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Mexican Drug Cartels vs. Mitt Romney's Mormon Family (Part 1/7)

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The Mexican drug cartels are at war... with Mormons. Join VICE on Part 1 of our journey filled with guns, drugs, murder, and booze. Watch the rest here: http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-1 http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-2 http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-3 http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-4 http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-5 http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-6 http://bit.ly/Cartel-Romney-7 Hosted by VICE Founder Shane Smith More from Shane Smith: http://www.vice.com/author/shane-smith Follow Shane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanesmith30 Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Documentaries Subscribe to VICE for the best videos online: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (1942)
redcinos (2 days ago)
Mexicans need Philippines president Duartate. He will put stop and end to the Mexican cartels. Within one week this man in power Mexico will see peace and prosperity.
Jacob Ponce (1 month ago)
I love guns but the biggest gun nuts I’ve ever met were Mormon!! That’s one of their only fun acceptable hobbies.
Kau Ph'aart (1 month ago)
Shane Smith should point handguns at his own face more often.
Valentin Bernabe (2 months ago)
Zugar salt alcohol cigar its drug
Valentin Bernabe (2 months ago)
Usa armed cartel they sale gun weapon
Jacqueline Andrade (3 months ago)
We can do it where the f*** we want🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
FOR THE BY&BY (3 months ago)
Mexico is a third world shithole!
domisthebomb09 (6 months ago)
You know. In Singapore and Bangladesh, they execute you for smuggling and selling drugs in their country Can we make that a thing in the US?
Bart S (8 months ago)
5:40 mormons aren't allowed to own guns? Can I get a fact check? What else are you lying about.
Frank Vela (8 months ago)
😢 and depressing
Nintendo 64 (9 months ago)
They put the drugs there to make it seem like they're doing something lol
Erik Rivera (9 months ago)
joe rogan squad here
cabarete2003 (10 months ago)
What does he mean Mormons can't own guns ?
Jack Watts (10 months ago)
Pretty disappointing to see Vice perpetuate the myth that 90% of guns in MX come from the US. It's actually under 15%. https://worldview.stratfor.com/article/mexicos-gun-supply-and-90-percent-myth
Connor Grant (10 months ago)
Konrad Zawadzki (10 months ago)
So gun control is working just fine in Mexico
Dreamscape (11 months ago)
05:39 On the contrary, Mormons are huge supporters of the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership. "...let alone Mormons that aren't allowed to own guns..." No idea where he got his info from.
doggy disciple (11 months ago)
This is starting to feel like the escuse the gringos used to go to war with mexico, when they took half the Mexican land... they are looking for that oportunity. .
WhatWasThat! (1 year ago)
Wow thanks for let's us know, everything we already know # wast of time
hidn gaming (1 year ago)
5:55 seconds in: "there's not even a wall people can just walk the drugs across and hipsters are doing drugs". hmm seems like vice believes a wall would help? Well I agree! Maga!
Jsmes Wagner (1 year ago)
Why are American Mormons living in mexico
CyberLionGT (1 year ago)
This guy is definitely a journalist. Seems wimpy around guns with his "cowboy hat". Shhh
RicRokkka (1 year ago)
Proud to be a Mexican ,wilding and rolling undocumented in Los Angeles 🇲🇽 Fuck a wall, We're underground
Lm0033 (1 year ago)
No sabia que los mormones vendiamos droga? soy mormon y recien me entero que YO vendo droga?
