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The Billion Dollar Cockfighting Industry: VICE INTL (Australia)

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In the Philippines, the 6,000 year-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully-legal, billion dollar industry. Known locally as sabong, it takes place in 2,500 dedicated stadiums across the country and kills an estimated 30 million roosters each year. A few months back, VICE Australia hit the cockpits and hatcheries of Manila. There we met the breeders, trainers, and philosophers who help make sabong the Philippines's national obsession. Up Next: Gay Conversion Therapy - Part 1 - http://bit.ly/Gay-Conversion-P01 Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice
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Text Comments (2402)
Mark Tutorials (5 days ago)
Come on the white rooster died after the red one. Unfair to declare draw.
Average Boi (7 days ago)
There’s nothing wrong with this but culture wouldn’t be an excuse since some cultures are pretty screwed up I would just say their just chickens
strict nine (8 days ago)
There is like no negative comments on this I love it😂
Justin Yang (15 days ago)
these chickens will still fight in the wild, don't matter.
Mr. Clean (17 days ago)
Sport of the gentlemens!
Joachim Rives (21 days ago)
As long as it is using animals for money, it is alright. The problem is, is this really always profitable or beneficial in general? Gambling can hurt. That is the problem: this gambling can hurt people. It does not matter whether it is noble (I think it is not noble, it is comparable to competitive video games in "noble" factor) it should be stopped if it is harmful. Why was that not analyzed?
Ericson Inilongo (24 days ago)
B Goode Kennels (25 days ago)
You know the problem with liberals? They are always trying to force their morals down the throats of societies and people who dont want them or need them.
m8looking boy 360 (26 days ago)
most of the people dont know how this roosters are treated this rossters are trained for at least 30 minutes daily second,massaged, given a large spa ce for at least 1 to 2 hours daily given good food and also its not just for fun its they make a living from this and it affects the economy from food to medicine a lot of people make a living from this and people saying this are most americans literally they eat kfc and fucking cow that literally live on top of each other shitting one on top of each other just think about it.
Mantis Toboggan (27 days ago)
Ugh this makes me feel embarrassed to be Filipino, that guy in the beginning is one delusional fuck.
The Trusty Sidekick (9 days ago)
It's part of it. The Sin Tax pays for a lot of things in the Philippines. Cigarettes, gambling, liquor, etc..all these things pay for government hospitals, the national healthcare service, and the social programs giving money to poor families so they can send their kids to school. What kind of country? Ours, I guess. It's taxes, the government gets it from all sorts of places.
Mantis Toboggan (9 days ago)
that's probably nonsense, and even if it weren't what kind of country pays for social programs through gambling on chickens fighting?
The Trusty Sidekick (9 days ago)
Oh please, you know how much the cockfighting industry pumps into the local economy? Millions, my friend, millions upon millions. It's part of what pays for those expensive social programs this country's sinking its money into instead of building up infrastructure.
Jj Kk (29 days ago)
Jack one of those fuckers up on Steroids
Jj Kk (29 days ago)
I don’t care this is bad ass animal cruelty or not
Not UrProblem (1 month ago)
here in indonesia we strap knives to their heads
Dmitri Kohlberg (1 month ago)
If i was a rooster id prefer to be a fighter than those raised in slaughterhouses. This way, i am better fed, has suitable living conditions and have actually a chance at survival if i win a fight. On the other side, if i lose and die, id still die an honorable death and my body be served as lunch to the owners of the winning stag. There's no waste at all.
CraiiZeD (1 month ago)
THIS IS CRUEL. Chickens aren't just "bred to fight" and these people need to fix themselves.
CraiiZeD (8 days ago)
I disrespect the culture, and fuck people that mutilate things for pleasure. That is 1000's of years in the past, and its time for a change. Just like all other cultures that once stoned gays, burned young women alive as sacrifices, played polo with dead sheep carcasses, performed female genital mutilations, performed honor killings, etc., they're all coming to an end, because people understand what morals are now and have learned to care about other things besides themselves. People in developing countries have stopped believing the horrible crap that their family and friends have pressured each other to believe for a millennium. You can assume I'm American, and I'll assume you're from some giant landfill of a country that has no education. Or maybe you just didn't succeed when it came to getting an education. Either way, I'll value animals as much as I'd like, and that doesn't mean I don't value humans at all. It's possible to love animals and not want humans to torture them. (Go figure, right?) But I have no care when it comes to bigots defending their age-old idiotic ways to people saying it's fine because it's their "culture" Sickening. Honestly. Hope you eventually find a way to feel empathy towards literally anything besides yourself.
