selling this for upwords of $80 lol. Finally gave in and bought a bottle off amazon from a highly rated seller for halve the price. I hope I don't get a bad bottle or a fake lol.
Og KUSH (6 months ago)
Mike L thanks , do you know the Batch ?
Mike L (6 months ago)
Og KUSH My girl loves this stuff man, literally would not stop smelling me when I walked in. The longevity is alright and preformance seems to be average but have not tested in heat yet. On paper this sent last 8 hours, skin about 5 for me
Og KUSH (6 months ago)
Mike L how was it ?
Og KUSH (7 months ago)
Great Vidéo Carlos , did you know how to find the CDNIM and the Insurrection Wild by Reyane traditions please ?We can't find these in France. I really want these two for my signature scents . Cheers
T Rome (7 months ago)
Great video guys! Tiff is the most be5woman on the planet!
Mhd Kam (7 months ago)
Please What is the defiance between club de niut silver & Black cap?
yes sir (8 months ago)
Just ordered it , let’s see what everybody is talking about .
Og KUSH (6 months ago)
yes sir my bad my phone bugging , lol your rude Man Where you purchased it ?
yes sir (6 months ago)
Og KUSH so... it smells disgusting and nothing close to Aventus
yes sir (6 months ago)
Og KUSH nasty . I have the 10/17 batch and it smells like pledge and raid roach killer.
Og KUSH (6 months ago)
yes sir how was it ?
Paul Gamblin (8 months ago)
I guess tiff is a niche head really never heard of armaf Cdin for men
Michael Ray (8 months ago)
Eye candy with skill . I love Tiff
Toronto_NDN (8 months ago)
Wore it to work past few days..my supervisor told me to tone it down as it smells nice bu strong and gives people a headache lol was embarassed. From now under my shirt.
Naor Daniel (7 months ago)
Haha indeed a bit embarrassing :) but at least you know it's a good scent
Toronto_NDN (7 months ago)
Naor Daniel yah...was embarassing...she walked upto me and said she smells it everywhere and strong and maybe icant smell it bit others can be sensative and cause headaches hahah and to tone it down and this is at office envoronment lol. She did say it smelled good but too much.
Naor Daniel (7 months ago)
Wow good to know, I just got this perfume and my default is 3 sprays, I'll tone it down to 2, thank you very much :)
Toronto_NDN (7 months ago)
Naor Daniel I wore 3 sprays....lesson learned and never again lol. I learned that people might not say it around us but some can be annoyed with over spray. Next time il use 2 sprays and 30 min before I bet to work never directly before work which i also did when i sprayed before i got out the car at work.
Naor Daniel (7 months ago)
Toronto_NDN how many sprays did you use?
Colt Magat (8 months ago)
No clone can beat the Holy Grail of Fragrance the KING AVENTUS. Aventus have a differerent batches compare 16M01 batch of Aventus to all clone on the market and see the difference. Excellent honest review of this clone without train hyphe compare to other reviewer. More power to the two of you!!!
Rob Townsend (8 months ago)
You can't really compare the two colognes until after around 20 minutes. Armaf smells like a smokey batch of Aventus, but not until it begins to dry.
Alfredo Sanchez (8 months ago)
Esta hermosa la chava
AntonioKowatsch (8 months ago)
25 bucks LOL... in Germany it costs twice as much. Greedy sellers...
Gra Guys (21 days ago)
same here
No Fuks (8 months ago)
Have both on right now. Aventus on left hand, cdnim on right. Can’t tell the difference on the dry down ! Buy CDNIM!
B G (9 months ago)
Am I seeing right or is this the infamous batch 02/2017? Some say it's watered down to point it doesn't last long BUT the opening is much more nicer and not harsh at all.
Chzz Redy (9 months ago)
Great video Carlos. Carlos can you please tell me when u purchased your armaf or the month your batch was made. I just ordered a new club de nuit intense but the sprayer is now black instead of silver like my old bottle from a year ago and your bottle. My new bottle is from an august 2017 batch. Just curious if they switched up the bottle or i bought a fake. I know its already cheap but im sure their are knockoffs. Get back to me if you can thanks
Lux Aeterna (9 months ago)
For what it is worth I literally cannot tell the difference between my 14k01 and CDNIM. They were so similar I started to wonder if my 14k01 was just CDNIM, but I got 14k01 way before CDNIM because popular and it smells a little more natural.
Lux Aeterna (9 months ago)
Tiff has the healthiest looking skin I've ever seen.
Carlos Sanchez (9 months ago)
She is gorgeous 😍🤤
Tarance Midget (9 months ago)
Nice video... Love the chemistry. Tiff is absolutely gorgeous!
Teslandia A. (9 months ago)
i love your vedio Carlos i subscribe.😘and she is a sweet heart .
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (9 months ago)
Thanks so much!
Teslandia A. (9 months ago)
I bought this fragrance thinking it was for girl. And i realize the smell its for men lol😂😂😂i will give it to my fiance.
clyde gallagher (10 months ago)
If you prefer the fruity and less smokey batch of Aventus, layer or decant CDNIM with Fashion District ($18).  Now you have the versatility of both batches and 200ml for under $45.
Alphonse Smith (10 months ago)
Update: definitely smells even more like Aventus in the dry down.
No Fuks (8 months ago)
I have both on hands and definitely on the dry down they’re identical. CDNIM is actually stronger. It’s crazy.
Alphonse Smith (10 months ago)
First, I love Tiff Benson's reviews.  Second, bottle came in this morning. I did a pre-sniff before the spray and it definitely smells like Aventus. After spraying, it is a bit intense...and I understand what folks mean by the smokey (someone once said cigarette)  vibe.  It's almost - gritty? Want to wait for the dry down to give a final opinion.  I also ordered Insurrection Pure 2.  Any thoughts on that one?
