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Violence and Private Security in South Africa

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Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News The high walls, electric fences, and private security guards surrounding South Africa's residences and businesses are as inherent to the country's landscape as Table Mountain is to Cape Town. And with good reason — South Africa's 2012-2013 crime statistics were the worst in a decade, with increases in murder, attempted murder, violent armed robbery, and carjackings. Fear of crime has led to a boom in South Africa's private security industry since apartheid ended 20 years ago. The field's quick expansion is largely a result of continued social and economic inequality, increased violence, and inept police forces. VICE News traveled to South Africa's mother city Cape Town to look at the lifestyle gap between those who can and cannot afford the luxury of safety. Check out the VICE News beta for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (5415)
Louis Parker (7 hours ago)
This means still white dominate in Africa till now.What a shame.Wake up Africa.
Farhan Slicker (11 hours ago)
Africa will be great again soon
Lucia Katangolo (11 hours ago)
Watching this I remember what Trevor Noah said about South African police system.
Adriano Japan (20 hours ago)
11:42 this guy has just described the (predominantly black) slums in Rio
KillerGamin 321 (20 hours ago)
lol we use basset 😂
areufkingkiddingme (1 day ago)
im gay
Jerry Jefferson (1 day ago)
I hate to say this but I notice a HUGE lack of seriousness and common sense in these people. Not the security but just African(white or black) people in general. It's like their competency is non-existent or very small.
William Burkett (1 day ago)
always say white have so much priveliges,white people are far more less than black people,more than 70 percent of the population is black,there isnt jobs for everyone,not everyone here is educated,black or white or whatever,so they not going to get good salaries sadly,the government steals most of all the money for their own stuff,so its a white mans fault
We're same as other countries it's just that system is not working for us in fact the whole World is crazy the first thing rights are not equal to tell you the truth most people commit unwillingly and knows that what they doing is crime in other words they're forced by a living situation .I don't support anything that is called crime
Karien (2 days ago)
Bless the police that are not corupt in South Africa and doing their job.
Jesse Nuno (2 days ago)
16:30 He knoes dee wey! Must be a dangerous path if he needs nunchucks. I wish he could just explain dee wey for us
Cleyton Linnerd (2 days ago)
will you americans stop reporting on our country please.... you do not know anythhing
jan jacobs (3 days ago)
5:11 is that someone getting raped?
Diana Dupont (3 days ago)
now you pay the price of apartheid
Dave Crockett (4 days ago)
Look, it's hard to have to admit it, but some people just have no business running a country. James Madison, a former U.S President that is considered the father of the Constitution, wrote about the great danger of letting the poor vote themselves into power. Even though that's not how things happened in South Africa, it the same thing. Look what these fucking animals did to what was possibly the most beautiful nation on earth ? Shameful
Johan Herrera (4 days ago)
as a latino one can only appreciate the automatic citizenship (full extent of rights) for the black community at the instauration of (most) republics about 200 yrs ago. hope South Africa solves its problems, we do know how hard is to build from scratch a tore society... is hard guys but doable! best wishes from Colombia to all South Africans.
Wolfgang Breitenseher (4 days ago)
Tribalists are not able to run a nation.
ADT . Nice..."
PorckChopz (4 days ago)
Where 2/3 of the Murders in Capetown Occur -proceeds to go there-
incase you missed it (6 days ago)
They are dying everyday there 12:03 hahahaha
David Frieda (7 days ago)
whites are now maximising securty so tht they wll leave well !gvng eachother basick training to kill u black south african .
David Frieda (7 days ago)
whites are evill .bwating kiling and evrythng t blacks
Vyacheslav Ivanov (7 days ago)
Intro music is nice,
Alberto Rodriguez (7 days ago)
i guess this is a joke now compared to venezuela
Rethabile Khorola (7 days ago)
Not everything you see in this doc is true, not everyone is racist in SA and not everyone is out to get the white dudes some of us are chilling and minding our own business some of you need to practice that and stop whinning 😔🤦🏽
jose pinho (8 days ago)
jose pinho (8 days ago)
jose pinho (8 days ago)
Alejandro Arevalo (9 days ago)
Extremely racist comments in this video, what a total shit show y’all are pathetic
Gantzuka (9 days ago)
This is what you get when you have corrupt people in control. It's a trickle down effect, and who knows what kind of outside influence is still at play in Africa. May not be good for europids in Africa, but it isn't good for Africans who just want to live in peace in any Country.
