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The South Korean Love Industry

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With one of the lowest birth rates in the world, South Korea is in danger of disappearing by the end of the millennium. If the situation stays as it is, South Koreans are predicted to become extinct by 2750. Because of the rapidly aging population, elderly prostitutes known as "Bacchus ladies" have cornered a number of public parks as their working areas. Meanwhile, South Korean kids are living with their families well into their 20s—as a result, an entire economy of sex motels has sprung up to give kids a place to fool around outside the watchful eyes of their parents. We sent Matt Shea to investigate this generational crisis, which led him to Seoul's red-light district, a pre-wedding photo shoot on the set of a Korean soap opera, and an erotic sculpture park on South Korea's "honeymoon island." More from VICE: The Japanese Love Industry - http://bit.ly/Japanese-Love-Industry The Digital Love Industry - http://bit.ly/Digital-Love-Industries Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice
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Text Comments (4218)
Isaiah Simmons (6 hours ago)
no american room for motel
southpawlibra nine (1 day ago)
Matt Shea is fucking hipster bitch that I wanna punch so hard
Avtomat (1 day ago)
Don't you think in any given hotel there have been hundreds of couples having sex on the same beds you'll be sleeping on?
#Farmlands (3 days ago)
Why does Vice keep pushing welfare, as if the problem is just that the government was stealing enough money to give to old people, who were "pushed" into prostitution. 😒
Milton Roy (3 days ago)
This is a pretty good idea of having photos like these before wedding.
Toast ie (4 days ago)
Smal smal! Preas preas!
xavier hebert (5 days ago)
illuminati confirmed.
Tanaka Gwapos (5 days ago)
i never knew that the world had weird places , guess is really big than i thought .
Jameslawz (6 days ago)
I blame westernization for destroying eastern traditions of respecting your elders and honoring your family. Respect and Honor are two concepts westerners don't understand since they weren't bought up with it, instead Jimmy will always say "Fuck you MOM!!!" when he's asked to clean his room. Porn is produced at such a crazy rate and consumed by so many youths in the western world that it's corrupting their brain, respect for women is dropping and women don't want to deal with men since we live in a "equal society" so the value of 'man' has depreciated since apparently women can do everything we can now. Western culture has always been about "Divide and Conquer" well look at how this strategy is breaking apart Asian cultures where kids are now mouthing back at their parents and not respecting themselves and becoming prostitutes like all the white girls. Smh...
Yukina Adeline (9 days ago)
i want to be friends with that photographer...
Bonez Boneville (10 days ago)
The photographer was so sweet. I’d love to have a wedding photographed by him.
spacedxst (10 days ago)
PaoPao TheCat (12 days ago)
Pens park in Jeju island
Heilon Iris (13 days ago)
Singapore?! Hell,our sex education lessons were filled with stuff like holding hands is level 5 affection or something
akidin06 (13 days ago)
maybe they dont want to end up like japan?
Chang Ye (16 days ago)
Some of the creepiest shit that I have seen in my life.
IstharOswell (16 days ago)
There should never be govt interference in family. Traditional family structures are sustainable and take care of themselves That is the solution. Where are the vaginas in that park? Fertility needs both, not just penises.
Mary Kathleen Sapp (18 days ago)
Oh please...2750!!!!
Rishipal Rishipal (19 days ago)
4:30 boss pls plss it reminded of pink guy
T0T0 (21 days ago)
Koreans are the most rude and uncivilized nation in Asia after China
Ali Alidrissi (21 days ago)
I thought he said 2075 I was shocked
CraftingPro Alvin (21 days ago)
Super facile!
Ryo no.9 (23 days ago)
뭔가 창피스럽다
aistaxoxo (23 days ago)
So I've been watching documentaries about sex industries around the world and I realized that holy crap, sex sells. Literally, it is EVERYWHERE. We don't even realize how much we see it.
mohid noman (24 days ago)
"All over Asia"??? Ever heard of a LITTLE place called INDIA.
