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Secret Millionaire 2018 Good Hallmark Release Comedy Movies HD.

53336 ratings | 13413574 views
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Text Comments (2030)
Pancrasia Alampayan (7 days ago)
sana khan (7 days ago)
Such a time waste. He deserve better actress to work with
Joyax Noine (7 days ago)
tis movie is just fine but i wonder why it garnered a lot of views...
Arvil Halder (8 days ago)
The father looks like Vladimir Putin
Ahovi Achumi (8 days ago)
Ivor Loke (9 days ago)
Thx for the beautiful movie
Nayriz Mobareez (9 days ago)
It is a nice film.
Haya'a k. (9 days ago)
So the poem of Pascale isn't his ??
Raskolnikov Samsa (10 days ago)
I love it!
dessi kasman (10 days ago)
The Hows of Us Le film complet
Kirsy Torres (10 days ago)
Adeeba Fatima (10 days ago)
Cute Movie 💘
07191987580 Ramony (10 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkklk.... alguém aí fala português 😂
irene jannes (10 days ago)
título en español y la peli en inglés....
Bianca Lingurae (11 days ago)
Prashant D (11 days ago)
Not good. That's it. The characters/ actors just....
Bruna souza*brubru (11 days ago)
Apesar da tradução ser + ou_ dá para entender ,filme bem romântico no estilo sessão da tarde.
I Ui (11 days ago)
ايش ترجمة قوقل ذي 😊😊😊😊
Mery Hidalgo (11 days ago)
Podéis subirla en esoañol? GRACIAS DESDE YA
jay-H,Sui Juris (11 days ago)
that's so funny she is studying for tort law .... there's only like 3% out of thousands of attorney's that use common law torts.. *All rights reserved without prejudice* *U.C.C-1-308*
Deepthi N (11 days ago)
Subtitles are hilarious though...
ijt 83 (12 days ago)
Stupendous TV Movie! 😘😍
Fiona Pryce (12 days ago)
Obviously the text had to come as they about to kiss 😑😑
Fiona Pryce (12 days ago)
Damn you beth
dalisay bernardino (12 days ago)
Verónica K. Soutto (12 days ago)
lina padilla (12 days ago)
Cool 😍😍
Hoor Khanum (12 days ago)
Hate these bloody blood thirsty......millionaire restauranterz butcherzZzz
mims (12 days ago)
please hallmark improve your soundtracks
Ammulu M (13 days ago)
standardized channel (13 days ago)
Sean's friend., that balck man is so handsome. 😍
QUENDZA VINNGUEN (13 days ago)
Si eres de los que leen los comentarios antes de ver la película, espero mi like
dilka Michael (14 days ago)
12m view. Waoooo
Trini Gamer (14 days ago)
MOV IES (14 days ago)
Lukmon O BASHORUN (14 days ago)
Whao! its interesting
Natalie Edwards (15 days ago)
Nice movie with an happy ending that's what I love😍🙂
Diana Sarbu (15 days ago)
Night King (15 days ago)
could have jus used couple of inches taller actress.. .
ronyboots1 (16 days ago)
the city view at 21:31 is definitely Spokane,WA. I recognized it right away. didn't know hallmark did anything there.
Penn (16 days ago)
00:45 01:20
Juanita McGinnis (16 days ago)
Great Movie.I really enjoyed it.
Luiz Eduard (16 days ago)
Fui naquela história de ler o comentário antes de ver o filme, me lasquei tudo em inglês
Leul Asfawosen (16 days ago)
wow!! the closing music Aregahegn `Dikam`
Jô A. Luiz (16 days ago)
Filme está em inglês...
Jorgelina Báez (16 days ago)
What a beautiful movie 😍
Remilekun Gbadebo (17 days ago)
I truly can't explain how amazing this movie is.....I love it!
Kinetic Confidant (17 days ago)
Miriam Gomez (17 days ago)
Difícil vnovd
O filme é legal, mas o final é muito ruim
Kaisha Garrett (17 days ago)
Nice movie
Sueli Giesler (17 days ago)
It's a good movie, but full of clichés. And really, can we have a movie in which the girl does not get offended finding out the guy is in fact a millionaire, and not a loser? This is sooooo old.
