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The Disturbing Reality of Bulletproof Backpacks

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Bulletproof backpacks have broken into the mainstream in the last few months, with interest spiking after a rash of school shootings in America, and now major retailers like Office Depot carry them alongside your everyday JanSports. Advocates of the military-grade school supplies say they’re an essential line of defense for students—but some experts argue that they’re only stoking fear, fueling the hysteria around gun violence in a way that does more damage than they’re worth. VICE’s Lee Adams met up with the founder of a bulletproof backpack manufacturer in Massachusetts for an in-depth look at how they’re made, and how well they hold up in the line of fire. Then he sat down with a few high schoolers to hear what they think about them—and what it says about the state of our country. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (7571)
BloodBroker (3 hours ago)
Nope other nations kids are getting stabbed
Seth Kolias (16 hours ago)
so this is what vice is now. stick to tree please
Scott Ackerman (1 day ago)
Ban heights they cause falling!
lucas 2b (1 day ago)
what a sick country
Darthckrinckles (2 days ago)
At least there’s something
Kevin Kroll (2 days ago)
VICE - Can you explain to me how / why this video claims the odds of a student dying in a school shooting are 1 in 600 million, when there are only an estimated ~50 million school students in the USA? More than 1 student dies per year in school shootings, so the odds would have to be less than 1 : 50million over the course of a year? What am I missing in your calculation?
austin deery (3 days ago)
They could still get shot in the head or any other place in the body
Beezy J (3 days ago)
Typical liberal logicless bullshit. "If we protect ourselves from something bad that's accepting that bad thing and making it ok." Not at all. You do need to accept it to do something about it. That's the first rule of every rehabilitation. #1 admitting there's a problem. Doing the liberal thing is to ignore or deny the problem in hopes it goes away. That's stupid, but go ahead. If you don't want protection then let the darwin award go to you, I'm fine with that.
Corey Gil (4 days ago)
Why does this black dude look tired and bored lol
MrFuchew (4 days ago)
you better off wearing a vest
TheThoughtGuy (4 days ago)
Let's deregulate nuclear power. From now on it's your responsibility to buy and take iodine tablets. It is the right of a company to spew lethal radiation.
Guardian 259 (5 days ago)
And when you’re that 1 in 614,000,000. Just face reality kid. Bad things happen even if we are shocked and disgusted that they do.
benjamin dover (6 days ago)
Liberal logic never ceases to impress me with just how stupid they really are
Will C (7 days ago)
I'm sorry the idea a bulletproof backpack offends you. I'm sure you're up in arms against life preservers under your seat when you fly on a commercial airlines. You're killin me Smalls.
Mason Campbell (7 days ago)
So instead of passing common sense gun laws like the rest of the western world does in response to school shootings. You guys though it would be better to give your kids bulletproof backpacks and make them go through active shooter drills. Wow, guess you love your guns more than your children then, great job America you've officially hit rock bottom.
nathan hoy (7 days ago)
people need those for running from the cops so they don't get shot in the back
abstrakt26 (7 days ago)
Gotta love vice...uses stats to say the probability of a kid dying in a mass school shooting is low and the backpack is a hysteria issue...then also uses hysteria to say mass school shootings are on the rise...
founder integrity (9 days ago)
Count how many times "feel" or "feeling" is mentioned in this video.
Kobaiashiq (9 days ago)
Test em with books
RWBY airsoft (10 days ago)
thats a m4 not a ar15.
Justin Westbrook (10 days ago)
Might as well have it and not need it then need it and not have it.
Vladimir Raychev (10 days ago)
the thing is that the chance of a kid is 1:600000000 to die in a school shooting in Europe in America is more like 1:1000
Tristian Wilson (10 days ago)
So when this backpack is on a kids back it's still gonna knock the wind out of him
dacealksne (12 days ago)
I'm sorry, could you repeat that? Like you shot a back pack?
