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10 FUNNIEST Stand-Up jokes of All Time

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Comedians delivering their best bits Featured Comedians: ▶Gabriel Iglesias - S/X toy shop : https://www.fluffyguy.com/ ▶Michael Mcintyre - Parenting : https://www.michaelmcintyre.co.ukhttps ▶Dave Chappelle - I don't deal with jails ▶Bill Burr - Down n Dirty : http://billburr.com/ ▶Louis C.K - Aeroplane : louisck.net ▶Ralphie May - Muslim ▶Kevin Hart - Woman : ▶Patrice o'neal - White Woman ▶Russell Peters - Arabs : http://www.russellpeters.com/ ▶Jim jefferies - Gay : http://jimjefferies.com/ COPYRIGHT ISSUE : [email protected]
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Text Comments (1342)
Viral-Videos (3 days ago)
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S Wilson (4 hours ago)
Only Louis CK made me laugh.
Chatito Hustle (4 hours ago)
hahahaha good stuff!
Leyla Ahmed (5 hours ago)
the first one is rude and offending
damnsnakeinmyboots (15 hours ago)
I thought I might see something new here... not chunks of mainstream specials.... I get its all opinion based but this is a really lazy list of FUNNIEST "jokes"... bait...
Calamity James (16 hours ago)
Where's Amy schumer ?. You can't have a funniest comedian list without Amy. 😆
Annie B (1 day ago)
Michael McIntyre and Fluffy. My two favorite comedians.
Off-road Rampage (1 day ago)
they were funny but not as funny as Carl Barron
Danny Stotler (1 day ago)
(Second clip) “me in my head” man I fucking loved the broccoli and carrots the only thing I never liked doing was brushing my teeth.
Nicholas Rivera (1 day ago)
Watch Bo
Shelly Neely (1 day ago)
Fucking cats
Alexandro Hutt (2 days ago)
Best jokes for 13 and 67 year old boys and men.
Phillip Himebaugh (2 days ago)
Click Bait ugh.
SidtheKid (2 days ago)
they still blaming Obama lol
Mike Donitt (2 days ago)
it is the funniest stand up as in its failed so bad its fucking hilarious
Noah Dagel (2 days ago)
Im here for fluffy
ManLikeMrKhan (3 days ago)
Is that fat prick a boy or girl i cant tell
Vegan Vocalist (3 days ago)
;D))) laugh out loud funny THANK YOU ! juuust what I needed
Dr. Sticky Fingers (3 days ago)
Nothing made me laugh
Lewis Lau (3 days ago)
Personally,I think FACECAST app is more interesting.Can’t stop laughing.
Psy Steinborg (3 days ago)
m k (4 days ago)
Not funny
Z H (6 days ago)
Someone recommend me some mature American comedians please. I'm British and used to Ricky Gervais and Frankie Boyle so something a little similar please
Anton Slavik (6 days ago)
PROTIP: A viral video is never 38 minutes long
megan cooper (7 days ago)
"Funniest stand up jokes of all time" yeah okay then first we get some fat dude and then Michael who is just intolerable. Then another unfunny fat dude, then a hysterical black midget, a guy that sounds drunk. The rest im good with but it wasn't even their best jokes.
jerami101 (7 days ago)
RIP Ralphie May.
Ocean DiGregorio (8 days ago)
No George Carlin or Sam kinison or mitch hedberg not only is this an issue it's an abomination
ANTHONY SPARANO (8 days ago)
the guy at 21 minutes doesnt make any sense... he refuses to call the cops whatsoever? and he thinks that cops are always arresting black people because of a sketch artist? sketch artists are rarely even used in the first place, in most arrests
Tori Warren (8 days ago)
Funny thing is this is my name too! Love ya Kevin! #tori
Los Heff (8 days ago)
Subscribe to my YouTube channel NOW!!!! One of the FUNNIEST comedians out of Cleveland, Ohio
Los Heff (8 days ago)
Matt Hay (8 days ago)
Wave (9 days ago)
Bruh Michael macyntire is assssss
Steve Albiston (9 days ago)
NO NO NO!!! Thought when Louis C.K come on he might redeem this list a little but it want even his best from that show??? Now trust mi if ya ant already seen it n watch Lee Mack Live.. his first show cos there’s 3 far as I know Personally I think it’s best stand up ever without question n it’s not cos I love Lee Mack or I’d be sayin ya need to watch others luckily I live in England so it’s all relevant to mi but it’s so good even your not livin here should rate it highly Trust mi cos he’s on fire
Ryan Weatherman (9 days ago)
I bet y'all were eating that Red Hot & Blue! I used to manage that liquor store right there.