Wolfgang goethe (11 days ago)
I'm worried that someone from that guard neighborhood saw this video and attacked the guy or something.
zhuoqun xu (11 days ago)
When black people look at freedom they don't think about equal opportunities, their idea of freedom is "other rich people's money should be mine". How are they gonna do that? Simple, Violence!!
Stephen S (12 days ago)
0:55 the way he stared at the camera and slowly got back into his car...you know he had some shit on him
Halo 4sure (12 days ago)
Stop white genocide!!
Vaughn Taylor (13 days ago)
The white people are just going to leave and let the animals kill each other and in twenty years they will be gone
Mengstab G.michael (15 days ago)
Jesus Christ is love you guys come back to Jesus Christ he is Lord and King John 14 (KJV) - ዮሃንስ 6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. 7: If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.John 3 (KJV) - ዮሃንስ 16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17: For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18: He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.Romans 10 (KJV) - ሮሜ 8: But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; 9: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10: For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
Nobuhle Mthembu (15 days ago)
The facts are so wrong I don't even know where to start
baka baka (15 days ago)
There is a difference... White folks don't rule anymore Now it's time for the black people to destroy everything.
Beautiful Monster (3 days ago)
black animals already destroyed each other and the whites still the Richest there and the blacks still in a shithole lol
wettoification (16 days ago)
As a white South African living in Cape Town this is a Perfect documentary to open the worlds eyes and 100% accurate.. hard to be the educated minority. I have so much love for my county, but to see it being run to the ground is heart breaking. Corrupt govenment stealing from their own black people and blaming whites because #Appartheid.. ? Yip... white privelage..
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Okusha 3:6 unr -co de- mus uthi kubo umantu ungazawla kanjani ese ndala ha? Anganzini okwesibi emanzini omama futhi azalwe?.
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Kuvuswa-Resurrection Amakolosia 2:2 ukuze izinihlizyo zabo ziduduziwe zihiangane h dawony e othandwenc. Rakuyo yonke. Ingcebo yesiginisekiso esigcwele sokugonda ukuvuma kukaba no jesu kristu jasterbaptized izoba njengo jahane ozelwe okusha 3:3-6 Okusha u jesu waphendula wathi kuye nogoku guinisekile Ngiginisile ngitji wena ngaphandle kokuba unbuso kaNkulunkulu
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Ngako -ke singcuwatshwa kanye naye ngobhapathizo. Ekufeni ukuthi njengokritu wavuse lwa ekufeni ng enkazimulo kayse ngako-ke nathi kuyanele kayse ngakhi kufanele sihambe eNtsha yok uphila
Matthew Alexander (16 days ago)
There it is, my beautiful country. Even though I don’t live in Cape Town I live in Durban
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Ababhaphathizi bayamngcwaba emanzini Amaroma 6-4 Awazi yini ukathi abaningi kithi babhapathizwa ekufeni kwakhe Ngakho- ke singcwatshwa kanye naye hgokubhapathizwa ekufeni ukuthi hjengo kristu wavusuwa kwabafileyo ngrnnkaz imulo kayise ngakho - ke nathi kufanele sihambe ngokun tsha kokuphila
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Uk ungcwaba emanzini
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Ukristu ungumyemi uma iNkosi ibuya isikhanthi. Singhbe sesis aba khona isahlulelo amakristu gzogulelo ngokuhazima kweso Akuukho Nenyama ayikho lgazi elizofike embusweni wezulu.
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Umlobokazi ngnkakristu kung abizwa ngegama lakhe umyeni nje Njengomfazi uham bangegama lakhe lokugcine ukuze adunyise umxhaso wakhe.
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Umakoti yi Masonto kakristu aphethe igama lakhe ungunyeni nje Njengomfazi
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Lapho i Nkosi Ibuya futhi ithi isikhathi asikho futhi isik hathi sokukwanhlulea Amakrista azogugulwa ngokuphazima kweso a kukho flesh futhi igazi lingangena e Mbus weni wezula Njenaomo untu lapho eshada nomfazi umhamba egameni lakhe lokugcina ukuhlonipha unyeno wakhe igama lokugcina
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Uqoba Matthews 10:32,33 inyanga yokuvuma ngomloma kakho ukuthi u jesu kristu uyindodana kaNku lunkulu. Ophilayo lokhu kungumlomo ovuma Roma ngubani ongangidla ngnophambili u yakusbo mina phambi kukababa osezulwini
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Phenduka: ichibi 13:3 Phenduke endleslen yakho yezone shintsha ingqondo. Misa isono, futhi nikhoze unkulunkulu .
