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Lookin' boy(With my added funny pictures to go with the song)

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Lookin boy with my funny added pictures that have to do with the song for example they said"Scobby dooby dooooo...Mike vick lookin boy" so i added a pi with scooby do and then michael vick. just waych and u'll see
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King Loser (6 years ago)
too bad the beat in this song absolutely sucks shit. what happened to djs? other than that it pretty much seems to be ripping on a rap cliche... problem is, they fall into all the same cliches. creative lyrics, bad production, sub-par rapping.
AyeeVince (6 years ago)
cool man joc
askquestionsplz (6 years ago)
awesome sauce
barine ninayor (8 years ago)
Brittany Morrison (8 years ago)
dis shit hella funny
Chanel Williams (9 years ago)
LOL nice video....it was cool

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