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5 Hours of Relaxing Psychedelic Space Rock (Complete tracklist in description)

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*UPDATE May 26 - 2018* I've made another space rock mix in the same style like this one. You'll find it here: https://youtu.be/ors0wpcVDcc I'm aware of all the shitty ads in the video. Unfortunately I can't do anything about them. Use Adblock or sign up for Youtube Premium to avoid them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is 5 hours of relaxing Psychedelic/Space Rock. Some songs speed up on the tempo here and there but most of the time it's really laidback. Every song has their own picture. You'll find links to every band down below in the tracklist. Please give them your support if you enjoy this. I got inspiration from Fuzz FM's channel to make this video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTpc-_MvnaSuRA0BR6Rz9ZQ Here are some other ways to support my channel: https://www.facebook.com/UnderratedAlbum https://www.instagram.com/UnderratedAlbums https://www.patreon.com/UnderratedAlbums https://spoti.fi/2LkXgKD Play it LOUD and have a convenient flight. Spotify playlist (a few tracks are not available there) https://spoti.fi/2IzZHeh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TRACKLIST 01. Ditch - One Way Trip to the Sun [00:00] http://www.ditch-band.nl 02. Spaceslug - Proton Lander [05:59] https://spaceslug.bandcamp.com 03. Tangerine Stoned - L'Urlo della Strega [13:47] https://tangerine-stoned.bandcamp.com 04. Ahkmed - T = 0 [24:50] https://ahkmed.bandcamp.com 05. Weedpecker - Already Gone [32:25] https://weedpecker.bandcamp.com 06. Farflung - Silver Shrooms [37:16] https://farflung.bandcamp.com 07. Hollow Mirrors - Sliding Under And Slipping Away [42:40] https://hollowmirrors.bandcamp.com 08. Cartographer - 17:04 - Now Yours, Not Ours, Not Mine [47:48] https://cartographer013.bandcamp.com 09. Öken - Under Vår Sol (Under our Sun) [56:24] http://oziumrecords.com/product/öken-öken-cd 10. Los Natas - Nadha [1:07:16] http://www.natasrock.com 11. The Machine - Infinite [1:10:16] http://www.themachineweb.com 12. Ampacity - Asimov's Sideburns [1:16:27] https://ampacity.bandcamp.com 13. Landskap - My Cabin In The Woods [1:26:14] https://landskap.bandcamp.com 14. The Kings of Frog Island - Welcome to the Void [1:29:07] http://alturl.com/hz9bg 15. Sun Blood Stories - Misery is Nebulous [1:37:20] https://sunbloodstories.bandcamp.com 16. Quest For Fire - You Are Always Loved [1:44:16] http://alturl.com/znz6j 17. Stoned Cobra - She Burns [1:51:56] https://stonedcobra.bandcamp.com 18. Truckfighters - Altered State [1:56:23] http://www.truckfighters.com 19. Mirovia - Enter Rodinia [2:04:45] https://mirovia1.bandcamp.com 20. Maha Sohona - Asteroids Part 1: Aftermath [2:10:14] https://mahasohona.bandcamp.com 21. The Whirlings - Lagrange Points [2:16:06] https://thewhirlings1.bandcamp.com 22. Causa Sui - Eternal Flow [2:24:21] http://elparaisorecords.com/artists/causa_sui 23. Fluidage - I Ride The Weed Harvester Through Mars Pt.I - The Arrival [2:33:16] https://fluidage.bandcamp.com 24. Buddha Sentenza - Black Coal Funeral [2:45:32] https://buddhasentenza.bandcamp.com 25. Arenna - Eclipse [2:51:14] https://arenna.bandcamp.com 26. Temple of the Smoke - Beyond the Wall of Sleep [3:02:57] https://templeofthesmoke.bandcamp.com 27. Pharaoh Overlord - Mystery Shopper [3:08:30] https://pharaohoverlord.bandcamp.com 28. Krobak - Marching for the Freedom We Have Lost [3:18:52] https://krobak.bandcamp.com 29. Föllakzoid - 99 [3:29:07] https://follakzoid.bandcamp.com 30. 