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White Women dating Black Men - Cutney

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White Women dating Black Men Meet Cutney, one of our many singles looking for love at Interracial Dating Central! Are you single and open to dating someone from another race? Then join thousands of members looking here for love, where we specialize in interracial dating services. https://www.interracialdatingcentral.com/ Want to connect with Cutney? Just go to www.InterracialDatingCentral.com/Cutney Subscribe NOW to Interracial Dating Central: www.InterracialDatingCentral.com Get more Interracial Dating: Follow IDC: https://twitter.com/Loveisallcolors Like IDC: https://www.facebook.com/InterracialDatingCentral Follow IDC on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/interracialdatingcentral/ https://www.pinterest.com/IDCentral/ Get more Interracial Dating: Read Success Stories : http://www.interracialdatingcentral.com/interracial-couples Read Interracial Dating Central Blog : http://www.interracialdatingcentral.com/fyooz/ White Women dating Black Men
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Text Comments (103)
Pat Bateman (1 month ago)
Pretty girl, she'll make some black dude happy. Hey I like all women, white, black, asian and latino. If ur hot then u got my attention anyways!
Terry Rattler (1 month ago)
White man Want a Blackwomen
Hob Goblin (3 months ago)
Ask yourself this. What black society would you like to live in? Pick one anywhere in the world. Now what white society would you like to live in? Once you have an honest answer you'll understand why white women mongrelizing their European ancestory is an absolute disgrace.
Mitchell Guillory (6 months ago)
Hunter, looking friend with benefits.
Chris Brown (8 months ago)
I'm looking for an extreme cougar...I'm a 49 year old African American man with no limits on age. I love older women and would like to marry one. My number is 831-393-5753
Laston Grove (9 months ago)
I need one am in South Africa
Kelvin Emenike (9 months ago)
i love white women no age limits hookup with me +2348169354747 vidoe chat
severian shu (10 months ago)
Am here just come real that's all I need
ROIdeAYITI41 (10 months ago)
Hello Ms Cutney. Thank you for your dating service. I just wanted to ask you if you had any rich sugar mommas on your network willing to date a handsome black sugar baby in Charlotte Nc. If possible I will be sure to have her leave a great recommendation to promote your personal brand. I can give you more personal and contact info if willing. Thank you.
Kelvin nyenza (11 months ago)
I don't know how I ended here I rather go
ericktwelve11 (1 year ago)
go to Jamaica, black man are like flees, they'll be around you.
joseph Matema (1 year ago)
am looking for white woman am 33 yrs old am in Botswana part of Africa any white chick interested call me on +267 76370728
daminmancejin (1 year ago)
You can date anybody you want they don't have to be black or white it can be any race
daminmancejin (1 year ago)
First of all any man or a woman can date anybody they want the heck is wrong with people stop telling anybody who they can date we wasn't put on this Earth for this crap
QUEEN OF SPADES (1 year ago)
stevee hlm (9 months ago)
[email protected] kindly write to me
Louis D (1 year ago)
I want one white woman who is serious
Jennie Latham (1 year ago)
bostonchulo kik (1 year ago)
George Watson (1 year ago)
Yes I Love white wemen 40 years old and up. Lets talk!!
Richard Stanley (1 year ago)
George Watson hi
George Watson (1 year ago)
I love White wemen and love to be submissive to aggressive dominate white women. They are goddess's SO beautiful! Milky white skin ummmm. slave to white women's ass.
Don Kingsley (1 year ago)
I love white wemen they are so lovable,beautiful, and sexy too
Robert Frakes (1 year ago)
Don Kingsley hey girl I want you to f*** my wife
Musical.lizzy (1 year ago)
Don Kingsley (1 year ago)
I love white wemen they are so lovable,beautiful, and sexy too
realPapaMidnight (1 year ago)
What did I just watch?
Footconnoisseur (1 year ago)
I love white women, they are so beautiful & sexy.
Patrick Ciacco (17 days ago)
of course white women are the best, hell, even most black guys would rather have a white girl, why... because their own women are butt ugly! ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Shane Scott (1 year ago)
Footconnoisseur yeah they love you too
KingParisBuckingham (1 year ago)
white women are superfine...