Anibal Ramos (10 months ago)
Whats another birchy smokier cologne? Great review
Radu Caseti (10 months ago)
I have cdi, al haraim and rasassi and I enjoy each and all of them. Some time I mixt them...and all the time I receive compliments. Maybe they are not so specials and high class like aventus but for the money I paid for all three I am content with the results. If you want to smell like a king you must pay like a king...but if you want to save some money and smell ok you can try cdi or al haramain or rasassi.
Eddy Vasquez (10 months ago)
How much should I pay for adventus?
eclipseotik (10 months ago)
I will put it like this people, CDNI is based on the smoky batches of Aventus, the opening is HARSH to most people but the dry down is heaven! NOW, if you want to skip the wait from CDNI to dry down, buy Al Haramain’s L’Aventure, it is gorgeous! BUT doesn’t last as much like CDNI.
FRAG-MENTAL (10 months ago)
Awesome review Carlos. Keep em coming from New York to ye olde York!
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (10 months ago)
Syed Ali (10 months ago)
Great video Carlos! enjoyed your smiles and cohesiveness as a team. just subscribed, don't know if the giveaway happened but I've been meaning to buy this fragrance.
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (10 months ago)
Syed Ali thanks so much for the sub. Unfortunately this prize was already awarded
Guitarwizza1 (10 months ago)
Carnage Paradox (10 months ago)
My lord is that an angel?
Aidan Shaw (10 months ago)
carlos why are u just geting dis now?:)its must be 3 years now on market,there is even a club de nuit new formaltion and a club de nuit urban man out since:)like it but rather insurrection 11 better.anywho subbed friend:)
Aidan Shaw (10 months ago)
thought u were one of the ellusive non hype frag heads lol
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (10 months ago)
It happens sometimes lol. Thx for the sub
marlonious76 (10 months ago)
Great collaboration
karlos andrews (10 months ago)
Brian Parker (11 months ago)
Nice collaboration video!!
Seraj Wheda (11 months ago)
Remko v.d. Wielen (11 months ago)
Good god! Tiff has the most amazing smile!
DOUGHGON (11 months ago)
CDNIM is a great fragrance. It really shines in the dry down and it is beastly. Do not over spray this juice or you'll die(lol). Go get a bottle because it's slowly rising ib price. The same for Tres Nuit by Armaf(GIT CLONE).
mscarreon2809 (11 months ago)
Great review! for all the youtube fellows that would like to buy any Armaf fragrances try this website https://www.lovepalette.net/search?type=product&q=armaf. I have made several orders with them and they ship pretty fast.
p-dot-v-dot (11 months ago)
Love the camaraderie! You guys make these collabs look effortless. But CDNI is a clone of a smokey batch of Aventus... not a hint of pineapple!
Hasan Fardeen (11 months ago)
what i enjoyed the most about this was the way despite not liking club de nuit as much as aventus it still got its appreciation from the both of you for its price smell and packaging
ronald papa (11 months ago)
A great alternative for someone on a budget.
Thunda Cat (11 months ago)
Do you like any of the other clones? I love Aventus but it's a car note, lol
Thunda Cat (11 months ago)
What yal drinking? Lol
Thunda Cat (11 months ago)
Carlos great stuff right? I love this juice! Have a great day my friend. Enjoyed u both! I like when you told her the price, classic review 😅
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (11 months ago)
+Thunda Cat Thanks for watching!
Michael Richmond (11 months ago)
You too look like you have fun and that makes the video great! Keep up the good work.
Guinea54 (11 months ago)
great vid.. yeah that smells a lot like the older batches of aventus when it dries down.. def a very close clone... btw the sprayer sucks on club nuit.. up probably put 10x more aventus with that creed sprayer lol
covey28 (11 months ago)
I've never gotten my nose on this one, great review btw!!!!
Danillon Pujadas (11 months ago)
I really enjoyed tiff in that dress
Josh Riddle (11 months ago)
Tiff get a better noise lol
Antonio Venegas (11 months ago)
Armaf is for every day, aventus is for special occasions
WhatsHappening783402 (2 months ago)
true story
Meu Fragrance (11 months ago)
Nice clone
Ian Jasper Molina (11 months ago)
Great collab vid, Carlos and Tiff! 😉
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (11 months ago)
Thanks 🙏
Brooklyn Fragrance Lover (5 months ago)
Aedes.com twistedlily.com Osswaldnyc.com
Craig Millington (5 months ago)
Please and thanks
Craig Millington (5 months ago)
Carlos where do you normally buy your perfumes and the originals?2am from Jamaica and which perfume online store would you recomend
Chaos Fragrances (11 months ago)
Looks like you just beat me to it! Nice review Carlos!
Israel Lassegue (11 months ago)
I love Tiff's hair and Carlos' enthusiasm.... Lol
Vincent Denich (11 months ago)
Fantastic video Carlos! Great job. White Plains, NY!
Serg S (11 months ago)
This is the one clone I will not part with. People say Armaf is better but I have not tried that yet. Fabulous collabo!! Love having Tiff
aBB123 (11 months ago)
The dry down 👌
Miguel Garcia (11 months ago)
got armaf firts once I got my hands on aventus I gave my dad armaf away king is 👑
Syed Aamir (11 months ago)
You gotta check club de nuit intense women and craze by Armaf. Both the scents will surprise you.
Cheryl Lopez (11 months ago)
This was a great review. You too are awesome together. I recently smelled Aventus for the first time. I really like it.
Keith Bertrand (11 months ago)
great video.  Tiff is tons of fun.  love to try this clone.
John Carter (11 months ago)
So is creed what you suggest...?

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