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Hat Of The Day (FLATCAPS) Haberdasher style

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Over at HATBOX we like to have fun. For our haberdashers it's not just about selling a hat it's about helping you build the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. We want your experience with us to be unique and fun and something you will look forward to doing again. We welcome comments and suggestions for videos and photo-shoot ideas. I hope your ready AUSTIN! Cause we KEEP HATBOX WEIRD.
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Text Comments (4)
James Hall fishing (9 months ago)
awsome video. I would if I may encourage you to explain the different styles and etc. Please by all means the longer the video the better
Ed Keaton (1 year ago)
Flat Caps and Newsboy Caps rule! I own a bunch of these and wear them all along with my Fedoras and wool watchcaps when the weather is much cooler.
Teringventje (5 months ago)
Ed Keaton - reddit warrior
sn3192 (2 years ago)
this fellow looks just like the kid from two and a half men O_O

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