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Blowing Up Asteroids with NASA and Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Neil deGrasse Tyson and NEEMO (NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations) explore what it takes to stop an asteroid from colliding with earth. Read more here! http://bit.ly/Nasa-Saving-Earth Watch an interview with the astronauts, broadcast from their underwater habitat here: http://bit.ly/Fake-Asteroid-Life SPACED OUT - produced by http://Motherboard.vice.com Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/motherboardtv Twitter: http://twitter.com/motherboard Check out the first episode of Spaced Out: http://bit.ly/Spaced-Out-001 Subscribe for new videos everyday: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (651)
Oooh Neil.... Eduard Meier Has published and also talked about this( Apophis )since 1978... and Maybe even earlier than that....
SyzTeMaTiC (4 months ago)
I used to believe that humans where intelligent because of NASA. Now i look and see Science Fiction that was only made possible on movies then produced on video Moon landings even a recording call form the white house to the moon and you talk about why you have no service in some parts of the world.... just as faking the globe model pictures videos... If you say am flat you are accusing me of Free speech. Just as Antisemitism is used in European Nation Goyim. There is so much misinformation information regrading Are world. They lie. We obey. Not anymore. We live They sleep.
BARBATUS 89 (6 months ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a RETARD :-) youtube.com/watch?v=rW4uDrcotCQ
Mikhail Dosunmu (6 months ago)
Fake fake fakee guys this video fake
Harris (9 months ago)
April 29th 2029 is a Sunday!
dcar 430 (10 months ago)
I don’t think Neil deGrasse Tyson would be very effective at blowing up an asteroid, a nuke would probably work better. Tyson would probably just splat on the surface.
Beh (1 year ago)
Obama makes me sick.
BLUEGENE13 (1 year ago)
can the asteroid hit already please, i'm tired of watching youtube videos
Larson Wells (1 year ago)
Now, having seen what funding obummer cancelled we, as explorers can fully see just how full of shit he was. Good riddens.
Robert Perry (1 year ago)
i think we can blast the asteroid with advanced technology to push it away from Earth no problem.
sydst (1 year ago)
The earth is flat
Snorn Cake (6 months ago)
Your brain is flat.
Fred Cink (10 months ago)
You are a total, complete, absolute and utter moron. Go ask your mommy to change your diaper you pathetic cretin.
Tia Morris (1 year ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson looking daddy af
if an asteroid hits, i hope it takes out DeGrasse Tyson first, Ive had it with this guy.
Snorn Cake (6 months ago)
You've had it? How? Because he knows stuff? 😂
Samuel Rochette (1 year ago)
karma'll get you first dude haha
ahmed abter (2 years ago)
from where do they get funding for all of this!!!!!!!
Civil Shepherd (2 years ago)
This guy is a fraud. Con-artist.
Snorn Cake (6 months ago)
He's an astrophycisist. Perhaps you're projecting your own shortcomings and low self-esteem onto others. Do us a favor and die.
NM PK (1 year ago)
Based on what? He's an astro-physicist. Or did he get his degree online?
Elitesoulfly1 Soul (3 years ago)
Damn it degrassi stop talking to vice and save us shiii I like my mocha Carmel lattes and my anti depressants and my shake weight so stop talkin bout it and be about it degrassi before Chief keef catches u lackin and pulls up
Elitesoulfly1 Soul (3 years ago)
Wait til that asteroid ticker gets within ten of years of collision then our lazy planet will get working . I think every agency as of now is waiting and hoping for someone else to step up and take on the challenge . We've already found out about a few close calls always after the fact though
Perils of the Wallet (3 years ago)
Asteroid hitting earth and killing mankind is probably the best thing for the planet
McK (1 month ago)
*fingers crossed*
Snorn Cake (6 months ago)
+dcar 430 I admire that you have so much faith in humans.
Tom Ace (10 months ago)
dcar 430 then we better get rid of money and start thinking more along the lines of something like the Venus project. Or we will kill ourselves off or force this planet to kill us with extreme weather from our pollution.
dcar 430 (10 months ago)
If it’s powerful enough to kill all of mankind than it would also wipe out most other life on the planet as well. It would leave earth in a far worse state than human activity has and likely will in the future. It would take millions of years for the biodiversity and complexity of life to return to where it is today if it ever does depending on the size and effect of the asteroid. Do you not think that humans can develop a more sustainable and less damaging way of living within that amount of time leaving the earth in better shape than the asteroid would? I have more faith in mankind myself and think that we will right our wrongs and end up being an asset as opposed to a detriment to the planet protecting it from threats and ensuring life continues.
