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TIRE LETTERS: Permanent Raised Rubber Tire Lettering Kits From Tire Stickers

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Tire letters are available in multiple colors and fonts from Tire Stickers. This is a short application video of our Permanent Raised Rubber Lettering Kit, which we hope you enjoy. Licensed tire brands and custom tire decals are available at our shop: https://www.tirestickers.com/product-category/tire-lettering/ This is a DIY product for any vehicle tire sidewall! Tire letters were first introduced in 2007 by Tire Stickers primarily for professional motorsport teams and tire companies for aftermarket brand enhancement. Shortly after, TS developed do-it-yourself application products for consumers including these permanent raised rubber tire letters. This product is designed to last the lifetime of the tire. Follow Us On Social Media! Instagram - https://instagram.com/tirestickers/ Facebook Fan Page - https://www.facebook.com/tirestickers Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/b/117458624840203066736/+Tirestickers/posts
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Text Comments (46)
rafael perez (1 month ago)
Peel and stick temporary how long does it last ? and also when i type what i want do i use capital letters in all of them and will that be wider ?
Tire Stickers (1 month ago)
Peel and stick are meant for things like car shows and races and last about 100 miles. Permanent stickers are made to last the life of the tire. The biggest influence on size is the font size you choose- most tirestickers are done in capital letters. Use the tire size calculator to see what the max size is safe to put on your tire if you are looking to go big.
Thomas Welcomer (2 months ago)
The curve looked wrong in the video. Are the letters manufactured in only one size roundness???
Tire Stickers (1 month ago)
Every sticker is custom created to fit the dimensions of the specific wheel
BAYNINER415 (2 months ago)
What size What size lettering is that that’s the lettering that I want from my tire can you give me dimension and number so I can apply it to your website so I can get it
Tire Stickers (2 months ago)
Hey it depends more on the size of your tire and the ratio of the size of the lettering for it to look like the ones in the video- If you go to https://www.tirestickers.com/shop/text-on-tires/ and enter your tire size into the calculator on the bottom left of the page you would be looking for the large lettering font size vs the moderate. If you need further assistance with an order email [email protected]
DopeBoyz DontSleep (1 year ago)
Do they turn yellow and nasty like the replicas on ebay?
Tire Stickers (3 months ago)
They last the life of your tire and if they do start to get stained we have an awesome cleaner that is tiresticker safe and will make them look like new https://www.tirestickers.com/shop/cleaner/
Eduardo Gutierrez (1 year ago)
everytime I wash and detail my car(once a week) I always scrub the tires with a degreaser to keep the tires looking like new. would that damage the lettering?
Batman Wayne (3 months ago)
Eduardo Gutierrez they just want you to buy their shit lol
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
Over time, degreaser can cause wear on the rubber so we recommend using our Tire Stickers Cleaner to keep them looking new. Also a whitewall cleaner can be used safely.
Christian Valverde (1 year ago)
ok i decided to order the permanent stickers for my nitto tires but t does it come with a special glue or do i have to buy that separate ? and where do i call to order some ..
Doomed America (1 year ago)
Christian Valverde did you install the kit, how was it? Did they hold up to wear and tear?
Christian Valverde (1 year ago)
i just placed my order online of nitto perm stickers . hope is easy to put them on without taking out the a tire,lol Thank you : )
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
Adhesive is included with each kit. You can call us 424-272-0321 to order or go online tirestickers.com/shop
Chris Silva (1 year ago)
I bought some tires with letters like these. How do I take them off?
JT s (2 months ago)
If they can be removed then why can they not be reused??
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
Removal can be done with a set of pliers to pull the rubber from the surface and then use light grit sand paper to remove remaining residue and acetone to clean the surface.
Priscila (1 year ago)
What are the letters made of?
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
Hello, our patented permanent product is made of a real raised rubber proprietary compound. Our short term product is ink based
Three Dee (1 year ago)
I have the same question, 275/60R20 tires what inch lettering should I get?  I love the way the Dunlop font look.  Please reply soon.
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
If you check out our website we have a calculator. You can choose any size within a range, it is subjective to what you'd like to achieve. You have a large profile so you could go with 1.75" for a bold look or something smaller that could be 1.25" or 1.5".
SoyTuPapi (1 year ago)
How much are the letters?
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
Retail $75-$110 for the whole car
Steveaux DaVinci (1 year ago)
Question. I have lexani 275/40R20 tires. What inch decal lettering would you guys recommend me to get? I like the "WIDE" font type
Steveaux DaVinci (1 year ago)
Tire Stickers cool! THANKS! 👍🏽😎
Tire Stickers (1 year ago)
Hello, we'd recommend 1.25" for a solid fitment
Cherylene Algarin (2 years ago)
I just ordered some, can't wait to get them. What song is in the video?
Captain Obvious (1 year ago)
Cherylene Algarin "natural blues" by Moby as far as I know
myfastgti07 (2 years ago)
What kind of glue can I use ? And can I find it at my local hardware store?
SoyTuPapi (1 year ago)
myfastgti07 rubber cement.
Tire Stickers (2 years ago)
Our glue is proprietary and specialized, hardware store adhesive will damage the tire and lettering. We sell glue by itself in our shop
Breyden Artis (2 years ago)
Will these be effected by washing your car?
Tire Stickers (2 years ago)
+Breyden Artis Absolutely not, these are permanent! The only thing that can cause damage is a car wash with side rails that act like a curb along your tires.
Clifford Scott (2 years ago)
can you re use when u change tires
Kevin Pham (1 year ago)
how do you go about the discount for returning customers? I cannot find anything on the website.
Clifford Scott (2 years ago)
so about 4 in change for a set .....you sell tires too...i have a black srt Cherokee 2013..any suggestions. ...
Tire Stickers (2 years ago)
+Clifford Scott a new set is required with new tires, we provide a discount for returning customers! Any design text, logos etc. is possible
Clifford Scott (2 years ago)
so whatever you want it to say is possible.
SilveradoSeppi310 (2 years ago)
is there a limit to how many letters to add?
Tire Stickers (2 years ago)
+sweetishy No you can request as many letters as you'd like! A set of 12 or less characters per tire is $74.99 and over 12 characters is $109.99
fd3s rxxx7 (3 years ago)
will you need a re balance after this?
Tire Stickers (2 years ago)
+fd3s rxxx7 Hi, no need to re-balance, our material is raised but thin and will not throw off the wheel balance at all.
BC96 Productions (2 years ago)
+fd3s rxxx7 For stickers?
francisco gaytan (3 years ago)
what size letters are those? 2"?
Tire Stickers (2 years ago)
+francisco gaytan Hi, they are exactly 1.5 inches.

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