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The Style Council - Walls Come Tumbling Down!

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Music video by The Style Council performing Walls Come Tumbling Down!. (C) 1985 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
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harrold steptoe (3 hours ago)
English school boys band and the jam then. The miltary well what was there do in 1988 england . down the house cf commons in your brand new shoes mr blair war criminal trust me
TheBlueberry163 (1 day ago)
Australia just reelected a right wing fucktard. I am listening to this to drown my sorrows in powerful muisic.
russell payne (2 days ago)
Dee c lee I love you
Ray B (2 days ago)
Great music but thank fuck Paul dropped the politics.
yimi conors (3 days ago)
LeonardO (3 days ago)
When England was England...
martin aguilar (5 days ago)
martin aguilar (5 days ago)
VASHTA NAVADA (7 days ago)
Must be strange singing an not getting a reaction from crowd. Who on the right side of the wall... But I met pa once an ask him how did that crown react when they finished singing apparently they enjoyed it all cheered an they had to sing it again.
tony alder (8 days ago)
Funny thing is mr Weller is really talking about Britain not east European iron curtain as he says public enemy number 10
Davide Telesca (10 days ago)
I adore this music band, because, return on my mind 80 years and the parties with my two sisters and friends.
Chocolate Field (13 days ago)
Bring back Surrey!!
Baroquendmz (6 days ago)
strangely, although there is a striking resemblance to Croydon and it's population, it's the eastern bloc of the Soviet Union
Hobbes (13 days ago)
choice brothers and sisters. want a change? start within?
AussieFan (14 days ago)
Anyone listening in 2019??
paul jardine (14 days ago)
indulge him
Robert Tilton (16 days ago)
Tough crowd them Jazz people
Ghdtreb (19 days ago)
A great song for the upcoming Summer.
Fiona Gallegos (19 days ago)
Nicked Paul's pint glass in the Noor Mahal, Kilmarnock. Try explaining that to the folks as a 15yr old girl. 😁
Umberto Paties (27 days ago)
Emozioni pureeeee
le badger (1 month ago)
Just so fucking cool.
Kei (1 month ago)
how much for the crystler mk7?
Kei (1 month ago)
Lime green [email protected] dc lee sorry wrong thread u2..? x
Peopled Diagram (1 month ago)
Let's take the message
takasachan (1 month ago)
super. His wife is beautiful.
Francis Fake (1 month ago)
A crowd of zombies to entertain.Must a bin a tough gig.
Wirgil Oldman (1 month ago)
and now....more then ever and ever more
Damião Vieira (1 month ago)
Brutal, nunca esteve tão actual como nos tempos que correm.... ;)
Reg McCormack (1 month ago)
That back up chick sure can sing.
Baalwulf (1 month ago)
Where is he now, i would follow, actually i love thur em all
Karn Allsop (1 month ago)
STYLE COUNCIL.... 👍 Martin Weller 🎶💞🎵💕👍😘 GREAT SONG 😁💕👍😘💞🎶🎵💕
Rasco (1 month ago)
Rick G (1 month ago)
Did Paul Weller ever have a bad hair day?
tony121s (1 month ago)
are they tumbling down? perhaps not, but sure are shakin'
jonny apollo (2 months ago)
DC ex wham - one of the best weller belted out
Dibs MM (2 months ago)
Mark Mckale (2 months ago)
Should be the brexit song
Lizberth Pitcairn (2 months ago)
A really cool tune.....can never listen just once...lead singer is a great dancer!!
the liar king (2 months ago)
great song, great video, the street they pass at the end i was there last year. think theyre on swietokryska street. going east
mikebott (2 months ago)
Weller at his most Steve Marriott.
Yvonne Whiting (2 months ago)
Who knew Paul was a sexy mover
paulg (2 months ago)
White Rhythm and Blues.
John Slovacek (2 months ago)
Had a crush on DC Lee
showusurkipper (2 months ago)
Ahh! Jericho? thought it was Cherry coke haha
Amin Abadmood (2 months ago)
Wish it was " the EU come crumbling down"
Philip Harrison (3 months ago)
Sang in poland I was walking past I said to my wife that is Paul weller
Karn Allsop (3 months ago)
Lucky you.... There's only one Paul Weller 😁👍😘😂🎶👍
Stephen Schofield (3 months ago)
What a tune hundred times better than what's out there nowadays
Gus Shirnam (3 months ago)
I was born about 20 years too late :o( The previous generation get Paul Weller and what does my lot get? Krud!
black lightning (3 months ago)
I played this song over and over when young, ow to be young again.. 6 in a car doing down Kings Road. London..
James Wilkins (3 months ago)
I left school in May 1985 when this and the album Our Favourite Shop came out, and I even had the promo 7 inch single from Max Records in Grove Road Eastbourne, plus I bought the excellent 12 single with Blood Sports on the B side. When I saw this video if anyone has said to me then, one day I would go to Warsaw I would have laughed out load. But I did get there and it is a really nice place. Sadly where this Jazz club was then it is now a Hard Rock Cafe! The Style Council are one of the most under rated groups of the 1980's in my opinion.
Patrick T (3 months ago)
"and they tell you there's no rise in pay!" This if from the 80s and there has been no rise in real wages from then until now, while the ultra rich have increased their wealth massively. The 8 richest people have a much wealth as 3.5 billion people on the planet! Neo-liberalism must end!
Wooyoung Seo (3 months ago)
In this year, I believe my country will have something like this song lyrics. Of course it'll be pretty positive thing.