Tom Ace (11 months ago)
The sad thing is. Could it all happen again? With the virus be completely killed. Or will it come back millions of years later in a different form and relive it all again?
futarb d (4 years ago)
Launching NASA and Neil deGrasse Tyson at an asteroid to blow it up is definitely thinking outside the box. With extreme velocity and the thousands of workers at NASA, it is conceivable that this could nudge the asteroid out of an earth crossing.
Paul Middleton (4 years ago)
well. i have to say we need to get to them first before they get us. imagine the resorces on all these asteriods. imagine cleaning away all the asteriods that threaten earth. this is vastly important to us all. just 1 of these 500,000 asteriods could wipe out the human race. forever. finished done. Kaput. but we could work on this NOW. not later. and mine these dangerous rocks. for gold titanium. who knows what. they could be made of anything. diamonds new metals. who knows. why isnt this on the top shelf of things to do. leave iraq and let those talibans destroy themselves. do something great. for everyone. gee. space is our future. but it wont wait forever. if we get extinct.
Ishimaru OwO (4 years ago)
wait would it be communism to just get rid of the factor of money, I think we should do that in things like space travel and space related technologies, and many other things in life like food water health and other essential and useful things, but make it a controlled communism so get rid of everything that is uselessly making a mess on spaceship earth, an implement many janitorial roles, not jobs, we should just have roles that we do for a community, and that could be anything useful. and the materials would be provided by those who produce, and we would just have to have trading systems and role systems so everyone can do what they want to as long as it is productive and that would be the currency.
QWERQWER (4 years ago)
Gregor Scott (4 years ago)
The video makes me want to play Kerbal Space Program
Awful Waffle (4 years ago)
Good doc....but why so short....you could have done at least 20 min....still cool though
Hyperhoax (4 years ago)
Grey Wolf (5 years ago)
I am surprised Neil didn't declassify T-Rex
krinord (5 years ago)
Whats the name of the song that starts at 1:45 ?
Jason Williams (5 years ago)
We have to wait 10 more years to go asteroid fishing? Virgin Galactic will have consumed the entire Kuiper belt by then. But really, we have the technology to do it today, we just choose to spend our money on welfare recipients that can't pass a drug test.
nn (3 months ago)
+Korvilon and I am not even American.
nn (3 months ago)
+Korvilon go on netflix and watch "Terrorism close calls" and this is for all idiots who doubt nsa and all $ spending. After watching say out loud "thank you for protecting me". Right now nsa are tracking some terrorist from pakistan and you never know it. They always protect us.
Korvilon (4 years ago)
+likenem Wonder if the NSA has prevented things like it from happening and it just didn't catch the medias ears. 
likenem (5 years ago)
+Lars M We spend billions on the NSA a program that couldn't stop the Boston Bombing with a warning from Russia. I don't think Welfare recipients are holding up the space program compared to the money we waste on defense programs
Lars M (5 years ago)
If you think that the only reason we haven't travelled to asteroids is due to the fact that your government pays welfare, then it's time to better educate yourself.
rodney rabbit (5 years ago)
Indeed, but it is still is doable,
Basskick036 (5 years ago)
What about if we move it into the key hole
Basskick036 (5 years ago)
Do we even know where this keyhole is?
Mick Jackson (5 years ago)
THIS IS BULLS***!! watch my vid response!
Snorn Cake (6 months ago)
You obviously have never read any of his books. Neil Degrasse knows what he's talking about. You're probably a flat-brainer, which would explain your comment.
rodney rabbit (5 years ago)
How difficult would it be for a terrorist to direct Apophis through the "keyhole"...?
s0nnyburnett (5 years ago)
Didn't you watch Mr. Bay's thesis on the topic in his 1998 work Armageddon?
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
Head shot in other words.
Antifoul Awl (5 years ago)
Neil Degrasse Tyson?..Bruce Willis is who will save us!
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
I think with this, they are more than capable of saying "NASA has detected an asteroid that poses an enormous threat to the world. Other countries may be unable to cross-check and verify this information because they simply do not have the matched technological capabilities. Therefore, NASA must take action as soon as possible"
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
"The Arecibo Observatory telescope continues to play a unique role in characterization of NEOs, providing unmatched precision and accuracy in orbit determination and insight into size, shape, surface structure, multiplicity, and other physical properties for objects within its declination coverage and detection range." (same source) Seems to me the U.S. wants to have the best detection system, so they'll be the primary source of info.
