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Pornstars Reveal Their Favorite Sex Positions at AVN 2017!

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The ultimate question to ask a pornstar: What's your favorite sex position? Find out what sex positions stars like Kayden Kross and Alexis Texas get off from the most! Filmed at AVN's 2017 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring Fleshlight pornstars Alexis Texas, Teagan Presley, Kayden Kross, Tanya Tate, cam stars Nikki Knightly, Layla Savage, Feline Ambros, Luna Leve, Ariana Gray and pornstars Zoey Monroe and Cristi Ann! Come back for new videos every Friday! CAM4 - http://bit.ly/1icur0p And follow us on Social! Snapchat: cam4live Instagram: @cam4live Twitter: https://twitter.com/cam4 CAM4 Personalities on Twitter: Jelena Jensen: https://twitter.com/jelenajensen Nikki Night: https://twitter.com/nikki_night Cam Girls on Twitter: Nikki Knightly: https://twitter.com/nikkiknightly Ariana Gray: https://twitter.com/ariana_grayx Layla Savage: https://twitter.com/xlaylasavagex Luna Leve: https://twitter.com/lunaxxxkitty Fleshlight Girls on Twitter: Alexis Texas https://twitter.com/alexis_texas Teagan Presley https://twitter.com/msteagan Kayden Kross https://twitter.com/kayden_kross Tanya Tate https://twitter.com/tanyatate
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Text Comments (40)
Virma Ram (23 days ago)
Sex open sex
Virma Ram (23 days ago)
Sex ,,
Virma Ram (23 days ago)
. Open sex
Ankita Pal (1 month ago)
ND hnialum12 (2 months ago)
you are awesome
ND hnialum12 (2 months ago)
marry me
Imran Khan (1 month ago)
ND hnialum12
Regina Karanja (2 months ago)
souptroophat Esplin (3 months ago)
I liked the one where I actually get laid ... I'm lonely
Ashok Ashra (2 months ago)
souptroophat Esplin llndch
Fire Titan Monroe (4 months ago)
Sh*t why everyone like doggy I like reverse cowgirl
Chris Brylle Villarino (4 months ago)
Ho want to sex
Love Heart (5 months ago)
What her name at @.0.40
corndog1868 (6 months ago)
Check out the hotties in (Come on, Come on) by Rock Candy. Enjoy!!
Rodolfo Garcia Godinez (7 months ago)
1. Doggystyle  2. Reverse Cowgirl 3. Girl On Top
dog style parking
Michael Morley (7 months ago)
These women are so pure it's INSANE...
Md Salim (4 months ago)
Michael Morley ीीीीीमनम
Marcos Pison (7 months ago)
Tuuuuuudo putaaaaa
JAMAL SPARTAN (8 months ago)
For some reason i knew doggystyle was gonna take the cake
muhammad abdullahi (2 months ago)
Ijaz Butt (2 months ago)
tuseef khan (9 months ago)
Send me mob number plz i want porn movies...
LMNOLA (1 year ago)
Great plug on MW..hottest sex pos.
Telesound74 Telesound (1 year ago)
Chamma Nazeer (3 months ago)
Sukuram Debba
Sukuram Debbarma (5 months ago)
Telesound74 Telesound g no g grilsex
Manchi Ram (1 year ago)
Telesound74 Telesound ष
Telesound74 Telesound (1 year ago)
Mirja Sheikh (1 year ago)
Alexis Texas ...The Legend..!!
super ram (4 months ago)
Yeah she is more than legend
Chhunuram Naik (4 months ago)
Mirja Sheikh l
S2K (1 year ago)
What is the name of the girl @0:39 ?
Shuvam Kumar (3 months ago)
S2K pps
tukiyem maemunah (7 months ago)
ceu odah
Telesound74 Telesound (1 year ago)
User not found roman
Telesound74 Telesound (1 year ago)
User not found despacito
ti5i (1 year ago)
Mia malkova my dude

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