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How To Dress Cute and Comfy | 6 Outfits

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This video is all about looking cute while staying comfortable! Those outfits which are perfect for casual days either you go to school, university or meet with your friends. I'm using clothes from Diana's wardrobe to show the ways how to look pretty and at the same flatter her body shape. Please note that these examples are for the purpose of video and are not meant to underestimate anyone or certain way of dressing. The changes are made in order to achieve certain look and to show the difference it creates. Please feel free to apply the tips/ideas according to your own taste. Don't forget that style is all about having fun and not restrictions, even though knowing some rules can come in handy ;) Let's connect! ► Social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/giedre.kava... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/giacavallistyle Blog: http://giacavalli.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/giedre ► SIMILAR items shown in a video: OUTFIT #1 pleated skirt http://bit.ly/2Jx58Yw white knitted sweater http://bit.ly/2EzIWZU faux leather skirt http://bit.ly/2IGx4rG ankle boots with faux fur http://bit.ly/2JzFO44 combat boots http://bit.ly/2EwIw6x OUTFIT #2 midi skirt options: red http://bit.ly/2IK0tky white http://bit.ly/2IIxQEy yellow http://bit.ly/2EyjMLp blue http://bit.ly/2JxM9Nn red http://bit.ly/2JxMlw5 crop top http://bit.ly/2JzG4A4 brogue shoes http://bit.ly/2JzGbeY platform heeled sandals http://bit.ly/2EzTRTl OUTFIT #3 plaid skirt http://bit.ly/2EziXSk frill hem skirt http://bit.ly/2IGz9Uw white sheer blouse http://bit.ly/2Ezf1RM brogue shoes http://bit.ly/2JzGbeY OUTFIT #4 grey shirt black denim http://bit.ly/2IGB1MW beige chelsea boots http://bit.ly/2Jx8P0k combat boots http://bit.ly/2JAoL1A faux fur gilet http://bit.ly/2EyL3xa faux fur gilet http://bit.ly/2IDtXRm OUTFIT #5 bird print tunic dress http://bit.ly/2JApb8a brogue shoes http://bit.ly/2JzGbeY OUTFIT #6 collar skater dress http://bit.ly/2JzKYgk brogue shoes http://bit.ly/2JzGbeY ► Music by: Ikson - See You https://soundcloud.com/ikson ► Icons made by Roundicons from Flaticon and is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0
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Text Comments (726)
Giedre Kavaliunaite (8 months ago)
Can you recognize the same model Diana in our new PROM 2018 video? link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHzZolF_h-E
Mehtaab Khan (7 months ago)
Giedre Kavaliunaite can you plzzz do a lookbook for plus size girls??? Plzzz it'll be really helpful😊😊
Diana Smeusha (8 months ago)
What are her measurements?
Steven Lee (3 days ago)
3:55 you didn't talk about the hair. (really like this approach overall though!) when you're shorter you need to elongate proportions.. makes sense. this is done with a higher waistline and it can be done playfully. i think shoes makes a big diff, as you showed. updo is interesting as it makes her taller (elongating again).
Steven Lee (3 days ago)
5:49 maybe something billowy on top could've worked? ugh, the original top is so nice and it's an interesting combo. but i agree, the shapes are weird. maybe a graphic T on top to keep it funky and fun. play with hairdo? maybe a fun shoe?
Steven Lee (3 days ago)
4:59 the vest is a big add. also, weather may not permit (fine point i know). also vest is quite long and prob should be supported with other accessories - some bling could be used somewhere or some leather somewhere perhaps. the shirt itself isn't as bad as the others because it slims along the waist. also, the shoes i think worked, idk. you used the same dark boots last couple outfits. has to be other solutions, right?
Andrea Kaindl (8 days ago)
Second look is Olive oyl
Baddscorpio (8 days ago)
Cute? 😭😂😂😂😂
IdaCesilie (8 days ago)
Only me who tought the first was sometimes cuter
zeldagoblin (9 days ago)
Hayli Bowen (10 days ago)
All of them were cute, but the last one I like the before 😀😀
Maria Smith (11 days ago)
Those black tights are ruining every outfit. Take those foul things off.
Margo Lockweeze (13 days ago)
STAND UP. POSTURE IS IMPORTANT. Boobs shouldn't be resting on your belly or worse hips..
Danny Jane (13 days ago)
Don't like these restyles. The girl is young and pretty. But every outfit is drab and dark. There ARE other colors than black, gray, and tan. Put a pop of color on her somewhere. Put some jewelry, some makeup, hang a cheerful scarf on her somewhere. Not every day is a funeral. Teach her to walk upright and proud!
강민하 (14 days ago)
sometimes the stylist made them look worse... like the fur vest one wow that was a huge down...
Debra P (14 days ago)
I liked the last outfit's "before" much better.
