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Mini Excavator Final Drive Repair

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https://shop.finaldriveparts.com/ 1-888-9-Finals Mini Excavator Final Drive Repair Do you have a mini or full size excavator? Do you know when the last time the final drive/track drive/forward drive motors were serviced? A small hydraulic leak in the track motors can turn into a LOT of money when dirt and water get inside the gearbox and do severe damage which then can not be repaired. Send us your final drive motors NOW and we will give you a free inspection and estimate of what it needs. We also sell NEW Comer Industry travel drive motors if your motor is beyond repair. Our prices on new Comer drives are significantly cheaper than what you would pay at the local dealer. We offer a 2 year parts and labor warranty on all new drives and a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all rebuilt drives. We ship anywhere in the U.S and usually for free, so call us for a free quote today. Or just ask us a question, we are here to help. 1-888-9-Finals https://shop.finaldriveparts.com/ "we put you back on track"
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Will O'Donnell (11 months ago)
Ryan Smith (1 year ago)
How do I pull the travel motor and sprocket
FinalDriveParts.com (1 year ago)
Check this out ... it should help: https://www.finaldriveparts.com/2105/removing-a-final-drive/
pearlwhitebuffalo (4 years ago)
Hey, I am looking for a track gearbox assembly for a Takeuchi TB10S and cannot find anyone anywhere can you give me any suggestions ?  Email to ([email protected])
JimsEquipmentShed (3 years ago)
If its more than ten years out, the OEM that Takeuchi uses no longer supports them. A few years back I had a TB25 (vintage 1989 or so) with a bad track motor. The dealer told me that there were none to be had. My only course of action was to buy a new track motor that was 'close'. As it wasn't likely that they would have the same speeds, it was suggested that I purchase two of them.....  Needless to say, I pulled the motor and repaired it the best I could. (Mine looked a lot worse than this one.)

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