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Dubai Holiday 2015 Day 2: Atlantis The Palm in Dubai

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MORE INFO!! My Dubai Travel Tip DOs DONTs PROs CONs https://youtu.be/FvNTrqVEQ6o Day 1: Le Meridien Hotel http://youtu.be/X0Uk4AGbCbk Day 2: Atlantis The Palm http://youtu.be/mHUkbj7_jFM Day 3: Almurooj Rotana http://youtu.be/6BO8vKHKQgo Day 4: Flying back to London! http://youtu.be/zZBoOLVHsgA Our Dubai holiday the best bits and summed up in 5 minutes http://youtu.be/Hd54Y9Walfc MOUTHWATERING BREAKFAST BUFFET VIDS IN DUBAI!! Saffron, Atlantis The Palm breakfast buffet http://youtu.be/3WBwNSMigzQ Le Royal Meridien Dubai breakfast buffet http://youtu.be/XKjSan8Rvy8 Safar restaurant at Dubai International Airport http://youtu.be/ctG-O-KdPKE
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AkashVani (2 years ago)
Hi! Nice videos I am planning to travel Dubai next month You're videos are really helpful But I have few queries, could you please help me with them?
Jo Ma (2 years ago)
aaaaww thanks my dear xx
Ryan Wilson (3 years ago)
Awesome video! I randomly stumbled upon your channel because I just uploaded my own world travels video. It looks like you had tons of fun! Great work filming & editing! I just recently started making travel videos about a month ago while traveling Europe. I know all the hard work that goes into it! Your videos great! Have a good day!
Sean Davis (3 years ago)
Nice Video👌🏾 I'm looking forward to taking a trip out there myself sometime string 2016. By the way you are really gorgeous😍🙊🙈

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