1000mods - Valley of Sand [3:38:13] https://1000mods.bandcamp.com 31. Het Droste Effect - 't Silveren Seepaerd [3:54:57] https://hetdrosteeffect.bandcamp.com 32. Colour Haze - Turns [3:59:35] http://www.colourhaze.de 33. Shooting Guns - Go Blind [4:04:38] https://shootingguns.bandcamp.com 34. Henryspenncer - Nebula [4:10:47] https://henryspenncer.bandcamp.com 35. Kyuss - Space Cadet [4:19:38] https://www.amazon.com/Kyuss/e/B000APZ2BM/ 36. Mars Red Sky - Saddle Point [4:26:56] http://www.marsredsky.net 37. 35007 - Suave [4:30:49] http://www.dse.nl/~drie5007 38. Comet Control - Master [4:35:44] https://cometcontrol.bandcamp.com 39. Martian Love - Theme Of The Universe [4:40:34] https://martianlovemusic.bandcamp.com 40. The Re-Stoned - Sleeping World [4:44:36] https://re-stoned.bandcamp.com 41. Sonora Ritual - Farewell [4:49:40] http://sonoraritual.bandcamp.com 420. Skraeckoedlan - Epilog [4:53:33] http://www.skraeckoedlan.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own any copyrights to this music. If the artist, record label or any copyright owners thinks I'm a fucking asshole for putting this on Youtube, please let me know and I'll remove it. I only uploaded this because I want to spread something I liked, I have no intention on taking credit for someone else's hard work. #HighOnMusic #SupportTheArtist #UA
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Text Comments (3965)
Austin James (5 hours ago)
This is beautiful music. Idk why people think getting high makes it better. It’s beautiful when listening to this sober-minded
Vladimir Anshelm (9 hours ago)
The first song, blows me up!
Bria Lewis (9 hours ago)
Me and my husband fucked pretty quickly listening to this.. I love so much
Lucas Mendes (10 hours ago)
Can't listen 5 minutes without those fucking disgraceful ads. This video is ruined.
Samuel Donitz (22 hours ago)
No hawkwind?!?! The innovators of space rock? Gimme a break
Underrated Albums (19 hours ago)
To easy, my channel is about the more unknown ones. There are already 6 million different playlists with Pink Floyd and Hawkwind.
Alex Hamilton (1 day ago)
How can you relax with all the interruptions from adverts? 🤬
Underrated Albums (19 hours ago)
The ads are fucked up in this video. My suggestion is Adblock or Youtube Premium.
Antonio Valdez (1 day ago)
this is so good for the soul
Lucas Rosas (1 day ago)
Jajaja no se imaginan todo lo que me drogue con esto
Jesse Hamilton (1 day ago)
Beautiful Could use some Flaming Lips
Vincent Rabajoie (1 day ago)
if Adds are stars then this video is space...
Killer Skull (1 day ago)
Almost 4 mill Man!!!
The Bass Effect (2 days ago)
03. Tangerine Stoned - L'Urlo della Strega [13:47] | Do parts of this song remind anyone of Breathe by Pink Floyd?
Darren Baker (2 days ago)
Calm it pheonix
Darren Baker (2 days ago)
Cause everyone stoned yeh !! That's why
ChirpTheOwl (3 days ago)
So many of you are tripping and I just wanted a good playlist to study science to.
Santiago Rodriguez (3 days ago)
I like how the track list jumps from 41 to 420
Screw You Hippies (4 days ago)
Almost 4 million veiws come on yall lets trip our fucking BALLS OFF
Underrated Albums (2 days ago)
P C (4 days ago)
what do you make out of this? www.foundationsofhumanlife.com
Fusrodog (4 days ago)
I've been loving this video, but the damned throttling and video loading is a pain in the ass. You have a way to put all of that into a playlist instead of all in one video?
Underrated Albums (2 days ago)
There is one incomplete list on Spotify.
