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Top 10 (MOST VIEWED) Russell Peters Videos of 2017! (All In One)

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Text Comments (2039)
Legacy (5 hours ago)
I dated a Hungarian girl she said same thing pussy means kiss lol
Nofiziksoläjika Muse (6 hours ago)
At around 16:23 he sounded like fucking Bianca Del Rio LOL
Maritza Piccarillo (11 hours ago)
Beat them, there might be less school shootings!!!
Maritza Piccarillo (11 hours ago)
His dick ...one eye with the mouth open!!! LOL
Maritza Piccarillo (12 hours ago)
Sous sous is saving money
Maritza Piccarillo (12 hours ago)
I miss this guy!
Darren Alfonso (17 hours ago)
Is it just me or does the spring in his bathroom door have an Indian accent??
Vakho Kuchuashvili (19 hours ago)
28:34 the momment you see a femiliar face( left side) indian guy....and if i'm not mistaking, his a Viner!!!!
Abudy Alrehaili (1 day ago)
Wasn't funny at all .
Fledder Maus (1 day ago)
I believe the stereotype of Jews are them being greedy not cheap.
Yiur not funny
ErrantHippo (1 day ago)
Good stuff, sir
WhoIsCrisAlec (1 day ago)
I watched this man in person couple days ago. First 5 minutes on stage be made fun of the audience haha
Neber Berhe (1 day ago)
lmao Dominic
Aiman_shah73 (1 day ago)
42:00 herr smile is cute
francis arbiso (1 day ago)
Not funny
Riccardo Leone (2 days ago)
I was Ryan
Riccardo Leone (2 days ago)
I was beaten from time to time tho - I was a brave dude
8 c (2 days ago)
Russell Peters is epic
MASIB Javid (2 days ago)
28:34 anyone noticed jusreigns?
Chandrakant Sharda (2 days ago)
keepdancingmaria (3 days ago)
I laughed through all of this except the woman going to the bathroom. I did not see the humor there, because I saw no truth there. Probably there are some inconsiderate women partners, just as there are some considerate men partners. But just not enough truth to make it funny. The rest of it? Golden. "Listening to instructions!" HaHaHa.
Alyssa0401 (3 days ago)
Luv ya !!! Make my day ...every day !💙
Jaylen Watkins (3 days ago)
maria etorma (3 days ago)
His retired but his comedy show is timeless....
nicole.sapphire (4 days ago)
if you make fun of everyone...are you really racist?
Qwufi (4 days ago)
I hang on the hope that one they he will you in his show another hungarian word: the fakanal.
zahra ahmed (5 days ago)
take it and go 😂
chandrashekar ca (5 days ago)
English is not a native language of Indians.......u pls come and talk our native languages .......will see how good u talk .......u get food by teasing Indians ......shame on you
MsBrianabutler (5 days ago)
28:34 I've watched this so many times, but I just noticed Jus Reign!
Sophia (5 days ago)
muthafuckin icon
Ethebarber Cutz (5 days ago)
Suck Deep😂😂😂😂
Ethebarber Cutz (5 days ago)
Oh man! Five minutes in and I spewed coffee all over the place😂😂 I LOVE your comedy😂😂😂❤️
una milan (6 days ago)
Hey Russell, D. Peters, why there is no jokes about Turks?????
blackittysamurai (6 days ago)
Racist scumbag
DerEntscheider (6 days ago)
American humor is getting worse, it's all about racial insults and discrimination
Juan Tobar (6 days ago)
Omg just watched his video never knew him his so funny now I'm watching all videos with him in it. I'm so glad I saw this it made my day
Our comedy is da bomb We explode with laughter
Bodenlose Dosenhose (7 days ago)
Haven't really heard about this guy until now. Quite funny. And born on the same day as me.
Jasminder Singh Jesse (7 days ago)
I think you are being very unfair Mr. Russel by making a statement about the question that America asked Iraq if they had weapons of mass destruction ? Iraq said yes and based on that answer Iraq had to take it up their ass , actually Mr. Russel , you are extremely insensitive to their predicament because firstly they were set up and secondly the amount of people who died . Being from India you should know better but I guess you might have migrated to America.
kowe96941 (7 days ago)
Watching in November 2018!