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
"The United States is the only country that currently has an operating survey/detection program for discovering near-Earth objects; Canada and Germany are both building spacecraft that may contribute to the discovery of near-Earth objects. However, neither mission will detect fainter or smaller objects than ground-based telescopes." - Wired Mag/cnn/technology
rstlesswarrior (5 years ago)
The comment you replied to was deleted, but about your 2.: There is the ESA, Russia and China and basically the entirety of astrophysicists or similar scientists and researchers. NASA can't just present any form of data. It goes through the same scientific, academic scrutiny as any other scientific data.
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
2. You failed to realize that NASA has the power to present us any form of data. I just said that there is no other business that can keep them in check to verify its legitimacy. With this, People have no reason to argue the asteroid threats presented to us are false. Of course any data gathered is a statistical* certainty. Don't be so superficial and naive.
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
It's funny how you go ahead to assume that I am an Anti-Obama American, and withheld your comment along with your other ones. You might as well withhold it too, and you'll see why for the following reasons. 1. I did NOT say that I disagree with how money is being spent. I am aware that asteroid threats are very real. I specifically said it is a loophole for our government. It's a great provision to prepare us for the dangers and gain profit. All I said it that the system is exploitable
Red Sidedgarter (5 years ago)
This is fascinating. However, this will be a new way to exploit the tax system for "funding". The bad thing is how NASA IS part of the government. No other business specializes in this to keep this administration in check. It does not matter if the asteroid threats are legitimate or not. What matters here is that Obama gave way to this program, and it requires an enormous portion of our tax dollars. Who are we to say that all these asteroids in the future will be a threat to us.
dasdew2 (5 years ago)
Planetary resources and Deep space industries are going to mine asteroids.
ChillzPanda (5 years ago)
Taking the words out of ma mouth
JakubH (5 years ago)
We will be dead by 2026 we will kill ourselves.
Daniel Aventerier (5 years ago)
Neil deGrasse Tyson is so fucking awesome!
Solublemoth (5 years ago)
why not do like in dead space, asteroid cracking
Upgrayed23 (5 years ago)
dr neil degrasse tyson is the shit
So... it is going to hit our faces in 2027? and NASA is the only corporation that is looking for a solution? Or is it they only want to mine the rock out? Not sure I got the whole thing behind the nice new-age type "we're happy people" video...
voyako (5 years ago)
voyako (5 years ago)
why dont they just use a robot? white ppl
voyako (5 years ago)
shut up Meg
polka23dot (5 years ago)
This is a horror story for young children. I am too old to enjoy it, but I would enjoy technical debate about this topic.
nogutsnogalaxy (5 years ago)
so in 2029 we know which theorie to trust. Big Bang or Plasmaversum. My money goes on the plasmaversum and that would mean being hit by the asteroid is "out of question"
Rene Lariviere (5 years ago)
yes and no. im pretty sure there is a big chunk of war budget that goes into weapons in orbit.
jamespandavan (5 years ago)
Unfortunately machines are not yet smart enough to perform tasks autonomously. Also, we may need a brain on the ground (or up in space) to make decisions if we loose contact or there is a delay in communication when faced with unforeseen situation. Case in point, Armstrong had to override and take manual control when he felt the machine readings were incorrect before landing on moon. Had he totally relied on machine, well... the history as you know it wouldn't be the same.
Timothy Reigel (6 years ago)
Michael Klein (6 years ago)
Michael Klein (6 years ago)
No. Let's thin the herd. Especially since it's only going to wipe away the West Coast. We would be better off with L.A.
Timothy Reigel (6 years ago)
The issue of the Apophis asteroid must be thrown into the political arena immediately. Thumbs up for survival!!!!!!!!!!
kkevin369 (6 years ago)
I know a lot of humans are evil but that doesnt mean there arent good, intelligent people out there. So please stop categorizing human beings into one box like some lonely misanthrope
K0ester (6 years ago)
thank god i dont live on the west coast
Big Nutty's Playground (6 years ago)
the space budget's more than the ocean budget...i agree though. we need to find aliens AND the giant squids. fuck the war.
BlackCat (6 years ago)
Computers are a Product of war. So is Nuclear power. Also Space Rockets.
