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10 FUNNIEST things CAPTURED on Google Street View

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You're probably quite familiar with Google street view. The Google maps feature that lets you virtually journey through the streets around the world. Considering the vast amount of photos they've taken of our streets, it's not surprising that they've captured some pretty perfectly timed, hilarious scenes. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated and vote on new videos by liking our facebook! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook ◄ Get in touch or join the team: http://goo.gl/forms/2lOZyOeL3N SPOILER ALERT!!! We suggest that you watch the video for a more informative and entertaining experience, but a list of the 10 is below: If you want to view the google maps for yourself - click the bit.ly URL links. ➢ 10. Random happenings ( http://www.bit.ly/1MmPWZC - http://bit.ly/1Nc2LcU - http://bit.ly/1SYIuX6 ) ➢ 9. When Nature calls ( http://bit.ly/1l6BNqj ) ➢ 8. Horsemen (http://bit.ly/1LmqpvZ - http://bit.ly/1S4E5RA - http://bit.ly/1MmQcIh ) ➢ 7. Streaking & Nudity (http://bit.ly/1QNj7bJ - http://bit.ly/1Nc2XsA - http://bit.ly/1NDUAR1 ) ➢ 6. Movie scenes and Icons ( http://bit.ly/1QNjdjx - http://bit.ly/212ZkJH) ➢ 5. Caught whilst stuck ( http://bit.ly/1O3bexZ ) ➢ 4. Hilarious Accidents ( http://bit.ly/1lv46zg - http://bit.ly/1LmqyiZ ) ➢ 3. Pranksters (http://bit.ly/1O3bihj - http://bit.ly/1MmQsHk - http://bit.ly/1X86A26 ) ➢ 2. Caught in the act ( http://bit.ly/1NDUMQg - http://bit.ly/1PO49kH - http://bit.ly/1QuKQ1A ) ➢ 1. Drunkenness ( http://bit.ly/1NDUOr6 - http://bit.ly/1O3bsFd - http://bit.ly/1OQKan5 ) Music: "Feelin Good" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (324)
Andrea Jaramillo (17 hours ago)
1:06 hi bojack horseman
Life Gummies (4 days ago)
1:46 Whiteout skin in Fortnite predicted
jutubaeh (7 days ago)
0:42 if i hat a Gun like that id t€ach göögle new höles ^ ^
jutubaeh (7 days ago)
"jä! be amaced büy yör (Löwköll) ´nwöh´ ahGendä$ -.-
jutubaeh (7 days ago)
so how ön earth did they knöw x actö when google appears ^ ^ löl in gürrmänni whöle houses have anönimice ^^
Sakshi Kamre (10 days ago)
The best was 3:48 ! 😊
GWS (20 days ago)
The Google car caught me masturbating in a closed windowless closet.
bossplayer92 (24 days ago)
Lol fortnite skin 2018 and his vidio is 2015
BigDz (1 month ago)
Logan Kuntz (1 month ago)
yeah its just a fucking ass creeps we all have asses
poh poh//roblox & more (1 month ago)
Link for map so I can explore the world
sunx prasak (1 month ago)
I didn't laugh not even once
BeautyHose (1 month ago)
liat s (1 month ago)
I found my mom and my sister in our neighborhood
Cassidy Jones (2 months ago)
Well, people are told when Google cars are coming through. So, that makes people be like: "Oh, let's go out and get weird pictures on the Google!"
ross transmeier (2 months ago)
441 bellfonante kansas city mo
GritsnBeans (2 months ago)
Horsemen? See sorry to bother you.
T L (2 months ago)
0:08 I was on that road today lol
clobbyhops (2 months ago)
Google street view stays on the streets, not the beach, so some captured views are staged
_ iitsEva _ (2 months ago)
The links go to different things
Rosa Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I found my mom selling clothes on Google maps
Jesse A.O.T (3 months ago)
Only is Australia...
Joel Hmingthantluanga23 (3 months ago)
I se ghost in a meror
Clément Rodrigue (4 months ago)
That's cool. 👍
look up "800 Annin St Detroit" on google maps, then zoom in on the 2nd floor windows. its some weeby shit
weeb shit all over the door and lower windows too but smaller
Nedrah Qaseem (5 months ago)
1:14 thumbnail.
Scott Collier (5 months ago)
Google Street view sevastopol and turn scroll to the left and you will see God.
Fin Shark (5 months ago)
Cute Puppies (5 months ago)
This is so funny just imagine being court in one of those situations
Nerdy Narwhal (5 months ago)
I'm actually on Google Earth ._. It was when I was like 6 and I was playing in my grandparents old houses' garden. I'm famous :P
The Secret Man TV (5 months ago)
In Bangladesh i caught a guy waving
MDDeGrande1994 (6 months ago)
The PB Life (7 months ago)
Where in scotland is the horse?