The Trusty Sidekick (8 days ago)
I see the problem now. You're of the notion that you actually have a say in all this. Please disabuse yourself of that notion. This is a cultural matter, cockfighting has been present in southeast asia for centuries, and it won't stop because a few westerners are bleating about it. Dislike the sport if you wish, but respect the culture, our culture, and mind your own business. I'll let your insults slide, they have no effect on me just like how roosters crow, it's all just noise because you know that you have no power to impose whatever it is you want on us, it is the rage of an infant. I hope you have a good day, and please work on that temper, you clearly seem to value animals over humans, which is very strange but somehow unexpected coming from an American. You people are weird.
CraiiZeD (8 days ago)
As someone that can only say "they fight in the wild" and "chickens aren't people" and "you're emotional" as comebacks you're not really showing any facts yourself about why cock fighting should be allowed. You're just making statements about chickens in the wild. You clearly have issues with empathy and need to see a therapist about this. Just because animals fight in the wild doesn't mean you can just take them out of the wild, breed them for ferocity, pit them together in a ring, and watch them destroy each other for pleasure and win money off it. That's some sick twisted shit. There is a reason only shitty third world countries do cock fighting, because they're dumb and uneducated and have nothing better to do than watch other animals fight for blood money. That's what idiots do for fun. Ergo, you're an idiot if you enjoy cock fighting.
The Trusty Sidekick (8 days ago)
CraiiZeD So far all I'm getting from you is emotional outbursts. Are you incapable of rational thought or something?
CraiiZeD (9 days ago)
You're scum, and clearly some sort of sociopath that has no care about the well being of anything besides yourself. Staying on the computer playing video games all day does that to people. Why don't you go outside, get a life, and realize the world isn't just about killing things to enjoy yourself? If being a hippie means I care about other animals than humans, then yeah, call me a hippie. By the way, in nature, there are animals that can care about other species besides their own, and you're lower than them.
DJ (1 month ago)
If man didn’t build walls to separate them, they would fight So it’s only interference in their nature
EagleSushi (1 month ago)
Imagine an alternate universe where people are boxing to death and a bunch of roosters and chickens clucking in the backround. Idk why, but the thought is making me laugh.
Matthew Coker (1 month ago)
Please cookers stand your ground and know your rights let's don't give in let's make this a great sport in America again and show the world that there are very good people in this sport
Omair Siddiqui (1 month ago)
That Rooster Hospital was hilarious. LoL. I wonder if the roosters have an HMO or PPO.
Jonathan Pintor (1 month ago)
Stupid westerners are against cockfighting coz they pity the roosters but abortion is legal in their country what hypocrites.
Ahmed Chaibi (2 months ago)
Its not about the chickens its about the SIN and the cruelty in ur heart to see bloodshed thats what god judges upon
Tony Tran (2 months ago)
He said pride is important and he live for pride... did you know that Satan got thrown out of heaven because of his pride? Pride has a heavy price and being prideful is nothing to be proud about!
Jevon Bernardes (2 months ago)
"you lose your cock, you lose your manhood" no truer words have been said
Edrick Pascual (3 months ago)
Its funny he said its not illegal. Actually it is illegal but the officials are corrupt and receive money from the operators. The cockfighting rings are also far away. Its really sad how people gamble their money away on chickens.
Artyoma (3 months ago)
Lol either way these mother fuckers still kill each other in the wild they are literally born like that so i dont get why people are being like iTs AbUsE these mother fuckers are literally willing to die
bono hiuson (3 months ago)
They say, "don't hurt the animals".. What.. let them all crawl over the world that they take over the land and the seas??
