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Are You Racist If You Don’t Date Outside Of Your Race? | Asian Tube

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Can three generations of a British Asian family ever agree on the rules of dating in the modern age? And what’s the big deal about mixed race relationships anyway? This is the first of four episodes, as part of The Big British Asian Summer. Matt Shaw - Series Producer Mobeen Azhar - Executive Producer Ertu Muslu - Editor Tom Buckman - Editor Archie Kalyana - Casting Producer Rahnak Patel - Development Executive -- Click here to subscribe to BBC Three: http://bit.ly/BBC-Three-Subscribe Did you know that we’re up to other things in other places too? Best of BBC Three: www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/bbcthree Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcthree Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcthree Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcthree Tumblr: http://bbcthree.tumblr.com Oh, we’re on Snapchat too - just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.
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Text Comments (147)
Peyman Malek (10 days ago)
Why is the caste system still a thing?
bdpride (16 days ago)
dude i was raised in usa since age 4, am 33 now, and i hate to say it but our folks know what they are talking about. its beyond lust and love, two needs to provide for each other, eventually their kids. make house, play house. majority of times, it doesn't work and ends in despair. i love bengali girls, love pakistani girls more, but most attracted to nepali mongolian type women.
Nick Will (1 month ago)
I hate asians
Craft and Conjure (1 month ago)
You can help who you fall in love with. Use logic Saved my ass plenty of times. Still working to be honest
Jonathan La-Crette (1 month ago)
Craft and Conjure smart person 👌🏿
Rich 91 (2 months ago)
these mothers are so deluded lol, MI5 need to hire young british asian girls lol, theyd be able to keep secrets the best
DV M (30 days ago)
Nkechi Osuamoh (2 months ago)
the REAL question is if they brought a BLACK guy girl home? I think there would be more controversy especially in Hindu households. Having said so, it's not racist to date within your race, its a beautiful thing to share a similar cultural experience
Jonathan La-Crette (1 month ago)
Rich 91 do Asian guys pump and dump Asian women? Must be Pakistani . Indians don’t do that. Least not the Indians I know.
Rich 91 (2 months ago)
+Nkechi Osuamoh theres a big difference between a indian chick going out with a black guy whose a drug dealer, whose dads in prison or has 4 baby mamas etc vs some nigerian whose parents are professionals and are married...unfortunately you cant tell who is who although i know my best friends sister is a single mother by a black guy, many indian women in my family are also single mothers from asian guys...
Nkechi Osuamoh (2 months ago)
True! I’ve never ever agreed with a comment more on YouTube! I live life by that hahahaha
Jonathan La-Crette (2 months ago)
Who cares? I do not want them and neither should you. Never, ever want someone who doesn't want you!
David X (2 months ago)
South asian men have the least social value in UK behind black men. Overwhelming majority of white men and women date within their own race, with the exception of a tiny minority of white women who date black men which is fetishisation itself.
Bidu Bidu (2 months ago)
Yes you are a racist...if you date out.
invs ink (3 months ago)
I doubt they r dating anyone outside their own family ffs
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
Weird to here Indians talking with british accent
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
they were born in england, like your born in america you racist freak.
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
Who wants an "indian" man?
roger Powell sr. (28 days ago)
+DV M watch your mouth young man.
DV M (30 days ago)
Roger Powell you look hideous!
Abdullah man (3 months ago)
Yo mamma
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
Yes you are racist! Just like 99% of asians are racist towards blacks!
Peter Kazavis (3 months ago)
There is absolutely nothing wrong with only dating within your race.
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
+Henry Fung hahhaha what country you from?
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. black men are racist to non-whtie women
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. you saying indian women obessed with white men, because deep down you feel rejected by them as a black man,hahah. indian girls are loyal to indian men unlike you white worshipping black men
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. or maybe he genuinely does not like em...i find it funny when black men dont like a race, no one thinks its because they are butthurt or racist.
pwilsonlf3 (4 months ago)
I only date blonde white women. Does that make me racist against brunette white women?
