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Russ - What They Want (Official Video)

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My debut album 'There's Really A Wolf' is available now https://www.TheresReallyAWolf.com/ get this song http://smarturl.it/TRAWiT Directed by Edgar Esteves Song produced by Russ twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess instagram : @russ @edgaresteves
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Text Comments (33359)
G . Dillon Surujbhan (1 hour ago)
Why they b hating on Russ
Darrion James (1 hour ago)
Dude deserves a proper break through, this lit mannn 👌🎶
Rodrigo Borgas (1 hour ago)
L kinh
devin derouen (3 hours ago)
this shit is wack for real
Angel Acero S.A Crew (3 hours ago)
makgotso Makgwana (4 hours ago)
21/09/2018 06:50
Mac Cheese194 (5 hours ago)
I wish Russ would run up on Gucci and get bodied 🙏🏼💯
Luiz Carlos (7 hours ago)
Musica foda 😍😍😍😍
Crop Modz Gaming (7 hours ago)
Instantly thought of lil Ron ron
david moore (7 hours ago)
Fuck Russ.
김치미 김치미 (9 hours ago)
I am an ARMY now i am addict to this song...
BreatheMusicOfficial (9 hours ago)
🔥🔥[NEW] Russ - Serious (INSTRUMENTAL)🔥🔥 on my page :)
Eva Simelière (12 hours ago)
I think he is beautiful
Ryan Thompson (14 hours ago)
this dude 2 ft 4? lol . size me up
cold cold (15 hours ago)
Esse cara é foda 🔥🔥👏
Arthur J. (15 hours ago)
Ouvi dizer que o Dalsa melhorou está música.
Luan Guterres (16 hours ago)
Ignacio Lanata (16 hours ago)
De Taiwán*
Amir Griffin (17 hours ago)
Alr someone tell why he’s so popular like this isn’t straight trash but I’m not seeing how his album went platinum
Kangabear Schlieter (17 hours ago)
this ain't bad
MAPUER IND (19 hours ago)
De taiwan de taiwan de taiwan con los ojos que parezco taiwan
Royal ! (19 hours ago)
Fuck Russ
Lana Kala (19 hours ago)
He so fine bro I swear
Jungwoo Makes Me UwU (19 hours ago)
I see so many comments of people saying "fuck russ" they really must have no life spending it on people that they hate lmao. Go watch something you actually like then. Nobody forced you here 😂
I thought he said im a DUI piorneer hahaha drink and drive make you feel alive
Iam just Kay (22 hours ago)
My sister whole name is in this “Lola”😂😂😂
Armando Rojas (23 hours ago)
I love this song and is say this wen they call me what they wont :)
Marti Di. K. (23 hours ago)
Azooz Z (1 day ago)
Where is this place?
Canis Katsuki (1 day ago)
why does this lowkey remind me of Hamilton?
Glitter Files (1 day ago)
*i thought Russ was black and from empire.*
i like this song so much
8 in 9 (1 day ago)
Rishi Kulkarni (1 day ago)
James Tidswell (1 day ago)
MR NYC (1 day ago)
Beyond garbage
Jungwoo Makes Me UwU (19 hours ago)
...why are you here then? Go watch something you enjoy lmao
Remix (1 day ago)
MR NYC how ?
MR NYC (1 day ago)
184 mil views 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Wtf happened to hip hop
Respect the pink aesthetic...
XiiMesho_ (1 day ago)
Hipsters when they can’t get accepted in pop so they come on hip-hop? This is what they look like.