Sachin J (8 months ago)
Fun with Google https://youtu.be/nw5DRbFkC8M
Paty Triana (9 months ago)
v i v a n l o s n i l o s c a p i t u l o 8 9 . . . R e c om e n d a d o p a r a 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸
Jinxxed Misery (9 months ago)
Fortnite Pleb (9 months ago)
Where can u find #7
Vinayak Tripathi (9 months ago)
That horseman must be Andres guitrez
Potterfan 500 (10 months ago)
Google Street View found him!! I can never find him, no matter how hard I try! Lol
Broccolihead4 (1 year ago)
Please check out the vid on my account to find out why the world didn't end !
Tyler05tkd 123 (1 year ago)
Were wear the people on the beach
niteshade music (1 year ago)
big brother is watching you
Cool kids A.P (1 year ago)
IVcvvfcsdged Juyjjj,mmm120408516120408516120408516120408516120408516120408516120408516120408516120408516
Crank Start Media (1 year ago)
Too funny , recognised that first shot as it's bloke on the penny farthing in Cottesloe , Western Australia
Limara64 (1 year ago)
My Grandson found this in Paris football Stadium whilst panning round the spectators. https://earth.app.goo.gl/?apn=com.google.earth&ibi=com.google.b612&isi=293622097&ius=googleearth&link=https%3a%2f%2fearth.google.com%2fweb%2f%4048.841608,2.2532001,37.43483788a,0d,66.53378048y,174.55891894h,90.39286482t,0r%2fdata%3dCgAiMAosQUYxUWlwT2pqTy1kVzlqSjdQOVJOeVdzNEZRWUotclJzbVlQQXZvcTFqVV8QBQ
Matthew Riley (1 year ago)
1:40 once I went on a school field trip and while we were eating lunch at a park in philly we noticed that Ben franklin was sitting on a bench but then a random crowd surrounded him
SoooGood1975 (1 year ago)
I must admit I never find people falling hilarious. I immediately wonder if they were hurt. Sorry, that doesn't work for me, anymore than men getting hit in the privates.
akash mahesh (1 year ago)
how can i see clear photos
Dar Poem (1 year ago)
Yes,make more Google street view videos.
Bij 0:07 heb ik gereden met de bus!!!
sebas44gtr (1 year ago)
Ammo Games (1 year ago)
He sounds like Memeulous.
Tia Carla (1 year ago)
You are not funny
Marcin Kralka (1 year ago)
Google Street View should have comments :D
xxesco xx (1 year ago)
Do not go on 1:25
xxesco xx (1 year ago)
REMUS Stoica (1 year ago)
links please
Agnieszka Rejkiewicz (1 year ago)
fake someone has a horse mask
My brother is on google street view 😂
Sylvia Langston (1 year ago)
Where's the giant pink bunny?
Webdriver/POIL (1 year ago)
I didnt Know that type of pranksters was in My country "sweden"
Christopher Liu (1 year ago)
can your uncensored them
SupermansCam (1 year ago)
1:27 women wearing bikinis... called nudist beach... yeah... sure. Are you an amish?
Alge Borusas (1 year ago)
People like to ham it up when they know a Google car is in the area. It makes the scenes more interesting and give material to making these sort of videos.
Cameron (1 year ago)
There's always that one guy using up all his internet just so he can look at Google maps 24/7
chmurkiz (1 year ago)
OxiClean (1 year ago)
dang it (1 year ago)
Can you say clickbait, my dudes? Whatever though it was an interesting video
Cedar Lime (1 year ago)
mwsaab9 (1 year ago)
steven (1 year ago)
Jack Woods (1 year ago)
#10: Do you even know what a penguin is?
the BTU crew (1 year ago)
Hay look, it's the first thing that shows up when you type in "street view"
Calvin Delaronde (1 year ago)
WTF would google street view be doing on a beach!!!
Nixonic (1 year ago)
Who else went to the nudist beach=
Hakesworld (1 year ago)
At 3:22 illuminati is confirmed it says 2016 google but dis was uploaded by in 2015
Atri Richards (1 year ago)
why these thumbnails deceive me
MDDeGrande1994 (6 months ago)
Because clickbait
Aravind4w350m3 (1 year ago)
1:33 This is definitely Rhett and Link
G H (1 year ago)
2:48. Since when does the Google Street View car drive on the footpath? Bullshit say I.
Techy (1 month ago)
*G H* Bicycle.
James Davis (1 year ago)
Eli Empire (1 year ago)
Hex iD (1 year ago)
0:28 skip the intro
Ashley Johansson (1 year ago)
the girl in the thumbnail got some nice calves
Just kooky (1 year ago)
_Always watching....._
Found Iron (1 year ago)
1:39 is that link?!?!?
