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Sneaking Into North Korea

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Sneaking into North Korea was one of the hardest and weirdest processes VICE has ever dealt with. In North Korea, if you get caught being a journalist when you're supposed to be a tourist, you go to jail, or worse. Our rare footage is some of the craziest ever captured, providing an honest look inside the hermit nation. Hosted by Shane Smith | Originally released in 2008 at http://vice.com Continue where this left off here: http://bit.ly/HLpgn2 Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw46Ll-Zy4s Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HJj85K_7MQ More from Shane Smith: http://www.vice.com/author/shane-smith Follow Shane on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanesmith30 Watch Shane go to North Korean slave labor camps in Siberia: http://bit.ly/vice-nk-labor Subscribe to VICE on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: http://youtube.com/vice Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (8203)
제이슨신 (6 hours ago)
Funny thing is some south koreans want to be united with the North. As a korean american i dont understand.
Edward Biglang-awa (12 hours ago)
Just go to Shenyang and bribe the councilor there 😂😂😂
Meruem Xxx (1 day ago)
Remind me of NGL in hunterxhunter
flerper derper (1 day ago)
I don't know why you thought it was so hard, for quite some time, even when this was filmed, there were guided tours through the country for relatively cheap (roughly $3-5k all inclusive)
SpeedyYuom (3 days ago)
they're creating generations of psychos
Video Clips (4 days ago)
You can go on holiday there fucking idiot
Fan of TheBrand333 (4 days ago)
Fuck you shane why don’t you get a real fucking job you fucking snowflake. Offended little spoiled pieces of shit at vice hope they keep you there! If the states are so bad like you always say like all you snowflakes say at vice than LEAVE
1 subs with no videos (5 days ago)
Ur mom gey
mads bartels (6 days ago)
Pressed like within a minute. That's a first
Naz (6 days ago)
Real journalism.
Pepper Gb (8 days ago)
5:50 bit connect!!!
Anthony7561 (8 days ago)
Barock Johnson (8 days ago)
Who tf would want to sneak in there anyways?😂
Eli Walker (8 days ago)
“We has nothing to lose” except your lives
Foster's Thoughts (8 days ago)
This is like doing reverse psychology on the devil.
Kai Richardson (8 days ago)
click bait much
Narthax 47 (8 days ago)
Creeper 198 (9 days ago)
Wait you bring a camera to North Korea how did you not get caught
Some body (9 days ago)
*Records at 720p or something* *_1080P_*
Some body (9 days ago)
I just saw a video of someone surviving North Korea
Creeper 198 (10 days ago)
Bruh I would Pussy out of this Shit. I'll Be like Oh He'll Nah I'm out of here Screw this
Jim Reyes (10 days ago)
You never went to north korea. B.S.
Yusof Aiman (11 days ago)
NeuroFN (11 days ago)
he had to cut his hair to get a full identity change after sneaking into North korea omega
Bronson Snavely (11 days ago)
Sneaking into a torture device
Patty Krabs (11 days ago)
tables have turned....
Oof_Ster Bob_Ross (11 days ago)
0:45, Here we see wild Koreans, in their natural habit, playing with their plastic toys, hopefully they wont spot us or they will scatter in all directions
CHill TACtics (12 days ago)
Bro i thought ppl were trying to escape not sneak in 😂
CHill TACtics (12 days ago)
Wait let me get this straight..... so while everyone is trying to escape from north korea ur crazy ass wakes up one day and says “what if we sneak into North Korea”, and then proceeds to do it?
PlumCookie118 Xbox (12 days ago)
Lol u fucking liar, u didnt go anywhere fucking liar
USKOR2004 (12 days ago)
3:29 those are ping-pong balls *facepalm*
Mplx (13 days ago)
Sometimes I feel like North Korea is just like one big game of Sims City and we're Kim Jun Un
Charlie don't surf (13 days ago)
Your lucky north Korea doesn't have internet
Nomad (13 days ago)
fucking chill north korea has internet
Jeffrey Swartwood (13 days ago)
I was like... why why just FUCKING WHY
Eric Wong (14 days ago)
it's not sneaking if you simply apply for visa and buy ticket
100SubsWithOneVid ? (15 days ago)
How r u not dead
Bubbadeaux (15 days ago)
You really need to stop this someday you will be caught and starved to death
Great Value Bleach (15 days ago)
You don't sneak *INTO* North Korea...
Bodacious BobCatZJG (15 days ago)
Of course South Korea uses Hyundai buses
They Call Me Death (16 days ago)
Classic vice. Bring this back.
