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Little Mix - Hair ft. Sean Paul (Official Video)

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Little Mix - Hair ft. Sean Paul (Official Video) - Download on iTunes http://smarturl.it/LMHairIT Listen on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LMHairSP Google Play: http://smarturl.it/LMHairGP Amazon: http://smarturl.it/LMHairAMZ Download the Get Weird Album on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/SLSitAbm Stream more music from Little Mix here: http://smarturl.it/LMixSpotify More from Little Mix Black Magic: https://youtu.be/MkElfR_NPBI Love Me Like You: https://youtu.be/1WpoKRnoPRU Secret Love Song: https://youtu.be/qgy7vEje5-w Follow Little Mix: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LittleMixOfficial/ Twitter https://twitter.com/LittleMix Instagram https://www.instagram.com/littlemix/ More great videos here http://smarturl.it/littlemixVEVO Lyrics: Switch it up, switch it up, WAH! Yeah, eh, yeah, let’s go I call my girl cos I got a problem Only a curl is gonna solve it Man I don’t really care just get him out my hair Let’s switch it up, get it off my shoulder I’ve had enough, can’t take no longer I’m over him I swear I’m like yeah Gotta get him out my hair (x4) Chorus Cos he was just a **** and I knew it Got me goin’ mad sittin’ in this chair Like I don’t care Gotta get him out my hair I tried everything but it’s useless He pushed me so far, now I’m on the edge Make him disappear Girl get him out my hair OK Gonna bleach him out Peroxide on him Hair on the floor Like my memory of him Now I feel brand new This chick is over you We’re going out Ain’t got no worries That drama now, now it just seems so funny Got my hands up in the air I’m like yeah Gotta get him out my hair (x4) Chorus Da da da da da, da da da da da da dah Switch it up switch it up Da da da da da, da da da da da da dah Switch it up switch it up Da da da da da, da da da da da da dah Switch it up switch it up Da da da da da, da da da da da da hey yeah Girlfriend you need to get your phone Erase that number Don’t call him back Cos he don’t deserve it And when you see him in the club Just flick your hair Don’t show him any love Cos you’ve had enough Chorus Hey yeah Girl get him out my hair He’s in my hair Gotta get him out, gotta get him out Gotta get him out my hair #LittleMix #Hair #Vevo #Pop #OfficialVideo
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Text Comments (137638)
Judith Govea (6 minutes ago)
They probably really like pizza
Amira Aden (1 hour ago)
Why is no-one talking about how gorgeous Leigh - Ann is
Jack Robins (1 hour ago)
Has anyone notice this entire time that Perrie is wearing the same cap that she wore in Black Magic?
lutjekal Kalter (4 hours ago)
Jamie Mal (6 hours ago)
I hope to god these girls don't split. love them to bits <3
my my town (8 hours ago)
I love little mix ❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💖💖💖💋💋💖💖💖💋💋💖💋💋💖❤💋❤❤💋💖
Silke Nijhoff (10 hours ago)
amazinggg <3
Ange (13 hours ago)
The failed Architect Me:🙈
Ange (13 hours ago)
The failed Architect Me:🙈
Tamchu Galigao (14 hours ago)
Jade is obviously the one who's giving advices while perrie and anne are just dancing😂
world Samuel (14 hours ago)
lindas maravinhosas divas poderosas
Noey Black Official (18 hours ago)
Hair😍 So powerfull...
Khan Khemrin (18 hours ago)
so cute
Emilu Suarez (20 hours ago)
Amo como calle y poche imitaron este video 😻😍
Tiago Dos Santos (20 hours ago)
Tiago Dos Santos (20 hours ago)
Natália paizero araujo (22 hours ago)
Lakisha Young (22 hours ago)
Jesy is the best looking one then Leigh
Paulina Oliveri (23 hours ago)
La mejor canción que escuche en mi vida
Ben Taylor (1 day ago)
my dad is called ben and he calls you rubbish but your the best I'm called Ruby-leigh and I really want to see you live
Aqua _ (1 day ago)
Is it just me or are all these girls all boss
AnnoyingGift (1 day ago)
Deja Greco (1 day ago)
I love this song and the video. I love u Little Mix
Ally (1 day ago)
2050 I can't be alone
Jordan Clements (1 day ago)
Hi little Mix
Sienna Harland (1 day ago)
Omg ur sooo pretty My friend loves u and I love u!❤HAVE A NICE TIME IN UR LIFE :)
DiamondRules01 (1 day ago)
I wonder if they did the pizza part because they forgot to have dinner so they added it to the music video. xD
I'm turning BI actually🙈
Hana Kajzer (1 day ago)
The Best song💜
flower gacha sweet (1 day ago)
I wanna dance
Lamer 12060144 (1 day ago)
I've you
Himakshi Maharjan (1 day ago)
I've been single for ever so I can't relate
Emi vargas (1 day ago)
Poppy Degnan (2 days ago)
This song never gets old !!🤩
Jazz Mana (2 days ago)
Horzila The Warrior (2 days ago)
Clare23Olive (2 days ago)
came here for the dog!!!! 0:22
Patricia Castañeda (2 days ago)
Duda Siqueira (2 days ago)
Cadê o os br?♡☆ 《》《》《《|》《
Liliana Cobb (2 days ago)
This is like me and my best friend but it would be more like this: Me: *opens door* Her: *shows up with old Christmas cookies* Me: *pours two pink cocktails* Her: WTH is that? Pink orange juice?  Me: *starts doing hair with a blow dryer* Her: Um could I have that for a second to warm my hands? Me: Can you hand me my eyeshadow? Her: Um... here *gives me contour bottle and I see that my eyeliner has now been used to write B F F on both of your foreheads* Me: do you want to share a pizza? Her: no, I'll take four whole ones and if you want you can have one... Me: *flirts with Pizza guy* Her: whispers- why does he have an astronaut helmet thing on his head? Me: *sings this song* Her: *quickly blurting random things and trying to rap* Me: *picks up phone call from crush* Her: OH HEY STUPID GUY, WHY DON'T YOU STOP CALLING MY SISTER AND GO DIE IN A HOLE?! Her: *puts on a baseball cap backward and acts like him* Me: *wraps a scarf around my neck* Her: *Finds a HUGE frilly bow and carefully sets it on my head* Me: *changes into sexy two-piece pajamas* Her: *changes into penguin onesie and asks "You wear jewelry to bed?" LOLOLOL
Luke Pattinson (2 days ago)
Bart Bakers parody is so accurate to this 😂
Serrina Lambert (2 days ago)
0:57 Jesy's face!