Dali Fail (14 days ago)
I'm from Russia,and every one Happy New 2019 year!
Christine Dunphy (15 days ago)
I'm sorry, but I think it's a load of old toffee. Things that suit some just don't suit others, even if they're exactly the same shape. I find that if you feel good in something then you think you look good which makes you stand straighter and hold your head up. The most youthful making thing is not showing your midriff, it's a big smile that goes to your eyes.
Five Nine (15 days ago)
Thank you for many wonderful tips
Suscrita!!!! Ojalá pudieras poner traducción en español. Saludos desde la CD de México.
a.b. c.p (17 days ago)
could you add subtitles english please?
a n (17 days ago)
everything looks perfect on you,but only if you're slim
Din (17 days ago)
Not everything I like especially the one with the vest. I like the brown shoes she have. Just my preference.
Shristi (22 days ago)
The Wrongs are the New Rights 👍🏼
Alfien Rusdiana (24 days ago)
my problem is I don't have lots of clothes to change
pardeep kaur (25 days ago)
Plz make video in Punjabi suit
مريم يوسفي (28 days ago)
6:36 with boots better than the second one!!
Rainbow One (29 days ago)
Just amazing!
Rebecca Tshong (29 days ago)
first dressing was 👌👌
Ranya Leo (1 month ago)
LOL what if i have big fat belly ? whatever i wearing i still look pregnant :P can you help with short girl with fat belly ?
Mohini Srivastava (1 month ago)
Plz make a video on dressing idea for short and chubby girl😃
E. (1 month ago)
I'm super short, so it's really hard to create outfits that actually look like the clothes FIT, so Thanks for the help!
Diana D (1 month ago)
You can be modest and still look good. You don't need to show skin or wear revealing clothes.
Min Min Jung (1 month ago)
So good
Moon Moony (2 months ago)
I like the both style but i prefer fixed😁👍
Kaliy _lo (2 months ago)
The last outfit looks like Wednesday addams
bastek. (2 months ago)
Good film 👍👍👍
Amjad Khan (2 months ago)
cat sniffer (2 months ago)
The faux fur might trigger a PETA freak, and it might throw paint on you. Be careful to avoid them. Also I am sure PETA freaks are planting messages all over comments saying to go vegan, if your kidneys are failed or failing this won't work. I know I watched my boyfriend go vegan on dialysis. He had a massive stroke, and he died in January.
شمس السعوديه (2 months ago)
ASMR Cats (2 months ago)
OK, so if you are skinny and well proportioned, you can wear anything. Never thought about that! Thanks for this very informative video. But seriously, most women I know have at least a small belly and would never wear such high waisted outfits. They accentuate the stomach area a lot. It's all cute and stuff in this video, but in reality not very flattering.
Evelyne Ernest (2 months ago)
Wow 😲.. I liked it 💋🤣💋💋💋. NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE!!
yes yess (2 months ago)
Hey guys, I don't like to tie the last button of a shirt, should I?
Riley Red (2 months ago)
I don't think the faux fur outfit looks good. It makes the outfit look top-heavy. I think keeping the original boots would balance it out more
misselarisse (2 months ago)
I hated those ugly big clown shoes. if you have given me those I would have thrown them out the window immediately
Khaliss Ke (2 months ago)
Hi Giedre, I am from Malaysia. Really love this video... I love dolling up... But I'm very hopeless and always considered myself as zero fashion sense girl
Sadik Toys Review (3 months ago)
Aap hamesha Bahot achche design dekhate ho
Lemonnier Marie (3 months ago)
Is this interesting anyone?
CyberWolfAnkha (3 months ago)
Guess I'm into slouchy style
AKASH SINGH (3 months ago)
Can you make lookbook on hiphop dance dress
Brooklyn Baby (3 months ago)
I feel like the high waisted things were waaayyy too high. Like right under her breast and made her look all legs and nothing else
BEB (3 months ago)
* How to catch people’s attention!
Astilbearin (3 months ago)
They were fine before she "fixed" them
Cecil W (3 months ago)
How to look comfy- show off your stomach while it’s cold enough for you to be wearing a sweater and get sick because of it
johannacl (3 months ago)
Lesson learned: I think I like sloppy.
Jennifer Hoang (3 months ago)
Well, I believe people have different tastes and styles that they want to approach. Some people like the styles from years ago, so they might not look right in the eyes of people who love trendy outfits.
Avicennite GH (3 months ago)
excellent advice and tweaks
Arfani Amrining (3 months ago)
you look like diferent other
Sharon Steadman (3 months ago)
What is the song? I like it.
Suzanne Dawson (3 months ago)
But but but....those brown boots are so flattering on here.
