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I Went Sex Toy Shopping in India | Sex Rated

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Sex is largely a taboo subject in India, where vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys aren’t just rarely discussed, they’re tightly regulated. Still, the devices have been quietly sold in the country for years, and a growing number of Indians are using them, giving rise to a wave of designers, companies, and vendors who are trying to fill that demand—and, at the same time, encourage sex-positivity in a culture that’s long been resistant to it. On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ VICE India's Rytasha Rathore dives into the country’s burgeoning sex toy market, visiting a street vendor who sells them, sitting in on an online sex toy company’s focus group, and meeting with experts who tell her what the future of sex toys in India might look like. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (4080)
mohit kulharia (12 hours ago)
Buri trh chodo is aurat ko
Kislaya Garg (17 hours ago)
rytasha, u r so beautiful & attractive
Kislaya Garg (17 hours ago)
u r so beautiful, what are ur marriage plans?
Mac Playz (20 hours ago)
Uh what.
Sunny (21 hours ago)
Aunty Chuddakad h... 😂👍
Rose Carter (22 hours ago)
I love how all the ladies in the focus group are big and voluptuous <3 Feels good to be represented!
GAURAV08 (1 day ago)
These retarded people think that they are bringing a revolution, they are very open and they understand the need of humanity... Sex is something which was designed extremely pleasurable so that organism strive to do it and thus exist further. But Lust is like an itch... It only increase if you try to satisfy it (written in Bhagavad Gita). So, if you wanna be limited to your body only, seeking temporary sexual satisfaction, go ahead buy a flashlight, vibrator, dildo (even if it is illegal in you country, still buy it giving a message to millions that you are above the law) and masturbate all day... Or invest that time and energy in making this world a better place and seek long term satisfaction.
Pabji (1 day ago)
Hamaare ya 20 ka melta hay 😒
Surjeet Kumar (1 day ago)
Nice reporting
RICK PATRICK (1 day ago)
nice cover up available man … windows 10 along with the toys so if any of your neighbours or relatives spot you there you can just say that you were buying the windows
raid (1 day ago)
MAK (1 day ago)
Khud to bigdey hai dusro ko bhi bighado....
Harish kumar (1 day ago)
This is the land of kamasutra do u think these crap can match them hope those dildo was not HIV infected
Iti Mitra (2 days ago)
I thnk it is an educational video.. Seriously we all should spread this bcz there is no shame.. Thnks for this video
Ashwini Manzer (2 days ago)
Nice video mujhe bahut acchi laga
Mr N.G.C (2 days ago)
Pakistan will nuke India!
Sunny Real Indian (2 days ago)
Ur adorable n m in same page
abhijit0076 (2 days ago)
Mera laand 7 inch mota bhohat andar nahi jaye ek test karke dekho mera laand
How girls can enjoy with that toy's? If was a woman I wanna try to🤣
Zara Far (2 days ago)
OMG that vibrating condom talk turned me on!!!
Karan 99 (3 days ago)
Apni maa k liye BHI kharid let dildo papa ki jagha cha-cha Ka faltu hay Teri maa .randio ki kammi nhi
Karan 99 (3 days ago)
Randi hay Salli naked kerke maro Salli ko road p .Lund kharidegi Mera Lele free me char English k word agae khud ko mahan samajh rhi hay Randi hay suar ki shakal ki
wang Lama (3 days ago)
You're not an actor's bitch, instagram se lekar YouTube tak gandagi failaa rahi hai.... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
syedkazmi at PUBG (3 days ago)
Achhhha hai ...... Sex ko free in public kar dena chahiye india mei,... Chodo road per khare hokr Make in india Dildo karega bharat ka naam rosan
Sham F (3 days ago)
Fat ugly aunties
Sham F (3 days ago)
Moti bagerti phila rahi h. Bagerto itnay modern mat bno you're forgetting ur ethics n roots. Stop following Europeans
shumba the lion (3 days ago)
Damm adult shop on street it is ED that bad in India?