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Repent/ phenduka: Icibi 13:3 Ngaphandle kokaba niphenduke nonke hnphele.
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Yiz wani - Amaroma- Indlele oyizwa ngaya vzwa izwi unkulunkulu ukuthi kufanele ube nabashum ayeli kanjani , skufanele kube ngumshini pilisi, futhi angele abe yiDominational, kumelwe athunyelwe ngunkunkkuno isonto lamaDokolelea , umngchabo wokufa novuka luka jesu kristu.
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Amaroma 10:14 pho bayakubiza kanjani. Iowo angakhol wanga kuye na ? Futhi bayakuzwa kanjani ngaphandle komshumayeli?
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Izenzo 16:31 bathi: Nkosi jesu kristu: khona-ke uyakusindiswa, nendlu yaklo
Marie Godbold (16 days ago)
Amaroma 10:17 Ngakho-ke ukukholwa kuvela ngokuzwa nokuwa ngezwi likaN kulukla Kholwa:maka 16:16- believe kholwa ngenhliziyo yakho yengondo lokho ozwa ngezindlebe azklo kholwa kunkulunkulu umoya oNgcwele nojesu kristu okholwayo abhap athizwe uyau sindiswa kephe ongakholwauo uyakungunywa
Rial Seebran (17 days ago)
it's 57 murders a day now in 2018
Black_a_Moor Ranch (18 days ago)
I can't wait until this world ends, I hate humans...all the evil white & black humans I hope they die off...
Mooner (18 days ago)
Why does this commentator sound like he's eating food and talking
White girls Blackman (19 days ago)
People need Other people are benefiting from the country and so naïve about it suck ass
Ngenzokwami Induna (20 days ago)
I support Julius Malema and the EFF! This could be the first step to rid Afrika of resource takers. Lol how fast will the west and china fall without mother Afrika?
Beautiful Monster (3 days ago)
in the end..its the blacks will lose like always
now its our turn pales
Kagiso Lekoa (23 days ago)
Why wont they state the larger more obvious issue of government corruption? I believe it is the main reason for the poor policing and general lawlessness in the country.
neutrino em (24 days ago)
the sky is blue and road is good
Mike Mentzer (24 days ago)
Black's ruin everything they touch
Hannes Olivier (25 days ago)
Luister hier kwagga. As n wit mens n goeie selaris kry na 1994 dan beteken dit dat hy dit verdien. Moet nie kom met jou onbevoegdheid en net statistiek rondgooi nie. Ek as wit man is al by plekke weg gejaag omdat ek wit is, ons volk word teen n reuse tempo uitgemoor en ons land word van ons ontneem, of ons nou betaal het daarvoor of nie, so as jy n joernalis wil wees beter jy jou werk reg doen en jou feite in konteks sit.
Daveidkila Must (26 days ago)
Pookie Bear is alive once again so congrats!
Erich Weiler (26 days ago)
I have an idea: Why don't you South Africans take the land away from the whites. THAT WILL FIX ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ...... meanwhile, Zimbabweans are dreaming of the day that happens. They can't wait to take 15 zeros off their currency once all those evil white farmers go up to Zimbabwe for 99 years. One thing that will do is fix the Zimbabwean immigration problem of yours... They'll go back home where they actually know how to take lessons away from huge mistakes....
Loretta Mitchell (26 days ago)
What a guy
BUBB RUBB (27 days ago)
South Africa is Africa's toilet.
Milquetoast Eugenicist (29 days ago)
Hail the Boer!
GD (29 days ago)
I do not think Whites have future in SA after what they did to Blacks for centuries. I think one day they will be forced to leave SA. They are in the sea of very angry, violent and uneducated black mass. And they are not gonna forget what whites did to them for last 200-300 years. Also no one can live as a minority member among Blacks (and also Muslims). The history has proved that. Even today you cannot live with blacks in US and Europe. Forget Africa. What is shocking is Merkel is letting in million plus uneducated dodgy Africans and Arab Muslims into Europe but refusing to take in white South Africans who have skills, education, right culture and attitude. These guys will be real asset to any country they go in. But for some reason there is more willingness to let in uneducated, dodgy illegal migrants than legal high skilled immigrants who can offer so much. Work permit restrictions in USA (H1B, Green card) and Europe is good example of that fucked up policy.