singsong (1 year ago)
*cuts a bunch of sugar together and puts VICE logo in it* calls it cocaine *cringe*
singsong (1 year ago)
VICE intro: here's a bunch of annoyingly loud as fuck static. thanks
Allen Tompkins (1 year ago)
BULLSHIT!! According to the GAO report, some 30,000 firearms were seized from criminals by Mexican authorities in 2008. Of these 30,000 firearms, information pertaining to 7,200 of them (24 percent) was submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for tracing. Of these 7,200 guns, only about 4,000 could be traced by the ATF, and of these 4,000, some 3,480 (87 percent) were shown to have come from the United States. This means that the 87 percent figure relates to the number of weapons submitted by the Mexican government to the ATF that could be successfully traced and not from the total number of weapons seized by Mexican authorities or even from the total number of weapons submitted to the ATF for tracing. In fact, the 3,480 guns positively traced to the United States equals less than 12 percent of the total arms seized in Mexico in 2008 and less than 48 percent of all those submitted by the Mexican government to the ATF for tracing. This means that almost 90 percent of the guns seized in Mexico in 2008 were not traced back to the United States. The remaining 22,800 firearms seized by Mexican authorities in 2008 were not traced for a variety of reasons. In addition to factors such as bureaucratic barriers and negligence, many of the weapons seized by Mexican authorities either do not bear serial numbers or have had their serial numbers altered or obliterated. It is also important to understand that the Mexican authorities simply don't bother to submit some classes of weapons to the ATF for tracing. Such weapons include firearms they identify as coming from their own military or police forces, or guns that they can trace back themselves as being sold through the Mexican Defense Department's Arms and Ammunition Marketing Division (UCAM). Likewise, they do not ask ATF to trace military ordnance from third countries like the South Korean fragmentation grenades commonly used in cartel attacks
wreck'em tech (1 year ago)
Can I buy those bullets at a discounted price?
solange selena (1 year ago)
la canción como se llaman loko??
THINK ZONE (2 years ago)
being Mexican I have to tell you these guys have balls going into Mexico, ciudad Juarez to be exact and film and report on journalism and drug cartels in maybe one of the top 5 drug cartel ruled cities, if you're Mexican you know what I'm talking about
Donald Trump (2 years ago)
i dont know where you get your info on mormons, but it's almost all completely false
higherkite (2 years ago)
Kush Master (1 year ago)
higherkite hell yea we're right next to the dam cartels
mario cardenas (2 years ago)
gringo pendejo.
Stevie Stearns (2 years ago)
WTF?!? mormons can have guns.....i know some that do
alguien mas vió lo que aparece en el cielo??? 6:14
Fernando Romero (2 years ago)
Alvarez George (2 years ago)
good documentary.... hope the world knows the truth.... I'm tired of all these racist Fucks that talk s*** and really don't know what's really going on.... I love my country(USA#1) but I also care what happens in Mexico....
wrestlingfan4ever76 (2 years ago)
The man who made this video obviously used to be a Mormon himself.  He must have left the church and decided to hate it so much that he spreads all these vicious lies about Mormons.  That is what happens to people who leave the church.  They then set their life out to defame it.  His face even looks genetically like a Mormon of the Western USA.  And those weird white Mormons that live south of the USA border are not really 'real' Mormons.  They are Jack-offs.  They have no affiliation with the Mormon church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  The man narrating this video is a real joke.
Straight Up (2 years ago)
I wonder who was investing in Dekota access pipeline
Nate Machpash (2 years ago)
what does this have to do with Mormons ?
Straight Up (2 years ago)
Nate Machpash Mormons are very wealthy and have always a role in politics
Daniel Contreras (2 years ago)
As long as white people or any people of that matter use drugs there will always be cartels
Candace Wilson (2 months ago)
Daniel Contreras or if there were no drug suppliers, drug addiction would plummet.
Jorge Orpinel (2 years ago)
V interesting docu. Corection though! 5:56 he claims drug crosses the border/dessert and then "all of a sudden coke pops up in Wburg (Brooklyn)" WHAT? Umm what about the thousands of miles covered by the US drug gangs, brokers, freight etc no one talks about? Same people who provide all these guns.
