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Re: 'The Inter-breeding of Negroes & White people is wrong'

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Angel of Embers (1 month ago)
I'm not allowed to now. But if i ever get the chance, i'm gonna hunt down every piece of (white) trash like you !
Renovator (3 years ago)
What? so now humans cant breed with other humans? you realize that there is almost no genetic difference between races except the appearance right? hair, eyes, skin color and the babies will be perfectly normal.
jason grier (4 years ago)
dumb white trash that was probably a junkie not too mention i bet her baby daddies are nowhere to be found
ukmediaisjewish (4 years ago)
This woman is a primary example of Zionist brainwashing.
boy14395 (4 years ago)
they dont have to do that either.
Insecure White boys comments on this page ROCKS!!!
Andreas Iversen (4 years ago)
I clicked this video, watched for like 2 seconds and registered what I was watching, then stopped it in disgust. People like you are the lowest of the low of the race. The fact you are not completely ostracized and treated with the scorn you deserve is a sign of a very sick society. Miscegenation is the ultimate sin against nature and it is the offsprings that pay the price.
Vam The Anomaly (4 years ago)
I find it funny you would call someone stupid when you incorrectly used "your" instead of the contraction "you're" which means "you are". So now who is stupid? HAHA!
Vam The Anomaly (4 years ago)
The problem with the idiots replying on this page is they think everyone on the planet is different race when in fact we are all the same species.When you have mixed children you increase their chances of fighting off illnesses as well. Natural selection is REALITY and people for some reason cant deal with it.
The Resistant (5 years ago)
these black people with low self esteem breed out their race ! they will gone extinct with the white race, as they share the same genetic recessiveness , interbreeding is a genocidec
ukmediaisjewish (5 years ago)
You're a disgrace to your race.
a freeman (6 years ago)
its wrong and nasty breeding with the devil
m w (6 years ago)
lol thank u uploader tell them to mind their business, maybe if we all had mixed babies no one would be complaining about black or white, psshht bunch of racist people talking bout genocide, if we mix its genocide of all races how many other races complaining? other than whites stop being racist its 21 st century, we all humans black or white, only skin color different, get a job genocide preachers.
lehong1963 (6 years ago)
You stupid bitch you're adding to the white genocide, you're just to ugly to get a white guy. People were made different colors for a reason, now your stuffing with it. Asians with Asians, Blacks with Blacks and whites with whites that's the way it should be, the world now is going to be full of mongrels you're mixing DNA , this is all part of new world order and you're falling right into it , been brain washed (if you have a brain)
jesus your a mongrul how many kids and different baby daddy .....now that ive watched the whole video your probly babysitting for a ten piece
@graverobber35 dude i think you hit the nail square on the head ..true and most likely accurate
@4realhombre ok perfectionist and follower weve done enough melting its time to harden and break the molds
@mickeyroos76 impressive and accurate ....
i really love the way people have kids by accident ...80% or more are here unplanned and i guess nobody sees the problem as a whole but there are just way to many bodies on this planet and nobody thinks or gives a shit..pull the fuk out and save yourself from losing your freedom ..white, black, ,goya,whatever fer christ sake stop already theres to many people and not enough resources
@larry7983 i think women who go there have no self worth er suntin yo ..ha.... anyways when you watch judge judy or maury its always the white woman who gets taken for a ride or burned by the poor strugling black man ..every time ...theyre users and they are abusive and im sure it gets worse than that
LONE HUNTER (6 years ago)
THANK YOU YOU ARE SO RIGHT FUC... LIBERAls are taking our country to whole new level ...low
LONE HUNTER (6 years ago)
LONE HUNTER (6 years ago)
There is not a thing wrong with your very sweet and inocent children .but the white race is becoming extinct becouse so many of you so called( white) women are not having white children anymore .we are a dying breed .i cant say thanks .i was raised on the streets i am not a racist just a concerned american
ala oj (6 years ago)
@NativeSupport Go figure The whole paragraph i wrote and like the slave you are you only see the last word lol. You ever wonder why things dont get solved, its because people like you. Instead of looking at all the facts clearly in front of you, you reside in emotion. If anybody is gullible its you.