Derek H (9 days ago)
"FUNNIEST Stand-Up jokes of All Time" Huh.. okay. Let's check that out *click* **Gabriel Iglesias** ...Nope.
A Comic Soul (10 days ago)
Please check out our new web series Jonis goes sightseeing. He meets Russell Kane in London in the first episode https://youtu.be/u_ccDD_PuL4
julio bermudez (10 days ago)
Funniest According to who??? Bleh, hacks.
Mario Gaming (11 days ago)
I have a joke Read more
Apple Moss (11 days ago)
Super!!! Gut Klasse
Fusion-Gaming (12 days ago)
Im offended with the guy that says “the muslim is gonna get you” fuck him
bill bartoli (13 days ago)
I’m sorry, but these were not funny. My grandma tells funnier jokes.
So Cal Astarte (14 days ago)
Damn, Ralphie May looks like a skinny dude wearing a fat suit.  Dead of a heart attack at age 45?   Diet and exercise people
Mrs. Thomas (14 days ago)
Michael Myers is one of my favorites!! Totally skipped Bill Burr....filth!
jason mose (15 days ago)
The illegal is not funny
baller Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Bored right? Watch my videos on instagram. Ballerrodriguez
T Cuddy (15 days ago)
That last guy was so not funny at all....
mmando07 (15 days ago)
these jokes sucked
EJJ Files (15 days ago)
I would tell a *Chemistry Joke* but I don’t know what the *reaction* would be. :/
Ess See (15 days ago)
Didn’t even finish it was so boring. Where’s Pablo Francisco man? These were so not the best jokes
xRahlx (16 days ago)
How does 10 jokes take 38 minutes to tell...
Shaun Mccaughan (16 days ago)
You keep giving into the little cunts you call kids so it's your own damn fault it's a battle. There was none of the shit when i was growing up, eat or fucken go hungry and no bargaining.
Scarlet Witch (16 days ago)
I took my Mum to a sex shop and was like Mum... your embarrassment is silly; these places would not exist without a strong market for them and we don't live in a little town... She took some coaxing but I got her in there then we laughed at a giant forearm and fist dildo and a very expensive near head sized buttplug. I'll never quite forget that day...
Flora Nogales (17 days ago)
thank you for your upload,everyone being so judgemental and criticizing and being picky over nothing.you took the time to upload this for people's enjoyment.thank you,i was feeling down it made me feel better :).keep up the good work!!
Patriot Burger (17 days ago)
The whole list should be bill burr
Ian Smith (18 days ago)
seriously? rather unfunny
Alan Crook (18 days ago)
Before claiming the funniest search for Bernard Manning.
Alan Roberts (19 days ago)
I wont wait for the sequal thats for fuck'n sure. Total crap.
setsappa1 (19 days ago)
Who is the last guy? He is killing it... :D
McLoudMouth (19 days ago)
fuck that racist cunt
Alan Roberts (19 days ago)
McLoudMouth agee racist slut. Had,and i mean had to be a fan of some of these comedians to think they are funny. And Mexican.
Deyved patino (19 days ago)
Who told the Muslim joke
Connor Krauss (19 days ago)
"...and nobody's beating them..." *cough* Crusades
Glitter Sword (20 days ago)
The first one made me spit my tea
You Got No Jams (20 days ago)
From sex shop to children
Change The Synonym (20 days ago)
8:54 fuck you bitch
DonziGT230 (21 days ago)
amin barraj (21 days ago)
fuking raseset to muslims
(22 days ago)
Bill burr the 🐐
David Fritz (23 days ago)
You haven't seen very much stand-up, have you? (No--that was rhetorical; I already know your answer.) "Viral Videos", huh? Man... I hope it's not contagious...
