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annotate ealing hospital 090617 complaint on 140617 police report made

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I was hitting high blood pressure with chest pain . for once they put me in darkened area but nurse deliberately put light on to trigger a seizure and i almost fell and hurt my back. they then gave me medication i am intollerent toand i was having allergic reaction that dr ignored, due to mental health discrimination at this hospital as i have anxiety from nhs negligence , i told him belt was not secured but as you all know it was london ambulance on 17th april. i have splieniec aeotic anorism but was given no ecg, no bloods and discharged without analgesia and over next couple of days hitting bp up to 270 due to allergic reaction and could have died , dr also concealed injury from june 26th last year deliberatelt http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1967/58/section/5
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