Juliaflo (7 years ago)
@mickeyroos76 That's 'i-n-t-e-r-b-r-e-d', like thoroughbred, as in race-horse.
chernobleman (7 years ago)
@MrTTaylor25 yeah... you'll learn.
chernobleman (7 years ago)
@MrTTaylor25 yeah... have fun getting disowned by your family, and then probably left to raise a kids that look nothing like you, all by yourself.
mickeyroos76 (7 years ago)
Bo to this video cause your killing off our race shame on you where's your pride where's your self esteem nevermind I think I aswered my own qiestion thanks for making white girls look like nieve vulenable idiots I denounce you as a white person and nominate you a permenant hoodstar. Good luck white girl lol.
mickeyroos76 (7 years ago)
I'm white and I disagree with this video. I believe that whites should stick with whites and blacks should stick with blacks. Sure whites have interbreaded with different Europeans and native Americans for centuries but those are Americas founders that's ok but blacks are too far different to interbread with whites if you have just a tinsey bit of black in you you are black.
miller6604 (7 years ago)
in your case, a white beast, the nggier can have you.
chernobleman (7 years ago)
... became different species as they grew apart and mated only within their respected families; if al lthe different races stuck with only their kind long enough, different races would become different species, as they did on the Galapagos. Darwin wasn't a racist, but he understood that different breeds of the same species could gradually, through speciation, become different species, by their natural instinct. Now do you see why I don't believe in miscegenation?
chernobleman (7 years ago)
@3HDPS first of all, I was born in 1988, okay, I never owned slaves, never wanted to, and never will. I didn't make the world the way it is, and I don't hate people for what they are, but who they are in that they want to irritate people by going against the natural instinct that the different races, for the most part, follow: sticking to their own races, which is why we have distinct, different races to begin with. On the Galapagos Islands, birds of different families, but in the same species
samuel muthuma (7 years ago)
to some people its wrong,but to God its right.dnt mind about worldly insults coz its all temporary
chernobleman (7 years ago)
@misprettykitty If people weren't inherently racist, there wouldn't be any distinguishable races to begin with. One staying with their own kind isn't taught, it's instinctive for the most part. If all of the separate races stayed apart long enough, speciation would happen, and no more interbreeding would be possible, just as it happened for birds in the Galapagos Islands. That's the way evolution says it's supposed to be. MOST PEOPLE WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO LOOK LIKE THEM.
RideOrDie Gun Training (7 years ago)
if you're a bigot, don't send me a message! if you're anti-interracial, don't send me a message! mixing races isn't a bad thing. if u have a negative comment to make regarding interracial mix, keep it to your ignorant self.i'm much too educated to waste time with u bigots! America is a melting pot, accept it or move to Russia!
jnewco81 (7 years ago)
You talk too much
Cary P (7 years ago)
Lady is your Mom or Dad part racoon....or do U need sleep ?
chernobleman (7 years ago)
@misprettykitty You see, yes they are, that's why there's a huge issue about them in the first fucking place, idiot.
chernobleman (7 years ago)
Have fun not being able to talk to your family anymore, race-mixing bitch.