InfernalDreamGuitar (4 days ago)
13:47 - Reminds me perfectly of Shine on You Crazy Diamond
Papa Frankin (5 days ago)
I'm high with full of star baby😄😄😄
Ishen Sarabia (5 days ago)
I did dxm and don't know if I'll live through this letters but hope I end up in space
Arunava De (5 days ago)
Best playlist on YouTube! <3
I dont know what it is but I love the first part so much
Emir Elbasan (6 days ago)
Biraz daha reklam koysaydınız aq
These songs help us free our minds....
uhuju1 (6 days ago)
The Sky and the Cosmos are one!
Val Brodatsky (7 days ago)
goes well with a few roads of plutonium nyborg
Ylva Arkona (8 days ago)
We touched the stars yesterday... great mix !
Luís Pedro Marta (8 days ago)
Anyone knows where i can get the pic from the thumbnail? thx
Underrated Albums (2 days ago)
You got links to each picture in the first comment under the video.
Michele Vitoo (8 days ago)
Ayethere M8 (9 days ago)
Only thing this playlist is missing to make it complete would be space by the butthole surfers
Niklas N (9 days ago)
just keep calm and believe in the Cosmo Sapiens, perhaps not our generation, perhaps not even the next, but someone somewhere will solve this mystic puzzle of our so called life, and its a big honor for me to be part of it .
Andres Chavez (9 days ago)
Does anyone think that the riff at 20:06 is a homage to Floyd's "Breathe"? The whole song is lovely
I'm James (10 days ago)
Tangerine Stoned = Pink Floyd rip off.
First time travel with this sound. this is REAL one!
MASTER AMV (11 days ago)
Would I be able to use the first song on one of my videos please? :D
Underrated Albums (11 days ago)
I'm not the owner of any tracks on this list. You should ask Ditch and be sure to add a link to their bandcamp page under the video.
Afrizal Rizky (11 days ago)
OMGGGGGGGGGG THIS; 03. Tangerine Stoned - L'Urlo della Strega !1!1!
Locust Pang (11 days ago)
With that playlist you can be tripping even without being high. I remeber the day at the end of may this year. Laying on a lawn chair on my balcony surrounded by sounds of 3:18:52 , sky was touched, with all colors of the rainbow, by the sun that was going in, and that light warm wind that was blowing spelling upcoming, beyond the pine forest, storm and this feeling that everything is revolving and falling along with a sens of being so small.
Underrated Albums (11 days ago)
I love music that can make you fly without any substans. Thank you for sharing your moment, it sounds fantastic!
Greg Walton (11 days ago)
My chicken turned into a cat, it was that good!
Nikhil Kumar (12 days ago)
This is so much better than Study music.
the third one sounds much like pink floyds breathe in the air
Gear Jammer's music (13 days ago)
This was a well spent 4 hours 57 mins 58 secs. Amazing music!
Bubbles_McStuffin97 (13 days ago)
I know I commented already but this playlist really makes me want to play the guitar
Bubbles_McStuffin97 (13 days ago)
To those of you on your journey through space don't forget to spread the love!
MadreTierra (13 days ago)
30 ads, fuck
All Stuff Tech (13 days ago)
This compilation of relaxing rock music is the best I have heard. It is the right mix of guitar and drums with a Pink Floyd-esk laid-back-ness. It makes my whole body vibrate from my pineal glad to my feet. I like to listen to this music after smoke some reefer and then I play Pac-Man 3. Seventh Heaven. Thank you:-).
YouTube Account (14 days ago)
Abhinanda Patra (14 days ago)
This is in my watch later list so that i can access it wherever I left it off lol. I listen to this whenever I'm trying to concentrate or something. amazing compilation <3
Maniac Rebooted (14 days ago)
my 3 am chill music
Evan G (14 days ago)
This has become my primary working music. Thanks!
My Leg Guy (14 days ago)
Why's every shroom-head a philosopher? Why do you all ponder on the world's beauty and your own realizations of the universe? Why not take those deep questions and push them further? Why, instead of taking more shrooms, take it a step forward and understand how that can happen? Why not do research, and then some more research? Why not conduct your own experiments and try to challenge those questions? It is very possible to go beyond and begin to answer your own questions, all that it requires is the unstoppable and natural curiosity that breeds inside of you. Fiddle with the universe. Research. Hypothesize. Experiment. Result. Share.
