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The Struggle of Being Gay in Albania

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Up until the mid-90s if you were openly gay in Albania, you would be sent to prison. Many homosexuals stil face bigotry and violence, even in their own homes. In the last five years, Albania has seen a dynamic LGBTQ movement. Gay activist have created secret guest houses in Tirana that offer shelter to young homosexuals who have been brutally abused. VICE Greece traveled to Albania and recorded rare glimpses into the lives of people who have been victimized and neglected because of their sexual orientation in one of Europe's most homophobic countries. WATCH NEXT - Living Through Gay Conversion Therapy: http://bit.ly/1ONMiLh Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (6259)
Rome Fatur (1 day ago)
Support for Albania. Hwaiting !
Bane (1 day ago)
Just being gay is ok but publicly promoting it is stupid.Gay parade is a just a provocation,why straight people don't have a parade for liking other sex and even if they did it will be shamed. Lgbt activists speak English fluently not because of education or some other excuse, its because they are heavily influenced by western culture and society which promotes homosexuality as much as it's possible. The main reason of negative birth in same countries and societies is obvious, but at the same time you don't see that in eastern muslim countries where law on homosexuality is strict. Comment from a Serbian who shares a lot of bad blood with our neighbours(Albanians) but see obvious problem in our society. Just to add i have nothing against being gay only with promoting and finding reasons to rationalise it to children who are not old enough to think with their head and giving them 'opportunity' to be 'different' whitch is exactly what they think they need.
Azzys Grime (1 day ago)
All gays should be given a chance to become straight if not should be done by force if not jail for life.
birdy elke (2 days ago)
what a hypocrisy? a shelter for gays/lesbians from age  16 to 25. and what happened to the Transgenders and queers? and the 26 and elders?
Hey Cody (3 days ago)
8:40 cute dog
Kasai Mioast (5 days ago)
Skoro svaki gej u Albaniji je iz hriscanske porodice,muslimani su odgajani da mrze gejeve sto je normalno,posto su gejevi bolesnici
UÇK Fighter (5 days ago)
Enver Hoxha where are you? Please come back we need you!
애옹 (5 days ago)
22:15 wtf
Петар (5 days ago)
DARK M00N (7 days ago)
The short video below explains why being gay is not normal perfectly. People should understand that it is a mental illness that hasn't been addressed. https://youtu.be/9-NQhDfloaM
Louie Miluno (7 days ago)
This was made by Greeks they probably streched it cause the hate Albanians. What the bald dude said was really wrong but majority of modern albainans don't do much to the gays these people are old and still have old harsh ideologies.
alexys q (8 days ago)
"Mother Theresa of Calcutta" was, actually, *from* Albania. Yeah; even SHE couldn't wait to get the hell outta *that* backward dump ({: D ...!!!
dino sotiriou (9 days ago)
Was the narrator in the beginning speaking Greek ?
jooonnnaaa (10 days ago)
As an Albanian born and raised in Sweden, I honestly wish that there was something I could do to help the LGBTQ+ in Albania. It is downright disgusting how they get treated over there, and it makes me so ashamed to think that the rest of the world thinks that all Albanians think and act like that. Holy fuck, I just wish I could reach out and give them a big hug and tell them that everything will be alright.
Leohana (7 days ago)
Most albanians think and act like this towards gay people. Conservative backward mentality. Telling them that everything will be alright is such a naive lie when most gay people in Albania will be persecuted by their families and their local community.
Michael Karpinski (10 days ago)
The comment section gave me cancer. Brb going to chemo.
danae husak (11 days ago)
I hope and I wish to our Albanian LGBT people that their country be a more human country for them after some years!!! And you can achieve it only by education, informing the people!!! Good luck to all of you!
coolcat3815 (12 days ago)
I read the title as gay in Alabama xD
alexys q (8 days ago)
*coolcat3815* ~And *that's* difficult ENOUGH, No...?!