Luqman Hakim (17 days ago)
Josefina Zarate (17 days ago)
Wow nice movie I really like it
Luqman Hakim (17 days ago)
a very good movie
Like all tv series from Turkey, but with english subtitles,you are not showing the English suit. I do not understand the Turkey, arabic or Greece languages, I only understand English and Spanish, but I like the language to be written in En glish on the button of the screen. Thanks Grace Bucarelli-Merritt ([email protected]
isa (17 days ago)
Maldito comentarios en ingles 😡😡
sagar bhangare (17 days ago)
Khatrnak na bhava kdk
Bruna Guedes (17 days ago)
Lindoo! Recomendo!
jennifer mendez (18 days ago)
Sanghamitra Gautam (18 days ago)
You didn't have to clickbait us. We already love hallmark movies
Guillermina Méndez (18 days ago)
muy buena peli
marinaura maria (18 days ago)
Esse filme é em português
Admiral johnnewton (16 days ago)
Hello marinaura how are you doing ?
Pena Penulis (18 days ago)
Qazal Moslemzade (19 days ago)
worth watching even with its repeatetive story :*
juhh Santos (19 days ago)
Amei o filme
Lea Awa (19 days ago)
Paola Brenda Blanco (19 days ago)
Hola me gustaríA que la pudieran subirla sustituirla español
Sarah Jean Louis (19 days ago)
i like that movie that's movie also make me remember when me and my boyfriend was together
SeekGod FirstAllways (19 days ago)
An awesome film.. Lifts the spirit...😁☀️👍🏾
Joy Sobrevilla (19 days ago)
😂😂😂all comments makes me happy😂😂😂😎😎😎
Ambrish Singh (19 days ago)
I loved this movie.
Tati Queiroz (19 days ago)
Lindo filme!
shams ckw (19 days ago)
Nice one
Marina Gutierrez (19 days ago)
La traducción al español no es.buena.
Admiral johnnewton (16 days ago)
Hello marina
Geoffrey Ochieng (20 days ago)
nice movie
Queen Mimi (20 days ago)
I’m confused at 15:20? Shouldn’t it be the other arm ??
Maisa Nicoletti (20 days ago)
Help!!! Como vou ler os comentários em inglês? 😯😯😯
Mayrona May (20 days ago)
Shawn looking like a snack
stephnie pattersol (20 days ago)
I like 💏
stephnie pattersol (20 days ago)
I like 💏
freakymeltdown1 (20 days ago)
Joy Das (21 days ago)
so nice movies ... and grils so cute
Amber Sani (21 days ago)
okay.. it is a good one.. I really like it❤❤
Natalia Jimènez (21 days ago)
Amy Kruse (21 days ago)
Fun, light movie, but who does the captions and can I help youtube with it? It seemed like someone who spoke English as a second language and also wasn't following the plot was writing it.
Alaitz Zerua (21 days ago)
Who is also whatching the first time?2018!looks good😎,that only in loves movies like that😁😍👏👏👏
Bob S. Stevenson (22 days ago)
every time anyone does anything. 'thank you'. good movie though.
Suyen Narvaez (22 days ago)
Quiero aprender ingles
Mira T (22 days ago)
An interesting movie. No hate, but it becomes frustrating to see black people in the roles of the stupid, greedy and profiteer best friends of princes or rich children😞. We already see enough in disney productions. I'm curious to see what the opposite will give🤔🙃
Eva Zavaleta (22 days ago)
Bonita película....
Richard Meijer (22 days ago)
Such a predictable movie. From the beginning you know what will happen. It's not a bad movie, but during the movie I hoped something unexpected would happen. It's too smooth
Dey Vizcaino (22 days ago)
Jenifer Faur (23 days ago)
I love the movies, it's exciting and funtastic
Rosa modas (23 days ago)
nao tem tecla de legenda ag rem que saco
Rose46 (23 days ago)
The kiss at the end was so awkward 😂
Rishi Anukool (23 days ago)
Very nice & feel good movie..
alex97197 (23 days ago)
Interesting - why there was a video of Moscow center and Kremlin on the 1-00-55 of the movie?
gajah madang (23 days ago)
Secret Millionaire 2018
Dexter Lawliet (23 days ago)
Kiss first before you say "Do want to be my girlfriend?" Logic this days
Nilda Cornell (24 days ago)
I love Sean Peyton! Hes handsome!
Admiral johnnewton (16 days ago)
Hello Nilda

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