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Text Comments (15654)
Akshaya Praveen (2 hours ago)
I saw three.. think I am normal
keis Farrow (10 hours ago)
The music is annoying
Steven Bolton (10 hours ago)
Missed the man on the horse and the mexican and girl. Got the rest. Whats that mean?
Leroy Brown (11 hours ago)
#4 also has 'cool'
Kahy1989 (13 hours ago)
Even if I use all my possible and impossible imagination - that is NOT a girl, not even a close and am right coz I´ve seen a lot of girls....
Juan Negron (19 hours ago)
The cube and the man on the horse are interpretations not 2 different images that can be seen like the other 10 images
Radhia Z (20 hours ago)
Picture 3 I saw Snow White and Donald Trump
Thereal Mnaco (21 hours ago)
Thanks for showing me how dumb i'am
MD. MOIS KHAN (23 hours ago)
a man and girl
MD. MOIS KHAN (23 hours ago)
punch and face
Ambla Khan (1 day ago)
In the first one I see a face and the earth
Yashvi Manish (1 day ago)
i got 9 out of 12.
lana thompson (1 day ago)
Yay I think I did really good, I only got 3 wrong, lol
Shaik Gouse (1 day ago)
2.an american
Shaik Gouse (1 day ago)
1.A girl
Jan Roberts (1 day ago)
Couldn't get one and thought good was with cool...like many did, it seems!
Thunder Struck (1 day ago)
so what are you if you see them both at the same time?
Tycho Hanna (1 day ago)
3:05, old man/young woman, and 6:05, old woman/young woman, had a common ancestor in a picture without hats and clothing. 6:05 was done well and the additions to the original picture accentuated both interpretations. 3:05 was done terribly and obliterates one of the interpretations.
happy mod (1 day ago)
3:28 i dont get it it makes my brain crazy
George T Peppel (2 days ago)
Not true that this measures anything about how smart or creative you are.
Ahmed Al Thawadi (2 days ago)
He wants to play with your brain
Eagle One four (2 days ago)
Yep. It’s Melania and the Donald. Even though he doesn’t smoke, but sure looks like him.
Sharmin Tusha (2 days ago)
3 goes for sherlock holmes
Iriezona Sick7zrow (2 days ago)
I’m probably gonna be whistling this tune through the halls at work
Rain Twomoons (2 days ago)
Oh boy!
Sheila Dang (2 days ago)
only good one was the man on horse back coming and going. I didn't get that one. I saw the mexican but I with Makayla, where's the girl? the rest were a piece a cake, but that does not make one a genius. p.s so boring I am giving this video a thumbs down
Alan Robinson-Orr (2 days ago)
Snow White and Sherlock Holmes
Gamer Girl 2000 (2 days ago)
3:27 There is no girl And the man on the horse one is really stupid.
Floni Grosssa (2 days ago)
I saw 10 from 12 in the first 15 seconds. The rest a saw when a heard the solution - it s all there🤓🥳
dirty stppnwlf (2 days ago)
This clip is like coming home for me ;)
Rosie Brundred (2 days ago)
1:31 .... I saw a burglar and a Indian...
Edflávio Calavort (2 days ago)
So easy
Doray Ann De Wet (3 days ago)
1.world and woman
Leonie Gureghian (3 days ago)
What's #5 1 coming, 1 going? Cubes Native & ???? (couldn't C any woman ...
unlokia (3 days ago)
Too easy.
DrKate L. (3 days ago)
4:08 A bunny, or a duck with a gunshot wound to the head.
Brandi Finley (4 days ago)
I passed the test
Mish Leigh (4 days ago)
Not even hard 5 seconds was the longest it took. Now if only that did make me extraordinary. But I would go with observant.
duell collins (4 days ago)
Easy. In some of them you can see more then two things in fifteen seconds.
Ummara Amjad (5 days ago)
The wart or whatever, 😂on his nose is the girl's nose, chin is girl's shoulder wrinkles,her hair! And the right eye is her eyelashes! Are these details enough to show you guys the "Girl"..😂😂
Abg Aja (5 days ago)
I think its good
Bonn Luedkie (5 days ago)
I saw 10, 2 pictured
Sarah Thompson (5 days ago)
A Native American and Eskimo? Just Wow.
Jason Adkins (5 days ago)
Too easy
Valentina Canchola (5 days ago)
Here. Finally saw it
peter scheunemann (5 days ago)
Easy! everybody should see them.
Silent wolf (5 days ago)
Nailed it
Marty McFly (5 days ago)
I saw everything instantaneously... this really wasn’t a challenge
Saad Malik (5 days ago)
Leon Raihan (6 days ago)
Owo..i just love it..😘😘
Thousand Knives (7 days ago)
The gal is right there, it all depends on how ya see it.