BlackKing1990 (7 years ago)
@Mr214anthony u smell like croutons and saltines cracka lol
penelope pittstop (7 years ago)
@IwontConform about 90% of families here are intact & about 50% are mixed, so that would debunk that myth. besides, domestic violence is usually but not always a class thing, not a race thing. this also applies to absentee fathers. I grew up in a low/working class place where this sort of thing was VERY common & guess what... EVERYONE was white, absolutely NO other races or nationalities. i just think you're maybe labelling people based on ur own specific country but this doesnt apply elsewhere
penelope pittstop (7 years ago)
@IwontConform really? can you provide evidence of that? because it is noted in the childrens health clinics here that they progress quicker, it is not considered unusual for mixed kids to start walking at 10 months old, while non mixed take a bit longer but their time is considered 'average' while the mixed are considered above average also for overall motor skill development and LESS health problems e.g. less chance of sickle cell which is common among pure black people
penelope pittstop (7 years ago)
@IwontConform sssoooo AALLL mixed kids come from broken homes or unmarried parents??? hmm u get out much? why is it so important to have 'pure' races? isnt change a way to move on & evolve? where i live mixed kids are very common & are known to be generally stronger & taller than kids in their own age group who are not mixed i.e. white, black, chinese etc.. ALL of the kids in the area are from homes with both parents present in a very family orientated place..not everywhere is like america
jre52301 (7 years ago)
She makes a good point. But I dont think she should be the poster woman for this topic. I mean having four or five children with four or five different men is not admirable at all.
Born2Flesh (7 years ago)
Check the European genetics.....THERE ARE NO PURE WHITES! ...NOT EVEN IN EUROPE.
FaithandMay (7 years ago)
@TheZombieCreepShow i go through the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exact same thing. people aer ignorant. i was on a bus once and this black man kept giving me horrid looks, so when i sat down he asked what race i was so then i explain to him. then he said ''you should be ashamed of yourself.. your parents are disgusting for mixing'' :O i wanted to SLAP HIS FUCKING FACE.
richiexp2 (7 years ago)
i can't believe there is still so much racism in this world; don't we have better things to do these days?
RideOrDie Gun Training (7 years ago)
i hate bigots! watch the movie "me, myself, & irene" LOL! that is your future LOL, fuck bigots!!all racists can suck my BBC,if you got problems,u can suck my big black GLOCK then!!
n-trospective (7 years ago)
@ocboy188 People actually liked this comment? Theres 75% White people in America, trust me there okay
eli76ful (7 years ago)
@ocboy188 There are too many mixed race people in this world for your comment to make a difference and the mixed races are growing, they are already the majority. We should be more concerned with being decent human beings and treating eachother respectfuly, this is what brings success and happiness to any group of co-existing humans.
middy444 (7 years ago)
@lord5588 where are you getting this bullshit information? :S
F. W. Sauerteig (7 years ago)
The bottom line is that if everyone did as this abomination did, there would cease to any nationality or ethnicity of any people. It is not diversity.If you want diversity, take steps so that all peoples of the world retrain their ethnic identity. Make no mistake--this is an assault on white peoples, a concerted effort to destroy us. Diversity really just means less white. This is why the diversity mantra is only pushed upon the European, Western World. Sons and Daughters of Europa, ARISE
comecorrect1 (7 years ago)
I love this video so much!!! Thanks for uploading it don't worry about their negative comments. My god kids are mixed race too and they are gorgeous btw your daughter is so pretty. Diversity is beautiful, and also people are forgetting that there is the best of both worlds. You don't have to hide culture from your children, just make sure to raise them the right way and familiarize them with each of their ethnicities.
GemCan78 (7 years ago)
There was a time, when I was a child, in the 1980's, when I would see countless positive images of Whites in the media...for instance, there were Whites who played in fairy-tale epics, like "Excalibur", "The Beastmaster", etc, which displayed ancient European virtues, like chivalry, family, race, country, courage, valour, etc...nowadays, those images aren't shown anymore, becuase the Jews have a massive monopoly over the Western media market...
GemCan78 (7 years ago)
All White Male authority figures, have been demonized, since the late 1960's, in favor of aberrated, drug-addicted, childish, incompetant, and rebellious fools...ask yourself this question...how many images of positive White role models, do you see on television? Very few, if any, because the Jewish-run media, doesn't want young Whites to see any positive role models...because they want young Whites, almost from birth, to hate everything, Euro-American, and European...