Noni Lovechild (23 days ago)
It was funny except for self hating black man at the end.
Sam Gonzalez (24 days ago)
can someone tell me what kevin hart's best joke is? He is stupid popular and I don't think I've ever laughed at him, I typically find him really annoying honestly but I haven't heard a lot of him.
ABONESR (24 days ago)
The list is alright but no way the funniest. Even I can make a better one
jolena auvuya (24 days ago)
not funny
stud man (24 days ago)
Skip Boring 2nd guy and boring Kevin Hart. Kevins movies are so annoying. Yikes.
IanCoxProductions (25 days ago)
David Daring (25 days ago)
WOW, he was right about Obama... 8 trillion dollars in debt in 8 years. Blame it on the Black guy?
Alberto A (25 days ago)
1 Corinthians 6:9-12 New International Version (NIV) 9 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlerswill inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. Sexual Immorality 12 “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.
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moni dorame (25 days ago)
23:36 doesnt he sound like the boss from the incredibles!!!!!??? 😂😂😂
irepsk8in (26 days ago)
Great Video!
Sandi Chu (26 days ago)
Comedians spread awareness just as much as laughter if u think about it. Some of em make me think of real news in a subtle enough way that won't have then got into trouble because they can mask themselves as a joker. I like it.
Shinyabsol (26 days ago)
dantez81 (26 days ago)
nuke beats them or tack missile strike
TheDerpFactor (26 days ago)
8:33 marks the becinning of the best 90 seconds on youtube.
HexagonicDistortion (26 days ago)
Bill burr has much better ones lol
Shanyu k (27 days ago)
tempo ratus (28 days ago)
There were no jokes here. The only reason people may laugh is because comedians look funny. Fat, bold, too much meat in the face, etc
MJM (29 days ago)
Nez (29 days ago)
damn that guy fat af
David B (30 days ago)
It is amazing Ralphie May is still breathing....hope he changes his eating habits or he is gonna die of a coronary
vinyltapelover (20 days ago)
David B You are so on point with all that stuff. One of my sisters in law, has done similarly done what you have and has kept it up for years. I have tried Stevia and the taste just doesn't agree with my taste buds for some of my favorite things, lol. I can't get past the taste of it with stuff such as my morning cup of coffee, my raisen bran flakes, lemon aid, just to name a few. As an alternative, I will go without sweetners in my coffee(sometimes) and my cereal. But lemonade, I have to borrow and A.A. sponsor for help with that one, lol.
David B (20 days ago)
+vinyltapelover glad you are having success. The problem most face is sugar, high fructose corn syrup, sweeteners and carbohydrates that raise insulin levels. I quit all sweeteners other than stevia which is natural and has no calories and no affect on insulin.
vinyltapelover (20 days ago)
David B I agree with you, there. Being diagnosed, 2 years ago, as pre diabetic, It seems that I am noticing more instances of diabetes, without regard to size, shape, weight, gender or age. To me, it's a little scarier than the Opioid crises...you may not see anything or feel anything. It's like a program, running quietly in the background. Fortunately for me, I got my A1c in Normal range without medication. I have managed it with eating, portions' control, exercise and the One Touch stick a strips and still for the most part, eating[sensibly] what I want. So far so good:).
David B (20 days ago)
+vinyltapelover R.I.P. Ralphie, morbid obesity and self inflicted diabetes is seriously out of control here in the United States.
vinyltapelover (20 days ago)
Ralphie May died Friday, Oct. 6, 2017, of cardiac arrest in Las Vegas.
Nathan Krone (30 days ago)
Holy shit, bill burr predicted the future.
hello hello (30 days ago)
Bryan Clark (1 month ago)
Subscribe to me Big Guy
Ricky Suave (1 month ago)
Ms. DiggNit (1 month ago)
fluffy has money they are fucking each other a celebrity who's car don't start the car wouldn't start ya ok his Lamborghini wouldn't start
Matt Ram (1 month ago)
Patrice is the king
John Wilks (1 month ago)
Not Tetsuo (1 month ago)
the 2nd guy was stupid
Jo3 does gaming 777 (1 month ago)
the 3rd guy is so racist

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