Fly Boi (1 year ago)
when you live in the city woth that weird bike
Adam St.Martin (1 year ago)
what makes the video funny is the narrator...I love the way the narrator talks
lights all around (1 year ago)
Here ya go bois. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/rpa7dNsNdzs/hqdefault.jpg?custom=true&w=168&h=94&stc=true&jpg444=true&jpgq=90&sp=68&sigh=Z5uiqHXiv1HZobDwTRUmSRCq5Gg
Laura Frampton (1 year ago)
Public Static Void (1 year ago)
I thought this video was going to suck, but I was wrong it was very funny!
tink ie (1 year ago)
can we get NEW GOOGLE pictures this is the 3 video i watched that has the same pictures... out of all the stuff to be see this is all the pictures that be shown ?? im tired of looking at the dude in the trunk of his car and the samari fighters and the horse faces. really. am i not the only one who is tired of this ??
TMM_HD (1 year ago)
Ну тупые
MarioHD (1 year ago)
2:57 Is this a Little Child?
raul ro (6 months ago)
null jdhgfnz Oghmi
Gordon Music (1 year ago)
need camera right across street from abortion clinics,hospitals,or the doctor of death
Ming Chit Angus KWOK (1 year ago)
LandonMC Channel's (1 year ago)
Amazing vid ever!!
Jarko Limbo (1 year ago)
They don't drive their vehicles on the beach! Nonsense.
David Szakacs (1 year ago)
Wait, so the Google van drives down beaches?
S.B. Roqks (5 months ago)
same thing i was thinking
Brian Larsen (1 year ago)
1:33 No way! Way!
Paul Bialozor (1 year ago)
The commenter of this video is an ass for saying folks falling just gets funnier. WRONG, it's not EVER FUNNY to watch someone fall. If you think it is, you're fucked in the head. If it's something staged, that's one thing, but when a person falls by accident WTF is FUNNY ABOUT THAT??? NOTHING, just help the person up you DICK....
Paul Bialozor (1 year ago)
T_alsomeGames agreed... But I'd say all their screws are loose but to each there own... LOL...
The Loneliest Rocket (1 year ago)
+Paul Bialozor Yeah, there are some people who find genuine enjoyment in the pain of others. They've got a slight screw loose. I wouldnt say all the accidents are atage on that show, I would say that some are and some arnt. Either way, the people involved have decided that they found the incident funny and worth sharing with the world. I think the real difference is between consent and non consent.
Paul Bialozor (1 year ago)
T_alsomeGames again much of what you say is true but what gets my goat is the few folks that do laugh when someone falls unexpectedly. It's good to read you're not among them. Americas Funniest Home Videos are mostly staged and the intend is to win Money, so sure, it's ok to laugh at that; some times it is funny. You don't see videos posted there of real accidents and therein lies the difference. No one has won posting a video of Grandma falling; for example, yet there are folks that would laugh regardless... It's good to read you and I are on the same page... Cheers...
The Loneliest Rocket (1 year ago)
+Paul Bialozor​​ I didnt laugh at any of the people falling because I dont laugh at everyday accidents. For me to find something like that entertaining, it would probably fall along the lines of an epic fail. I wouldnt look up people falling down stairs to get a good laugh, there isnt much to laugh at if anything to laugh at at all. Now say if the person were doing a really stupid stunt, and somthing unexpected happened, that ussualy provokes some laughter from me (unless it looked like it caused death or a long term injury). There has to be that almost completly unexpected variable that takes things from the average everyday fall to a extremley rare happening. For example, a man was speeding down the high way on a motor bike when he crashed it into the back of a car, the man does a flip off of his bike onto the top of the car while landing in a pose reminisent of a superheroes. The man is obviously hurt but he will probably be fine. If I saw some one fall randomly, I would probably stop to help them if they were alone or if they looked like they really needed help. If not, id probably chuckle a little, because the chances of seeing someone fall while driving are so low. Most don't derive joy from people getting hurt (thats sadism), they derive it from the other variables involved. To me, staged events arnt as funny to me as completly spontaneous ones. A knock knock joke isnt as funny to me as a pun or a off hand comment about a movie or conversation. Americas Funniest Home videos is a very successful tv show based entirly around unexpected physical comedy. I dont know, maybe its about how you would picture your self in any accidental situation, I could imagine being extremly emmbaresed about it initially. Then being able to poke fun at myself when the physical pain was less intense. I suppose it comes down to what you said Paul Bialozor about it depending on the person.
Paul Bialozor (1 year ago)
T_alsomeGames granted what you say is true, SOME ONE YOU KNOW, but who do you know in this video? Yet you probably managed to find humor when someone falls. As my comment states "If it's something STAGED, that's one thing..." That is what I meant by staged, if your friend is at the top of the stairs with a beer in his hands and utters the words "Hey ya'all watch this..." I am sure he is going to fall because he is planing to do something to try and make you laugh. The difference is in this video where you don't know anyone. Or in life as you walk down the street and you see someone fall. Tell me T_alsomeGames what is funny about that? I just don't think it's funny to see someone fall by accident. Maybe I'm the kind of person that would do what I can to assist them back onto their feet where as others would just laugh and keep on truck'en. Only you can decide which person you want to be in life... Cheers...

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