H N (3 days ago)
I like it when she says dildo 😂
BOSS (3 days ago)
Please send link for starting sound
Satbeer Dhiman Dhiman (4 days ago)
My no sex gurp me dalo pls 8059879950
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M. U. C. H. A. (4 days ago)
Why the fuck am i watching this?
masti tech (4 days ago)
masti tech (4 days ago)
Mu me le le
Utsav Ghosh (4 days ago)
Dont discriminate India,,, as either there sex toys is not illegal, or sex is not taboo too.... It has a population of 1.5 Billions of people,,,, in that situation sex toy shop founded at somewhere is not a big wonder.....
Deveyn Zakim (4 days ago)
भारत में 1945 से ही हरामी नेताओं की वजह से वस्तुओं एवं सेवाओं में अत्यधिक टैक्स की वजह से जबरजस्ती पैदा की गयी गरीबी दरिद्रपन की वजह से ज्यादातर लडकों का शादी ही नही हो पा रहा है, फलतः लडके या आदमी बेचारे कृत्रिम योनी या कृत्रिम लडकी महिला खोजते रहते है अपनी सेक्स भूख मिटाने के लिए। दुकानदार मादरचोद झूठ बोल रहा है कि कृत्रिम लंड का मांग ज्यादा है। उल्टा बोलने के वजह से आज भारत का ये हाल है।
Deveyn Zakim (4 days ago)
I like to suck women/girls black hairy vagina for my pressure entertainment together for women also but not any women ready. All over the world, sex is a business only whether between husband- wife.
Prasanjit Kadam (4 days ago)
Besaram desi
abhijeet mishra (4 days ago)
Ye moti hathi ka lund khaegi
Ashraf Salam nok 6 (4 days ago)
Useful n enjoyable clips...
Donald Trump (4 days ago)
Sex is good and India is the land of kamasutra where sex used to be a relaxing part of life, but we need not behave like dogs and bitches like most western societies are.
Noor Hasan (4 days ago)
Lovely Cute sex toys. CUTE......😂 GHUCHICU
awesome desi pathsala (4 days ago)
Maja randi hai sali tu.
joy banerjee (5 days ago)
don't make people so much open it is dangerous , but yes give them what they need , teach them everything and both side good and bad too , every one should know their inner self physically mentally and spiritually .
Gautham Suresh (7 hours ago)
Oh fuck off ppl like you with your "culture" have kept this country in the dark ages for decades Grow the fuck up!!!
kumar sangam dass (5 days ago)
Mujhe sex krne do yr
Bharat Pride (5 days ago)
Elephant in the room - the group had quiet a few elephants !
Bharat Pride (5 days ago)
This sex taboo bullshit is all victorian crap ! India had sexual freedom for 1000's of years dating back to when history was 1st recorded ! You had royal women being impregnated by swami's & Rishi's ! The Mahabharat is full of such stories & the male warriors where titled as son of [ Mother's name ] - Kunti Putra , Ganga Putra etc. So this crappy victorian conservative madness must be thrown out - the sex toy industry is worth billions & enhances marriages & keeps the magic alive - it's way safer & better than having affairs ! But some girls are allergic to silicone so best is to use a condom & lube & enjoy that orgasm !
Lovely Amelia (5 days ago)
They afraid of dildo or talking about sex but they rape girls in the streets
ASHU UPLOADER (5 days ago)
Where are from you India is not like to be your country here not selling sex toy on openly you don't know well about India
Sandeep Damodare (5 days ago)
Are is toy ka trial to dikhati bada maza ata dekhake 😉😉😉
M n (5 days ago)
Fucking Indians 🤦‍♂️😂
Suraj Kumar (5 days ago)
Give the toys to the extremists.
Loknath Sahu (5 days ago)
india me shoping kaise kare
Delhi The Munda (5 days ago)
My earing fall down, I was turning to unicorn 🦄
Liaqat Ali (5 days ago)
Aesi mahilao se sex krny k baad ensan ka dil bhar jata hn.
