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Shake Weight for Men- Intense Workout

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The happy ending workout
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vicktor waon (6 years ago)
the guy version is a bit more heavier cause we've done it our whole lives and need something to build onto
The Cover Up Crew (6 years ago)
What a bunch of homos
username7395 (7 years ago)
go listen to your hip hop white boy
Randy Newman (7 years ago)
i just ordered one. didn't realize it would hurt!
TheJedimaster6788 (7 years ago)
dude... i SOOO have to get this for my gf. So she gives better handjobs.
jondog89 (7 years ago)
So the wife and the girlfriend take turns? Haha
dar gar (7 years ago)
I got this for my wife and my girl friend and its the best $40.00 I've ever spent.
Mack Tyson TV (7 years ago)
Why did he open his mouth like that????

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