Karn Allsop (3 months ago)
2019????? 👍
Karn Allsop (3 months ago)
I absolutely loved style council !!! Did anyone else?? Another fantastic song from an era that was under rated .. I loved this music & the lead singer of course 😂😂😂😘👍
phantasm1004 (3 months ago)
President Donald CHUMP needs to listen to this.
Karn Allsop (3 months ago)
Carnt stand Donald Chump 👎
Samuel Spoons (3 months ago)
This song could be about the EU
Dee is beautiful, what an upfront look she carries with ease, stunning!
Valentin Jesse (3 months ago)
Quant Overledger
Anna Blonska (3 months ago)
I love this song and The Style Council . It was a prophetic song I can only thank him that he bothered to fly to Warsaw, to Poland and in those days he dared to say those words to communist government . He poured faith in people to overcome communism. Many people at the club didn`t realize who they were listening to . But those who loved The Style Council were thankful to Paul - the rest who loved him was prevailing majority of young educated Poles . His music was not for the masses here in Poland .I don`t know for other countries . But he moved masses of young people in Poland . It were Poles who defeated communism after many years of difficult unequal struggle. He came to Warsaw with a prophetic song. In 1989, his words came true, the Poles overcame tens of years of communism. Berlin was only a follower already at the time when communism in Poland was overthrown, all anticommunist movements which emerged in East Germany , Czech and Hungary were only following the steps after the Polish victory and when nothing else was threatening. So I thank you Paul..
Steven Ashton Baker (3 months ago)
Dee C Lee is so beautiful
Dern Vader (3 months ago)
The Jam... >sniff< how upset was I when I heard he quit for this crap... ouch... I wonder where that guitar of his during this sad times...
Omegasupreme1078 (3 months ago)
Paul Weller was never one to mince words.
lincbond442 (3 months ago)
The public enemy nnnnnnnnumber 10
Ant C (4 months ago)
How apt are the lyrics in today’s political hogwash!!!!
Mazing Mania (4 months ago)
2:19 is the best bit.
Bucket Of Noises (4 months ago)
Who is listening to this in the trumpists years?
black lightning (4 months ago)
To do this video in burlin. In 80s was brave.
Kei (4 months ago)
@live aid :)
Leonidis78 (4 months ago)
This is a jam song. More like them than the Style council. Total jam lyrics. Just with mrs Weller on Backing vocals.
Miron Swyst (4 months ago)
how ahead of time was this song...the berlin wall wnt down .....this was in Warsaw how odd??.....and now we have talk of walls...so ahead of time
fineloon72 (4 months ago)
They take the profits you take the blame never a truer word said
fineloon72 (4 months ago)
Best style council record ever
Neil Power (4 months ago)
Who is floppy skinny man, what language does little man speak
Neil Power (4 months ago)
Some of the audience look like they're ready to hang Weller and co from the nearest lamp post
Philip Harrison (5 months ago)
Brillant group from the UK
Steven Sull (5 months ago)
Only one word CLASS
Bob NIZNIK (5 months ago)
Thanks for posting!!! First heard this back in September '85 while working in a Sprung's shop in Calgary. The volume on the radio was cranked up, and I knew from the strong vocals and the upbeat tempo that this was a special song. Glad to finally reconnect with it earlier this year!
stephen hall (5 months ago)
anything this guy does is pretty damn good , genius !!!!!
Tanweer Ghood (6 months ago)
DC Lee is amazing. 👌👌👌
quogir1 (6 months ago)
Marsha johnston (6 months ago)
The Mod Father absolutely brilliant
Karn Allsop (6 months ago)
Paul Weller 👍👍💕👍👍
Joe B (6 months ago)
Real music.........miss those days......
Louise Meighan (6 months ago)
please take me back, brilliant growing up with music like this...its crap now
Michael Carlos (7 months ago)
I wish people would find relevance in this song today. Nobody seems to care anymore. we are all slaves
TriggRNC (7 months ago)
Liverpool fans anthem, both smash hits from 1985
Highlander72 B (7 months ago)
Me gets the impression the audience is supposed to be dull.....pushing the whole Eastern Europe vibe of pre Berlin Wall.....cuz that song definitely would of got them off their feet if it was a real show in the club......
Gary Ryan (7 months ago)
Roberto Casu (7 months ago)
Grande Paul weller
Plaksel Tapes (7 months ago)
DC Lee the singer beautiful woman
Rich DL (8 months ago)
Paul Weller is an absolute legend and so under appreciated
Sdblahm67 (8 months ago)
the eastern block didnt have a chance
Loubelloo (8 months ago)
Yet another SC banger 👍 Such energy! ❤
Basa 1959 (8 months ago)
East Germany Leipzig? Bloody Brilliant video.
Basa 1959 (8 months ago)
Found out that it was indeed Warsaw before anyone corrects me. For anyone as curious as me.
4 Real English (8 months ago)
Pure magic!!!!!!
shaun spadah (8 months ago)
you dont have to take this crap, thought he was talking about thatcher, actually hes referring to frankie and duran duran
Rich DL (9 months ago)
What a legacy
prospero (5 months ago)
SuperGood...suchabigsoundcomposition ! :>
Paul Heslop (9 months ago)
And four years later the wall came tumbling down! Never underestimate the power of a solid groove.
J. Cottle (9 months ago)
was D.C Lee the modern day yoko ono??...she killed the Jam???
imposs1904 (8 months ago)
Kevin Davies (9 months ago)
Paul Weller should always carry a guitar. He looks half naked without one......and he can't dance. 😂

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