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Hugo Boss Bottled Intense AND Boss Bottled Intense EDP Cologne for men | UNBOXED

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In this fragrance first impressions video, I share my thoughts on Boss Bottled Intense and Boss Bottled Intense edp (Eau De Parfum). These two scents are remarkably similar as Boss created very strict interpretations of the original Boss Bottled. They make great office cologne options for men and while not extremely exciting are very solid options. Which one would I chose if I had to between the two? Thank you for watching. Like, Subscribe and Comment below and also... You can support this channel by shopping at www.SimplyPut Scents.com For fragrance related Apparel and other products. or by Purchasing the fragrances mentioned in this video (After you have gotten a sample first, of course) by using the following links: Boss Bottled Intense- http://amzn.to/2oH655A LET'S STAY CONNECTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/SimplyPutScents/ TWITTER- @SimplyPutScents INSTAGRAM- SimplyPut Scents SnapChat- SimplyPutScents BACKGROUND MUSIC- Dreams by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ BUSINESS CONTACT- [email protected] FAIR USE NOTICE- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Text Comments (108)
Greg Schlegel (1 month ago)
At this moment I’m doing a side by side comparison on my skin between Hugo boss bottled EDP and YSL L’Homme. They seem very very similar to my nose with the L’Homme being more subtle and smoother while the boss being a bit more potent since it is an EDP.
PittsensX (5 months ago)
Boss bottle intense is great.. I don't really like the opening but the drydown is beautiful.. And it last like 24 hours on my skin.. I'm not even joking
Collin Z (2 days ago)
edt or the edp?
John Avi (7 months ago)
Hey man...do you like taco seasoning scents in EDPs? It's the hype in 2018. That new Nautica Voyage; South of the border edition. Straight fire🔥💩🚽 Enjoyed the video tho.
Anas fahim (8 months ago)
Which 1 is your fav?
Renegade (9 months ago)
Coworkerd had this on today, I was holy shit what is that smell. Boss bottle intense. I have creeds and all kinds of perfume but damn did it smell good on him, gotta get it now!
MrTehoTeho (9 months ago)
I prefer the EdT because it’s stronger than the original but not too potent. The EdP has a distinct bubblegum vibe which I’m not a big fan of.
Simply Put Scents (9 months ago)
interesting...I can get what you mean...thanks for sharing your thoughts...
Angel Cremass (9 months ago)
¡I love Boss Bottled Intense EDP!
Scott Wilbur (10 months ago)
Boss Bottled Intense EDP Extreme (eyeroll) Classic! I've got the original from a few years ago and am not sure I'm spending any more on this fragrance. There's just too many other fragrances I'm more interested in trying. Thanks for saving me a few bucks here "E"!
Tyler Noice (11 months ago)
Earned a new sub! Great video!
Simply Put Scents (11 months ago)
Grateful for your support...Hopefully u don't regret it...lol
AllAboutFragrance (11 months ago)
Great video bro!!! Really enjoyed it!
RealJoshTv (1 year ago)
Your a legend bro!! Love the video! 😎
Infamous Aries (1 year ago)
Have you ever tried lacoste blanc it smells freshly done laundry from olympus
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
lol...Very nice description...Now Im curious...lol
Ted Henry (1 year ago)
Please do a original VS flanker (intense-2015)
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
I haven't owned the original for a while...But I'll see what I can do...I can for sure tell u that its much weaker than the other two...
Ted Henry (1 year ago)
I might get this for my nephew as he's becoming a man. A flanker! I'll get the original just in case
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Thats really cool bro...Thats how it should be...Men passing on the love for smelling our best to the next generation...lol
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
I'm really interested in your take on the new Boss The Scent Intense. Do you have a review coming in the near future? 🍎
Big Daddy (1 year ago)
I got a tester of it and I'm actually wearing it right now. It's been 5 hours and it's still projecting really really good and smells great. I've got my girl here and she's lovin it. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if you're getting the same results or if it's just me
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
I can do a vid on it...I don't have it but i did want to get a couple samples to test it out. Maybe I'll record it.