Analytical Chick (28 days ago)
You mean gave them jobs when they came down from further north in Africa? They won't be forgiven for that? I guess they do say no good deed goes unpunished.
jumping dumping tv (29 days ago)
All this is a result of a bad pass. It's sad but true. And we as humans looking in from the outside should be truthful to our selves and admit the truth. The apartheid created by the white south Africans left a hole in the way south Africans think and act. And you can't blame black or whites for this you have the blame the entire country because both sides did wrong. And we should keep our nose out south Africa's domestic affiars and stop telling people to give up on their countries. Because the US is at its worst right now. Yet I'm not hearing anyone telling the blacks, Latinos and Asians to go to Canada, Europe and Australia. I'm not pointing fingures but we haven't really developed as humans.
GD (29 days ago)
So these Blacks turned South Africa into another African shit hole. These people do have some issue with law and order and self control. What they lack is social cohesion and empathy. They do not treat fellow humans (even blacks) as humans. For them he is source of Sneakers, watch or wallet. That's it. No one is talking about it. It is called racism if you discuss this issue. No one is calling them out.
Samsung Samsung (1 month ago)
يبي عرض يغني
nano j (1 month ago)
looks like they model their police department after the US
Hudson Lesgay (1 month ago)
what i get from this documentry : white policemen have skills but carry a symbole of white domination. the Mixed policeforce (mostly black africans) were supposed to be a fair and protictive force but in reality they suck at their jobs.
malcolm campbell (1 month ago)
Phillip is a nice guy i like him :)
chipchipersonmdphd (1 month ago)
"Around blacks never relax."- President Obama
Nas eazye (1 month ago)
Love this guy
MarStoryTime (1 month ago)
Policing the poor. Same as America.
Peter Gunn (1 month ago)
Communists are really good at killing other communists through their retarded central planning
bimal grunge (1 month ago)
Kill all the whites
Patrick Kiani (1 month ago)
Mandela an his torturing wife were demons!!!
Alex Dumaoal (1 month ago)
"gangsterism" 😂😂
Sean Thorburn (1 month ago)
57 murders a day now.
cyborg (1 month ago)
this looks like america's future
Tebogo Phasha (1 month ago)
The whites make up to 7.8% of the total population and yet they are still the wealthiest. Are black people really free?
VR 2000 (29 days ago)
If the government that you voted for never stole or had no corruption, you would be free. Even black businessmen cannot get contracts because of corruption. For 25 years, nothing has changed. Why? If you can face that fact, you will answer your own question.
liveyourlife1777 (1 month ago)
White people are the devils. They should have never stepped foot on that continent. Apartheid is the main cause of all of this. I'm sure Africans were doing fine before Apartheid. They thought that they would take over Africa and live happily ever after. They are the seeds of Satan and wherever they go they cause chaos. Yes again, white people are responsible for this mess. Wherever they go, they murder, steal and abuse the Natives and their lands. They are in serious need of capitol punishment!
Reynaert (27 days ago)
Do you honestly think whites are the only race that conquered areas? We got that from the Asians and Arabs you know.
NightDater_com (1 month ago)
Every country, virtually every country in Africa went to shits since the colonial powers left. You dumb, dumb fucks...
On code (1 month ago)
A civil war must happen to liberate the people.
New User (1 month ago)
i noticed the south african blacks dont really have it that bad either, they live better than alot of the world
New User (1 month ago)
omg fucking god.. the security guy with his panic button! help ive fallin and i get up lookin asss
Bad Button (1 month ago)
Good Job SA. This will surly make criminals unarmed. -_- https://citizen.co.za/news/south-africa/1948729/ruling-urges-some-300-000-gun-owners-to-turn-in-their-guns/
Peedinkus (1 month ago)
Cape town was much safer when humans ran SA.
Aon Lazio (1 month ago)
Simply put, get out this is a shithole country.
ilovemanunited (1 month ago)
So, they beat oppression and then oppress another race.
SebastianAsian (1 month ago)
So Poor people can't get security services since they can't afford. But Poor people are the ones robbing and killing Richer people and one of theirs too???
armand bly (22 days ago)
SebastianAsian It is not that simple.
Audi Boy (1 month ago)
More black ghetto with gangs and no educated hard working people. What a surpise. Maybe apartheid wasn't such a bad idea after all since crime was much lower than.
Analytical Chick (28 days ago)
Blacks benefitted, too. They had more jobs.
Evan O (1 month ago)
it wasnt a bad idea to you becuase people like benifited from it at the expense of black people. You racist piece of shit.

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