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Funny videos 2016 : Stupid people doing stupid things

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Funny videos 2016 : try not to laugh, smile, or grin while watching this funniest video ever of stupid people doing stupid things compilation. This video is so hilarious and impossible to not laugh includes funny vines, funny pranks and funny fails
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David Wheeler (21 hours ago)
dude, that monkey shooting machine gun was one of the craziest things I've ever seen! He grabbed it like he was pretending to be stupid, then he literally shot & acted like he knew exactly how to shoot, pointing at their feet like a human would to make people run lmao. That would be some interesting explaining; "How that guy die?" "Uh, a monkey shot him"
Benjamin Fortin (1 day ago)
stupid people doing stupid video of stupid people doing stupid things! :P
Abdul ArroVi (1 day ago)
Nothing more stupid than a stupid person stupidly posting a stupid video on youtube about stupid people doing stupid thing.
Jerry Cueto (1 day ago)
3:19 thats why planet of the apes start
Leste Pelevol (1 day ago)
Cause your stupid! You can’t speak any language at all.
ravi rao (2 days ago)
u r the future of my ass
Willy Tanadi (2 days ago)
Bhanji Junior (3 days ago)
The Americanish girl just made me feel okay that I ain't losing by not being traveled to America
L. Hasenhausen (3 days ago)
The last girl is the most stupid human in the world!!!!!! Grüße aus Österreich, du Loch in der Natur!
Shembhalang Lyngdoh (3 days ago)
The last one feels like giving a tight slap from her head..
Ezekiel McAllister (3 days ago)
This bitch at the end is drunk.
sham n (3 days ago)
nanao nganba (3 days ago)
9:00 typical American..... haha
mikerafone music (3 days ago)
F n a!
Katherine Allapitan (3 days ago)
Stinky Pinky (3 days ago)
holy shit was that one with the monkey shooting the machine gun actually real?
Ruban Sha (4 days ago)
9:00 thevidiya punde...Tamil is first🔥😎
daivd tron (4 days ago)
Wait wtf r u serious only American language pfff yea right
Andrew Cahill (4 days ago)
Just America language? Can I get a burger with that gun
cris ronaldo (4 days ago)
fuck ur ass girl in the last
saiful kazuya (4 days ago)
War of the planet apes....
AlexyGio Meyn Quzayn (4 days ago)
'You should learn AMERICANISH'...
Abin david (4 days ago)
Pona American pindachi mola Fuck U Bitch
Philemon Langle (4 days ago)
8:54 is she retarded 😂😂
Jethro Pontino (4 days ago)
America is the future of the world! Lmao😂
ninz 489 (4 days ago)
How stupid is that girl at the last video..
Serchhip Chelsea (4 days ago)
'Are you okay?' 😭😭😭😭😭
Edward King (4 days ago)
The girl on language doesn't exist.. If she does then she's a programmed tut
GodzMack Gereger (4 days ago)
Aaaammmeeerrriicccaaaanniiisshhh you said? Wheres her orginal video?
WilliamEmzy (4 days ago)
7:18 is the best
Allan Dale Lacuna (4 days ago)
Such stupid girl Americanish!
Kesiagabe Hegeu (5 days ago)
The last girl I hope she is just trolling Coz if not it's pretty dumb
Sonam Bhutia (5 days ago)
Yeah u r obviously the future of this world. Americanis.
ANOOP ASHOK (5 days ago)
tom jary (5 days ago)
Bulshevic 😂😂😂😂 for the last gal. 😜😜
zihhad taufik (5 days ago)
If you want to know how a poison can make your brain exploded...please...learn from that girl
benji alesana (5 days ago)
😂😂😂american asshole stupid girl madafaker
Dimpoo irungbam (5 days ago)
That girl at at the end is no one but cancer in human form 😑😑
gagam boy (5 days ago)
Stupid lady from the last video....💩💩💩
Fredrik Haugland (5 days ago)
Gentle design those ugtpt efficiency offer sequence prominent use
kaishar21 (5 days ago)
আপনাদের ভিডিওটি দেখে ভালো লাগলো। আপনারা চাইলে এই ভিডিওটি দেখতে পারেন। https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtbDHgR4OCI&t
Vernon Robertson (5 days ago)
Donald Trumps long lost daughter.
Dave Rosalejos (5 days ago)
americanish😂😂😂 pre school student dont mind her
Sam Wang (5 days ago)
The girl in the end is a dumb ass the world doesn't circle around America of course there are a lot of different languages in the world and she say americanish that not even a word wow surprise she is American can even speak probably
Sam Wang (5 days ago)
If that fly trap can do that to a human tongue no wonder no fly ever escape from that sweet juice in the center it stick and trap all who enter
Jyotish Boro (5 days ago)
1:46is the nedt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MYRA DKS (5 days ago)
The last girl was talking or " speaking" 😅 about what???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Federico Sagun (6 days ago)
8.16 what a dumb as girl.