DaniLion (2 years ago)
Religiosos doble moral, son lo peor
Jesse Rios (2 years ago)
The problem is not the people who sells it BUT the people who consumes it Admit the truth in the US we are so "addicted " that we use the excuse of is "Mexico's fault" like they push it up your nose My mother was an "addict" for 10 years and I don't blame the cartel I blame her for getting in to it and and not being a responsible person period.
Eh idk Tbh (2 months ago)
socceriscool85 you bitch
socceriscool85 (2 years ago)
Jesse Rios kys
The Creatvr (2 years ago)
Y'all think Chicago messed up? It ain't nothing compared to some of these Mexican cities.
Gappie Al Kebabi (1 month ago)
go look up the mexican subway gangs.. MOST ACTIVE AND FEARSOME OF 'EM ALL
Tacuache Raymundo (1 year ago)
El Player21 broo mexico is the most feard places in the world
Osiel Cardenas (2 years ago)
El Player21 true
FAR LEFT (2 years ago)
Christian Gonzalez I live in Mexico
Czo Vendetta (2 years ago)
Pinche gordo puñetas
Tacuache Raymundo (1 year ago)
Czo Vendetta jajaja llo se
gmaxsc (2 years ago)
5:44, "mormoms arent allowed to own guns" lol thats false
User2278 ML (2 years ago)
gmaxsc Common sense ... buddy
gmaxsc (2 years ago)
4121Z0N4 then clarify because you know how people believe everything they hear because it's on the interwebs! It's gotta be true! Lol
4121Z0N4 (2 years ago)
The people in Mexico aren't supposed to own guns. That's what he's talking about. They can't just arm up and become an army.
jackotsenkite (2 years ago)
Mexico needs filipinos president.
redcinos (2 days ago)
I agree Filipino president will straight up Mexico first day Mexicans will have to face what the Filipinos are facing drug free country
Janik B (2 years ago)
+socceriscool85 There's still poverty and crime. Smh some shit he's getting done.
socceriscool85 (2 years ago)
shutup he gets shit done
Dave Smith (2 years ago)
Fast and Furious, Obama armed the cartels.
Dave Smith (2 years ago)
Bush is to blame too. That doesn't put Obama in the clear by any stretch of the imagination. Remember what he said during the Brady meeting "Don't worry, in a couple months we will have something to work with." His actions resulted in lives being lost and he didn't care.
Joe Villagrana (2 years ago)
Stupid fuck watch yourself
Ravishing Rick (2 years ago)
+Dave Smith ok, well, it started under bush.
Dave Smith (2 years ago)
Lol, sounding an awful lot like Hillary. What difference does it make Americans died? Maybe you are new to this world, but blame is how you identify the problem and fix it. If you ignore the problem you will never find the solution.
Ravishing Rick (2 years ago)
Who cares? Why are people more obsessed with blaming than fixing. Also, if you want to play that game, started in 2006 under the ATF.
kaseemdeen shazkasim (2 years ago)
Bismillah, THESE PEOPLE, Male, female, young, old, children, work very hard to have food and the necessary, to make life live comfortable, whatever you pay them they will take, SMILE and say THANK YOU, Gracias SENIOR, they will give you what ever they have,
kaseemdeen shazkasim (2 years ago)
THEY HAVE A SWEET HEART, SOFT HEART, A BIG BIG BIG HEART FOR fellow humans, they will call you HERMANO with respect or Senior, the care, concern, appreciation, for a stranger or visitor, they will share their meals with you and give you to best, they love to work, wish them well, MY FRIEND,
the eye in the sky (2 years ago)
of course,without generalizing,many parts.!!
WuTang Gyarados (2 years ago)
Joe Rogan sent me.
pitufo negro (2 years ago)
El Pasoan here, glad to finally see my city on a channel. :P
Piiiya the don (2 years ago)
hipsters are fuckboys "oh i just put my finger on it, am gonna get in trouble" asshole went to film about cartels but hes high on coke already, hipsters are scum
El gordo es algo estupido
el_Rishi (2 years ago)
I don't get his thing about Mormons haha. He obviously got a lot of his research wrong, wherever he got it from, just like most people who make fun of it, which comes to no surprise at all.