Lohit Pant (7 days ago)
Ha mai no 1 cheep hu....cheep ka b baap ...cheepo kumar
Bonita Chaquita (7 days ago)
pussy my pussy then lol
GREY E CAT (7 days ago)
I wanted to be a dancer, too!
K Spree (8 days ago)
I met rusty in la at a redbull threestyle hes a dj also it was great to meet him
afeardean (8 days ago)
Hahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahah
tali longchar (8 days ago)
He said the bitter truth about Dubai they treat people like shit except celebrities or well known people they treat well.
TheKeyMast3r (8 days ago)
I’ve noticed from the comments section Indians seem to love Russel just as much as I do! I had no clue
Tydyegirl9 (8 days ago)
Want to see this hilarious and talented guy live... Who wants to join me?
28:34 Jusreign spotted.
Pk Khyriw (9 days ago)
The most unique indians are the northeastern indians they do not have the qualities that Peter says I really don't know why they're like that....
Trevor Wong (9 days ago)
Fuck I’m watching this on the train and the people beside me thought I just walked out of a rehab 😅🤦🏽‍♂️
suman allan (9 days ago)
"Don't u think they Fucked One or two of us..." 😅😆😆😆😆 Damnnnnnn dude he changed my knowledge about our Indian History...😆😆😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Dub Tzar (9 days ago)
This guy is off tha hook FUN E
Aloysius Emanuel (9 days ago)
Jokes in English have a different context for someone who speaks another language and sometimes they are not funny, especially if they are translated, but there is one in Brazil that I remembered - two friends were traveling on a road when the driver said he would stop the car to urinate. When he came down, he positioned himself near a bush and began to urinate when a snake appeared and bit his cock at the top of his skull. He screamed on the floor and his friend asked what had happened. He said - please, a snake bit me, ask for help please! Your friend said - Oh, how lucky! There is a phone booth a hundred yards away. The other on the floor said - run! When he got there, he called a doctor and told him what happened, so the doctor answered. "You have to hold your penis and suck the poison, so we'll send an ambulance to get him." All right, the guy replied! "When he approached, the friend what was on the floor asked - what did the doctor say? He said you're going to die!
Alex FRASER (9 days ago)
When Russell did a show in my town there was a guy in the audience named Hardeep Mann, he tortured that poor bastard the whole show.
Bill Parviz (10 days ago)
I love Indians and the Chinese we are unique. hahahahaha
Arlisbloxer05 (10 days ago)
1:40 wait, 3rd row, 5th dude on the right... ...IS THAT THE 8-BIT GUY?!
Bored Man (10 days ago)
mishti upadhyay (10 days ago)
He is cheap
Bobby Thomas (11 days ago)
good when he started. He just isnt that funny
Y M (11 days ago)
Hella weak. No wonder only Asians find him funny
paperplane312 Tv (11 days ago)
This mofo has me dying bruh
Typical Gamer (11 days ago)
Is Russell is indian.????? Wtf.
Maritza Piccarillo (11 hours ago)
Yes, East Indian descent....he is Canadian, hence is his very good English.
Alex Sanchez (12 days ago)
I’m a waiter and i hate cheap people. If you don’t have money to tip. Don’t go out. You are in America now learn.
steven johnsrud (12 days ago)
That is too funny.
Adahrii Pfuzeh (12 days ago)
Ya bitch you woke everyone on northern hemisphere
Laurie Mashek (12 days ago)
I totally do the jujitsu roll! Haha. Not all girls do the blanket hurl. That girl needs some stealth training. Rude.
Shawn Luo (13 days ago)
hahaha, hard dxxk
Assi Assi (13 days ago)
Who's watching in October 2018😍😙
Matthew Stinar (13 days ago)
Now I'm imagining the Indians in Dubai looking like brown Oompa Loompas.
Vijay Nikam (13 days ago)
any indian here ....Russel is just a looser
multiBen -fit-aCTIVE (8 days ago)
You are a looooooser !! Everything he said is on point ..if you disagree may be you ain't Indian .