Cobalt (12 days ago)
They do nothing against AR-15 bullets, and if they're so effective, why doesn't all of the military and police use them? They get shot at more frequently than schoolkids.
Broken Luck (12 days ago)
“Bullet resistance” :3 just wanna said
George Washington (12 days ago)
I don’t care if it’s bullet proof I have a 40 mm that can punch through aircraft and even if it’s kevlar if they take a ap 308 then it will go through and Kevlar is not as strong as steel there is a reason soldiers use plates and if the backpack stops the round the force of impact can still kill you most deaths of soldiers hit in the body amour and stops if you shoot someone with a pistol then it can crack ribs even kill you it’s the impact and with the 40mm it’s a stationary aa gun so it’s not going anywhere
Todd Christopher (12 days ago)
The disturbing reality of bulletproof backpacks is that for a low cost of a hundred or so dollars you can possibly be saved from a bullet they're just trying to get money and possibly save a life
Ammar Ibrahim (12 days ago)
They say 9mm and .45 cal but they say AR-15
spartin1997 (12 days ago)
Lol the girl at the end. "Someone's supposed to make sure that bullet isn't coming for me or my friends and there not doing their job". It's not the bullet that's coming for you sweetheart. It's that kid who gets kicked around like a doormat. It's a public health problem not a gun problem. You can make anything illegal and people will still have it. I could stab someone with a pen 37 times, should we push writing utensil control. Make everyone use crayons cause pens are just too dangerous and some people just aren't responsible enough to have that kind of power.
plasma 69101 (13 days ago)
Hold up is it just me or is there a huge blue and green penis in the background at 10:18 ?
Oscar Garcia (13 days ago)
best way to survive a school shooting is to cut class. they can't shoot you if you ain't even in the school😎
Oscar Garcia (13 days ago)
if kids actually had textbooks in their bags verse iPads. they would not need bulletproof back packs
MiSsToX1c (13 days ago)
Ya know I think bullet proof clothing is a good thing especially in this environment.
Travis VanderLaan (13 days ago)
I know police officers whom have special bags for their children to wear should an emergency arise, even if it never happens is it better to be prepared or be surprised? The media is responsible at least in part for the normalization of these monsters entering these schools by giving tons of media attention to the active shooters looking to harm others. What would happen if we gave more media attention to the positive things in life?
matthew blaylock (13 days ago)
Yeah, it's a bad thing there are shootings and it's bad that students have to fear this, but ever noticed how all the mass shooting are at gun free zones and how there's never been a shooting at a gun show? you take two dudes one good dude with kids and the other bad, probably raped and murdered before... Make em fight but you say ok, gimme your guns... The good man will give you his guns bc he is honest. But the bad man won't. Now make em fight. The good man is dead while his family is kidnapped. No time for the cops to come... The way isn't more gun control, it's to arm the teachers and more concealed carry permits... Concealed carry people are just under-cover cops right?
Warped (13 days ago)
8:45 nice pun!
Bionic Budgie (13 days ago)
Thank fuck I’m in Australia
Tariqe Anwar (13 days ago)
never thought vice could come up with a stupid video.
Gert Lina (13 days ago)
Rather be safe than sorry
Ruston Pennington (13 days ago)
About 3 normal sized text books will stop an AR round. So these inserts are pretty much needless on two accounts. As a teacher I deal with the shooting hysteria all the time. The fear is real, but it's not realistic. These backpacks are just another example of making money off of irrational fears, (which isn't necessarily bad and definitely not uncommon) and I think that may add to the hysteria, but not in a lasting way.
Maria Selepak (14 days ago)
I don’t understand how it is possible - USA as one of world leaders and kids need bulletproof backpacks?....well you probably never heard of Slovakia, but we have free education, healthcare for everyone and no one need bulletproof backpacks in the school. I don’t get it, how this can be....
LiL bOi (13 days ago)
You forgot to mention all the European countries that have everything you said
interanaut (14 days ago)
Mass shooting happens with automatic rifle.. Not handguns or shotgun.. People are just making money out of scared people..