RIFLE XII GAMING (2 years ago)
Mexicans are trouble
Raffy Crespo (2 years ago)
We should let both sides going to war so they eliminate one each other. You end up eliminating the Drug Dealers and The Mormons. And the whole Universe end up winning.
Raffy Crespo (2 years ago)
There is nothing you can do right now. These is going to be carnage.
Vuzy Dube (2 years ago)
Raffy Crespo unfortunately life does not work like that
Kristian Lauttamus (2 years ago)
That intro's audio was horribly loud and/or just horrible overall... :/
comandante DANIELO (2 years ago)
Ryan Graff (2 years ago)
Need to get your facts right ! I'm Mormon and I own at least 15 guns myself AK's, Mini-14 even have a Tech-9. Funny how the world looks at us. Get you shit together(I even cuss from time to time).
Tacuache Raymundo (1 year ago)
Ryan Graff nahhhh a mexican drug lord can own yuo and 20,000 guns
LlLnig (2 years ago)
Ryan Graff elder Ryan Graff
Hey You (3 years ago)
part 2 http://www.vice.com/video/the-mexican-mormon-war-part-2
Pedro Ibarra (3 years ago)
Vice the drugs came from Mexico. Both the money is here ask to many Los Angeles police officers Los Angeles ca
the eye in the sky (3 years ago)
if that's Mexico,imagine the situation in Colombia or the rest of Latin America and the mid east.if you know what i mean.
Flydenmost bigolmob (2 years ago)
mexico doesnt compare. every latino and hispanic knows of mexico bein the most violent. before u write shyt down make shure u see it for urself first hand. even all of mexico worship the goddess of death.
the eye in the sky (3 years ago)
if that's Mexico,imagine the situation in Colombia or the rest of Latin America and the mid east.if you know what i mean.
Yurichtube (19 days ago)
the eye in the sky middle east depends on where you go. But it is safer then Mexico, Thats for sure.
Janik B (2 years ago)
the eye in the sky I was almost shot in Colombia once. I dindu nuffin.
EpikKiller12 Rayo (2 years ago)
its just certain parts of mexico. some places in mexico are peaceful
D Rodriguez (3 years ago)
that intro gives cancer
D Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+Victor Baxter Victor, I have cancer watch your mouth
Keith (2 years ago)
Fuck off dude
elli harbor (3 years ago)
KKK hangs people, Mexican Cartels cuts ppl's heads off! MEXICAN POWER WHITE BITCHES!!
Adolf Hitler (3 years ago)
Mexicans lol
mafia SYCOS (3 years ago)
Ale Mireles (3 years ago)
mafia SYCOS (3 years ago)
we all Americans
Zomious (3 years ago)
You'd think he would learn not to touch the gun after being told the first time.
Kay Tone (3 years ago)
"These guns are from America" Mexico is part of America, idiot. He should say The States, The U.S, United States, etc.
Tacuache Raymundo (1 year ago)
Kay Tone the guns are shiped from colombia to mexico some cartels do that i think
Kay Tone (3 years ago)
+Edward Gutierrez You don't know what i'm talking about so it's okay.
WZWZW (3 years ago)
"you can just walk off into the desert with your pack of cocaine. And then, all of a sudden, folks in williamsburg and hipsters are doing coke" thank you for making that point clear. no drug users get it. the "I can do whatever i want with my body, i'm not hurting anyone" rationalization is such bullshit. it's not like the coke you're buying is some fairtrade, organic shit.
Seth :o (1 year ago)
“Fairtrade organic” cocaine cannot exist when cocaine is illegal.
Mike Becker (3 years ago)
Why are these people so sick in the head?
Janik B (2 years ago)
Mike Becker Better question: why doesn't Mexico's government put all these criminals on death row? They kill civilians why not drug cartel members?
