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Have you guys heard of this Asian dating app called EastMeetEast?

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Saw on Fungbro’s video & looks legit. Check out http://eastmeeteast.com/fb
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Federico Baena (4 days ago)
There should be an app where if ur not Asian your rejected. Hehe
Federico Baena (4 days ago)
It's about time. Sick and tired of white people going after Asian girls. When us Asian guys don't want nothing to do with western cucaisian women
Federico Baena (4 days ago)
Asian giuys date Asian girls because Asian girls are better. No need to go outside the race.
Will Fong (15 days ago)
Its pretty bad how guys need to pay for this application sexist much??
Tammy Nguyen (15 days ago)
Can someone help me how to block people on this apps please ??
lisa (21 days ago)
I am Asian and I prefer Asian men.
LeDontrae Willis (7 days ago)
I think I'm Asian .....sorta kinda
XKachoOjiX (21 days ago)
Is there really even a need for an app like this? Don’t Asians generally date within their own race anyway? Where’s east meets west?
XKachoOjiX (21 days ago)
Also, why am I presented with ads for this site? I’M CAUCASIAN!!
clippers4me (23 days ago)
Join this site. Nothing but fake ass scammers. This is is a fucking joke. This business should be shut down.
HYUN TAEK Lim (2 months ago)
야 이씨발것들아 광고 그만좀 쳐보내라 이 애미애비없는 개 호로새끼야
Boston Austin (3 months ago)
Asians are weird to me
exhaustedbean #33 (4 months ago)
Meanwhile, me, a straight white male.
PitaChip (4 months ago)
The problem with posing questions like “do you date Asians” is the question is absolutely loaded and founded in racial bias. You cannot answer it without acknowledging the racist nature of the topic. It seems so harmless, but this site’s advertising is campaigning in spaces that do so much harm to Asian communities, labelling them as fickle or exotic rather than just people who want to fucking live. I’m so tired of priviledged Asian dumbasses trivializing and objectifying their culture and people to “market” themselves better.
paul kue (4 months ago)
App sucks
Riley Nash (4 months ago)
I’m white, 6’5” and have a beautiful Chinese wife. She doesn’t like Chinese dudes because they treat their women like shit.
Riley Nash (4 months ago)
+Rich 91 你是中国人吗? No, her friend actually maried a chinese dude and he often goes to bars and other places in china that have women for sale sexually. he often cheats on her and yells and her when she has a problem about it. Thats fairly widely spread in china from what I have sen and have been told. In china apperently it's the culture there.
Rich 91 (4 months ago)
Lol like white men dont....how many white men abusive their wives....shes just coming up with a excuse....she could just say your hotter than most asian guys she has met
SiSiSiUSA (4 months ago)
I heard EastMeetEast site is not "men" freely because men cannot reach out to women unless they pay a high fee for each message sent to the woman. Is that true? How about women in the site. Do they have to pay a fee each time they send a message to a guy?
TalyJimmy (5 months ago)
wheres the dating app for white girls for asian dudes
BoiDv (5 months ago)
How desperate are Asians to even put an add when trying to watch a video not even related to dating... and noo one wants to date an Asian they are desperate creatures trying to suck them in like vultures! Stay away!!
Naisa Brookes (5 months ago)
I’m a teenage pansexual Asian female. Don’t give a shit what race you are as long as you prepared to talk to me all night, give me attention and love, an open minded person, and stay freaking faithful(don’t lie either or hide shiz) then, we’re Gucci. I only dated once and it was to a lying ass, cheating hoe ass white guy. He wasn’t even all that attractive but he entitled. Like, I was never into white guys bc I live in a mostly white place and some of them got some Asian stereotypes going around in there head as well as just straight ass racism. So like, If you colored and know what it’s like not to be entitled, I’d so be in
Le Big Mac (6 months ago)
Arabs are white.
A A (6 months ago)
Just my interpretation, so don’t take offense to it. I’ve seen so many Asian women date and marry outside of their race. As someone who’s dated a few Asian men now, and I’m not Asian, I’ve noticed a trend in culture behaviors towards women that I can without a doubt say is disturbing. I won’t say all Asian men are like that, and that all Asian cultures treat their women the exact same, but the experiences I had, I was treated as less than equal. And if that is how they treat all women, then I am not surprised that’s why Asian women are choosing to not date Asian men.
Fuckin Loser (6 months ago)
This is sus because weeaboos are gonna fake being asian on theyre profile and creep on real asian people
Chris R (6 months ago)
So the answer is segregating?? Shoot I want to be with an Asian but this app is mainly for Asians finding Asian.
Harvey Dent (6 months ago)
Personally preference let people date who they want to date.
Gary Ishida (7 months ago)
And to the Korean girl in this video who said "where are the Korean guys?" is probably a white-washed Asian bitch who only sucky sucky white guy. Gross. Hapa kids tend to be white washed and have racial identity issues.
Gary Ishida (7 months ago)
Screw NYC. I have heard that NYC is an unfriendly city towards Asian men in general. Too many sucky sucky five dolla ho's af/wm couples in nyc.