Scott Schwettman (15 days ago)
...it’s depressing...I feel “fucking” depressed...”fuck life”...oh well...who cares anymore...?
Tom Jones (15 days ago)
'Houston, we have a problem'
panagiotis plarinos (15 days ago)
I have seen 1000mods at least 5 times. THEY ARE FUCKING AMAZING.They are a very popular group in and from my country greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mortal Progeny (16 days ago)
It's good to fly off-world every now and then.
Space Neri IV (16 days ago)
La primera canción es perfección. 🔭⌛
John Hesler (16 days ago)
Thank for you all of your hard work. Excellent music that would otherwise probably would not be heard. Thanks again and take care. P.S. - Do you like Krautrock?
Underrated Albums (15 days ago)
Thank you so much for your kind words! Yeah, I'm totally in to krautrock.
anthony lyons (16 days ago)
If it takes a chicken and a half a day and a half to lay an egg and a half, how many pancakes does it take to shingle a dog house? Wrong! Ice cream has no bones!
Claudio R (16 days ago)
What year am I
Claudio R (16 days ago)
I am outter-spaced. Don't try to take me back.
Claudio R (16 days ago)
Space is so big and strange
Claudio R (16 days ago)
Which century I am stucked in, or millennia
Claudio R (16 days ago)
or should I say we are, shouldn't I?
Tyrie Overton (16 days ago)
Jeff Stewart (16 days ago)
Takes Pink Floyd's music to the next level.
PurpleStratocaster (17 days ago)
Thought I might see some early Porcupine Tree on here. "The Sky Moves Sideways" comes to mind.
James Livingston (17 days ago)
Evan Johnson (17 days ago)
Where's the Floyd?
Andrew Moore (17 days ago)
34 ads?!?! I don't think so! YouTube, you're pissing on your own bonfire.
PurpleStratocaster (17 days ago)
Adblock Plus is your friend.
Prinkesh Sharma (17 days ago)
Added on google play music https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXymrF_fYRpkAnrU_h3a5p8RHT7BUZQJuwRYTDDSr1vsS109kYSOTKBpJi8JIJ-bhc_99dGM7-U5yy8M_aWpXNpBQUwf19Q%3D%3D
Thierry Gagnon (18 days ago)
So. Many. Fucking. Adds.
PurpleStratocaster (17 days ago)
Use Adblock Plus.
Dee Jay (18 days ago)
Perfect Sleep Music, fucking love it 😎
Magnus Atheos (18 days ago)
How can you have 5 hours of relaxing Psychedelic anything with 30 ads littering the content? Google's greed has killed YouTube. Time for an alternative long overdue.
PurpleStratocaster (17 days ago)
I never see a single ad on YouTube. Use Adblock.
William Jones (19 days ago)
(Part 12) "Roll complete Boss" laughed James echoing Father McCleary. Mmm me 'Boss'? With Mark AWOL maybe even dead i was now in charge due to my superior training and intellect. I was as thick as shit if truth be told we all were.Thick.As. thick oh well in the valley of the blind the one eyed man is king i mused."What's the latest on Mark's wife? and why didn't you guys radio contact me?" "WIDOW" !! they all chorused before bursting collectively into laughter."We had a radio lots of radios but no fucking batteries" spat Hans Glimmer.
Graeme Craig (19 days ago)
Still love this, wish you had a presence on soundcloud. It gets tedious with the adds interrupting, and I don't have the money for subscription to youtube because I work remotely I just the music not the screen.
Underrated Albums (16 days ago)
Thank you! Try using adblock, that is free
PK75 (19 days ago)
Three songs and I like it. Got hear cause it was listed in the suggested panel on the right while I was listening to Greta Van Fleet new release... I don't burn much at all anymore but being recently retired, this music is telling me it might be time to revisit that period in my life :)
victor loza (19 days ago)
The first song🤤 want more of it in my life!
NolaBeeMe (18 days ago)
Yeah I need it Too
septemous (19 days ago)
Really a nice run of tunes here -- thank you !!