GemCan78 (7 years ago)
The Zionist Jews, are wholeheartedly responsible for the destruction of the Western World...the White Race has allowed the Jews, to infiltrate, brainwash, intimidate, and destroy our glorious civilization and heritage...millions of Whites are brainwashed in the false ideology of selfish Capitalism, which puts money and the individual over the ethnicity and race...
rrevved (7 years ago)
Where da babydaddy? Let me guess ... jail? PRISON?
tdotmusiq (7 years ago)
I miss white babies. Remember when you saw a young white woman walking with a stroller and there was actually a white baby in it?! It seems like these young white women these days dont want white kids, they want the "cute" babies with pretty eye colours that they can compare to my black child.
NubianRockerChick (7 years ago)
Your daughter is gorgeous <3
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
@123Marvel123 Funny how you always mention the White women who sleep with Black men, but you fail to mention the White men who sleep with Black women and produce offspring. Don't tell me it doesn't happen because I've seen it happen enough times over here in California. Do these White men also not realize that they are destroying their blood lines? Perhaps they simply don't care because they've evolved to the point to where they can see past skin color as even being relevant.
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
@123Marvel123 Perhaps you should off yourself. It would be one less racist bigot people have to put up with. Once you and racists like you are gone, the rest of us NICE people can interact and get along in peace. Explain to me how come there are so many WHITE people who are not prejudice and don't have an issue with race mixing if race mixing is "Against Whites" as you so stupidly claim. You are the one who is stupid and worthless, hillbilly. Do you live in a single or a double wide?
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
The day will come when everyone is racially ambiguous. The day will come when we are all brown, mocha, coffee colored, caramel, or whatever you want to call it. That will be the day when skin color no longer matters, but content of a persons character is the only thing that will matter.
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
@UnyieldingDefiance You mean that PERSON that she is carrying? No, the baby is cute. She is the color of LOVE
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
@123Marvel123 So you don't find Alicia Keys, Beyonce Knowles, or Halle Berry attractive? Wow.
UnyieldingDefiance (7 years ago)
God you're digusting and so is that thing your carrying.
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
Good video. It is sadly unfortunate that there are so many racists around in 2011.
Dan Hardin (7 years ago)
@123Marvel123 You are an idiot. For your information I am a "Mixed Breed". I am Black and German and I have the most beautiful looking caramel colored skin. Many people admire the way I look.
phantomsuccour (7 years ago)
Ther's so much hate!! why!!!! Please the person who posted this, know that there are plenty of people who love your family and even in UK, most people are okay with interracial marriage so that person who posted that was a racist.
BigBrotherW (7 years ago)
You have beautiful children! Keep on spreading the truth!
Adi Write (7 years ago)
Thank you! And you're 100% right about the purity thing. What a lot of racists don't realize is that just because someone is white, they may not be 100% English or 100% Irish, Scottish, etc. Just because someone's black doesn't mean they are 100% Jamaican or 100%Haitian, or 100% Nigeria. Hardly even anyone is pure of race. I feel just as angry as you are about it! But unfortunately, you can't stop people from being stupid. It's sad.
Melanin Goddess (7 years ago)
@Atemaatra YES! always a sloppy white trash bitch.. Who purposely have them babies.And don't mind getting left with out a daddy. Sad
Melanin Goddess (7 years ago)
Another typical white trash..with no baby daddy there and a house full.
franknitty45 (7 years ago)
So where are your babies daddies? Do they provide support?
Monkee (7 years ago)
@rottwieler20 Your a facist, pure and simple. Its funny because pretty much anyone nowadays can find someone in their background that is of a different race. as Tezluv12 said 'love doesnt have a colour'
Tezluv12 (7 years ago)
love doesnt have a color.
leoxr7 (7 years ago)
1:15, The baby is looking at the mom & thinking "shut the fuck up you wanna be wigger"! LMAO!!!
ojideagu (7 years ago)
@ocboy188 How do you think all these ethnicities started in the first place? Through mixing. Not inbreeding. That's what evolution is.
Valerie Kudina (7 years ago)
You and your child are absolutely gorgeous , beautiful and you are totally right in every word. God bless you and your family.