Tom G. (1 year ago)
I've got the EDT Intense and it like took the good notes of the original, subdued them and amped up the artificial apple and vanilla notes to the max. It smells SO synthetic and like Boss was trying to make a flanker to compete with the popular clubbing scents of the time (Eros, 1 Million, 212 VIP, etc.). Unlike those popular clubbing scents, this one just comes off awkward and unpleasant to smell. I am a fan of the original Boss Bottled, even if it's a bit boring now.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
The Intense Edp is more balanced than the intense version...Im not sure if they were going for a club alternative since its still on the conservative side but i can agree with you about that apple...not my favorite note in this scent at all..I was glad when it went away...lol. Thanks for watching Tom
Antonio Dragonheart (1 year ago)
The girl though... made my day :D
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
lmao...Thanks for watching Antonio...
High Hopes (1 year ago)
I worn Bottled Intense for a few weeks, but couldn't stand it because of the geranium note - which is too strong here, it causes dust-like effect, too harsh for me... Didn't try the EDP, but I think that original No.6 is still the best in the whole line, but it really sucks at longevity and projection =\
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
That may be what I don't like about it...I feel like it was the apple but in a lot of fragrances with a weird calongey type of smell Geranium is in it in abundance...The intense edp is a lot more balanced imo...Thanks for sharing your thoughts...
Alberto Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Good review, E. I don't own a Hugo Boss bottle in my collection yet. I have sampled the Hugo Boss Bottled Intense (EDP) and the smell is pretty good. It's woody, spicy, powdery, fruity to my nose. I was very intrigued on purchasing the bottle but I didn't end up buying it. Instead, I bought my first ever Yves Saint Laurent bottle and I'm so hooked lol.
Alberto Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Simply Put Scents You bet. I bought YSL Parfum Intense and loving it. It was difficult to choose between Parfum Intense or La Nuit De L'Homme. I will buy La Nuit next week because I also liked it a lot.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
lol...Thanks bro...What YSL scent did u get?
Brian Mccormack (1 year ago)
i know you like scents with incense in them, do you prefer profumo or dylan blue? compare video? :D
Guinea54 (1 year ago)
Great video.. I liked your raw reaction and the change.. shows character in your reviews and rawness. That happens to all of us.. I actually like the green apple note in the original.. haven't tried this one.. Id be curious about this EDP version since the original didn't last long on me.. I guess u said it best.. EDc, EDT EDP... lol
Kologne (1 year ago)
Womp womp. Haha classic classic. Hope all is well E!
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
lol...So far so good brother...Hope u are good too...
John Wen (1 year ago)
love this one as always, pls make ur theme , the top 10 Wun Wun list and top 10 get the lady list. Tks E
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching John...I'll consider that for sure brother...thanks for the suggestion...
MRah (1 year ago)
Personally I think BB Intense EDT is more versatile than the EDP since the INtense EDT's concentration is lighter. I'd wear the EDP in autumn and winter since it can get cloying. But I'd always stick to the original Boss Bottled. It's versatile, inoffensive and a classic.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Interesting...Thanks for sharing your thoughts brother...
Biz Kindred (1 year ago)
Neither one of these really appealed to me. Nice review brotha.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for watching Biz...
Enrique Arellano (1 year ago)
I own the OG Boss Bottled. I also picked up the Intense EDP last month. Before that I had received a vial of the Intense EDT. Spot on review bro.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot Enrique...I appreciate you for watching brother...
Iceburg0032 (1 year ago)
I like the edt better..I have a bottle of the edt then sold it to buy the edp because I figured I would like the higher concentration but I didnt..I like the lighter edt and the edt performes better on my skin so when I am done with the edp I will buy the edt..I am glad I only got the edp in a 1.7oz bottle
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Iceburg0032 interesting...thanks for sharing your experiences brother...
cameron brock (1 year ago)
Nice video bra. My thing about all these new fragrances is, most of them smell good and are different which I like, but THEY DON'T LAST LONG AT All! You're spending almost 100 dollars a bottle and constantly have to spray. That's why I have been going back to the basics lately; Versace, cool water, Armani just to name a few. Colognes you know that's gonna do the job without using too much.
cameron brock (1 year ago)
Just was saying. I had bought boss the scent Friday (89.00) and it didn't last at all. Took it back...
