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How To Style Your Hair Like A HAT

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How to style your hair like a hat!! Season premiere of FaceOff Season 8 I styled my model's hair into a hat! Here's how you can recreate it at home! Watch FaceOff every Tuesday at 9/9c! Follow me on: Twitter- @emilyserpico Facebook- Emily Serpico-Art, Makeup, and Ideas https://www.facebook.com/emily.serpico Instagram- @emilyserpico www.emilyserpico.com I'll be posting Makeup, Hair, Painting, and Crafting tutorials! **Watch SyFy's FaceOff Season 8 every Tuesday at 9/8c** Model- Hannah Junnier
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Text Comments (20)
Iesha Pacheco (1 year ago)
Why not just use a donut bun
james wagner (2 years ago)
I love you so much
Jazmin Jimenez (2 years ago)
sups cute .😆
Grammarrr (2 years ago)
nice... face
Vincent isscool (2 years ago)
hey hannah 💋
Ainsley Poston (2 years ago)
Very cute but very bad for your hair
Keysi (2 years ago)
it looks... enredado
Asma As (3 years ago)
it ll be very hard to comb next day
Owen Murphy (3 years ago)
your gorgeous
Sterling Liano Mateo (3 years ago)
thats god like
A. Vrana (3 years ago)
This is absolutely awful for your hair. Not only the teasing in general but then hairspray only to flat iron it twice? No thanks.
Teddy Blossom (3 years ago)
so true
Alessandro Amadori (3 years ago)
ahahahahahahah XD
Catherine Osborne (3 years ago)
Very cute but wouldn't it be a little hard on your hair?
Isabel Cervantes (3 years ago)
So cool! I have to try this!
Grace McMurtrey (4 years ago)
oh my gosh i love you so much!
idiel24 (4 years ago)
amayzing i love it...great idea
Isabelmaria Rivero (4 years ago)
Hannah is fucking gorgeous 0.0 
Eik (4 years ago)
Very pretty, Is that Hannah?
Madison Rodriguez (4 years ago)
That was so awesome!!!

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