Henry Fung (2 months ago)
+Rich 91 india treats its women like crap, and you accuse indian women of being the issue
Henry Fung (2 months ago)
+Rich 91 most men would date a black woman over an indian woman., i never see men date indian women in my life. men do not like them, and its not princess syndrome, i have met many who are humble, but treated like crap
Rich 91 (2 months ago)
+Henry Fung they do but most have a princess syndrome, i would date a black girl with natural hair over a indian chick with any princess syndrome, or more succintly i would treat her like a princess then dump her
xile. Xx (3 months ago)
pwilsonlf3 and all fettishes get grown out of one day :)
xile. Xx (3 months ago)
pwilsonlf3 nah it means you have a fettish
Angry Black Man (4 months ago)
Don't date outside your race, protect your culture and your race. Black should not date non black, Asian should not date non Asian, Arabs should not date non Arab, everyone should date inside their race.
MP R (2 months ago)
Angry Black Man I’m not talking about Africa or the rest of the world. I’m talking about here in UK, where this video is from too. 50% of black British Caribbean men alone, have a white partner..that’s a very high number, especially as black people as a whole are only 3.3% of the UK. No other ethnic group in UK has such high interracial relations.
Angry Black Man (2 months ago)
+MP R if black date out the most, so explain me how we have black people again and lot of black kids? African will be 1billion in 2050 and white people fear it the most so can you tell me how is it possible if you think we date the most outside our race? No one should date her race.
MP R (2 months ago)
Angry Black Man let’s be real, that’s very ironic coming from a black man, who date out the most lol!
Otitis Jeje (4 months ago)
Indians worst racists!! Cows are better
Karabo Mohale (4 months ago)
Yes you are
Ethan Gray (5 months ago)
Why are Liberals trying to force people to date those they don't have an interest in?
DV M (30 days ago)
Who's forcing?!
Dragon ologist (5 months ago)
If white people said this shit they'd he called racists.
Oliwia Kmiecik (5 months ago)
Not all Indians are the same neither are Muslims, my boyfriend's family is Muslim but they don't mind that I'm white,spiritual or that we're not married.
adil mahmood (5 months ago)
no its not lmfao just depends on the family. my parents wud kill me if i had a gf (not literally) and i wud be v upset if i had a son who had sex before marriage. not everyone subscribes to double standards and whats expected of boys is expected of girls.
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
but its different for the women isn't , you and your muslim boyfriend have it easier than muslim women
eustace mullins (5 months ago)
Up to 75% of all Muslim marriages involve first cousins.
Tarsem Das Lol stop lying your not even Asian I'm Indian so trust me it isn't a religious thing as Hindus and Sikhs can do it as well you know.
Rohina Exactly European Muslims don't marry cousins African Muslims don't really marry cousins Converts don't marry cousins Even most Arabs don't marry cousin. It's a cultural thing done by Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus south Asians however 75% is a bullshit stat it would only be around 8% now (mostly by those who are immigrants)
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
Rosalina 90 (4 months ago)
In bloody Pakistan, not in the UK or USA,
Kaetii Jay (5 months ago)
It's racist if you're making a point to not date outside your race because you think they're lesser than you. It's not racist if that's just who you find yourself most attracted to. As for the "boys can date anytime to test the waters but girls can't" thing, it doesn't really make sense then does it? What about all the girls the boys went through while 'testing'? Are they no longer marriable women? I think that says more about the men than the women.
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. you need to make sense. first you cry indians stick to themselves...now you cry, they want white? hahaha you make no sense.
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. crying racism at asians, but then making generalisations at asians...hahaha and even saying you prefer whites and blacks. just proves the hypocritical dumb nature people like you will NOT be taken seriously, mend your white worshipping community and ask why black footballers ALL date white women before you cry "racism"
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. i have never met a black man or woman who admits to liking asians, far too often they go for white people. i take that as a form of racism. but everyone goes hard on asians.
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. so all those black men who ONLY date white women are racist?
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
+Tarsem Das your must bad because women of other cultures do not pay you any mind.
Its A Riddle (5 months ago)
P:Date that black girl M:But that not really my thing I find this girl atttactive. P:But she’s the same race!!! M:and so what? P:that racist u pig M:but isn’t it racist to say I can’t like a girl just cause of her race? P:exactly so if you marry the same race it’s racist M:but your disapproving based on her race.....
