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Cute Bunny Jumping Competition!

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Check out more episodes of The Cute Show here: http://bit.ly/1iWE8h0 Bunny rabbits are adorable enough when they're just sitting there twitching their pink noses or lapping water up from their little bottles, but when they're hopping over brightly colored fences like tiny, long-eared horses while their super-enthusiastic trainers cheer from the sidelines, it makes you wonder why rabbit show jumping isn't on TV all the time. We recently spent the day at the Rabbit Grand National in Harrogate in Yorkshire, England, to witness this space-time-bending level of cuteness for ourselves. Show jumping tests bunnies' speed and agility as they race down the course, dreaming of winning the big trophy or at least of getting treats when they finish. We met a two-and-a-half-year-old bunny named Cherie. Her trainer, Magdelena, says Cherie's favorite things in the world are jumping, hay, and carrots (and probably fucking a whole bunch, if we know anything about rabbits). Cherie annihilated the competition, finishing the race in just 12.5 seconds! Way to go, Cherie! Originally released in 2012 at http://vice.com See more cuteness in our fluffy animal playlist here: http://bit.ly/HQt4DB Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://youtube.com/vice Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (5000)
.Carlvvs. (3 hours ago)
i. want to stick my head in their ears and die
.Carlvvs. (3 hours ago)
luv it
Astrit Destani (3 days ago)
in sweeden have to much and i love rabid meat
Crystal Diamond (9 days ago)
ྉྉྉ柚子 (11 days ago)
I came to cleanse my soul and eyes
Izzy Burckel (15 days ago)
I don't think they want the trophy or are having fun, I think these owners are going to end up choking the poor things with the leash if they don't jump... still cute tho!
Alishba Naveed (16 days ago)
Marcus Leung (16 days ago)
I am here for bunnyhopping.
Sophi Vejalano (17 days ago)
It’s horrible what this stupid people do with this bunnies,the bunnies need to live free
Reena Lindsay (12 days ago)
These are domesticated rabbits. They are unlikely to survive free in the wild as they have lost the instincts to know what to eat and how to evade predators. So long as the owner is attentive to the bunny's body language, makes sure they are enjoying themselves and not too stressed out, training a bunny to do tricks can actually be quite rewarding for the bunny :-)
Kokichi Ouma (18 days ago)
US secret soldier training camp at doing their daily routine in 1921(Colorized)
Anaïs .S (18 days ago)
cool but competitions must be really stressful for them
Reena Lindsay (12 days ago)
Rabbits are individuals and each has its own personality. Many rabbits would be stressed out in such a situation, but some can enjoy it! Just like how for people, situations that are enjoyable for some individuals are stressful for others. A good rabbit owner/trainer knows how to read a rabbit's body language and recognize signs of negative stress.
baily was a bunny (20 days ago)
I set up a coarse for my rabbit and timed him, he got 7.8 seconds.
sam little (20 days ago)
Aww so cute make more cute vids!
CreamSoda (21 days ago)
Aww my rabbit doesn’t even know how to urinate correctly
Lilia Squillaro (21 days ago)
Cute I LOVE BUNNIES . Perfect teaching
Eliene Karrer keiß (24 days ago)
Eliene Karrer keiß (24 days ago)
Cody Nemeth (24 days ago)
how do you train them...this is amazing, my lionheads can definitely jump this high, but how do you train them exactly?
Reena Lindsay (12 days ago)
You lead them over the obstacles with treats, starting with a very low bar and then raising the height gradually. Many folks also use a clicker device so they can make a click when the bunny has successfully jumped over the obstacle and dispense a treat.
Alexander Schön (24 days ago)
Basir (27 days ago)
Ilove you 😢😢😢🤩
Abdul Fatir (1 month ago)
My rabbit is only 6ish months old and he can jump super high. Whenever i'm on the couch he jumps up to see if I have any food for him.
Charlie The bunny ! (1 month ago)
It’s abuse it’s not fair on the rabbit 😭😭
Reena Lindsay (12 days ago)
A good owner/trainer will know how to read their bunny's body language and not push them if they seem too stressed out :-) many of these bunnies have trained for a long time with treats and it can be rewarding and enjoyable for them. They have individual personalities - some bunnies love being taught how to do tricks, others don't.
Tamii Tams (1 month ago)
That's so amazing 😍
BazookaHorse (1 month ago)
That rabbit sure can yump.
Eric Couto (1 month ago)
Bobcat the Bunny (1 month ago)
My bunny doesn’t like jumping very much but I like watching this video
The bunnies Garden (1 month ago)
Hello people from the Philippines... https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCtrjLdclR81_FdLt-qjAALg
Prince Raj (1 month ago)
I love rabbit🐇🐰🐰😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😗
Edmond Yuen (1 month ago)
Don’t like the winner It ugly
Jaren C (1 month ago)
This is Anya’s nightmare. 😂 Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnieeeesss!
Idk why YouTube recommended this for me. But I'm very thankful.
Pleb Wood (2 months ago)
Funky 378 (2 months ago)
Naja also ich nen dass Tier Quälerei
Lol just watched a vid about a cannibal and now this 😂
Fuck white supremacists (2 months ago)
Vova Adibekov (2 months ago)
CJ Waddell (2 months ago)
Wow, this video made all PETA fans fap. XD.