Kevin Sheehan (14 days ago)
zed Mr (14 days ago)
fkn hate rbc card
vk soprano (14 days ago)
44:59 Pretty damn good subject. .....
Black Phillip (14 days ago)
27:32 I think that's Russel's fiance Ruzanna Khetchian
Is he a comedian really .... boring
Night Stringers (15 days ago)
Russell I love you you are one fumy man... 3.3 k dislikes they must work for the airports ... fuck em
Latoya Leopold (15 days ago)
I live with my two sisters ,mom and grand mother and its literally to toilet noises in our House
roof pizza (15 days ago)
You might've heard of me. Was flying from the States to Canada and was sitting beside an Indian dude. Told the dude that I always go thru extra scrutiny and he had this disbelieving smile on his face. I got pulled over into secondary and the look on his face was like he saw Ganesha in real life. Prob repeated the stories to millions by now.
LEGENDARY LARPS (15 days ago)
I literally love this guy. He got good filipino accent too. But if thats story is true, that chic would never use a word "suso" to end her sentence though. English is our second language. Anyway this is hilarious. 😁😁
Ching Her (15 days ago)
I’m going to be a doctor!!
Mahmoud Masoud (15 days ago)
Jews are not a 'race' there are Arab Jews, Russian Jews Stop spreading zionist bullshit
AQW Marwan (16 days ago)
jus reign the viner !!! at 28:34 at the far left hahah no joke !
FVBYT (17 days ago)
this is already 6 months ago? wow, just wow!
Abhishek Gautam (17 days ago)
Luv from India ,,,, u r the best 😂😂 Luiossssssss viteeennnnnn
Abhishek Gautam (17 days ago)
We are ekdum no 1 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Auris Db8 (17 days ago)
😂 lol i saw Russell live at Borgata in A.C. A few years back this guy its really really funny every minute of the show was hilarious
Vicky Kgoete (18 days ago)
Trevor Noah is way better
Aziz Sharipov (18 days ago)
Ive been watching Russell Peters videos for the past 2 hours and I am in fucking tears
Lisa Warren (19 days ago)
I am a very small American woman, I am a customer support agent for Apple Itunes. I have been married for 21 years and i have a science degree. Your jokes are killin me, your so brilliant and i live in this world everyday!!!!! OMG dude, you totally know!
Ayush Kovind (21 hours ago)
what are you?2 feet?
ChunK TruffleShufflE (11 days ago)
Just a science degree? Not a particular subject? That doesn't sound right. It's like me, I have a business marketing degree, because there is no degree that is just called business
No one cares
Noe Renteria Cibria (13 days ago)
Y preciosa tambien
XDXD (16 days ago)
Very small woman😂🤣
Lisa Warren (19 days ago)
You are brilliant sir!!!!
Zed King (19 days ago)
I never get bored watch Russel's stand up comedy , I've seen many stand up comedians who talk for 10 minute on stage without cracking a joke . Russel is just hilarious and non stop source of comedy . the "Lusty Grand Ma" pop up killed me lmao
Claudia BBC (19 days ago)
Well, sorry for you.. . English is becoming a secondary language, just like the previous dominating language (like French) felt down as their country of "origin" suffered a declining influence. And thast's a cycle we really need to have in mind when talking about their influence over time... sorry, the confort zone for english speakes could soon to am end
naser manoo (19 days ago)
Fuck india
naser manoo (19 days ago)
You are not funny you are no even a clone
Paul Sterling (19 days ago)
a waste with all the ads and no way to skip...
Vamshi Krishna (19 days ago)
U make jokes on India and I make jokes on your country... This leads to no where... Just one person commenting about a nation will not change anything.... Every person is proud to b born in his country... M proud to be an Indian 🙏
Suncho (19 days ago)
there were a lot of women watching with annoyance when he was telling the story of how a girl goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. that's because they know it's true.
Stella Cereva (20 days ago)
I’m chinese and this is so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anonymous Libertarian (20 days ago)
Oddly I have never seen a marriage between a Chinese and an Indian. Could you imagine the ONLY thing they MIGHT have in common is Budda!

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