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Top 10 (MOST VIEWED) Russell Peters Videos of 2017! (All In One)

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Text Comments (1397)
Zaynab Hamad (8 hours ago)
Omg damn hes the best . what a talent.
Najeeb Raed (9 hours ago)
Number ten was the best
kamran bartley (14 hours ago)
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Farkhunda A (20 hours ago)
Can’t wait to see him in person!! 😘
simeon hristov (1 day ago)
Always great content! Been busting my ass out of laugh at work, thanks to you! You should definitely try impersonating some Eastern Europeans. The way they speak and express themselves in English is quite the THING! Keep doing the great work!
Haifa Lee (1 day ago)
Indians dream is to work and live in Dubai... Our government opened their doors for an entire country and thats what we get... the Indians always acknowledged and appreciated and got properly paid. Thank you
Dev (1 day ago)
So true, Indians are so cheap
finallywoken13 (1 day ago)
Fantastic material! Why have I never of you?!
EpicShadows (1 day ago)
28:35 is that jus reign?
Yihua Pu (2 days ago)
For y’all that don’t know, the real Chinese from mainland China are actually rich as fuck!
Janar Nurkan (2 days ago)
He’s becoming nastier and jokes are dirtier
AYAZ AHMAD (2 days ago)
Love ya
gratex (3 days ago)
what ethnic groups are like what thing comedy rawks
Soliman Salem (3 days ago)
Idk if anyone notices but at 28:34 if you look on the left side of the screen, you’ll see @jusriegn lol
Soliman Salem (3 days ago)
The youtuber
Ares Apollo (3 days ago)
There is a difference between being cheap and being Greedy. Being cheap, you take only what you need. Being greedy like Jews you take as much as you can without paying for it. I don`t mean all Jews off course, and not all hustle like Jewish greedy bankers and lawyers. Some Jews just sellout for making as much cash as possible, like movie/TV and music producers etc. But many Jews are also very smart, and there are many Jewish scientists etc. In general Jews make a lot of money because it has been in their culture for a long time. And some of the worlds richest people are Jews, despite them being very few in the world. Some Jews hustle, some don`t. But damn there are a lot of fortunate Jews in the world. They sure know how to take care of themselves. They make up only 2% of US population, but 25% of 400 wealthiest Americans.
TheOriginalKirby (3 days ago)
You know what you do not see in comedy very often? The comedian laughing... thank you Mr. Peters for showing me you enjoy your work as much as I do.
John Doe (4 days ago)
24:00 is this comedy or common knowledge from Elementary School
Creative Guise (4 days ago)
Chinese people ARE fucking cheap goddamn
Anda Lightworker (5 days ago)
I have a question that is not meant as racist but this is serious for a bunch of us as we struggle with their cheapness. Like paying for someone who provides them with honest & hard work. We do not fix our prices expecting to have to bargain so we lose but we are possibly desperate enough to take the loss. We don’t have family support so when we have nothing we mean we are hungry and our fridge is empty. If the waitress in his joke is real, she had to pay out of her pocket/minimum wage the money he stole from the company. My boss never pays on time or gives anyone their full paycheques so many people started stealing from him and now work is chaotic. He is losing his mind accusing everyone of stealing, but feels it is okay for him to steal from everyone. People have become angry because he is wasting everyone’s time and money. They can not afford to quit because he owes and can not afford to stay. People have to pay late fees on rent, interest on loans and bank NSF fees. Before you know it you have to pay to get paid and have worked for free. When this type of situation occurs people become someone they may regret. Wounded pride, hurt, ego, feeling used and rejected cause feelings to quickly become actions that result in regret. Is my East Indian boss going by his beliefs and culture or is he a Narcissistic Monster?
Martin Jansen (5 days ago)
Russel, refreshing, smart and brave. It is easy to insult, it takes brains and big balls to make the insulted laugh. Well done!
DeViL LoRd (5 days ago)
AGREED Indians and Terrorists r not freaking same, white people these days....