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
cameron brock the intense Eau de parfum of boss bottled actually lasts and can be had for under $50 online.
simpa256 (1 year ago)
To me, on strip, this frag is amazing. On me... god almighty!! It smells like a rubber burning. It is so bad on me that I cannot understand how something gorgeous can smell so bad on my skin. Apple is my worst frag note!! I can't stand apple!! Gives me headache. In some okay, when it's in the base and veeery subtle.
BlaZe iT (9 months ago)
I have the same problem with ginger :( I LOVE L'homme by YSL on a strip but ginger literally smells like a rotten vegetable on my skin 😭
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Great point...If u don't fully love something it's best to leave it alone...lol
simpa256 (1 year ago)
I dunno man, I had that smell through the entire life. Maybe not in the very dry down but even if it was only first 30 mins, I never ever buy a frag which I don't instantly fall in love with. For example, ADG Profumo or Sauvage or The One... loved on the first sniff off my skin. loved it in transition and gosh I love them in the dry down. If I am not enjoying one stage or aspect of a frag... I don't buy. I mean why would anyone. In a sea of beautiful frags, and even more clones, why would I go for one I don't like or don't like fully.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
simpa256 and think u and I are smelling the same thing and interpreting it in different ways...i think we both get the chemical plastic scent from that apple...it's more tolerable in the edp Intense version tho...still there in the opening. When it dries down and that apple evaporates it smells a lot better. The first 30 minutes was the most annoying for me...
King Rogers (1 year ago)
You do the best fragrance unboxing, first impressions videos on youtube.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Shakeil Rogers thanks a lot Shakeil. I really appreciate u watching bro...
Jovi Romero (1 year ago)
What do you thing of Boss Unlimited? I love it.I interested in your opinion 😉, thanks
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Jovi Romero I haven't smelled it yet...I'll look out for it tho...thanks for the suggestion.
Rob Whiff (1 year ago)
I am a big fan of the original and now my son rocks it, great take my men, so no apple picking for you this year lol...
Rob Whiff (1 year ago)
I feel you...apple its a tricky note to mess with...
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Rob Whiff I love apple...but that chemical plastic accord a lot of apple notes smell like turns me off...nautica voyage has apple that doesn't make me want to scrub it...lol
Joy Amin (1 year ago)
the goat literally killed me hahahahahahah, awesome take once again brother
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Joy Amin lol thanks for watching Joy...
matt holmes (1 year ago)
Yeah boss bottled isn't the best. Regret buy for me. Review Armani attitude
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
matt holmes I haven't smelled that...but I'll keep an eye out for it...thanks for the suggestion.
that Cologne guy (1 year ago)
That girls expression at 2:16 is pure gold!😂
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
that Cologne guy lol thanks for watching brother.
Colin Zito (1 year ago)
Nice review. Could you review Rihanna Rogue Man? Ive heard good things about it.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Colin Zito sure I'll pick it up...
Tru Dat (1 year ago)
I always look forward to watching your reviews. Peace
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Tru Dat thanks for the loyalty brother...
Jim R (1 year ago)
The video inserts and your reactions are class! Enjoyed...LOL!
TEJ BklynNY (1 year ago)
Thanks for this one, brother!
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Troy E. Jones thanks for watching Troy.
Bresden (1 year ago)
Perfect timing. This is the scent I've been most curious about this week. How is the performance and longevity on the EDP?
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Bresden it's the best performing of the three. Lasts over 8 hours with decent spillage and projection through 3-4 hours
De Gru (1 year ago)
tried the edp in stores and bought the edt after that. a big mistake since the edp is much richer and stronger in my opinion. don't really appreciate it especially because its so weak in projection and longevity. nice review as always Dude :)
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
De Gru ageeed 100%...it is a lot fuller and richer...the edt has its uses especially in warmer weather but the Intense Edp was a perfected version of it almost...