Expeditia movie (2 months ago)
OMG! Verry nice! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Magpie Randoms (3 months ago)
What am I watching
Coco the rabbit (3 months ago)
0:08 that person should never hold a rabbit like that cuz they freze when you put it in that position
Ester Quevedo (3 months ago)
Wow is so very cute🐰💜
Hanka Gerretsen (3 months ago)
So cute! I love rabbits!
LolaBola (3 months ago)
That is so cute ❤
Milou 009 (3 months ago)
Flora ❤️bah j’ai la même en
Marryc (3 months ago)
How could people dislike this video? It is some of the cutest stuff I have ever seen!
Elle Leiyah (3 months ago)
my rabbit has sharp nails
ハルユイ (3 months ago)
Ashlyn Wanderer (3 months ago)
AAACK stop holding them on their backs people!! It instinctually terrifies them, and can damage their internal organs!!!
Blixa_ love (3 months ago)
Ich finde das eigentlich ganz süß, wenn Kaninchen das machen ABER das es dafür Turniere gibt und dann noch so hoch ist ist für mich etwas Quälerei. Ich würde das verstehen, wenn es tiefer wäre und nur aus Spaß. Aber im Hintergrund sieht man viele Menschen und sieht aus wie eine große Veranstaltung. 😐👎👎.
John Francis (3 months ago)
Very smart bunnies lol
{ Weeping Willow } (3 months ago)
Flora looks so similar to my rabbit!
Óc Chó (3 months ago)
Hubble Tea (3 months ago)
My rabbit jumping over the fence
Andre Garcia (3 months ago)
I didnt know this was a thing but I'm ok with it
Verity Equestrian (3 months ago)
Cute but I prefer equestrian show jumping because you can actually fly with the horse 😍 it’s actually amazing! 🤗
Retrofitme :0 (3 months ago)
It’s so cute I’m gonna DIEEEEEE!
Isma RM (3 months ago)
The most cute video ❤❤❤
depressed children (3 months ago)
My Holland lop is such a diva I love him so much
ToGodBeTheGlory! (3 months ago)
Good eatin
This Is A Good Username (3 months ago)
This is one of the best TV show's I will ever see.
Camila Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Bunnyhop lovers!! 😍😊💟
Fresh Peppers (3 months ago)
All my rabbit does is try to steal my apples.
Twinzocker 303 (3 months ago)
Animals aren't for playing!!
Sarvekas Olio (3 months ago)
I just died because of the ultimate cuteness. Anyone else 2018?
warriorcats65 (3 months ago)
too cute
jokers yt (3 months ago)
kto z Pl
jokers yt (3 months ago)
goddddddd film
Doodle Bug (3 months ago)
never Ever hold a rabbit or bunny on its back they go into mentel shock made and play dead
red Buoy (3 months ago)
Is there a briar patch at the end?
I drink tears (3 months ago)
AWWW my rabbit can do that....well....kinda
Gacha-Tato ._. (3 months ago)
At 1:31 that bunny is freaking out #bunnyAbuse
quitexo (3 months ago)
Alex w (3 months ago)
I don’t think your average human could even jump over some of those obstacles
Two Little Mermaids (3 months ago)
Oml they are so precious 😭
Twin kiex (3 months ago)
Jungkook is that you?!
Paulplagaming # (3 months ago)
This is jack and vanesa 💃🕴️ They want a baby👶 1 like= baby
_wizardcat_ (3 months ago)
So cute! But it is very dangerous to put rabbits on leashes!
I'm supposed to be researching stitches. I mean atleast this one stitched my broken heart =)
the tiny kansas gurl (3 months ago)
imm sooo late...
Crystal star Rock (3 months ago)
Awwww to CUTE HELPPPP!! (°~°) hellp mee please IT'S TO CUUTE 😁AWESOMENESS AWW
poopidi goop (3 months ago)
Awwww i love them :3
Sunspot (3 months ago)
I think i will die from cuteness overdose
吳安迪 (3 months ago)
金勾錐 😍😍😍
alex (3 months ago)
The bunnies rules🤘🤘🤘
Fartbottom10 Fortnite (3 months ago)
Marta Blogs (3 months ago)
I want a rabbit
Sheryl Pavon (3 months ago)
Yo hablo español y estoy aprendiendo ingles y dificil la dramatica de ingles 😲😢😢
Sheryl Pavon (3 months ago)
Hello !!!! Someone who knows spanish and english Or someone who is learling one of the two languages Like 🤗🤗 Greetings from Nicaragua
Sheryl Pavon (3 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍😘 todos los conejitos super lindos y no importa si no ganan importa que el dueño sientan que su conejito se divertio 😏
Christian S (3 months ago)
Bunny Yumpimg
carly banana (3 months ago)
Poor bunnys🙁
Sugarr Bunns (3 months ago)
Even if they fail the jump you CANT get mad at them <3
Massimo Branca (3 months ago)
Roast rabbit with tomatoes and olives
zZOMBIEZz KILLER (3 months ago)
Kill me to cute
Dixel (3 months ago)
This shit is ridiculous!
lifeisbeautiful 25 (3 months ago)
Poor rabbits, the human being is stupid and the animal is too kind to accept all this bullshit.
Yemi Yemi (3 months ago)
🐰 itu sangatlah baik dia lucu

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