Shabi_no_Samuri (24 days ago)
nuclear family . . . behind ?
Shabi_no_Samuri (24 days ago)
when the population growth is so high that your own government sterilizes you wtf . get out of here .
vicky (25 days ago)
u r so hot at love land u like soft fuck i guess
Aram Mad Sasani (27 days ago)
The Catastrophe of Super Modern Technology and Modernism and Capitalism ... at least Korea is better ,, well not nlong that this Older generation and "parents" fade away too ..
suga suga (29 days ago)
6:50 OH
suga suga (29 days ago)
Photographer should be the one ON the kdrama
MrINTELIKXX (30 days ago)
All about to fxck the photographer.. Lol
Ki Rex (1 month ago)
Maybe it's time for automation and A.I. to takeover
pupperlover69 (1 month ago)
Hey look at the replies
김주헌 (1 month ago)
Damn I lived in Korea for 17 years and I have never heard about officetel sex trade nor bacchus lady.
Hanan Caldona (1 month ago)
I love that this gives me more content for my sociology papers
Hanan Caldona (1 month ago)
I love that this gives me more content for my sociology papers
Ava Hampton (1 month ago)
Jayjew roighttttt
Martin Bryan (1 month ago)
This host isn't very eloquent... lol
Fjon (1 month ago)
Pig Ballz (1 month ago)
Somtimes i wonder if koreans actually fall in love because all i see is people focusing on appearance and beauty in korea but thats just my opinion
Jothunheim (1 month ago)
That host is so annoying
rip kpop lol...we need to change sex culture
First Name Last Name (1 month ago)
Who's the hot Korean guy with the girl outside smiling
leights coaster (1 month ago)
Loveland is hilarious! 😂😂😂
Blue (1 month ago)
Seems like China is the only East Asian country without a population problem, at least not in that way. Yes, China has more men than women, but pretty much all of them are fucking, unlike the rest of East Asia.
MrShaneVicious (1 month ago)
Paul TheSkeptic (1 month ago)
Good for those old codgers. Live it up while you can. Do your own thing.
Darlene Lesmana (1 month ago)
Comedic gold
cris ty (1 month ago)
everyone is talking about the photographer and i can see why 😍😆
TubbsTheCat (1 month ago)
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
2018: South Korea's birth rate drops to 0 because everyone is gay for kpop idols
laura (1 month ago)
“because i am a woman, if the room is pretty, i will like it” ??? girl ??? what??
leoprtma (1 month ago)
I lost my virgin boy in Korea, look this photo its the girl Proud to be white dude
Jonathan Dionne (1 month ago)
this kid is a massive dork
nowgaku (1 month ago)
Prostitution is a typical traditinal Korean female job. One of the main job of S Korean jobless female(from young to old) is a prostitution. It called 妓生(Kisaeng) at that time(Joseon periods). They were true sex slaves(奴婢 they didn't have even own name). There are many S Korean prostitutes in many country even now. S Korean don't have a sense of shame.
Nemmix (1 month ago)
At 10:33 while he’s in the hotel is that a kid saying, “Sure, I’m 11” ???
Sanu Rawat (1 month ago)
Why Asians are full of fake things......
Franta Weyland (1 month ago)
Well, Koreans Need HENTAI !!
Wittney R (1 month ago)
Love land is something else... It's great!
Hitem Withdatyeet (1 month ago)
10:34 sure I’m eleven WTF!?
chesca mejia (1 month ago)
Why is it such a concern whether people have babies or not. overpopulation is already becoming a problem wtf
H C (1 month ago)
What is the car at 6:14?
Brendon Church (1 month ago)
2,750? You can't predict the weather in a week and you think you can predict this? Ridiculous.
Bre'ana Johnson (1 month ago)
If I hadn’t watched this video I would’ve never known there’s basically a dick park on Jeju Island. It’s WAAAY too far fetched to think it exists when you see how conservative some of these people act. Key word: act.