Lidku Simpson (5 months ago)
+Henry Fung Huh? I'm a Black person from the USA and I love Indian women. To assume all Black men like white women is a racist sterotype perpetuated by the media
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
black men hate non=white women
NodusTollens (5 months ago)
The muslim granny is like "whatever race, but muslim" and the other one comes in and is like "caste is caste....anything other than a muslim, even lower caste is better, etc" the mom is like " boys can test the water, but not the girls!". Easy to say which side is more close minded, isn't?
Ryk Son (1 month ago)
A girl has a vagina that can look very beaten up and worn out in appearance and she has a proof of virginity ( most do anyway) but with a man his penis shows no real sign of wear and use.. so there isca big difference , thats why many cultures have the white sheet on the wedding night to show that the girl was a virgin.. that can be faked too .. but you get my point!
Exactly what my mother inlaw said..... im black n my hubby is bengali we muslims
M 22:22 (5 months ago)
Caste and religion oh lawd
anon ymous (5 months ago)
Quote of the year by grandma, "u like you love BUT don't touch sex"
crybaby 4 life (5 months ago)
No Your brain controls who you love
Wun Too (1 month ago)
Love and lust are different, lust is the "love at first sight" hollywood nonsense.
Peter Kazavis (3 months ago)
Swing and a miss
Ashley Oasis (5 months ago)
The Indians call the rest of us BMWs-black Muslim white the three forbidden apples.they think blacks are low caste due to thier dark skin they think whites are drunken degenerates and Muslims are barbarians.god forbid a half black half white guy who converted to Islam and lives in Pakistan lol
Gcse Revision (6 months ago)
This is toxic , people can do what they want stop looking for oppression
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
where is the looking, its staring us in the face
Tecnovlog (6 months ago)
india is so backward
Potater Tots (3 months ago)
They’re British but of Indian descent yeah
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
but the british banned interracial marriage when they got to india
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
but why is it that whit men can CHOOSE not to date indian women, and no one cries racism
Tecnovlog (6 months ago)
BIBI BOY at least there is not a caste system in arabia
ENGLISH CyPrIOT (6 months ago)
Tecnovlog Saudia Arabia more like
NM (6 months ago)
Poor representation of Indian families and their beliefs. We’re not all like this.
DV M (30 days ago)
Just most of us!!
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
its racist, when no one ever asks why so many white people don't want to date indians. that is apparently just prefeence
p kamble (6 months ago)
I am buddhist and am marring with muslim girl this happen because of our constitution #indian is tha best
RocStream (6 months ago)
I'm Indian these are cultural values in Asia sorry , but it doesn't make it wrong. just different way to living . I don't agree to disagree .
Wun Too (1 month ago)
+roger Powell sr. You have a slave name, sit down you house negro
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. black men are RACIST!!!! you know jack shit. indian girls families do not like white men. they are not the same as black communities, who are obessesd with white so much there is a term called SWIRLING admit it, black men worship whtie women....and the "white woman" is acceptable currency black men are RACIST, indian women NEVER mix to the crazy high level black men do
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
Racism!! They are teaching their people that only Indians are good for them. This is how I know its racist, despite of what you say. If a indian girl brings home a "white" not muslim or hindi man he would be well accepted. The "white" man is accepted anywhere just like American currency haha
Dragon ologist (6 months ago)
They always want the whites lol
rdokoye (1 month ago)
+Henry Fung Are black men obsessed with white women or are white women obsessed with black men? Asian men, especially Chinese, Japanese men, like white women, just as much as Asian women like white men, but you rarely ever see them paired up. So I think it's more of a give and take. There are countless white women, with similar mentalities to Asian women, only their poison is black men. The dynamics don't change, just because you have an inferiority complex.
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+Dragon ologist how many bangladeshi women are married to whites? lol, hardly any
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
+roger Powell sr. chinese women yeah...but the brown ones from arab and india HELL NAH......where exactly is your proof. i never see indian or pakistani women with white men. BUT black men are obessed with white women. black men feel like they move up in society when they get a white girl. many black women are even ignored by them. black men are colourist unlike white men. hence terms like BLICK and REDBONE being slinged around in english schools by young people
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
+Henry Fung when an asian woman gets a "white" man she feels that she has fulfilled her dreams!!
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
George Mc (6 months ago)
Let’s be honest it’s only racist if your European native and express this view
Henry Fung (4 months ago)
i remember a white woman saying she preferred white men. preference is not racist
Henry Fung (4 months ago)
most white men look the fuck down on these women so they are not beig racist to ignore these racist white men.