Abdul (3 years ago)
+Mike Becker lots of corruption and a religion that promotes death and violence with no moral values. Ps: i'm not a atheist.
Leehi YoSeeYa (3 years ago)
+vGoomo You dumbfuck
bezg (3 years ago)
+Mike Becker Not all of them you bum
Boneless chicken (3 years ago)
Invade Honduras, make it part of the U.S. Then control all the drugs, simple.
Barbosa Guzman (3 years ago)
this guy speaks the truth
Phunky Phil (3 years ago)
I pray they just legalize drugs 100% It would stop it all! well... somewhat...
Phunky Phil (3 years ago)
Fuck I love you guys! Vice you are the shit!!
Young Savage (3 years ago)
lol the Mormons arent shit to the mexicans and their drug cartels they aint fighting back they trying to survive 😄😄😄😄
Derick Caldwell (3 years ago)
I hate the USA we're in the wrong we're the source
Derick Caldwell (3 years ago)
I love Mexican s with out them I'll be broke
NICKY GLASSES (8 months ago)
Derick Caldwell Ok triple OG. You da plug
Todd Bullock (3 years ago)
Why can't Mormons own guns?
Kungfoo Joey (3 years ago)
ow sorry thought this was a feel good Christmas film with its title, mixed up 'drug' with 'rug', thinking it was going to be one of those bring em round to Crimbo movies.
Gun control for everyone not just civilians every fucking body if not then your a fucking tyrant
Will Markson (3 years ago)
+CALLTHEWAHMBULANCE Its pretty easy to make a gun. Are you going to confiscate machinery too?
That why we have the guns so we make obama think twice about sending police into full on slave master mode
Anthony Ball (3 years ago)
Wish I knew the song they used when they first get to mexico
M GA (3 years ago)
zetas do not control north east here in mexico, Its at war with the gulf cartel and they never gonna win it.
David Vasquez (3 years ago)
we're all adults!!!!? Todos queremos ser mafiosos. todos somos hypotricas, los verdaderos enimigos es el una entidad mas grande. en realidad es los que tienen contra los que no. unensen formen una fuerza mas grande para combatar al gov. no se siegen, no son tontos. the real enemy is not who we think it is, it is a much larger entity. we must combine our strength to fight larger forces.
Patryk Maziec (3 years ago)
What's that crazy tune at 1:18?
IsleofMAN (3 years ago)
Ok we can all see the vicious cycle here USA to Mexico and vice versa.....
Corona light (3 years ago)
Vice forgot to mention Obama sent shit load of guns in operation fast and furious.
carlos torres (3 years ago)
Romney is a bitch
cuervodelafrontera1 (3 years ago)
You guys suck to be yournalists
cuervodelafrontera1 (2 years ago)
jornalist sucks
Flaco Merxz (3 years ago)
im from Juarez :3
King OfTroy (3 months ago)
Carson Ramos (8 months ago)
Flaco Merxz I’m from Tijuana !
Pagani Zonda (1 year ago)
Still alive? its been 2 years
Andy Young (3 years ago)
The Lebarens are part of an off shoot of the main stream church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday saints). some crappy journalism in that department. The Millenial Church of LDS and the LDS are totally different. The folks (Romneys and LDS) in Colonia Juarez (Where the temple was shown) are not connected to the folks (Lebarons and MLDS) at all other then they know each other.
wrestlingfan4ever76 (3 years ago)
Most Mormons own guns.  I live in Utah and there are very few Mormons who don't own guns.
xXP1LLZxX (3 years ago)
+wrestlingfan4ever76 yeah I remember going hog hunting with my grandparents in Texas lol guns are pretty fun.
wrestlingfan4ever76 (3 years ago)
Very nice.  Yes.  I know people in Texas and I know how Texans are.  Guns are a part of Texas and that is how it should be.   It is also very safe that way.
xXP1LLZxX (3 years ago)
+wrestlingfan4ever76 yeah I'm from Texas and we have a lot of guns..