LiL bOi (13 days ago)
Automatic? Aren't those banned Shotguns can still do alot of damage up close and can fuck you up even if you have a bullet resistant backpack
Carter Kapanjie (14 days ago)
Realistically these seem useless
Andrew Gonzalez (14 days ago)
Why not have the backpack carry school items? Or have the packpack resist the force of the bullet? No school shooter would shoot an empty one intentionally. Maybe make the tests more realistic for a more accurate result?
Tardo Gungas (14 days ago)
People act like every school is getting shot up. Its pretty rare. Its just the media blasting it on the news fear mongering
Nathan Currier (14 days ago)
Profiting off of fears 👌
Some Guy Gaming (14 days ago)
Can't school shooters USE these backpacks too?
pist off (14 days ago)
What's really sad is that we cant protect our schools like we protect our airports
Demo Dad (15 days ago)
I understand school use. What about touring the EU? This is a good tool
Max Otto (15 days ago)
School shootings are statistically negligable
Anton io (15 days ago)
The AR15 is for rabbits not war
LiL bOi (13 days ago)
You mean big chungus
Call of YouTube (15 days ago)
I believe that any were you go you never know . So this product save people even if high not to be shot you just never know
Jesse Robinson (15 days ago)
Earlier there was litteraly a insert for rifels
David Jordan (15 days ago)
The graph that was used to compare the frequency of school shootings in the 90s to those that have happened recently ends in 2015. I'm not confident that that was thorough reporting.
EmoMexican (15 days ago)
Sad but its life n reality
MARCELO I Xxx (15 days ago)
They try so hard to make this video contreversial i rather make my son aware and all that than not giving a back pack and knowing they might in this crazy world be victim of this going on
MARCELO I Xxx (15 days ago)
Ok kids so stop feeling and dont take any precautions because we cant normalize this lol yall stoopid af is not about normalizing its just a tool to save a life its a sad reality yess but dont blame it on the fucking bags and talking like you are all smart about it if your mom bought you that is because we are living in a crazy wolrd and not even all this people who saw and made this video unit together are not going to do shit its everybody omg you shot a back pack woww so tragic
rainysunshine (15 days ago)
Well there is no better marketing then death and violence.
D Car (15 days ago)
Just look at the bullet proof backpack as insurance I've never been involved in a car accident also never had my apartment broken into or had a fire but I got car insurance and renters insurance so it won't hurt giving your kid one I grew up in the 90's in Chicago we could've used these backpacks back then outside of school but my school had metal detectors a security guard and a police officer there at the start of school and at the end of school we also had the clear backpacks only one way in one way out no kids was allowed on the school grounds during school and after if you came too late you had to have a parent with you
juan aguilera (15 days ago)
It is the normal now
flatlandjason (15 days ago)
Vice is such a poor group of researchers. Yes they throw numbers out, but their verbiage is that of people who sensationalize things they know little of.
Devon n-m (15 days ago)
What's sad is these horrendous shootings, what's awesome is that someone had the sense to say let's protect them with bullet proof instead of another law
Mikey Larsen (15 days ago)
Just bring a gun lol
QuantumBullet (15 days ago)
School shootings happen? Lets not fight the cause but just give bulletproof backpacks!
BetterWithCheddar (15 days ago)
better safe then sorry
John Wizeman (15 days ago)
Why shoot the backpack with a 5.56? Dude makes no claims that backpacks will stop that round. It's mentioned several times in the video, so why do it? Also, more mass shootings are carried out with a handgun than a rifle, so you're more likely to need to face a 9mm.
svvitchio (16 days ago)
The only thing i find disturbing about this video is the amount of social engineering these kids are jamming into the answers they give when asked about the kevlar backpacks. No wonder school kids keep shooting each other, they're all so bloody manipulative, it'd be enough to drive anyone insane..