Santiago Silva (5 days ago)
Just take a leak no one cares... If you over work in the just to piss you got the wrong one... The other jokes were good
balaji Baalaji (5 days ago)
Better you stop insulting the Nations.
jack rover (5 days ago)
i swear Russians are cheap even indians cant beat them
pancanita manalu (5 days ago)
aliff hafeezy (5 days ago)
U dont wanna smoke weed with him.. 🤣 rip ur heart out.. 😂
Ashish Malla (5 days ago)
My brother name is Hardik
Atheist Edge (5 days ago)
Yeah, fuck all that hard scientific data that says corporal punishment is detrimental to the child.
Lil George (5 days ago)
the thing about the escalator was hilarious hahahaha
Grateful aya (6 days ago)
My wife is Chinese and he described her perfectly when she goes into the store, but she will buy LV bags sometimes, just to sell them to her friends in china
Nick The Man (7 days ago)
He's not that funny, the people in the audience are just paying to laugh so they think its funny automatically
mrasidhu (7 days ago)
@28:34 youtuber jusreign
J D (7 days ago)
not even funy gabriel still the best
Abraham Horowitz (8 days ago)
Lol, very funny. So, you want Ben Carson to be your doctor? He fits the disruption😆😉
Marcus (19 hours ago)
hey Rusell, i know you might not know that Hong Kong people are totally culturally different from the people in china. Make sure you know most of Hong Kong people are fighting for democracy and chinese government believes that HK belongs to china but in fact it doesn't. They are currently trying to suppress the freedom of speech in HK but we gotta do something to get away from them. We really hate the Chinese, the people from mainland china. they come to Hong Kong and take shit everywhere, even in the train station. They always jump the queue and pretend nth happened. They are so sick and ridiculous. I truly hope that everyone from everywhere can notice what is happening in HK. Peter, perhaps you can make fun about this issue.
This is funny.
madumlao (10 days ago)
Love the people actually crying of laughter in the audience hahaha
Harun A.Rosid (10 days ago)
39.48 it was just there ine houwer ago.. i burst out laughing
Chazzie137 (10 days ago)
I swear I've heard the #6 joke from a different comedian before. Hope Russell ain't doin a Mencia.
Chazzie137 (10 days ago)
One of my favorite hobbies are picking out the few serious upset faces in the crowds of Russell Peters stand ups.
Chad Jones (10 days ago)
Chinese are cheap and dirty.
김정오 (11 days ago)
laughed so bad. as a Asian guy who spent 8 years in india. it is like everyday scene I saw is on stage now
Furman Khan (11 days ago)
22125558246 ;)
Arif Khan (11 days ago)
The face impression he makes😆
BIG POPA PUM (11 days ago)
I wish I could meet u at least once in life time....
Sid Go (11 days ago)
Seeing this video: My stomach says to me: somebody gonna get a hurt !!
Frank Velez (12 days ago)
If Derek Jeter was Indian!!!! I swear to God!!
Soikat Shaha (12 days ago)
imbhari (12 days ago)
He is soo Indian. 😂😂
WhackCheese (12 days ago)
James Robisnon (12 days ago)
I don't really understand how people see this guy funny. He is annoying as fuck. Every time I want to give him another try just to see maybe he is funny and maybe I am judging fast but he makes me irritated instead. Making fun of people for no reason is not funny. Making fun of people if they do something stupid IS funny but making fun of them becasue they are from certain countries IS NOT funny. And this is all this guy does in all his videos. You know who is funny? Sebastian Mansicalco. He is the real comedian.
Dave Randle (8 days ago)
You gotta be Polish😂😂😂😂😂
Swedish Meatball (8 days ago)
James Robisnon that’s because your a white guy, and because you cannot really relate to him and his Indian culture or actually anyone who is from another country
Dulley Gyati (12 days ago)
I love the indian jokes....peter is really good in makin indian
Froyo Puka (12 days ago)
Jus reign in the crowd too wootwoot represent
kone Brynt (13 days ago)
be a man
BodhiZaffa (13 days ago)
only took 30 seconds to bust out the indian voice. Man, this guy is talented. And jews are not cheap, Theyre money grubbing carpet baggers who only care about themselves.
John Wallace (13 days ago)
Love it! Salutation Peter from a fellow North Peel Secondary School student of way back then! Funny as always!
Alkuccino Lambo (13 days ago)
I hope Russel Peters goes poor so we can get some new content!!! Love the old vids but god damn cmon man we’re the reason you’re wippin Bentley’s...