vibhuti rocks (2 days ago)
Who loves hatchi <3
Milk da Mel Martinez (2 days ago)
L R (2 days ago)
Jesy's smile at 0:25 she's sooo good looking
Telma C. (2 days ago)
Omg Hatchiii🤣🤣
клева👍👍👍Песня в душу запала
Chris Sanders (3 days ago)
these trannys are dressed up like women , but they are really men in disguise.
Music Fan girl (3 days ago)
I love Perrie's earrings
Ruma Gupta (3 days ago)
Love perries slippers
julie pollock (3 days ago)
I love you little mix
Amirra Lee (3 days ago)
the ending was funny
Sasa Vekic (3 days ago)
It looks like they got pizza from chucky cheese's
Macy Stockton-Beesley (3 days ago)
I really really really really love little mix and know every single song
Tan MK Irene (3 days ago)
Anybody here who watches teens singing with curling irons and burning their tongues and mouths... 😂
Pedro Vitor (3 days ago)
Little mix love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tiago Dos Santos (20 hours ago)
Little mix I love you
Mrs J (4 days ago)
Lol i love your music 👍
Mrs J (3 days ago)
Thank you
Simoni Mutha (4 days ago)
1:46 Jade was about trip so bad!!
Naomi Upton (4 days ago)
What sort of idiot would cheat on someone as beautiful as Leigh-Anne
Aria Pringle (2 days ago)
Exactly!!!!, she us Gorgeous!!!!
mark toon (4 days ago)
Katja Seles (4 days ago)
1:44 Leigh-anne's face.......
Allesson Carlos (4 days ago)
🇧🇷 eu amo muitooooo 2019
Omg i remember when this was my favorite song
alessia (4 days ago)
Emily Fox (4 days ago)
Love you guys
BD YD (4 days ago)
I love how they are like all equal in the videos
LaShay Lilly (4 days ago)
2019 anyone
CAR Jones (4 days ago)
Horrible lip syncing. How much u get paid? Think u could at least lip sync 1/2 way good.
So this is what adult sleepovers look like... Can I join!??
Chris Fitton (4 days ago)
This wouldn’t work if 1 of them had short hair lol😁
Vania campos (4 days ago)
Muito da vossas músicas são bué fixe querem fazer amizade comigo querem ser minhas amigas 💘💖💕💅
Kitten ASMR (5 days ago)
*They're just like the fifth Harmony has only one black girl*
Yahiara Vicente (5 days ago)
I love little mix
micky lilnicki (5 days ago)
Cause every time yall make a music video all of yall are there
micky lilnicki (5 days ago)
Are yall sister's or something
Dillon Stead (5 days ago)
They look nice
PizzA VloG SquaD (5 days ago)
I love your songs but every boy you pick in a song is so ugly in my opinion
Nancy Dubon (5 days ago)
| | 0:00 ______________________________________________________________________3:56
William Charles (5 days ago)
Honestly , Little Mix should have upload this kind of song / official video .. People nowadays rather liked a song that has no meaning at all .. Poor LM right now 😭😭
Leticiaah :3 (5 days ago)
Isadora Map (5 days ago)
Tayla Harris (5 days ago)
Hatchi is like i don't wanna look at her :) At the start
Namr J (5 days ago)
334 juta gilaaa
Tonica Jackson (5 days ago)
Me to
Amber Woolard (5 days ago)
0:23 it looked like the dog was hiding from the camera
The Byrdman (5 days ago)
Here from bart baker?
Laura Montoya Jimenez (5 days ago)
Hade Lopez (5 days ago)
Stela Maris Peres (6 days ago)
Little mix Happy 2019
Stela Maris Peres (6 days ago)
Happy bardhay
Aisha Alnaqbi (6 days ago)
Aisha Alnaqbi (6 days ago)
ILOVE YOU🎶🎼🎤💃😍😘💋💘
Sara Kok (6 days ago)
Leuk liet
The Nevaeh Show (6 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Kampania SaaB edition (6 days ago)
I like this song
Hanee98. M (6 days ago)
A Sprinkle Of Kelsie (6 days ago)
Who's perry
putra gian (6 days ago)
2:55 perrie 😂
Cynthia Here (6 days ago)
Lasted longer than fifth harmony...I knew it. 🤔somehow

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