Brian Thomas (8 days ago)
KingParisBuckingham that's true But i also seen many women of different race or ethnicity extremely sexy. Black, Ukraine, Australian, Asian etc
MUBIRU GRACE (1 year ago)
Am mark looking for a white lady available whatsapp me on 0750804984
Richard Stanley (1 year ago)
Richard Stanley (1 year ago)
DARRELL SPRITE (1 year ago)
I'm always available for dating
Richard Stanley (1 year ago)
Darrell Thomas hello
Mickola (1 year ago)
I couldn't care less,I went off white women ages ago, but I do think its a bit demeaning to go out with a black guy because the same colour as the handbag !
neil Alexander (1 year ago)
Cutney u look sup cute!
Kane jacob (1 year ago)
oh jesus christ american is awesome
Kane jacob (1 year ago)
i loves american country im seek god fearing girl who love true love marry life
Kane jacob (1 year ago)
hah no ones girls care about true love life with
Mwanje Grace (1 year ago)
Nathaniel Mckoy Bey (2 years ago)
Every race or every nationality is part of the human family
Oskey Badjie (2 years ago)
am single 33year old looking for serious woman to date my number is +393510596268
Oskey Badjie (2 years ago)
hi my name is ousman how wan to chat
Face Reality (2 years ago)
To the ones saying black men hate black women. No. Black men hate themselves. Let me tell you why.. The truth. The deep rooted truth. Some black men only be with their masters because that is where they have always been more comfortable since the days of slavery. They have been beat and broken so badly that they can't even exist without some form of Caucasian existence in their lives. They need and depend on them in order to feel like a "man" or of some type of value or humanity since their own race is not enough for them for whatever reasons slavery instilled in them. They are like broken horses. The black man is and always will be the white race's horse, and the weak, low self esteem black man allowed this and allowed the white man to get into their minds and spirits. And they think they are getting under black women's skin with their self-hating ways. And then they claim it's love as if they know the meaning of love. If you can't love and respect yourself and your own people, while knowing where you come from, then you cannot truly love and respect, period. It's all a front and a sad, failed attempt to look "valuable". As if that makes someone valuable. 😒 Please, they are the ones we actually pity. They are doing us a favor by getting the hell on after us seeing what they really are, they aren't worth being in a black woman's presence. And they are just jealous because black women remain strong and proud while they remain weak and ashamed. And we always will be stronger than the little boy black men who can't handle business so they need someone with low standards like themselves who will be okay with settling. They confuse jealousy (nothing at all to be jealous of really) with pity. They are so delusional, broken, lost, and worthless, and everyone along with black women, would agree. Instead of dealing with, changing, and problem solving within their own race like most other men of other races who understand the importance of loving and preserving their race and origins, they run away like cowards with their tails between their legs like the weak, lazy, little boys that they are, on to their masters because they feel that they have no control within their own race. They constantly need instruction and can't live decently without it. Instead of just taking control properly and reasonably, they'd rather have it the easy way and run to someone who they can easily control with little or no real work or effort.. Hence, they are the laziest people.. And lovers, that you would ever meet. And "some women", if you want to call them women.. Little girls.. Or kitty cats if you will, with lower standards are okay with this... They may think they feel better or are better once with their masters, but the truth is that they will always be broken, sad, worthless deadbeat bums on the bottom of the shelf and not a woman on this planet will ever change that. All they are good for is sex (and they aren't even that good if you ask me, they've gotten lazy with just about everything), which is why they run to the same types of women who are only good for sex.. Ignorant goofy and goofy looking sex slaves is what they are along with their master "spouses".. Even during slavery days, white men used white women as sex slaves and even beat them. That is why some white women are so slutty and classless, just like the black man. So black men and white women relate to one another because they have always been at the bottom of the barrel... Trashy, immoral animals. Nothing else going for themselves. Both desperate, with false confidence, and pathetic, and laughter-provoking. I honestly can't help but pity, then laugh... 😂 because it's just unbelievably sad... But funny at the same time! But any attention is some attention, so black women, stop showing it any kind of attention. That's how pathetic BM are. They do things for attention like little boys who have never grown up when really they just look stupid and it does nothing else. It doesn't fix their worthlessness issue lol. All they have going on I guess. Black women, it's better to ignore their ignorant self hating behavior like the adults that we are. It's not funny, however, in the aspect that the black race is doomed, as the black man has always done the white man's dirty work of killing off his own people in many ways, as the white man wants. Makes the white man's job easier when their horses are at work. Black men can run to all the different types of women they want and that will never change the fact that they are ever so worthless themselves.. And becoming more and more worthless by the second. But no woman is the cure to or cover up for their patheticness.. The ugly truth still shows.. And they know it. Black women deserve better and should leave the trash (BM- that's black men by the way, not bowel movement, but all the same) to their trash. They don't deserve a queen so beautiful all over and valuable. Only plain goofy trash deserves plain goofy trash. Black men aren't important enough for anyone to care.