Ritz R (14 days ago)
All these years didnt knw y ppl disliked ur videos. Now i do.
Raju Karnik (14 days ago)
this fake anglo convert peters is over the top and makes useless jokes.
Francesco Dote (15 days ago)
One of the greatest comedian ever...comparable to Jerry Seinfeld!
John snowdon (15 days ago)
Pretty sure the toilet sketch was stolen
Jenny Gervacio (15 days ago)
First Emperor (15 days ago)
Hi Mr. Peters it seams your nasal passage is inflamed and shiiit😂😂😂
Ritij Jutur (16 days ago)
28:33 Is that JusReign??
hextv (13 days ago)
Ritij Jutur yes
Jorge Cervantes (16 days ago)
People from india are not call indians only ignorent people call them indians. People from india are call indu
Carol Shimray (16 days ago)
i die when u speak indian accent.. love it
Sreeraj Newgen (16 days ago)
Laugh and die 😂😂😂😂😂😂
IAmTheTallGilo (16 days ago)
28:34 Is that Jusreign?
Bony Feet (16 days ago)
Who dislikes this
Sal Benedetto (17 days ago)
actually one of the funniest comedians!
MrSaral (17 days ago)
27:55 isn't that the YouTuber jusreign? Or something
hextv (13 days ago)
MrSaral yes
Jayant Bhandari (17 days ago)
Russell: Somebody gonna get hurt real bad! *Crowd goes wild*
berca76 (17 days ago)
27:33 Giggidy!
Ishaan Khanna (17 days ago)
Jusreign spooted at 28:34!!!
Jay Boro (17 days ago)
How the hell on earth those fool Indians even visit to his events?! Wow! This guy make his living by insulting Indians. This guy is no comedian but a bloody irksome racist.
MikeyB ThailandHoops (17 days ago)
why the heck don't you just do a sit down wee for god sake! lol
JR137 (17 days ago)
PussMag (18 days ago)
Lusty Grandma, LMAO
SIngh (18 days ago)
@jusreign is at the 28min mark lol
Shonuff wright (18 days ago)
when will you do a full interview with LeSchea on brooklyn radio.com...
sky 1187 (18 days ago)
Untrue. Asian people we spend money alot more. That why the have expensive taste.
Dennis Chen (18 days ago)
Share of global luxury spending in 2017 : 1) Chinese at 32% 2) Americans at 22% 3) Europeans at 18%.......yea right Chinese are cheap
baker432003 (18 days ago)
After watching this video I went to see if you was preforming around where I live and you were coming to Chicago on 9/14/18 but it's already sold out. Please comeback to the midwest soon. I know I have never laughed so hard watching a video in my life.
Underhat3d (18 days ago)
Did anyone notice jusreign at 28:34
Joshua n (19 days ago)
Was your dad selling Pani poori in Dahej.. coz the way you describe Indian accent is pathetic. Asshole......
Memestream (17 days ago)
are u autistic? its a comedy video "asshole"
Joseluis Mariscalkings (19 days ago)
Got program switch button that goes freestyle the other switch are finger's biking switches
Joseluis Mariscalkings (19 days ago)
Pedaling style
Joseluis Mariscalkings (19 days ago)
With power Rangers CD in my disk player
Joseluis Mariscalkings (19 days ago)
Go go go go biking bike hero
Joseluis Mariscalkings (19 days ago)
I'm going to build one with solar from wish.com five DC motor four motor in the back rim one in the front rims Power Rangers solar biking bike magical
Joseluis Mariscalkings (19 days ago)
Solar power Rangers biking bike
Shazan Abdullah (19 days ago)
Spot JusReign at 28:34
Teerak (20 days ago)
I told my mom she needs to babysit her grandchildren and she says fine, I'll beat them up if they misbehave. LOL
Siddharth Pant (20 days ago)
Sulphate Russel
Mahmoud M. Hassan (20 days ago)
Bosy in Hungarian and Bosa in Arabic
GlockWiseSB (20 days ago)
This boy's done a role reversal with his wife... The wife is the loud pisser? WTF?
Telarum YT (20 days ago)
28:33 isn't that guy on the far left Jus Reign?
Johanna Kidd (20 days ago)
Funny stuff

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