R3bound (1 month ago)
10:33 “Sure I’m 11”
Mr Sicario (1 month ago)
Shit I’m a 17 year old Hispanic male send me into South Korea and I’ll impregnate 40 women by the end of the week.
Rohit Soni (1 month ago)
They should really learn some things from Indians
MILIAN MOLLISON (1 month ago)
I never knew Loveland existed in South Korea, wow Jeju Island is wild
Jamie Sandel (1 month ago)
How much you wanna bet that girl who said the thing about the pretty room was totally punking them (her boyf is cracking up)
datboiseb (1 month ago)
This is irrevelant, but asians are some kinky niggas.
Amal A (1 month ago)
I never imagined that a place like this would exist in korea 😂😂🤦🏽
Margaret (1 month ago)
also the reporter seriously sucks. he acts like he'd rather be doing anything else but this. like to get a job at vice is it a requirement to be dead-eyed and monotone?
Margaret (1 month ago)
why don't they have nice hourly motels like this in america? every motel room you can rent by the hour here is a crack den
Dongyi Zhang (1 month ago)
'It takes the word DICKHEAD to a whole new level'
Athena Isham (1 month ago)
haha "Love Land that was erected in 2004"
Athena Isham (1 month ago)
ok I love the photographer
Pumkin Eater69 (1 month ago)
I just can't with the park he went into.
Jalal Eddine NADER (1 month ago)
OMFG Moroccan themed Hotel Love ? Makes wanna try it XDDDDD
xXTheRedrubyXx (1 month ago)
That photographer is a mood
Angeni Jacobs (1 month ago)
I thought it was just Japan based off of the other one... But shit they said the whole East Asia.
Maureen Bompat (1 month ago)
"a place called Loveland, it was ERECTED in 2004..." nice word choice
MX JB (1 month ago)
"she's the bride. I don't know how she feels about that but she doesn't have a choice."
He says ''as little as 10 dollars''. Man here in greece half of the prostitutes sell their bodies for 10 euros it is as common as it gets
blue safir (1 month ago)
very good video, amazing
Nathan Weese (1 month ago)
Should we not be happy to have an example of how to reduce population?
grammaton6leric (1 month ago)
This was interesting, but I was constantly distracted by the presenter's accent. Like, where the hell is this guy from, South Africa, the moon? I feel like he hails from one of those less-remembered states that people rarely talk about, and never visit--like Delaware.
shrimpified (1 month ago)
06:45 😂
Thomas Rexx (2 months ago)
sung il kim? DUDE WTF
asser mcfuck (2 months ago)
1/5 of women?!? Wow...
asser mcfuck (2 months ago)
I fucking lost my shit at the Spanish room fjfnfnfn Well i guess it IS better than having a room decorated with bulls and flamenco dresses that smells like chorizo lmfao
asser mcfuck (2 months ago)
Six??? Children???? Ok the change was positive then
Limon Butler (2 months ago)
Hahahhaa the camera man is so funny
Limon Butler (2 months ago)
I’ll have 1,000 babies so it won’t go extinct
Basma Boo (2 months ago)
I hope that koreans talk about their issues in the media more, instead of being blinded by these toxic entertainment shows, that only mess up their society more.
HoseTheBeast (2 months ago)
How convenient that i got an ad for an orgasm gel in this video.😂😅
diamond dogz (2 months ago)
How come this shit not demonetize
Poseidon (2 months ago)
Fuck that photographer.
Mcalister Peter (2 months ago)
The winter soldier finally get married!
Ruta B (2 months ago)
You would never believe this was happening just by watching korean dramas. They totally fooled me, i thought everyone's getting married in Korea. Very few dramas i've seen were a bit more "realistic". it's propaganda.
leoprtma (1 month ago)
Ruta Cesnaite they are follow western . Full of sex .

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