Nicolás Scasso (12 days ago)
Murat Basha = Bolsonaro
New cool Kids (15 days ago)
04:05 i stop the video...
kishmish64 (17 days ago)
The Quran does not forbid being gay
Eagles Fly High Take (17 days ago)
i recommend the solution to gays in albania should be to fuck them up the ass. i hope they are happy. fuck a gay up the ass. do your part :)
Albanian Tv Tutorials (18 days ago)
We do not stop gays from doing anything so why are the doing parades.
alexys q (8 days ago)
*"Albanian Tv Tutorials"* ~You have *got* to be brain damaged...if not, out-and-out, *brain DEAD!?!*
mayuyu (19 days ago)
unrelated but the language is so cool
Gee Wae (19 days ago)
I'm gay and I grew up (hell I'm still growing up) deep in the fucking closet, with my parents thinking I'm straight. I watched movies with straight people in them, read stories about straight couples, all that shit, but heterosexuality didn't seem to 'infect' me.
Andrew O'Conner (20 days ago)
Arben Xhemajli (22 days ago)
Very well
Arben Xhemajli (22 days ago)
Arben Xhemajli (22 days ago)
Gay shit no mot
Borg 7777 (22 days ago)
There is nothing wrong with Men being Gay.  (The word Gay is for Men whereas the word lesbian if for women).Angels are all Male and they are all Pure and without Sin.  In other words they have never been with a woman and CANNOT be tempted into Sin by any woman.Like Gay Men, Gay Men are also Pure and without Sin and CANNOT be tempted into Sin by woman.So there is nothing wrong with being Gay.Men who are Gay are like Angels.In fact Gays are BETTER than the Men who are Tempted into Sin by woman and who eat the Forbidden fruit and learn of the carnal knowledge.Lust and fornication with women is Bad.Innocence and Purity are Good.You should look UP to the Gays, they are the Men who are like AngelsWomen are BAD NEWS.Feminism is EVIL.Women are the Devil.So make sure you avoid them.
Mr Jurgy (23 days ago)
The "woman" in the beginning of the video is speeking Greek to journalist hahahahaahah TYPICAL GAYREEKS GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND TAKE THOSE LOWLIVES WITH YOU
Scruffy Rodriguez (23 days ago)
Albanian is Arabic for poor people
Hovnan Ghukasyan (24 days ago)
Why if any man says that he is Napoleon or Cesar you take him to mental hospital but when any man says I am a woman you start to fight for his rights. I am Armenian and we Armenians hate homosexuality. It is mental disorder and sin for us. Nobody can say that he/she Christian and respect that virus.
alba b (24 days ago)
never felt more ashamed of my country
neko nekic (25 days ago)
Serbia is not homophobic country..our prime minister is openly gay..don't compare my country with your terrorist shit hole.ugly goat fuckers.
KOSOVA ËSHTË SERBI! (19 days ago)
Ovo što rade je skroz primereno,to i mi treba da radimo niko nas ne brani.
Gareeb Aadmi (25 days ago)
what does gay mean?
happy girl (26 days ago)
wtf this is not truee I am from albania annd this is not true this must happend years ago
basil1906 (26 days ago)
So sad.
Khaleesi Romaerys (26 days ago)
Them local homophobes are backward thinkers and have IQ lower than Mariana's Trench. I hate to admit it but I can at least say I'm proud I was born in the Philippines where I can flaunt my colorful rainbow wings in the outside and still went home alive and happy lol even our religion systems don't approve such homosexual thingy.
Edo Gjokaj (27 days ago)
No homo shit in albania
Erzsebet (27 days ago)
Funny how it was produced by Vice International Greece. How convenient of Greeks to pretend showing tolerance to gay men in Albania when we all know how much they hate each other.
Xtina (18 days ago)
There's no vice Albania, sweetheart. As if Greeks give one fuck about the Albanian social issues. No-one cares.
Fik (27 days ago)
Norik Pr (27 days ago)
Mirë jau bëjmë hahahaa
Fandi Ahmad (27 days ago)
I know you klodeta (29 days ago)
Turpi i kombit...na felliqen....po qysh kur te jesh gay qenkerka gje e mire? Po ca te drejtash duan ata njerez qe jane kunder vullnetit te vete Zotit? Hapni syte o te mjere...