Rosalina 90 (4 months ago)
No, they are still being racist, but it's the power certain kinds of racism has that is the issue. White surpemacy was a big issue for a long time so its effects are still felt, that is why people talk about it. That some brown people don't want their boy dating me, it doesn't hurt me on a systemic level because this is not an issue I have faced in my life, because self conscious or internalizing that I am less than because of my race which a lot of black people do I never felt, not for a second nor do any white person I know. I am sick of white victimhood. Our whiteness is not hurting us. These people are being racist, but you know what in a few generations westernized Indians won't be like that, those sorts of cultures can't survive long term in the west. It is religion that is an issue. Hindu, whatever but Islam does take a strong hold and makes integration harder. I am an anti theist, so I do not care for religion. I do not dislike muslims, I just don't want any religion to spread even more in the west, or anywhere.
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
no, because the BBC is accusing these indians, even though idnians are not liked by whites for marriage
Lifeskeyishappiness (6 months ago)
I'm happy to date outside my race, the problem is my family and their religious & cultural values
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
Keep up the good work! It's sad how people limit themselves. I am I a happy gay relationship with a china man.
cary bary (6 months ago)
Why aren’t more white lefties living in black and Asian dominated neighbourhoods ? Are lefties fraudulent?
DV M (30 days ago)
+Rosalina 90 I'm not gayy
Henry Fung (4 months ago)
funny how black and asian people are not lefties in his mind
Rosalina 90 (4 months ago)
Uh, you mean champagne liberals or actual leftists?
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
white people are allowed to not find indians attractive, b ut when indians keep to their own, conservatives cry "itregation" or "racism!
Gg Gg (6 months ago)
Asian are the most racist people in the UK don't tell me you mulium are not I'm muslium and I'm sure Pakistani girl won't allow black guy because parents say no 😂
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
all my black friends admit they ONLY want white women
Henry Fung (5 months ago)
hahahaha we all know that black men WANT WHITE WOMEN the most, every black guy would rather date a white woman than a black one. daitng asian esp dark skinned indians is dating down for them. blacks love their whites these days. and play into eurocentric ideals of women, don't deny it ALL black footballers date whit women, and many profress a preference fcr white women indian women stick to their own BUT yes chinese women do prefer whtie men, their choice like black men like white women
The Cma (5 months ago)
Henry Fung We all know Asian woman wont date black men before whiteness so everyone has been psychologically brainwashed by White supremacy through your environment to think whiteness/Eurocentrism is Best and default standard for the world. Both south/east Asians woman will never date black cuz they believe they’re dating downwards. So there’s in asiantic standpoint their a hierarchy of whiteness before themselves and blackness. So ur logic is wrong about ‘they love whiteness means Asian are not able to date black’ and most blacks families won’t mind dating Asians but it’s always the other families has a problem with it. And I know ur not white saying this statement So u would know what I’m talking about.
Henry Fung (6 months ago)
i know pakistani who look down at hindues and sikhs but society is progessing in the right way...every generation is getting more liberal
Jujhar Bling (6 months ago)
Not racist just somthing that is taboo did the culture and traditions are different. However I know lots of ppl who have
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
How is it not racist? How is it any different from a neo nazi saying he doesnt anybody who is not white. When you "single" out a race its called racism.
Surii (6 months ago)
I said this on the first time it was uploaded. Its not racist at all. Most people date and marry within their own race.
roger Powell sr. (3 months ago)
When you "single" out people it's called racist !!
Reqz Vile (6 months ago)
who dates asians out of choice...
Potater Tots (3 months ago)
white guys
Henry Fung (3 months ago)
then don't cry about them not "intergrating"
Adam James (3 months ago)
Loool... My thoughts exactly.
Christine Savino (6 months ago)
07448632201 Singh (6 months ago)
People who talk about castes are wastes
07448632201 Singh (4 months ago)
+Tarsem Das ouu we have a backward ass MF
Rosalina 90 (4 months ago)
I mean she is old, so no point trying to change her, next generations must change, it's disgusting, no one is a "caste" it's made up,
Tarsem Das (5 months ago)
tu churha lagda mainu
Chrisy D (5 months ago)
Offending them doesn't help.
#04 (6 months ago)
07448632201 Singh for sureee!!

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