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Manchester University Transistor Computer

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This event was recorded on September 28th, 2000. Professor Richard Grimsdale, then of University of Sussex, previously of Manchester University, is often credited as the creator of the earliest transistorized computer. Prof. Grimsdale describes his work at Manchester, including his work with with Tom Kilburn, Dai Edwards, and Freddie Williams, and how the individual circuits of the Manchester transistorized computer operated, as well as storage techniques for magnetic drum and cathode ray tube systems (Williams-Kilburn Tube.) Professor Grimsdale describes the evolution of the machine, including the experimental core memory and issues with individual transistors used in the project as well as the use of Grimsdale's design as the basis for the Metrovick 950. He ends his prepared remarks with a description of his work on the Atlas computer, and the rod memory the machine used. Audience questions follow, including discussion of Alan Turing's work with Grimsdale. Catalog number: 102621815
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Rob Middleton (10 months ago)
Are the slides available?
ewaf88 (10 months ago)
My Dad did some patent work on the MK1 Manchester computer and met Alan Turing. This is very interesting.

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