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New Airtel Facebook 3g Ad

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New Airtel Facebook Ad starring Udaan fame Rajat Barmecha
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Shruti Angel (7 years ago)
The 4 who dislike are crazy!!! Plz cnslt a doc Its jst a funny ad !! Dnt get in deeper things jst fr laughs
papu (7 years ago)
khoon ka badla khoon hua purana....kiss ka badle kiss ka aya zamana
selva kumar (8 years ago)
very nice one>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Zainab Rehman (8 years ago)
hhahaha !! lol
cheths2u (8 years ago)
@aseem01 oops.... thanks a lot for pointing out this huge blunder :) changed it...
Ronnie Lahiri (8 years ago)
Rising sun films
mehak mehra (8 years ago)
hi do you have any idea regarding the name of the production house that produced this film
Aseem Kumar (8 years ago)
its not ronit roy... its rajat barmecha..

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