Mohamed Ali (6 days ago)
08:43 fuck u by american
4 7 (6 days ago)
American language okay nothing else 😂
Daniel Lim Santoso (6 days ago)
That girl in 8:16 .. Is she like being serious? Please call her parents to get her to go to a better school like please..
Manas Tiwari (6 days ago)
8:18 Wow, just wow.... I really hope this is just a troll....
ading dela pena (6 days ago)
I'm was laugh on the monkey
anabelle del rosario (6 days ago)
That girl at the end has a mental illness,,, why did she even go to school to learn that there is only one language needed to be used in this world,,, Her thinking is Little and just doing that to be a fame bitch...
Chocolate Wine (6 days ago)
dumb porn girl
Junior Bognot (6 days ago)
This is not funny!
WDF Video (6 days ago)
10:06 youuuu need tooo learnnn americannn.... american my ass u filho de puta.... putaaaaa
WDF Video (6 days ago)
9:05 watahek bitch...I love canadian...stupid american future my ass....
Chris Daldy-Rowe (6 days ago)
This girl at the end of the video is probably the BEST proof ever, that 'someone' is putting drugs in the water & or in most of these sachets we get for meals & most grains & meat we eat or something because this girl should not be left alone. She isnt really mentally there right now & i'm not a Dr. but you dont really need the qualification in this instance. imo
Aakash Sharma (6 days ago)
8:30 girl is a typical example of American braindead kids.
Nico Necesario (6 days ago)
That bitch americanish! Haha
Seleima Ledua (6 days ago)
Girl @ the ending of the video I think she's STONED lmao
Darin Beard (7 days ago)
Surely the "American-ish" girl is faking that. Right?
johnnie1600 (7 days ago)
7:14 the only thing stupid in this clip is that it is fake as hell
anonymous 94 (7 days ago)
Hahaha british always crazy 👈
Binay Dahal (7 days ago)
ya americanish language is cute, word like B R A I N , so cute
Lucky Dinesh (7 days ago)
Fuck off to learn American languages I'm Indian and also I'm tamilan you mother fucker
Aira Salibad (7 days ago)
I salute u girl😂😂😂
Lanza Ball (7 days ago)
2:59 Monk . Lil Pump- *Boss*
Jica Juadiong (7 days ago)
Americanish? I didn't see that in the dictionary. So much pride can kill you lady. :p
Amit Singh (7 days ago)
Her DQ is very high. 😂😂😂😂
3:10 Cesar not like human, human must die tat tat tat tat tat tat tat
Bebe lee (8 days ago)
Girl at the end !!! .... very Scary 😟😟😟😟
Sovereign (8 days ago)
Pull the grenade and throw the pin... got it!
kristine tantoco (8 days ago)
you need to enroll first. you are low of i.q, low moral, low breeding. poor girl!
Filip Madrid (8 days ago)
Americanish is the new language people!
Anoop Sivadas (8 days ago)
7:27 to 8:15 is bullshit, bastards
Annabel Fernandez (8 days ago)
where is this american girl now?.. u are not only the citizen of the world!.. you can't even explain how it would be needed to all the country but for you to understand us.. that's why we needed to learn your language!.. tanga kana bobo kpa!..
P.J P.J (8 days ago)
Americanese??? What kind of stupid words??? Hey girl do you went to school??
Andre Carneiro (8 days ago)
fly trap would never hurt u that badly...fake
stoneshorty (8 days ago)
the chimp with the gun was hilarious!!!
Ndeye Rose Diallo (8 days ago)
8:40 was not funny that was so dum
Orion Elm Limb (8 days ago)
The proposal one, the dumbasses with the rock & the boat & the last chick pissed me off. they all need to be hit with a 🎸
Antemos 156 (8 days ago)
The American-ish girl needs to be the next Republican on the ballot for POTUS. I bet she would win... if not the popular vote then at least the electoral.
Molo Jmr (9 days ago)
Tat 2nd one...feels so pity for him...😂😂he didn't even knew it..
I D G A F Mackoy (9 days ago)
Go to school girl, get some brain.
Harie Arun VS (9 days ago)
3:08 koba
Did that girl said Ching chongs?
Cymon Cyrado (9 days ago)
8:18 OMG she is gonna make some guy a great wife someday.... BTW.. you're gonna need a maid and a nanny and your gonna have to eat out every day and not socialize at all.
Ged B (9 days ago)
im English and im off to learn Americanish
nizam 99 (9 days ago)
nizam 99 (9 days ago)
nizam 99 (9 days ago)
John Kenneth Eslao (9 days ago)
7:29 is not cool
Оп и поменяли
GURNAM SINGH (9 days ago)
second was so funny😂😂😂
Lord Edge (9 days ago)
ughh I think I need to learnnnn american-ish to understand what hell she's talking about!
m STEVEN (9 days ago)
1:52 yes it is
yuuuuu neeedd tuuu leeaarrn tooo speak!!

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