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Poseidon's Revenge Atlantis Dubai

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mara B (12 days ago)
Ragazzi provato e provato anche Leap of faith, secondo la mia opinione Poseidon Revenge è meno spaventoso perché in Leap of Faith per qualche attimo NON senti lo scivolo sulla schiena, in Poseidon Revenge lo sentì per tutto il tempo, senza considerare che non c’è il rischio che voli via perché è tutto chiuso! Ad ogni modo, tutte e due super amazing!!!
Giftbox Studios (14 days ago)
Aaaand I'm still scared of heights... -_- -🎁
My Diary My Way (11 months ago)
😉😆nice video
khansahab vlogs (11 months ago)
Did you hold the mobile in your hands
I saw you omg 😲
DuckyFuzzPro (1 year ago)
i did it a month back!! crazy ride...checkout my reaction lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGw9fwq6LAg
Vapegeta (1 year ago)
It has a countdown before the drop that pretty much takes the suspense out of it
FIFA NOVA (1 year ago)
Vapegeta it actually makes it scarier
Demon Apocalypse (1 year ago)
That slide tho I went on it and water was shoved up my nose
Demon Apocalypse (1 year ago)
Shayshay Murwira What do u mean
Shayshay Murwira (1 year ago)
im creasing so much to this comment i can relate so much
unowen7591 (1 year ago)
Just took this ride about an hour ago. Still freaking out about it. The most terrifying five seconds of my life.
Leslie Tickle (1 year ago)
i been on that water slide it hurts you back
I did that . It was amazing adventure
So Cold (1 year ago)
This was the beat ride in atlantis i did it 3 times
Aimie Jo (2 years ago)
When I went, that slide was closed down. I'm not sure if there was an accident or if they needed to get it checked up
Ashlynn N (2 years ago)
This was my worse experience ever at Atlantis. I was kicked out of this ride and i was not given the money back, so basically i did not complete the ride but still had to pay for it. Im 13 years old and weight 42 kilos, and when they checked out my weight the guy at the work stand told me that i was safe to ride, I completed the free fall it was apparently not that scary, the guys who were working there were very humorous and supportive but when i fell and completed the loop, the guy stopped the slide and told me to exit, he told me that i could not make it to the other loop, but i felt the water push me to the other side (could not control it) and then lead me to the scale i went above it and it was a normal good weight, they told me i could not ride the ride because i have exceeded the max limit, People rode this fide and they were heavier than me. And you thought that i was kindly stopped in the middle of the ride and lead helpfully to the exit? No they did not help me and I had to find my own way. So i was stopped by the game and not given back the money and have been badly respected. The others went fine.
Sasuke.7 (2 years ago)
i remember almost pissing myself here
David Paris (2 years ago)
Oh fuck no I would never!
Roshan Phaiju (2 years ago)
iDudeX (2 years ago)
I went in this. It was so scary.
Iris Rodriguez (2 years ago)
watching this because of Shane's video
DjPencilNeck (2 years ago)
so its basically just breakaway falls from aquadica
sophiemiah02 (2 years ago)
I watched this cause of Shane, is this another video or something??
Sully (2 years ago)
Kelly b.123 (2 years ago)
Shane made it seem like the scariest thing ever but it doesnt look that bad
Sanjay Sethi (2 years ago)
charlotte wants to die (2 years ago)
Here because of Shane :D
Amanda (2 years ago)
Souleater3678 (2 years ago)
I could never ever do this
Kierra Manning (2 years ago)
they have a similar ride called ihu's brakeaway falls.
Mohamad Keshtmand (2 years ago)
Atlantis fu**king amazing i have been there and its very interesting waterpark
X8551516 (2 years ago)
Looks much worse in shanes vid. Chicken shit ride that lasts 2 seconds.
Hachem Shahrour (2 years ago)
DNGR I have been on it the video makes it look easy but It does a loop and yeh drop is long btw I do think it's easy I'm just saying what it's like in real life
DNGR (2 years ago)
X8551516 true that.. it looks scary but it isnt
KamariTM (2 years ago)
*All recent comments* "Here because of shane" "Shane brought me here!"
AtomicCryptonite (2 years ago)
Graciela (2 years ago)
Here after watching Shane's video 😭
Graciela (2 years ago)
DNGR Shane dawson, a YouTube
DNGR (2 years ago)
Graciela who's Shane?
Annie (2 years ago)
I wanna ride this omg
ramen gang (2 years ago)
Shane brought me to this :D Gosh he's the reason I'm never going to have fun again Except for when I watch his videos. God I really need to get a life
Dean Winchester (2 years ago)
ive been on the ride dont worry its so much damn fun
Savannah Gonzalez (2 years ago)
here BC of Shane 😂
CC Republic (2 years ago)
DotRar (2 years ago)
Emma Oberlin (2 years ago)
Gabriella Sufiyarova (2 years ago)
Shane brought me here
Maxxio Garcia (2 years ago)
Christian Oyola (2 years ago)
Gabriella Sufiyarova omg me too
Sanjay Sethi (2 years ago)
ik I love his vids
Kelly b.123 (2 years ago)
Ali Poo (2 years ago)
sourcheesepringles (2 years ago)
This was so terrifying the first time i tried it.
Bianca (2 years ago)
I got stuck on it!