Lost_God (16 days ago)
Operator Ben Me (16 days ago)
Cant they just shoot them somewhere else like 12 times
Gabriel Ramirez (16 days ago)
If a kid gets shot with like some heavier weapon like a shotgun or even maybe an AR or maybe one of the guns that they mentioned. If the kid dies or gets injured, is it the manufacturers fault for their product not working as intended. I would argue no, but imagine if your kid died despite this protection. What would you think? In afraid of this
Jax Turner (16 days ago)
Should definitely get rid of the fire extinguishers, hate to accept the fact fires happen and normalize them! The logic of kids.
Jax Turner (16 days ago)
Before computers, your backpack was bulletproof because it was 18 inches of solid text book.
Michael Winter (16 days ago)
Why not bullet proof blanket inserts that deploy from a hidden pocket during lockdowns?
TheLord OfNuggets (16 days ago)
Kid brings 50 cal Backpack: of fucj
iliwiglihe (16 days ago)
"AR-15 rounds..." *fires M16*
Damen Evans (16 days ago)
They should have tested with some BOOKS in that backpack. Oh wait, someone did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHkLU7_4sTs
Joshua Rin (16 days ago)
Normal... Normalizing... If you don't want your kids wearing bullet armor...maybe pay for some armed security like the rest of the world? Idk... W.e
Arturo Solano (16 days ago)
I wore bullet proof before school shootings
This is America.
my youtube (16 days ago)
Condoms normalize STDs, so it's better to pretend they are not real because it could do more damage to think about STDs then to protect against them.
Kerry Kalls (16 days ago)
Why did they use .44 special?! .44 magnum would be the round to test
jaafar kassim (16 days ago)
it'd be crazy if the American youth allow this to become the norm.
If you gave me a bulletproof backpack when I was below 10 I would probably just think it’s really cool and tell everyone
shot in the back. spine shatters. your now paralysed and are shot in the head 5 times why'll laying there helplessly.
Andrew Franzone (17 days ago)
Those two kids banged each other after the show
Anon archist (17 days ago)
There's no better way to live than the never ending terror of Mutually Assured Destruction.
Anon archist (17 days ago)
I should warn you. I have a tiny bulletproof shield the exact size of a bullet, somewhere on my body. And if you hit it, I'll be unharmed and your plan will be foiled. You'll be the laughing stock of me.
I own a military backpack that can stop a 9mm bullet and i live in little safe norway
ethab krooz (17 days ago)
AR15 is .223/5.56 not "AR15 Calivre"
Sebastian Faint (17 days ago)
On behalf of all British students, what is a shooting?
Andy F (17 days ago)
This host is losing sight of the fact that these backpacks are meant to save lives. It's not disturbing that you have a shield to protect yourself. It's disturbing that people/ kids are shooting people.
Mark Mulhern (17 days ago)
I loved the fake metal sound they added for the ceramic plate he knocked on
Thought Criminal (17 days ago)
These are dope and should have existed 30 years ago if not further back. I’ma cop one and I’m an adult.
Ulfric Stormcloak (17 days ago)
It wouldn't normalize gun violence
Deluxess (17 days ago)
Mr. Ropeik was talking about the physiological damage carrying a bulletproof backpack can do to a child. Starting in first grade, students are required to participate in lockdown drills in case there is ever a threat. The child is already going to be exposed to that fear. I know i would feel safer at school having something i could protect myself or others with. I would damn well prefer to have a 'bulletproof' backpack or notebook then nothing at all. anything you can do to decrease your target area increases your chance of survival. have 7 classes in a day? you just helped save 7 other peoples lives.
AverageLuke (17 days ago)
What's so sad about bulletproof backpack, This guy really needs help?
bel pet (17 days ago)
The fact that someone felt the need to come up with this says we have a pretty bad problem in schools.
Inibrasium the first (17 days ago)
Thanks vice for letting me know about this awesome product
Unknown (17 days ago)
They will need it in syria

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