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I compare Rochas Man Intense vs The Original Rochas Man on the streets of New York check it out "STREET SCENTS" The Series. RATE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE
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KEN SPRINGS (9 months ago)
Come on! Is there such a thing?... Where is it? It doesn't appear on the rochas site! Lol
miggs80 (1 year ago)
I can't find the Intense version anywhere.
Kevin Chavolla (3 years ago)
Does rochas man smell like axe dark temptation
silverss onyoutube (5 years ago)
ive got rochas man , but for a better coffee smell get ted lapidus blacksoul IMPERIAL .
DaZeD Merlin (5 years ago)
The Rochas bottle looks like a buttplug, good thing the smell is different!
CoachRob619 (6 years ago)
@gekisen01 I just found a bottle of Dior Instense in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Liverpool mall on my vacation. That was the ONLY PLACE I ever seen it!
KK (6 years ago)
which one is better??
yusuf0087 (6 years ago)
Yo AL which one do you prefer, rochas man or givenchy intense? Heard they're quite similar
Patrikduke (6 years ago)
Very, very good video!!! Thanks, Al!
hbkryme (7 years ago)
Felipe Restrepo (7 years ago)
Very good video.
SummerSummer101 (7 years ago)
lol look at al's face at 2:33 how hes wondering about the armani mania comparison
dracdoc (7 years ago)
Good vid man!
aidenryu (7 years ago)
A couple years ago I saw Rochas Man Intense at a store going for a discounted price. It was a 3.4 oz bottle for $30 and I decided to purchase something else over it and I regret that. I had no idea RMI was so elusive in the american market. I'm kicking myself to this day :(
leozito2004 (7 years ago)
great comparison video partner, way to go ;)
razscott (7 years ago)
Wow not heard of this, i NEEEED to try it!!! Cant find it anywhere though
zonemanager3 (7 years ago)
great street scents al! maybe the next time do play and play intense...
Fragrance Bros. (7 years ago)
love the original Rochas Man, now i gotta get the Intense version! :) havent seen it anywhere. great guest on this video!
mes7iahcomplex (7 years ago)
Could you try Gucci envy!
defman85 (7 years ago)
i like what hear about the intense. gotta try it.
Evans Cheruiyot (7 years ago)
could you please review this one, i didn't know of its existance
martinaee (7 years ago)
Intense huh? I have the original. Was "intense" recently released? I'd say if you let people smell Rochas Man the *initial* impression won't give people a good idea of the overall smell of the fragrance. I don't like the opening of Rochas Man at all---- way too sweet--- but it becomes amazing and chocolatey after a half hour to an hour of wearing.
mrjoestrikesagain (7 years ago)
This guy was a great sport. Keep it up Al, I think us subs want to see him back... Great work my fragrant friend. Always love to see your videos in my sub box... :D

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