The Scoop! (3 years ago)
And who finances the cartels? American drug users for the most part.
sandman2702 (1 month ago)
The United States government you could take them out overnight If you legalized You could also fold up the dea Find out wheee 4 billion in missing assets they stole are You could focus on real crimes The crime rate would drop the incarceration would drop the court system would stop wasting taxes Shit the anount of $ this country would save and how much they’d make and how many life’s they’d save shiiit
moncorp1 Inc (8 months ago)
Europe uses just as much as the States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_prevalence_of_cocaine_use
NICKY GLASSES (8 months ago)
You’re a genius
Kate Crandall (1 year ago)
supply and demand baby.
Minnesota Fatz (1 year ago)
hahah what are you implying? obviously if drug users quit using the cartels wouldn't have customers, but if the cartel quit selling them the users wouldnt have drugs. it's a two way street.
The Scoop! (3 years ago)
It's not an accurate comparison to compare deaths of American soldiers in Iraq to overall deaths in Mexico. I'm sure the overall deaths in Iraq are a lot higher.
The Scoop! (3 years ago)
+xXP1LLZxX Not during the Iraqi war. I meant civilians.
xXP1LLZxX (3 years ago)
Actually its around 300 for American soldiers in Iraq, and 90,000 each year in the Mexican drug war..
The Scoop! (3 years ago)
American drug users finance the drug cartels and drug runners the weapons. Remember that "poor" ex-Marine caught running weapons across the border? He claimed to not know he was going into Mexico. Cameras caught him going into Mexico earlier that day and staking the place out. He had every opportunity to claim what he had and did only after he was search and it was found. If a Mexican had done that and claimed he didn't know what he was doing, no way would they have let him go.
Russell Scott (3 years ago)
Gun nuts deny that our guns arm the Mexican cartels.
LegendaryBroly (3 years ago)
+CALLTHEWAHMBULANCE the gun homicide rates in austrlia went back by 50% in just 10 years of banning guns. what exactly is your point now
Russell Scott (3 years ago)
+CALLTHEWAHMBULANCE Dumbass.  The President has very little influence over your daily life. YOU are the source of your problems. I am the source of my problems. Get it?  You are responsible for YOU. Gold standard?  What country uses that???  The Islamic State? Gold prices fluctuate wildly and it intrinsically has no value.  It just sits there.  It doesn't produce anything. Read Warren Buffet's opinion of gold.  
+Russell Scott our tax money pays for all that. We need a real president who will give the power back to the people and make it equal for everyone to succeed, and to create more jobs and stop printing out of thin air with nothing to back it up, why did we take the dollar off the gold standard, i know theres someone in control thats causing us to go down into a suciadal economic crash soon.
Vergon PARADO (3 years ago)
Abhishek Rana (1 year ago)
+Nana Rodriguez stop making stories you are too cute for that
Nana Rodriguez (2 years ago)
No they make their money off of kidnappings such as the Zetas. Zetas kidnap Central Americans and hold them for ransom if a family member in the U.s or Center America can't pay they are decapitated and their limps chopped off such as their arms and legs and boil them and put their torsos on display. They find ways to get money it's not just thanks to the "U.S junkies".
E S (2 years ago)
Dave, if the drug market is legalised and regulated then the problem can be easily solved, but then you'll get hundreds of people like you crying out how immoral it is to legalise drugs, and regardless of your stance on if you think drugs are good or bad, it WOULD solve the problem.
Dave Smith (2 years ago)
Lol, just legalize murder, then people can murder without being sent to jail. Oh wait... Lay off your weed, it's making you dumb.
marciano castillo (3 years ago)
cocaine still sales its big here in TX..cocaine rich ppl drug..meth is for lower and mid class ppl..its like cars rich ppl drive bmw and Benz thats cocaine and mid and lower take the bus or drive kia..that meth...LOL

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