TheM4wii (6 years ago)
why do i have a feeling they gonna bring back some weird ass shit from that Asteroid lol.(alien disease ...... lmaoo )
ClydeYellow (6 years ago)
The two used to go hand in hand before the beginning of this Age of nformation we're living in. What people do not understand is that this new era we're living in, the era of internet and super-fast supercomputers, is a breaking point in the history of our specie. We only got one direction to go: forwards. We're finished building our society on destruction and bloodshed, even though we needed to in the past. There will be conflict, sure: but it shouldn't be necessary for our growth.
Louie zepeda (6 years ago)
Why would you want to send a human to get samples,when we can make machines to get them for us and without anybodys life at danger
ProjectORION89 (6 years ago)
Humans have more options available to them than T-rex, but they aren't adequately funded. NASA is only 0.46% of the budget. At the height of the Apollo Era, NASA was like 4%. We should have a robust space program like that to increase our space capabilities to a point where these asteroids are no longer a threat.
Mincho Gaberov (6 years ago)
I am sick of generalisations like these - do you spend all your money on buying and using weapons? neather do I !
Logi Wan (6 years ago)
Well remember, there's a large portion of people that believe the end of humanity is imminent, and actually look forward to it... If you have that kind of mentality of course you'd spend more on killing than on trying to preserve the Earth and secure humanities future ;-)
RawkyDennis (6 years ago)
But to ignore the impact our military innovation has had and will have on science would just be completely ignorant. I mean the two go hand and hand.
RawkyDennis (6 years ago)
Says we arent done learning yet.
Brandon (6 years ago)
completely ridding earth of nature......
Joseph Thomas (6 years ago)
I'm confused. Are you insinuating that they bullshit too much?
pwnbuckets (6 years ago)
you must be new here...
Poom Poom (6 years ago)
Don't you find it odd that you're saying typical American, while watching a video of "mostly" Americans warning people about these things? You sound like a typical idiot, Country of origin irrelevant.
Magin1985 (6 years ago)
fuck those humans
Owen McAlack (6 years ago)
as more data has been accumulated, new math says apophis does not have a chance to impact 2036. probably later, but not in 2036.
everyone (6 years ago)
According to many, NASA is a waste of money. They'd rather increase our defense budget, than better Humanity and explore its curiosities.
morgaes hawk (6 years ago)
The odds off that asteroid colliding with earth is 1:250.000 according too NASA.
Russia forever (6 years ago)
We Will see when we will vanish from the surface of the earth .
cooldude (6 years ago)
is an asshooooooole
theprotectshade (6 years ago)
but wouldnt there be a bigger problem of dealing with the thousands of chunks of little asteroids falling all over earth now?
kjbscorpio86 (6 years ago)
I did a research project on methods of preventing near earth objects from striking the Earth and the experts have thought about it, but the problem is the difficulty of getting a nuclear warhead to space. Basically they don't want to risk a shuttle exploding in high orbit, resulting in a detonation and fallout.
Sam Edwards (6 years ago)
I was thinking the same thing actually. It will have to do with how explosions work in space. Ultimately the safest option would be to place thrusters on the astroid itself and push it far off its current projection and hopefully out of the solar system
Morgan Freeman (6 years ago)
niell degrasseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Griffin Hardy (6 years ago)
Now I know this may be somewhat of an ignorant comment, but since we have so many nukes here on Earth, would it not make sense to just nuke the shit out of any asteroid coming for us?
litojonny (6 years ago)
qrayz (6 years ago)
@Sawta Get your head checked buddy, if you think this world needs more death and devastation then maybe you should volunteer to go 1st, I doubt you would because you want to live right?
ToeKnee Cow (6 years ago)
How did i just find out about this today?
zionstatus (6 years ago)
Joe rogan podcast!
Sawta (6 years ago)
I'm happy to hear that it wont hit Earth, but at the same time I kind of wish that it would. I feel like a sense of a global threat might have finally given humans that kick in the ass that we so dearly need to really get this whole space thing going. Ah well, there's always more asteroids out there!
BitOveRate (6 years ago)
That is where the space exploration comes in, for advancement in the weapons fields.
t12zzl (6 years ago)
Apparently, yes. These people work for NASA, I'd like to believe they know what they're talking about when it comes to asteroids lol :)
haravtar (6 years ago)
So this is where bruce willis's team was suppose to go
dark4krad (6 years ago)
After it flew past Earth on January 9th 2013. It was declared that it will not hit earth in 2029.
Dominique Carter (6 years ago)
You better, because that asteroid had me shook as fuck

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