Brenda Moreno (3 months ago)
how to be cute and comfy: *brings out high-heels* xD
Sunita Devrani (3 months ago)
I just loved it
J Shark (3 months ago)
summary of the video: don't pair baggy with baggy
Carol S. (3 months ago)
I get why she makes all the changes, but the model looks so cute with the "wrong" clothes
Gvendolin Szabó (3 months ago)
It's so verz nice . I like it. :D
no name (4 months ago)
Power of high waist 😌
Carolina Pérez Padilla (4 months ago)
nurmumtoo (4 months ago)
Amazing. These outfits manage to look both uncomfortable AND unflattering.
F (4 months ago)
In other words tuck in everything ?
gulnafis maya (4 months ago)
All the clothes of monochrom colors like black, grey, and white, which is kinda boring for young lady
는개비 (4 months ago)
우와 진짜 예뻐요
Uncreative Name42 (4 months ago)
I prefer the before for the 4th one. I mean, I'm probably biased cause that's basically my daily outfit but what's wrong with simple? And sometimes, wearing loose stuff, like the before for the last one, makes you look cute too.
Komang (4 months ago)
she is already cute...
Ivette R. (4 months ago)
Most girls in Copenhagen dress like ALL the Befores of this video lol
Divine Lotus (4 months ago)
4:57 I like both, honestly the wrong side is more my style, I wouldn't change It. 5:51 Honestly she was better before, I hated the modification. If I had to change It should be her shoes. The last one she was better before too. I like ur First tips, but the 3 last ones was better in her original.
kjp551 (4 months ago)
Yeaaahhhh I think the blond lady is really missing the mark. Maybe she should leave it to the professionals.
kjp551 (4 months ago)
4:54 I like the before one way better
Bart Simpson (4 months ago)
I tried the binder clip on back of dress; people at work accused me of stealing binder clips and now Im unemployed
Priscila Nascimento (4 months ago)
I wish I could have her to fix my outfits everyday
hyekerm (4 months ago)
very useful
rebecca lane (4 months ago)
What a horrible selection of clothes to start off with !
Good video, you are very sweet ladies😊
Tania Alvarez (4 months ago)
Amazing Job!!!
Heather Thatcher (4 months ago)
Great work! Artful and balanced. In the second look, you see the girl first, not baggy clothes.
These outfits are generally really bad, not matching the figure at all
anitafrieda (4 months ago)
Most of the time I liked it better before.
Crab Gal (4 months ago)
It's crazy, but I get more compliments when I tuck my shirts in! I looked through a few of these videos and found the shirt tucking as a common theme, and it really does pull together the outfits more. I'm glad I found this channel, for sure!
cariko (4 months ago)
You made then all look a hot mess. Esp the first girl
slovniricka (4 months ago)
Hey, nice video, but you should talk instead of subtitels, because they are there too fast...and that would be perfect
slovniricka (4 months ago)
Also what did you do with a dress? It wasnt clear. Of course people would buy dresses which fit them, but all dresses are made for bigger women.
Merita Gidarjati (4 months ago)
This is good tips. Thanks.
Mansi Bisht (4 months ago)
Should I wear a fishnet with a skirt?
Feyhan Ain Kariya (4 months ago)
For the 1st one i like the wrong. For 2nd i like the right. For 3rd i like wrong. 4th i like both depending on wheather. 5th i hate both. I just dont like the skirt design. 6th i hate both. The cloth make her looks like wearing school uniform. And i dont understand why need to tuck in for every skirt?
Hanhil (4 months ago)
Good job! I guess hairstyle is also equally important.
Rose K (4 months ago)
I like after
bad person (4 months ago)
You shouldn't wear print on print and obviously if you want the appearence of longer legs or a smaller torso you wear shorter thing with highwaisted bottoms it's not hard
Moonlitshadow (4 months ago)
But I'm a Christian.
Анна Язынина (4 months ago)
She looks like me 13 year old -_-
Violeta Stanciu (4 months ago)
Thank you very much for this useful info.
Roza Ogrodowa (4 months ago)
The young lady is very pretty, why does she wear so sad colours?
Cynthia Hanoka (4 months ago)
Hello, Your video is super interesting, it's very good ideas! The high waist skirt with the birds is sublime, where can we buy it? In advance thank you
hyacinthdibley2 (4 months ago)
I disagree with 6:32. High heels back boots (same as the before boots) would have been better. Not much to change in that outfit. Sometimes tiny ankles can emphasise your calf. Edit: I still come back for your ideas. Looking forward to more from you.
Manumahi Keshu (4 months ago)
in 3 rd outfit first only good
SKY fitsHEAVEN (4 months ago)
I liked last two bad ones better xD
Kemba J. (4 months ago)
Fashion rules. Never wear a full one patterned outfit. Never wear baggy+baggy or fitted+fitted. And for the great good of all humanity do NOT wear anything that is too small for you !!!!

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