Louie Cusay (7 days ago)
I've find it in two seconds!😑😑
ADAM ANTMAN (7 days ago)
#6: MEXICAN MAN/GIRL. I also see a rainbow.
Andrew Eckel (7 days ago)
Snow White and Sherlock Holmes
Lucie Marie (7 days ago)
Takes meless than 3 seconds to see both images! Not much of a test.
Prashant Bhartiya (7 days ago)
In 4 cool is also
Kate Lawn (8 days ago)
the Mexican/ girl... What girl? The cube... What was that? 9 of 12
Ben Carneal (8 days ago)
Y'all gotta do better than that. The horse did get me
newluhu (8 days ago)
I missed 2 😁😁😁 but it was pretty easy !!!
skyspy (8 days ago)
Only got 2 wrong, I'm 70.......
care (8 days ago)
got all of them not difficult
Queenslander (9 days ago)
Nothing like sucking people in for a view like saying they could be a 'genius' ..hahaha wot a pisser.
nazifi mohammed (9 days ago)
2:06 EVIL!!!!!
Topcat Forbes (9 days ago)
Had to mute that awful music!
palakh khanna (10 days ago)
Omg!! The cube one is really pointless..i mean my answer-cube..their answer two cubes😂😂
Lukasz Zaócki (10 days ago)
oficjalnie jestem pedałem
bishal parajuli (10 days ago)
I saw good/cool
Jani Jani (10 days ago)
I only got 2 wrong but doesn’t mean I am genius
Blue Skies (10 days ago)
lm not that much of genius but l get these so fast it's boring waiting the 10 seconds for the next one!! lol
Kiran Tiwari (10 days ago)
1 girl
Aurora Figueroa (10 days ago)
Rule #2
B Skirvin (10 days ago)
I see me wondering why I just wasted my time watching!
ibnol waqt (10 days ago)
i saw it in under 3 seconds. so i am uber genius? what a rubbish
Khushal Patil (11 days ago)
Dhanushka Jayaratne (11 days ago)
got all except the horse rider
Ed Smith (11 days ago)
Yeah I'll give you something to test your brain about here in the United States of America were told that were free and it's the land of the Brave and the home of the free did you know that our country pays people to follow other people around they take groups group they pay group stalkers to follow targeted individuals around they follow the targeted individuals around in white Vehicles causing psychological trauma the government gave these groups electrical magnetic energy weapons called Direct Energy and has over a thousand yard range it can go through metal plastic wood and brick they aim these weapons at the individuals homes torturing them making them not be able to get any rest or sleep and this is all been made allowed to our government the police don't stop it not too many people that speaking out against it I think it's time that we do something about it don't you
Sean Marks (11 days ago)
He is coming - he is going ? Fucking stupid
Conchi Palmo (11 days ago)
I found everything am I a genius? No? Okay...
MR ice man (11 days ago)
I missed the the girl with the old Mexican and the eskimo and the seal. So how fast does my brain work?
Jesus Christ is king of kings our redeemer. Read the bible constantly.
Yllawish (12 days ago)
Phew...Ok..I m creative.. yoohooo
Harry Bhatia (12 days ago)
Harry Bhatia (12 days ago)
A face
Sheila Webb (13 days ago)
Yes , I missed one.
SnakeBite (13 days ago)
danica swarts (13 days ago)
4:36 why do I see a man climbing a tree?? That look like no monkey to me...😐
I saw then all right away and got them all right any one else?
Leonie Gureghian (3 days ago)
Dang ... Don't ruffle your feathers little one (smile) ...
BizWiz (13 days ago)
*Literally everyone in the comment section is a “genius” according to this.* 😐
Sarla Pandey (13 days ago)
Ans no 1= lady
R Islomzoda (14 days ago)
He is coming/ he is going. I can see it coming. How can I see it going???
Made Well (14 days ago)
A lady, Donald smoking a pipe, Snow White
Brandy Quick (14 days ago)
The first and second got it immediately pretty darn smart!
Godfrey Jemand (14 days ago)
I got them all right in about 5-7 sec. I missed the Mex and the GIRL. I couldn't see her.
Dre M (14 days ago)
I get all 12 after the answer is revealed 😁😀😀😁
heena Tabassum (14 days ago)
A tiger and monkey
Nunya Bizziness (15 days ago)
A lion, a monkey, and 2 dancers.
daniel mooij (15 days ago)
10 out of 12
TRU MAN (15 days ago)
I see both simultaneously
Abul Hussain (15 days ago)
Old Sherlock Holmes looks like he has lipstick on his neck. Rascal.

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