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Volcom presents True To This: Quincy Davis "Montauk, NY"

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http://vol.cm/quincyttt Volcom women's surfer Quincy Davis has traveled the world chasing waves yet her favorite place to be is still her hometown of Montauk, NY. Being one of the only women representing surf on the east coast she's been featured in The New York Times, the Today Show and to have been photographed by the amazing Annie Leibovitz. "To walk down a street in Soho and see my billboard on a brickwall is amazing and all because I surf" - Quincy Davis Check out a glimpse of Montauk in Fall. Music: "Flash Photography" Calvin Valentine http://www.gravityhits.com "Super 64" The Plain Ensemble Courtesy of Marmoset Music
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Text Comments (14)
Fen (3 months ago)
Uhh, she surfs AND also happens to be pretty damned hot, that's why she's on a billboard.
2:11 nice wave
d Mal_222 (1 year ago)
Pretty teeth. Pretty girl 😍
mykeydrive (1 year ago)
stone cold fox
Dave Schleifer (1 year ago)
I watched her surf on a real day in MTK I told her her video's do her no justice... She RIPS FO Real.
goethe (1 year ago)
Let me tongue her!
Bonnie Ruth (3 years ago)
Not fair.
shannon (1 year ago)
I feel the same way
kimberly mateus (3 years ago)
Quincy David I Remember YOU  .... From School
trickontv (3 years ago)
http://www.trickon.com/surf/video/quincy-davis-en-volcom-true-to-this #trickonTV   #surf   #girlsonly
SoMsGotMilk (3 years ago)
what song is playing when she's surfing?
eRGo369 (4 years ago)
more surf less landscape 
Paul John Balderston (4 years ago)
As a surfer and snowboarder I am so stoked to see my favorite action sports company showing the East Coast some love! "I'm not new to this, I'm true to this." JLA!
Chancepants (4 years ago)
This chick actually has styl

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