Myles Austin (1 year ago)
hey bro great video. can you do rasasi hawas review some time.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Myles Austin I will see what I can do brother...thanks for the suggestion. A few people have mentioned this to me so I may pick it up next week...
Tommy Saito (1 year ago)
say what E? You got a package? 🤣🤣
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Tommy Saito lmao...
Jovi Romero (1 year ago)
For me the best Boss bottle is the original.Very nice video 😉
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Jovi Romero I can appreciate that...thanks for sharing your thoughts Jovi...
George Bonilla (1 year ago)
Aeyo fam (lol, my daughter says that a lot), could you do a review of Boss the Scent Intense? I heard thst just came out and it's supposed to be better than the original.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
George Bonilla I will see what I can do brother...thanks for the suggestion...
Steven Sproat (1 year ago)
Great stuff E and great editing! Don't think I've. Smelled neither of these but I see them in the stores so shall have to give them a try. I sprayed on the new Tonic flanker the other day to test and it was alright, more of the same really!
Steven Sproat (1 year ago)
It was similar to the original but not aquatic as I expected, I only gave my hand a small spray, I'll give it a test wear tomorrow :)
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
And thanks for the compliments Brother
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Steven Sproat I'm curious about that one...how did u like it?
MDCigan (1 year ago)
Interesting. I love the smell of the original and for me it is the apple that does it. I've read it described as apple pie with vanilla ice cream and that is exactly what I get from it. Interestingly, Fragrance Bros had a completely different take. I'm beginning to believe that people have very different receptors and so scents can smell radically different. To put it in colors, one person sees purple, the other sees blue, the other sees black all looking at the same blotch of ink on the paper. I have Intense too. To me it is simply the original plus the bubble gum note
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
MDCigan very true point...I'm very sensitive to a caloney plastic scent from a lot of apple notes...Thankfully for me this is usually a fleeting top note that goes away after a while but apple notes not done right add a chemical cheapness to a fragrance in my opinion...I can tolerate it in voyage by nautica more than in other scents. In voyage that unpleasant smell lasts seconds when I first spray it on.
Arden Powers (1 year ago)
Nice review ! I get a clove note out of the Intense version that doesn't appeal to me as much as the original. I will have to get my nose on the parfum version . . . thanks for the review !
Arden Powers (1 year ago)
I'm with you . . . I feel the same way, and like the original best so far. I also have not tried the EDP and want to see how it does with others in the fragrance community ! :)
Brian L. (1 year ago)
Arden Powers That is exactly what I get.. Clove and lots of it and I don't like it!! I've never seen anyone else mention it. The original is sweeter and no clove. I have not smelled the EDP, but I want it to smell like the original, but deeper, richer longer lasting.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Arden Powers interesting. U have a good nose. The clove doesn't come across too heavy at all to me...that's cool. Thanks for watching
MrJasontm2386 (1 year ago)
this or lacoste pour homme
MrJasontm2386 (1 year ago)
Thanks E
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
MrJasontm2386 I'd go with bottled Intense Edp without question over any Lacoste in my opinion.
MrJasontm2386 (1 year ago)
great review choice
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
MrJasontm2386 thanks Jason
Scott Piper (1 year ago)
I own two vintage bottles of Boss #6. Will exhaust that before getting the edp.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
But the edp Intense is very nice
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Scott Piper completely get why u would do that...they really are very similar...
Brandon Kenney (1 year ago)
can't wait to get my hands on this one. I hear comparisons with YSL Lhomme which is one of my all time favorites.
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Brandon Kenney I can see how people can make that comparison tho I liked L'homme when it first came out a lot more than I did the original boss bottled...The two intense versions of it are pretty good...
MDCigan (1 year ago)
Brandon Kenney Killer blend is the original With YSL L Homme
Simply Put Scents (1 year ago)
Boss Bottled Intense and Intense EDP are so true flankers. No one can claim they are not related to the original. They are exact copies just made incrementally stronger. Which boss bottled is your favorite?

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