Chris C (20 days ago)
Tangerine Stoned - L'Urlo della Strega [13:47] Sounds like an early Pink Floyd knock off.
Syd Barrett (14 days ago)
Definitely some influence
naver dard silver (20 days ago)
it song good ^^
Joe User (20 days ago)
1:29:07 The Kings of Frog Island - Welcome to the Void This song does not belong in this mix. There's nothing wrong with it other than it doesn't fit the genre of Relaxing Psychedelic Space Rock.
ToPHeR c (20 days ago)
Neil van Niekerk (21 days ago)
Any one got a link on the thumbnail pic of the astronaut with the guitar? Looks sick.
George Boultadakis (21 days ago)
Who sings this I like it
PurpleStratocaster (17 days ago)
Which song? They're all different bands. Track listing is in the description.
Lester Miller (21 days ago)
I still have tons of old Pink Floyd albums in plastic just waiting to get played one day. I have been hoarding albums since the 60’s it’s a sickness same with my old guitars
Christian Bjork (21 days ago)
I'm not on shrooms, and loving this. Go figure. Amazing music and musicians.
Eric F (16 days ago)
+hitesh salian It's good any way you can get it.
hitesh salian (16 days ago)
i love it without external help too :)
Eric F (19 days ago)
Even better on shrooms.
Patrick (20 days ago)
Christian Bjork yeah I’m listening to this sober and it doesn’t matter because it’s very very good
Underrated Albums (21 days ago)
Thank you!
Atomic Radiance (23 days ago)
When humanity turns the world to dust we will only then realize what we have done to ourselves. To think we fight and take each others live all because of how the world “works” causes that could be resolved by good communication and everyone’s willingness to better the world but there what i just said was the kicker. Everyone’s willingness
Michallo50 (23 days ago)
More ads please
Underrated Albums (21 days ago)
Nothing I can do about that unfortunately. Try adblock or Youtube premium.
JAM35 GAM35 (23 days ago)
One song in and I’m already completely invested
Majid Slyteen (24 days ago)
This cannot be completed without Pink Floyd
Underrated Albums (21 days ago)
Thank you, glad you like it! No worries at all, Pink Floyd is a fantastic band but they are not meant to be on this channel. Comments about Pink Floyd is the most common question I'll get in these space rock mixes so you're not the first one mention it.
Majid Slyteen (21 days ago)
I must say you are right.. And i must say that your work is amazing.. I didn't release the name of the channel before.. If i did i wouldn't mention Pink Floyd.. Thank you
Underrated Albums (21 days ago)
I try to focus on lesser know artists. Putting a mix list with Pink Floyd and Hawkwind feels done to death and way to easy to create :)
Majid Slyteen (21 days ago)
+Underrated Albums forgive me.. I didn't understand your point
Underrated Albums (21 days ago)
To easy
Daniel Calegari (24 days ago)
BORING MUSIC.... Sorry, but I didn't like it.
Underrated Albums (21 days ago)
No worries, it's not for everyone
Linkweb Star (25 days ago)
Take a long leisurely drive through the deserted and surreal Namib desert with this compilation playing in your ears and you will have reached Nirvana....
Patrick Oconnor (25 days ago)
Sikadelic rock and roll that is
Patrick Oconnor (25 days ago)
Rock and roll is here to stay
Liam Murphy (17 days ago)
And it wouldn't want to leave anyway.
Justin Jones (26 days ago)
sweet mix loved number 3 had a bit of a doors and a floyd feeling to it .
Tronald Dump (26 days ago)
Koldas - korton
Justine Maria (26 days ago)
only in my space rock tho
Justin Jones (25 days ago)
have you listened to any hawkwind ?
Carlos Nevarez (26 days ago)
Lmao! I swear that I listen to the weirdest shit. Good music man! I listen to this while at work.
Moonpathgirl (26 days ago)
Takes me to a serene place. I love this shit!
Yule Tide (26 days ago)
Ahhhh space the last frontier of rock n roll
Who's King Now (27 days ago)
Just wanted to share that i am having my best trip ive ever had :)
TRUMPY THE CLOWN (27 days ago)
WOW. LOVE IT. Youtube gold!

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