Thiago (2 years ago)
Que loira linda
ICE WALL (2 years ago)
There is no way a woman this beautiful is single!
leftdaboss (1 year ago)
Jeffery Miller thinking like that is why I bet they are. confidence my friend walk right up to her n say whatever long as its not stupid open with a insulting compliment as a joke works every time...
MIZZ COMPTON Ggg (2 years ago)
Cutney?! Weirdest name ever..
Enlightened Man (2 years ago)
Very cute. White women and black men are the perfect match for one another. I love white girls. Black women and white men need to step aside and allow black men and white women to naturally live out their desires.
Alex Leyton (2 years ago)
If you've ever examined going back after black you might consider some not so politically correct observations you may want to address: 1. White guys with the intention of a loving and traditional relationship will not view a woman with a black partner in her past seriously for that purpose. There are many rationales for this phenomena but one strong one is the distaste of knowing the probable licentiousness of women willing to bed someone with such cultural disparity. If we take this premise to its extreme example, how would you feel if you knew your man screwed farm animals before he met you? The other thing that comes to mind is the kink factor (no, not just the hair) and this is best described as the excitement of violating that cultural taboo. I use the same kind of thing when I'm tracking down some occasional black tail. 2. It denotes some kind of past psychological disconnect with her own race or maybe some other psychological self hatred or guilt. Some call this the fat white chick syndrome. In order words, white women who have suffered some kind of cultural ostracism and are or have been deemed undesirable for whatever reason. It is natural for a white man to consider this a possible defect which is validated by the interaction with black men. It should be noted that some white chicks benefit from these kind of interactions and lose that sexual undesirability only to acquire the other stigmas mentioned here. In other words, you might definitely look good enough for me to thrub quite thoroughly but I'd have a much harder time inviting you to a family social. 3. Revenge fucking is another motivation often cited in these kind of interracial relationships. Whether this white chick is getting back at an ex, her daddy or society, it all spells probable headaches so why bother? 4. Street cred or chic is the last most important reason for white chicks to go black. It's kind of a perverse badge of honor or sluttiness that is interesting to girls who wouldn't dare cross that line or for those who live more mundanely. The funny thing is many white chicks feel degraded after crossing this line so they try to persuade others to do the same similarly to the way a drug addict tries to drag her peer group down to her level. 5. Paranoia on the part of the female who dated the black man will creep into any new relationships with white men and sabotage them. The unworthiness the woman feels will become a constant toxin undermining the relationship making future success with a white partner a struggle. The white woman will often rationalize these failures as "sex was better with my black man" or some other stereotypical claim even when untrue. A lot of this is societal pressure that could change in the future if family structure is decimated but the strong oedipal influence of family will continue to create this pressure. What you just read is a pull no punches straight up truth about what goes through a economically stable, white dudes mind when he finds out his chick had black boyfriends in her past. If you want to flame me for that or debase my valid points by calling me a racist or something, feel free. It won't change the reality of my words and won't help your chances of getting a white dude with anything going for him to marry you. By the way, you're right about black men being more fit in general but not because of the reasons you put forward. Most black men don't have work demands that keep them sitting behind a desk over 40 hours/week so in the future, when you ponder why white girls who date black don't go back, the insights above might clear things up for many. Oh, and don't confuse physical incompatibility with race.