Katasuni (2 years ago)
Latte chaud
A D (2 years ago)
Grave 😂
natasha rebello (3 years ago)
Dude ur so stupid you have to put your feet in the middle idiot
michelle franco (3 years ago)
Miro Bako (3 years ago)
Das war echt cool. Wir waren auch dort 2013
xIDiamond Aces (3 years ago)
I would hate the ones where it drops from under you
swanpoll (3 years ago)
I did this, apparently it goes 80mph according to the workers
Viraj Modi (3 years ago)
I got stuck as well..but the ride is super fun n
SweetiePoonam (3 years ago)
do not go on this ride. i got stuck and fractured my leg. very dangerous and no precautions.
Raj Kumar (9 months ago)
You get stuck if you don't keep your arms and legs crossed all throughout the ride. I weigh like 95kg and I was fine.
Pengyplayz FC (9 months ago)
LONA92 I just went on it I'm 15 and weight around 60 kg I went on some weighing thingy and they said I was good to go and nothing happened was lots of fun!
LONA92 (10 months ago)
xIDiamond Aces same thing happens to me i got stuck and yes i was wearing a swim shirt and my weight is 64kg
Renata Ramirez Vazquez (10 months ago)
I just went there today nothing happened I’m 13
Adurite (1 year ago)
Elemental Rick (3 years ago)
Ok! I went here yesterday I saw the tube of the ride Was LONG but I saw the video it was like 8 seconds in the ride !!
Elizabeth Marshall (3 years ago)
Holly sh*t
Steve Celestino (3 years ago)
Had one like this at splish splash near my old hometown called cliffdiver.
Melicia (3 years ago)
Like the bomb bay at wet n wild orlando
vicho manriquez (3 years ago)
I got stuck on that ride because of using a water shirt 😂
Teyah Murray (3 years ago)
I when on a slid just like that one at the bali water boom park
Jules The Jewel (3 years ago)
I was in atlantis because I'm living in dubai and I took a ride on all of the slides and the scariest one was "the leap of faith"
Renata Ramirez Vazquez (10 months ago)
Saanvi ! I mean not this one,the one with the sharks
Renata Ramirez Vazquez (10 months ago)
Jules The Jewel do you know why did they close it ??????
Adurite (1 year ago)
True, true and true I am in Dubai too Leap Of Faith is really scary if you see how it goes down.
Alex Corey (3 years ago)
Went on this today, so much fun 😂
ZalerMite (9 months ago)
Julian Van Pol sorry for the 3 year reply lol but I think you have to be over 50 Kg
Julian Van Pol (3 years ago)
What must be your weight?
Dustin Wyatt (4 years ago)
I'm at Atlantis Dubai as of May 15,2015, and I can tell you this ride is 3x as scary as the Leap of Faith.
unowen7591 (1 year ago)
I literally just took both 10 minutes ago and I agree. LOF you slide down on your own. PR you don't know shit. All you hear is 3...2...1... and then boom. You cannot control your life no more.
Wwematt/Pokemon Cards (2 years ago)
Dustin Wyatt it's not just a slide it goes straight down
DNGR (2 years ago)
Madison Wilder (Second Channel) the Leap of faith is just a slide... just lay back enjoy...
madisonwildervlogs (2 years ago)
The Leap Of Faith can't be that scary.
Julian Van Pol (3 years ago)
+Leo Walton thanks
Ralphthomedia (4 years ago)
happytroll 247 (4 years ago)
David (4 years ago)
batt3ryac1d (3 years ago)
+David Farid When I did this ride it was more like OH-FUUUUUCKWOOOOHHOOOOOOFUCKHHOOOOO
Tiffany Vanderbilt (4 years ago)
I find this ride the scariest. Evev scarier that leap of faith cuz this one has  "the drop"
Ben Witts (4 years ago)
I love this water slide
Surendra jain karnawat (4 years ago)
Bahut jabardast hai.
Adam Smith (4 years ago)
You're fucking ugly omg
Jared (3 years ago)
+Adam Smith Yeah okay chewbacca. Post a picture of yourself then. And while you are at it… fuck off.
Fiza Ahmed (4 years ago)
Keep ur comments to urself
Terror Tower (4 years ago)
Your rude .
Pr1NcE Ja1N (4 years ago)
Awesome ride was scary at starting
Pr1NcE Ja1N (4 years ago)
Awesome ride was scary at starting
Bailey Original (4 years ago)
I'm 11 and did this :D
Mo Bashir Safa bash (11 months ago)
i really want to go water park
Bailey Original (4 years ago)
+fiza Ahmed she probably told you that to scare you 
Bailey Original (4 years ago)
No but because its not a whole pipe the connectors hurt your back :)
DigitalDesigns (4 years ago)
+fiza Ahmed No
Fiza Ahmed (4 years ago)
do u bleed 
Gaming Nerd (4 years ago)
That scream xD
M.S Jada (4 years ago)
how did you record it ?
Fabian (4 years ago)
Gopro the most known camera in the world but yeah
jason christyjc (4 years ago)
Slight over reaction
Grimlock Skeleton (2 years ago)
It was AMAZING! Went 4 times today!
batt3ryac1d (3 years ago)
+jason christyjc No it's the most exhilarating thing you can do aside from jumping from a plane almost. You basically just freefall to the bottom and then get smashed with a wave of water to stop you.
miranda grinus (4 years ago)
I was on one that went straight down i swear I was gonna have a panic attack
Kieran Mather (5 years ago)
I missed out on that

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