Michael Hart (30 days ago)
Obviously he’s in the closet, there is research to back it up
King Taup Creatives (30 days ago)
The impact of this is they promote something against the moral tradition of the country..simple as that
ivy yeh (1 month ago)
Ok but why does she spwak greek?
Asmariኖ bello (1 month ago)
Good job Albania...these people are sick and should sent to prison
jeonlyxoxo (1 month ago)
There’s a reason Albânia is no fully in the EU. They are not a democratic country. Lack of education also plays a part.
Adriana Carlisle (1 month ago)
I work for Metro in Florida, which helps lgbtq children who are homeless and addicted, some as young as 9,,, yes, the US has more gay rights, but believe me,, there are plenty of dangerous bigots here. too,,, good luck to you all...💋
Native Tiger (1 month ago)
We live in the greatest country! We Americans are definitely blessed. It’s a shame we complain so much 🙄
Tamtam Titii (28 days ago)
You are living in the most fucked up country! Which is trying to fuck up other countries and cultures.
because0011 (1 month ago)
That’s awful a bunch of homophobic jerks
Ajmal Hafizuddin (1 month ago)
Ajmal Hafizuddin (1 month ago)
Ragna Max (1 month ago)
how can this sickness be accepted
Ragna Max (1 month ago)
It is sickness
Ragna Max (1 month ago)
Gay people should be eliminated they are disease of the earth
Pepa Pepa (1 month ago)
Please, could you add Czech subtitles?
enea shini (1 month ago)
So Vice Greece and Vice Serbia do reportage about Albania?! Hahahahaha
Jihe Zhang (1 month ago)
I am not a gay, but for me I am ok with it. It is very simple, I am a father of a three years old girl, if she turns to become a gay once she grew up, all I want her just being happy as long as she would not hurt anyone. Everyone should be respected by this world.
NEMESIS (1 month ago)
11:23 she said i would like to become a female cook (just for reference)
NEMESIS (1 month ago)
The Cat __YTR (1 month ago)
Can u kiss please i said WTF 0_O
DJ WOLF (1 month ago)
Πως εισαι ετσι γαμω την μανα σου!!!
Daniel Horvath (1 month ago)
the world is full of hate, we hate things so much because we are afraid of what we all have hidden in our depths, some live their truth and others chose to inflict violence, this world and our race we call human is the most hateful and dumb in all of our galaxy
Mari Na (1 month ago)
They should worry about the RAPIST in Albania NOT THE GAYS!
Saad El (18 days ago)
which rapist?
YOUNG ASTRO W (1 month ago)
at @2:38 , is does that sign say "G-Dragon" lol
Belami Able (1 month ago)
It is interesting that the filth of Albania are being propagated as the visionary element.I have helped Angela with money,due to her withdrawal many times.I felt sorry for people in pain.You must understand that they are almost untouchable when it comes to the Albanian perspectives.Also being a gypsy hasnt ameliorate the situation.Few years ago she was accused of beating and stealing a German businessman of 1500 euros.In Albanian homophobia is very nominal.Kristi Pinderi and the Lesbian girl knows that.They would never dare doing this documentary.It is a great promotion for the ngo donors for their cause .Only the Netherlands embassy has contributed to thousands of dollars to their cause.Dont be fooled on thinking that a serious vendeta is shaped againt them.It is not.Albania culture is very warm for the Anglo-Saxon taste.We still kiss our friends on the cheek.Hug them on the street.Walk hand to hand sometimes.No one in Albania project that as being gay,which will be a different opinion in the West.Things can get better of course.The gypsy trans speaking Greece, she is not from fucking “North Epirus “ .She is not ethnically Greek.She was ban from Prostituting in Greece and Tirana is her place now.Most of them are not demonize for their choice but for the dubious life style.Injecting heroin,stealing and other things.The sexuality is one of the aspects,not the essence.