FootSomeGuy (7 years ago)
@deadshot666 You must feel so brave to insult a child.
slaytanic1944 (7 years ago)
once you go black we dont take you back you filth lol. they arent beutiful there disgusting , your so damn nasty no white man would touch you. trust me we are all glad you decided to grow zebras inside your rotten womb. you keep saying if we dont like it dont look at them fine so stop putting the trash on youtube so we have to look at them you pay for your sins you skank keep smokin ya crack an suckin them black rods and shake hands with the devil when you burn in hell. id like to put an axe ...
Doc Maglev (7 years ago)
Baby is so cute. She can't stop looking at you. ))
Datsy .Patsy (7 years ago)
@Cuuubaluv 99% of us would never have one
GemCan78 (7 years ago)
This might be the most disgusting video that I have ever seen...This piece of sorry humanity, that decided to defile herself, with black blood, is the very epitome of human failure...she is automatically the lowest human being on the totem pole...she should be euthanized, plain and simple...
tlife35 (8 years ago)
what a beautiful baby!!! my hubby is inter-racial, and what a beautiful man he is. people are so simple hun, i just look past them. Keep moving forward and thank you for your response
Wednesday (8 years ago)
@EuroAmericanReich No, I'm mixed (multiracial). Race mixing is not wrong. Zionist Jews are racist just as you. 90% of Jewry looks physically White......What racial category do they mark? White. There is no "Jew" race. Just as most Whites do, they move into land that is not theres and kill native people. No, I love and support God and honor His Commandments. Yeshua told me to love my neighbors and mentioned nothing about color.
Wednesday (8 years ago)
@EuroAmericanReich uhhh, Hitler, no it's not. Now, find the nearest corner, pull down your pants and shove your head up our @ss and while your at it, emasculate yourself.
Wednesday (8 years ago)
What a cute baby....Hello
njemnu112 (8 years ago)
@dadecountyhustler305 lol, wish you could get them eh?
keereekee (8 years ago)
Hey Douche bag racists: 1. you are a bunch of cowards because you damn straight don't go up to some yoked up, hood hard black man and give him static about his choice of a lady. The internet is at last a megaphone for every punk assed bitch who had to keep his mouth shut in RL. 2.You have all been proven wrong and owned by a mulatto man who has ascended to the presidency and he beat two of the most vanilla assed MFs on the ticket. 3. Person posting should not feel the need to answer to idiots.
Lori Caswell (8 years ago)
very cute baby and regardless of if she is black or white or mixed, children are beautiful and people should have the right to love who they want.
musikfanat (8 years ago)
pyrostrike uk (8 years ago)
also UK's black population is 2% and they are the second least likely to be involved in an interethnic relationship
pyrostrike uk (8 years ago)
according to the office of national statistics, whites are the least likely to be involved an interethnic marriage whilst people of mixed race are the most likely to be involved an interethnic relatonship in the UK only 2% out of 100% of the marriages in the UK are interethnic also the UK's white population is 92.1% whilst the mixed race population is 1.2% white nationalists are paranoid!
Fernando (8 years ago)
@LordMalice6d9 that's bullshit.....
LordMalice6d9 (8 years ago)
Basically this woman doesn't seem to have the education of the potential harmful effects of interracial breeding. Races of people have evolved seperately from others for thousands of years and bred out various deleterious genetic defects. The FACT is interracial breeding causes more genetic defects by breeding two distinctely evolved races together. Do you KNOW why new various strains of diseases and sicknesses are appearing in the worlds populations? It's Because of interracial breeding!
cincykidcat (8 years ago)
fat nasty pig
Dannyboy855 (8 years ago)
@onnalove this is the fucking LAMEST and unoriginal attempt to explain away the word "colored"...Nice copy and paste loser....Get some original material!
colorblindvids (8 years ago)
@rottwieler20 White mens failures? Excuse me? We created the civilized world, your ancestors failed by never contributing to the world besides free labor that is.
mikeg642000 (8 years ago)
Coal burning - Race Traitor!
mikeg642000 (8 years ago)
Sure.............thanks for helping to breed the White race out of existence!

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