XxCATdestroyerxX (16 days ago)
Was this filmed on a potato? I get it was filmed in 2012 but 1080p was available then
toffii (17 days ago)
He looks like a fat version of brad pitt
pigzillaX (17 days ago)
Midnight Swami (17 days ago)
Vice journalists are crazy where do y'all get them they literally run the world 😂
Zammy Wang (17 days ago)
“Hello??” Kim: I hear you, stfu please
Zammy Wang (17 days ago)
I tried to sneak into a Walmart once. Black Friday is more difficult than North Korea
Mun 786 (18 days ago)
Where are you captain America it’s go time
Kian Plays (18 days ago)
6:30 ur life
Mason Neuenschwander (18 days ago)
It will be hilarious to see all the North Koreans crying when they are liberated and realize how many lies they have been fed
Mason Neuenschwander (18 days ago)
We could just bomb them while they have their military all in the center
my arthritis Coker (19 days ago)
Boii you dumb as hell, but also savage asf. Bruh your a legend
VolcanicGaming (19 days ago)
life hacks if you want to die just do exactly what this guy does and ignore everything they say and tell you not to do in North Korea
SDoGG420 (20 days ago)
This dude is very lucky not getting arrested in N. Korea. He should be counting his blessings. Video tapes the country while getting drunk, whoo boi you lucky...
Yung Wolf (20 days ago)
poonam behura (21 days ago)
These north Korean soldiers look so babyish like cute toys it's ridiculous that they will cut my head off if I fool around
The Cyclop (21 days ago)
*P Y O N G Y A N*
when vice was actually fire
Andrew Martin (21 days ago)
way to be sneaky dude
shit shitson (21 days ago)
"sneak into"
Steve Bano (22 days ago)
*....You know you got the 2 General's who let you in Killed or Imprisoned, Right...?*
8:34 it sounds like they’re yelling “PUUUUUSSSSYYYY”
Manan Tank (23 days ago)
This requires balls of Titanium
Geog Acct (24 days ago)
Back when Vice was Vice and not a leftist tool.
Lars Chue (25 days ago)
In Soviet Russia,Russia sneaks into you.
your dad (27 days ago)
If they don’t allow camera how did u get one for ur vid?
Megha (27 days ago)
try this in 2018
Miss Frizzle (28 days ago)
Don’t try to get into Russia bitch
O IO (30 days ago)
6:26 u sure u have nothing to lose?
Guarishi (30 days ago)
Why would you sneak in? You know how cruel North Korea is? The majority of North Koreans would love to sneak out.
Kayseve (1 month ago)
Alomost at 10 mil
Bradley Toccata (1 month ago)
Into? I think you mean out of
Franco Baamonde (1 month ago)
Fuck! Real Fucking Crazy Shit of the Fucking World. After USSR and Russian Federation.
Tim Tebow (1 month ago)
Who the fuck sneaks into north Korea? 😂
Player 1 (1 month ago)
when vice was good
Daniel Otto (1 month ago)
why would you try to sneak in north korea
Indíe (1 month ago)
6:30 except your life?
Jonah Woodman (1 month ago)
4:42 FUCK
Kanga Ruben (1 month ago)
46k dumbasses
LeBron James (1 month ago)
failed (1 month ago)
how do high ranking North Korean military people have so many medals if they haven't been in a war in 65 years?
huntman playz (1 month ago)
The war has never endes tho...... just a peace treaty was signed
MidwestCountry314 Stl (1 month ago)
Cant bring no music in north Korea.. Got to have my music😱
michael4o8 (1 month ago)
the south korean soldiers are going to be raid kids brought up on play station 4 vs north korean kids who eat grass and sleep with there ak's 😆😢
Yasmine Yilmaz (1 month ago)
“Eat gras” nov we dinnot eat gras
Jdille10 (1 month ago)
Who the fuck wants to sneak into North Korea
ToumaNatsuno (1 month ago)
"There are two North Koreans here from the embassy" God Bless your friends, sh*t would've got real if you came
nessa Rose (1 month ago)
“Why not we’re here” MAYBE SO YOU DONT DIE UMMMM
RICKYSPANISH (1 month ago)
gives me a jackass vibe
Steve Henderson (1 month ago)
I would have to purposely start WW3 at the DMZ. Maybe throw rocks & say their leader is a phony loser... Whatever it takes to start the war. Then my name would go down in history for starting WW3.
KillinItGames (1 month ago)
2:14 Someone forgot sunscreen
LiterGamesTV (1 month ago)
Who would win isis or north korea
Austin Craig (1 month ago)
That's scary. 'Can be in Seoul in hour and a half'. That is like isis being able to be in New York city in an hour.
Zak-Attack (1 month ago)
Trevor (1 month ago)
Tbh all the people in that hotel were prlly killed
killie cast (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who got reminded of the First Order from Star Wars when it showed the North Korean's marching?
GodOfDoor (1 month ago)
i'm fuckin high and i just want to raid the fucking cicis pizza down the corner for their cinnamon rolls. i'm just too high to remember what i'm saying. i also don't want to get up. this sucks. my tum tum is making the rum rum rumblies for spinach pizza too.
GodOfDoor (1 month ago)
dem asians looked like manikins.
Alex ja boi (1 month ago)
North Korea Is Not Dangerous Just Use A Giant Magnet
UltraHyper (1 month ago)
half life 2 combine occupation
2 million NK soldiers waiting to defect. Kim thinks there rapidly advancing towards the enemy

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