alexys q (6 days ago)
**Belami Able* ~And you, also ({: D ...! <3 <3 <3
Belami Able (7 days ago)
alexys q you are welcome my friend.Have a great weekend.
alexys q (8 days ago)
**Belami Able* ~Ah, okay; *thank* you ({: D ...! <3
Belami Able (8 days ago)
alexys q yes you are correct Klodi was the guy which revealed his sexuality on Albanian big brother.Klodi was raised in Italy,but supposedly the city were he was born,it still one the most macho, hardcore part of Albania,Lezhe city.They were basically complaining that he is not Lezhian since his family are from Lushnje, a south central city of Albania.I am with you that it is unacceptable,also it was for the first that an open declaration via the live media.People also protested the gathering machos,They should protest for better education, life and school rather who is gay or not.That was the common consent.
alexys q (8 days ago)
*"Belami Able"* ~Uh-huh; and, the guy who, tearfully, "came-out publicly" on media (am afraid i don't recall his name), whose village took to the streets, to denounce-and-deny him...?? What was/is *his* terrible "personality flaw/ transgression", then...apart from *being* LGBTQIA ??? There *is* NO, "acceptable, excuse" for a society's being homophobic...no matter what "defence" you might attempt to throw up, "au contraire"!
Belami Able (1 month ago)
No one persecute Gay in Albania.They are just sensationalizing this theme for financial support from ngo donors.
Stripman Mille (1 month ago)
Fuck gay
Old School (1 month ago)
Well done my brothers !!! Europe is trying to make us like them Thanks Balkans still got some balls and we will never accept gays...fuck all of you sick guys...fuck gays fucking people...keep shot every fucking gay
Warren Goss (1 month ago)
Homosexuality is an abomination to Almighty God. Those who choose to practice this perverted sexual sin must stop, repent and choose Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
e.l.00_xx Hd (1 month ago)
im albanian and i don’t care if somebody is gay .
samary20 (1 month ago)
God created adam and even not adam and Steve there is a reason for that
Dimi Savage (1 month ago)
If ur dog will now u gay he will leave u too
TRUMACEDON (1 month ago)
It is normal for greeks to be gay so they can't understand gay intolerance. 99% of greek men are gay, its in their culture and history. They need to understand that not all cultures have a gay history like themselves. greeks are actually proud if their sons are gay.
printul dammang (1 month ago)
fucj you vice .
White Rhino (1 month ago)
My brother in law is Albania lol i should ask him how he feel about gay people??? Lol
White Rhino (1 month ago)
Really? Gaymania lol
gia rivera (1 month ago)
murat basha go to hell
Fluskar (1 month ago)
oof i dont think islam and LGBT mix well
White Rhino (1 month ago)
m0nius Islam is a disease.
Ilie Tudor (1 month ago)
Go Albania (kosovo is still Serbia) ! Death to faggots from Romania
Everythinghere Pro (1 month ago)
Bruce Bosch (1 month ago)
Omg - Jenny gorgeous!
Kenan Pasic (1 month ago)
Ahahahaha e cuj albanci pederi
Frank Lumaj (1 month ago)
Real Albanians are Christians Albanian Muslims are fake there mixed with Turks they force to become Muslims this is why albania is divided
Saad El (18 days ago)
albania is great because of war and peoplr likeu we re divied
Frank Lumaj (1 month ago)
Albanian rapper stresi is on the DL he's gay
Riloo (1 month ago)
As an albanian i feel so bad for my nation that these gay motherfuckers ruin our picture our our dignity this is not who we are
KOSOVA ËSHTË SERBI! (1 month ago)
Riloo No,they are showing who you really are.