Fir-Nephilim (7 months ago)
"Where are you really from." Is basically for every race. Lol
Prajalrai (7 months ago)
I went to asiandating app even though i am 14. To see what it is like lol.
Nicole Roache (7 months ago)
I can guarantee since kpop has become more and more popular especially with BTS becoming bigger and bigger. Their are definitely a lot more non Asian people now that want to date asian men
IckySticky 1 (8 months ago)
These guys are cool
Alex Thong (9 months ago)
Really? Lol
MrCho604 (9 months ago)
I dontknow why but I like asian girls more than others HAHAhA
ABAzn Man (9 months ago)
hey just SHUT-UP and start looking over and pass it over to your ASIAN BROS. WWW.abcsofattraction com www.asianmanwhitewoman com www.seduction com www.amwf net in facebook
paul kue (10 months ago)
app kinda sucks to many poser haha
Username (11 months ago)
this is weird bc I honestly love asian guys but feel like they don't like me :') HAHAHA...HAHA...and i'm meant to be exotic xD
Todd Gilbert (11 months ago)
I can tell you one thing it's about with girls not dating asian guys. Girls like tall guy's of any race and Asians are usually short. Put 2 white guys side by side, same income bracket and they always pick the tall guy.
Keldeo (23 days ago)
Height? Seriously that's like saying asians have small 😂. People have types meaning personality, looks, or money ect. Dafuck height have to be the main principle
A A (4 months ago)
niucha zhu it’s about culture. There are plenty of women who have independence and believe in careers over marriage, so they do not feel obligated to tie themselves down in a failing marriage. Back when that was American culture, women would stay home while men worked, and that was all they knew, and men were the financial providers. There are cultures outside of America who still follow this belief, and will be shunned from their families or not prosper outside of marriage. They will stay in an unhappy marriage, even through abuse, than leave.
niucha zhu (5 months ago)
E S Divorce rate in Whites country is much higher than Asian cointry. And divorce hurt female much more than male, can u tell mw why
A A (6 months ago)
Nah I disagree. Each person has their own personal reason, but I’ve met tall Asian men, and dated some close to 6ft. I think some of it has to do with cultures, the way the men treat their women, and the opportunities you can get. Some Asian women are opportunists who understand white men have a better chance at becoming wealthy in a predominantly white society. Others, it’s because Asian culture, in some societies, still treat women unequal. I knew people who stayed trapped in a loveless marriage, full of abuse and resentment, because they left their lives abroad and would have no where else to go if they left them. Any case, that is far from romantic but the main point, some people do date other races because they’re exotic looking, some do it for opportunities, some for respect And love.
Gary Ishida (7 months ago)
Todd....only the feeble minded sucky sucky Asian ho's only look for height with a white guy. And you are being racist for assuming that Asian men are short. East Asian men from Korea, Mongolia and the northern parts of China tend to be tall, on average 5ft 11". You probably grew up around a lot of the Cantonese and Vietnamese /Southeast Asian people where they tend to be on the shorter side.
TOP ASMR (11 months ago)
I think Asians, in general, need to explore all other races as well. We probably find you lot attractive. You can never tell. It's hard for other races to approach Asians because they always hang around each other.
Gary Ishida (7 months ago)
@top 5ves.....what you said about how asians are exclusive is a load of steaming horse shit. There is sadly still a lot of anti-Asian men racism and discrimination in the work place, but glaringly evident in the dating field. I have tried dating apps and did not receive any likes or no meet up date with a white or non-Asian female. America is only good for job and an education opportunity. For dating or love, USA sucks.
Celtic Hero (1 year ago)
Asian women are just dumb stupid bitches
Justin Tam (1 year ago)
I've used other dating apps with success, but this one no one even responds, starting to think it's a scam.
aditya singh (9 months ago)
Justin Tam agreed.
Lexicon 95 (1 year ago)
EAST MEET EAST PLZ HELP I saw an ad on tumblr for you guys and it was a survey you did in LA, one girl in it was talking about getting some sauce poured on her face while hooking up (really funny!!) and how the stereotypical small dick thing isn’t true, it was a great video and I wanted to share it with a friend but it was an AD!! Plz upload that vid or if you have a link somewhere, I would love it. 10/10 best ad ever, I literally Youtube stalked you guys for it, I would have RT, but couldn’t ☹️
gifford lee (1 year ago)
App is not there?
Jonathan Chen (1 year ago)
gifford lee it's a website, and it costs monthly for males to read and msg back to girls
gifford lee (1 year ago)
I dont really date my asian kind but i am outgoing, very intitutive and date more races. Date more hispanics more than all races
Daniel Robitaille (1 year ago)
Love asian ....see they try to understand why asian men have more hard time to date they don't blame everybody else they try to fix their own issues first....they behave so correctly I just love asian peoples and yes for me asian women are the most beautiful women on this planet....we white have a lot to learn from those peoples
Hazel mcmiller (2 years ago)
I'm black and native and I freaking love asain guys but it's hard to find them in Georgia at least the City I'm in
Alex Vidu (9 months ago)
Cheers for this, I've been looking for "russian dating" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Denrooklyn Wedlock Enhancer - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got great results with it.
Xi-chan (1 year ago)
Use rice to capture them

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