Shyam Hamrom (5 days ago)
Very good episode mam
Stefano Herwee (6 days ago)
That wannabe English accent Sooo Forcefully faked
Stefano Herwee (6 days ago)
Omg that accent is purely making my ears bleed :)
Shareef QB (6 days ago)
Wtf fat girl checking dildos ... india you really disgusting
Suraj Kumar (6 days ago)
KHAN THE PATHAN (6 days ago)
Moti ko orgasm ni mil RHA😂😂
priyanka chowdhury (6 days ago)
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Ram Bir (5 days ago)
Lovetoys (6 days ago)
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Anurita Singh (6 days ago)
Yes i love sex. I have more than 10 dildos. I love to have sex with strangers.
sunny Singh (6 days ago)
बढ़ो बहू को Lund भी बड़ा चाहिए 😆😆😆😆
sunny Singh (6 days ago)
Ladki Santa Ka Loda Dekh Kar Boli: “Itna Bada” Santa Khushi Se Bola: “Oh Ji Hum Punjabi Hain Hamara To Sub Kuch Hi Bada Hota Hai” Jab Ladki Ne Apni Salwaar Utaari To Santa Uski Choot Dekh Kar Bola “Oye! Tusi Vi Punjabi Ho“
ADNAN HBK (6 days ago)
U want fuck so get fucked and upload the video ok
Tushar Kashyap (6 days ago)
Yeh koi randi khana hai kya Sala sex ko bhi khel bna diya
raj kumar (6 days ago)
I watched her in a ad... Chubby girl..
Zilla’s Launcher (7 days ago)
“ Soumyadip *rat shit* ”
yogesh kumar (7 days ago)
Bc apne Ghar ke baccho ko bhi aise banao aur 18 saal tak wo log tihari jail me milenge wahh...
alfa predator (7 days ago)
I laughed like a retard when she said.. " aye dildo aya hi" Damnnnnnn
sandeep chaudhary (7 days ago)
अभी इंडिया को बचा रहने दो जो अपने घरों में करते है करने दो कम से कम तुम लोग रोड पे मत उतरो पढ़े लिखे गधे लोग
rupam chettry (7 days ago)
I can understand the concept but why she acting like a psycho wearing the gear on head and making weird poses.....she is sick I think
mahadev gawas (7 days ago)
He selling win10🤣🤣🤣 for sex 😅😅
Beer Hunter (7 days ago)
Did that guy sell windows 10 with dildo?
AT Star (7 days ago)
That yellow dildo is supposed to be for lesbians..
Money Madness (7 days ago)
Moti badi bhukad hai
youth in revolt (8 days ago)
I am proud of you
Akash Parte (8 days ago)
Bado bahu like dildo nakara prince
Adarsh P Kumar (8 days ago)
I think this is needed in india especially for men to stop rapes ?
Adarsh P Kumar (8 days ago)
That pipe like dildo costs 1000 rupees ? Loot hai Bhai 😝
The western degenerates behavior is spreading through the world smh.. Wtf happened to Indians
Tharindu Mayuranga (9 days ago)
sourav chakrabarty (9 days ago)
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Imran Ali Haider (9 days ago)
Kanjar loge
Michael Martinez (9 days ago)
To the chubby lover as the spokesperson, Come here and i will knock the dust off your panocha
Brazily Che Guevara (9 days ago)
It’s a normal thing, I see this everyday on the street in Amsterdam.
tiwarson adi (10 days ago)
GURPAL SINGH (10 days ago)
Where is RSS and other Hindu Dalls to stop all these fuckers.
Layek (10 days ago)
0:42 This guy is like "I never watched porn nor masturbated" ya sure you didn't ha ha
Roy Reyes (10 days ago)
I’m confused, did something happens in India in the past where sex is a sensitive topic? Isn’t This the culture which wrote the Kamasutra?
Dan K (10 days ago)
I found it so weird that when she spoke indian half the words sounded english
fucked up (10 days ago)
Abb socho iss video mein gender change karo ladka choti chut ki talash mein cp nikla h kinda weird na?
fucked up (10 days ago)
Isiliye ajaadi dilaayi thi tum randiyon ko
Skepolo TV (11 days ago)
*Walks into an Indian adult store* Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be?
Suresh Gupta (11 days ago)
it work for panis only whats in the market for man just like pussy
Elvis Emmanuel (11 days ago)
Iske bhai ki bhosdi😂
JJ Jani (11 days ago)
5:21 that's doubtful 😂

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