Monica .M (1 month ago)
Even though I don't "agree" with homosexuality I do want them to have equal rights and be able to live their life the way they want to As long as It doesn't effect me and the people in my surroundings , I couldn't care less.
alexys q (8 days ago)
*Monica .M* ~Aren't *you* the "enlightened" one, wanting, "...equal rights (etc)", for the LGBT+ ...?? But, what do you mean that you, "...don't *agree* with homosexuality"?? So, *you* are not "gay". Fine. Do you worry that someone might attempt to, forcibly, *"make"* you 'such' ( ...the way, incidentally, that MANY 'attempts' *have* been made..."to turn *gays straight"...!)* OR...the way, perhaps, that an *heterosexual* man might, quite possibly, attempt to *rape* ( ...you, or any other woman, or girl) and, thereby, *force* HIMSELF *on you...??* How, then, might *that* 'sit with you', in terms of its "effect (on you) and the people in (your) surroundings"; would you be able to "...care less", *then??* However, i'd say that 'you-and-yours' are, probably, pretty 'safe and secure', regarding any sort of likely mistreatment...at the hands of any "homosexuals"!
TheStupidCupcake (1 month ago)
I am happy that the albanian neighbors are caring about this situation and not end up like Greece where we CELEBRATE gay parades. I do not care if gay or whatever anomaly you chose to be UNTIL you publicly PROTEST in public about your gender. All you ask is for attention and this is annoying , that's why I support Albanians in this occasion.
TheStupidCupcake (6 days ago)
no u
alexys q (6 days ago)
Now, you're just boring....
TheStupidCupcake (6 days ago)
TheStupidCupcake (6 days ago)
alexys q (6 days ago)
Oh-h-h-h...! Well, look at "us", positively *slingin'* the Brit slang all about; what...did "Golden Dawn" pay your way through language school then, or...??? Oh, and it's *"bellEnd",* btw..."annoying twat", x2; "iaa'sou, ska'taa...!" Et, putaine de salope...t'es trop conne, a l'evidence; tu devrais vraiment fermer ta gueule, et aller te faire enculer quoi! "Grosses bises" ({: D ...!!!
Jok3rCF (1 month ago)
v wins (1 month ago)
Jok3rCF do us all a favor and just shut up you cracker
Kai Young (1 month ago)
Dang Greeks speak fast, I barely had time to read the subtitles Haha but I love the Greek language it's beautiful 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
aldo ndreu (1 month ago)
im from albania and i know many people there are just idiots some dont have a problem with other gay people but if they kid is one they throw hem on the street......
AlaribonGames TV (1 month ago)
In neighbouring Serbia its the same
BALKAN and MIDDLE EAST (1 month ago)
Kill all the gay's in ALBANIA . No place for you in earth and in paradise fuuuuckkk oooofff cancer . this is a real cancer . May ALLAH will destroy you inshaAllah .
v wins (1 month ago)
BALKAN and MIDDLE EAST please just shut up. you’re probably secretly gay , cracker.
Rawad Rabbat (2 months ago)
I was attacked brutally in 2016 by some homophobics , when I reported that to police and they knew that i am gay ! They put the guilt on me ! It is hard life that we live
alexys q (8 days ago)
**Rawad Rabbat* ... <3 ....!
Tamtam Titii (28 days ago)
Nobody fucking cares about your sexual orientation. You gay people be walking around talking how gay you are in a conservative societies then blame the society for maltreatment. I've never seen straight people talking about their sexual orientation, it's smth private between you and your partner, no one needs to know that.
Rawad Rabbat (2 months ago)
Leave us living , it is enough, if you like tea not necessarily forcing others to like it too , homosexuality is not something new it is as old as human history! We have our way in love and life and it is a unique nature ! Stop homophobia
Kaltrina Shuti (2 months ago)
This opinon is NOT shared by the average Albanian ! Stop tying to make us look bad !!!! U are racist!!! And why is it not in English?!!! Gays are treated badly everywhere!
Its 2k18 (2 months ago)
But fucking goats is ok .
White Rhino (1 month ago)
Only in Islam is ok lol😂😂 blame Muhammad lol He such a good example 😂
Joseph Joestar (2 months ago)
The (((LGBT))) movement is the one trying to legalize animal fucking. Just look at Canada.
Rana Beyza Ergün (2 months ago)
Maybe you like this song. And music video about LGBTQ+ community by Little Mix and Cheat Codes 😍 Only You https://youtu.be/T2sO8gK2IKk

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