Simba Fam (1 day ago)
AK GUAPO (1 day ago)
alex ü King (1 day ago)
Porfin de quien es no era de RELS B
Sibabalo Bence (1 day ago)
Still here 2018 September
TigoEdits (Quit) (1 day ago)
Another day, another L
Lemme go on and like this before he call his goons on me
Jay Trill (1 day ago)
This ONE song is lit but russ is just the corniest mf alive.. hairline far bac as shit, white doing fake jamaican songs, 4'11 feet tall, man bun, awkward and hella cringy movement.. this guys is EXACTLY why ghost writers exist and he meets every requirment to be one
Udaman (1 day ago)
Everyone's only here now because Russ got goons to jump Adam22 and Smokepurrp Meanwhile I've been here since May 2016 just watching back over some classic videos
Steve From Chiraq (1 day ago)
Russ the definition of L
big daddy (1 day ago)
big daddy (1 day ago)
Bitch ass nigga
alex rogers (1 day ago)
for some reason i feel like he should roll up that other sleeve does anybody else agree?
david mckesey (1 day ago)
God i hate this song
D16 (1 day ago)
J Greezy (1 day ago)
This song is better than the best Post Malone has to offer.
RAWPaper j (1 day ago)
dope he made the beat
LaTanya Threatt (1 day ago)
Dang he like genji for over watch rapper form LMAO
George Tillman (1 day ago)
Finally found it!!!!!🙌
Boo Boyce (1 day ago)
It's always fuck Russ But this is a banger
tiny (1 day ago)
weirdly, cody ko brought me here...
Kaay Garcia (1 day ago)
My sis used to date him she lives in Los Angeles❤️but they broke up😔 an before they broke we made a music vid my sis said to not talk about him but I don’t care😩🙁
Swag Bihhh (1 day ago)
MsLaDy (1 day ago)
i swear half the views are mine xD <3
Dezzie H (1 day ago)
Andre Felipe (1 day ago)
Cadê os br?
XxNateqaz23xX 2.0 (1 day ago)
184M keep it up bb
DemonWarrior47 (1 day ago)
2018? yes
e preston (1 day ago)
who else is in the comments?
Plain Jane (1 day ago)
2018?? anyone??
sicarium 69 (2 days ago)
De Taiwán ? Alguien 2018???
Dawn Johnson (2 days ago)
I love you
Iain Coogan (2 days ago)
How is russ taking L even do he's better than prity much every other rapper out now and so wat if he didn't fight purp him self least he's not as pusy as the rest showing guns and shit but not doing any ting in real life
Livio Lopac (2 days ago)
Bruh I would hit my head on the door in the beginning I mean he 5'4 😂😂
Pablo Victoriano (2 days ago)
This is ass
TATPONG Officiel (2 days ago)
Grizmas (2 days ago)
Fishnshits (2 days ago)
archie w (2 days ago)
Charlie Forman (2 days ago)
WE use to HAVE A PINK TREE AT SCHOOL but it just was afraid of my pet darkness
hannah rose (2 days ago)
Nate Brindabella (2 days ago)
Is he really short?
Basically Bros (2 days ago)
What they want "I send Nigerians to fight cause I Can't " what they want
Omar Elbaroudi (2 days ago)
Numb (2 days ago)
Smokepurpp gang u gay lol
Yaeir Banks (2 days ago)
Captain Bubbles (2 days ago)
This song is boring garbage.
Reditd (2 days ago)
Fuck Russ.
Diego Jimenez (2 days ago)
Whos here after J. Cole dissed Russ?
Tony Ranard (2 days ago)
FUCK RUSS!! But he still flows hard af.
Kevin Zapata (2 days ago)
Kill-Logic (2 days ago)
Hommie Got a good Flow Been listinin to Russ for a minute never understood all the hate! also Hahahahah Purp cought the fade and deserved ever Hit and Adams beat down was meh needs a little bit more imo he a fucking 35 yr old trying to revert to 22 sad bro becareful beating his ass may get you Elderly abuse charges!
Dude is a bitch for sending goons but song is lit
Galaxy (2 days ago)
Isabella Garcia (2 days ago)
Im so infatuated with all his music! Very orginal!
Malachi Falcon (2 days ago)
He sized up purp
We want u to quit music
Jonathan Sanchez (3 days ago)
Russ vs purpp
Mo collins (3 days ago)
This song go!!! 🔥🔥🔥🎶🎵🎤
Pablo Borrachero (3 days ago)
made in taiwan xdxd
Louie K (3 days ago)
forta steaua

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