Alex Leyton (1 year ago)
Looks are not the priority for the female. The synopsis above explains most of the dynamic.
ggher she (2 years ago)
Interracial loving B****. It's a disgrace, At least love yourself and your race to reproduce with one of your own kind for future.
ICE WALL (2 years ago)
Only a white guy would say something so rude and stupid but fear not, even though your race is becoming extinct due to white women mixing with other races, we will take good care of them! You call her names because of her choices but no one said that a white guy ever made her happy maybe she's more happy with a black guy you can't knock her for what she likes and what she believes if you feel that you should be with a white woman and only a white woman then by all means you do that but don't knock off what she likes, research has shown that less and less white couples are having children, it something is going on with nature maybe, or the universe is just sick and tired of your white supremacy ways and now it is time to balance the world out as it once was! Sucks to be you in the future
ggher she (2 years ago)
+shameDJ5 Typical uneducated sentimental ass!
ggher she (2 years ago)
+Cornell Jones So is your mother 😎
rock rock (2 years ago)
nasty nasty nasty
Kmak Milly (2 years ago)
I like everything about white chicks except crazy chins, noses & most I've met under 30 can't cook. I can easily find ones without the stuff I don't like though. no gut, big B*tts ,thighs, Lips & hips are easier to find on them too. Where are the smart pretty ones here in Georgia? Holla at The Don! [email protected] Custom Photo Edited T-shirts The Photoshop Chemist!
TheScoon3 (2 years ago)
It's very rare though. I go to the casinos here or anywhere nice or dingy I see none.
Greg 47 (2 years ago)
Very beautiful!
Tee Grey (2 years ago)
what is your email address cutney?we need to chat
Tee Grey (2 years ago)
hi cutney,i love white girls
The One (2 years ago)
so now say that this beautiful white woman is only attracted to black men because she is fat or ugly... white men please let it go, some of them love us.. just like some black women love ya, its all good ✌
Patrick Ciacco (17 days ago)
+white girls black guys wrong , most white girls are losers.
godz illest (1 month ago)
white women who fetishise about black men probably think that all black men are packing 9 inches.. If you want to pump n dump that's good, but if you want a long-term relationship you wouldn't want a woman who sees you as a human dildo
white girls black guys (4 months ago)
As a white girl i find Latino men a lot hotter, most of the white girls going for blacks are beautiful
Michelle Direlle (1 year ago)
The One Yes!😃 welcome Tommy channel LOL
DARRELL SPRITE (1 year ago)
Wats up sweetie
Jon Tousaint (2 years ago)
The One (1 year ago)
+Audience Audience you already know lol
The One (1 year ago)
+A Al I don't care who gets it, it doesn't matter...
A Al (2 years ago)
+The One I aint hispanic actually I'm arabic but I look latin. Haha I'm not saying there aren't girls that are attracted to you im saying don't think all white women love you when its such a small percentage compared to the total. And just coz you're getting it dont think only blacks are getting it. Every race of man is getting it we just dont show off about it because we're confident enough to know that we can get it. But if you cant then you start making videos to boost your false ego all false confidence
The One (2 years ago)
+A Al smh, I have girls from the other side of the planet that are attracted to me... Open your mind, you're lost my guy... A good black man is wanted world wide, get your head out the dirt and stop being a sheep to the media lol
The One (2 years ago)
+A Al lmao let me guess, you're Hispanic?
bashir6789 (2 years ago)
White women are brain dead.
lakidzani sekuku (2 years ago)
OceanBlue (2 years ago)
She is beautiful!
mj jones (3 years ago)
hello my name mj jones i would like to get to know
Sanon Abuneri (3 years ago)
must have gotten one
SamuelD1 (3 years ago)
Chutney looking for a black man and must have minimum 10 inch dick! I am a slut lol
duane clow (3 years ago)
Mr Cole i dont know you?
Wanda Hill (3 years ago)
I am watching you
ron lea (3 years ago)
 They like BBC,lol
Thehulkster (2 years ago)
They're going to be disappointed when they find out it's not true
khaled Haeder (3 years ago)
Hi am khaled please this is my email [email protected] I admire of you and am thinking about you

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