David Blanco (3 months ago)
I leave in the 🇵🇭so i know what is cock fighting 😉
SNEIJDER W (3 months ago)
the person that attaches the knife is the most important...if ismt right ir straight...the knife will not do damage
Ziggmanster (3 months ago)
Vice is trash
Mr. Foodie (3 months ago)
hopefully someone goes and gun all them mofos down, fucking animals
juhnjuhn69 (3 months ago)
lol pinoy talaga, I like the way he has a toilet paper roll under his desk. @ 8:06 of the video, always ready hahahahahahah
Ryan Major (3 months ago)
This is actually disgusting
Orion Legore (3 months ago)
“You lost your cock u lost your manhood”
alejandro casimiro (3 months ago)
Take a shot every time you hear a rooster crow
Andrew Page (3 months ago)
The knife girl wow
SAMZIRRA (3 months ago)
Stupid bullshit.
Carlos Mancia (3 months ago)
One of my biggest fears is to have a rooster up to my face and have peck my eye
SunzOffski (3 months ago)
Having other species kill each other for entertainment, very sad.
lolipedofin (3 months ago)
The problem in my country is actually about the gambling element, not the rights of suffering of the roosters. I like this far better, transparent legal gambling. Not my cup of tea, but I won't steal this joy from the people who loves it.
Emilio0587 (3 months ago)
I have mixed feelings on this. I love my dog I hate that people fight them. But chickens in my society are food. Food that comes from factories that live shit lives and die in a machine. These chickens look like they live way better lives and die in a blaze of glory. So I don’t know.
ComeToMyAbyss (4 months ago)
My grandfather goes to cockfights with my uncles a lot, especially when our family comes home to our hometown. This thing is pretty normal there in the Philippines. My grandfather also goes to cockfights with his friends even here in US.
lijhp0 (4 months ago)
Well, at least they try to patch up the roosters
Bolun Xia (4 months ago)
Nice arena they have.
Michael R (4 months ago)
OMG I'm a white snowflake with pink hair and a little dick who loves to tweet all day with a black dildo up my ass and I suffer when I see the same chickens I eat fight each other. LOL. Islam will fuck you U.S. Peta morons soon hahaha!
Jiromaine Casas (4 months ago)
modern day gladiators.
doapSauce (4 months ago)
Also, I feel like these people who relate certain lifestyles with penises have the mindset of children. Must have a truck cuz his dick, must have a gun cuz his dick, must raise gamebirds cuz his dick... Grow up and get your hand off your dicks and maybe you'll have enough testosterone to take up some hobbies that aren't knitting.
Stephen DeKoning (4 months ago)
It's interesting millions glorify soldiers and warriors fighting for same things same ways most cockfighting condemned for.. all about social brainwashing/conditioning or "patriotism/nationalism", you believe ideals you want and ignore rest that's mixed with it. People actually need to at least try to learn something about what they think they are arguing against. Cheers!
Adam Jacob (4 months ago)
can I have one of the losers lol
Pedro Alvarez (4 months ago)
They also do this in Arequipa!! Peru
doapSauce (4 months ago)
this is animal cruelty because we dont kill a massive amount of chickens who are raised in the worst conditions for our luxury in our country!
Well, I'll be damned. (4 months ago)
While it is cruel, it is much less so than industrial chicken farming. If you can't ban "abusive" chicken farming because people rely on the food it produces, then you can't ban cock fighting for the entertainment it produces. Humans need entertainment. Much like any sport fighters, these cock breeders are always looking for a way to gain an advantage and that keeps the mind thinking. Someone could say, "But you can do something else for entertainment." And I would say, "Sure, and there are plenty of other ways to get your protein without chickens." Would you rather be locked in a prison on death row from the day you were born only to be hung upside down and have your throat slit at the age of 18, or live a good life until the age of 18 and be drafted into war. I know what I would choose.
RADNI GHAFOORI (5 months ago)
Cock fighting will never be illegal in Philippines because too many ignorant people that have been thought that its okay do disrespect any and every life that's born and can be used to entertain their miserable life.
Doctor Doom (4 months ago)
@Radni Ghafoori I frequent Southeast Asia a lot and the Philippines is like one of my favorite destinations along with Thailand mainly because those two have like a lot of pretty beaches, open-minded girls (if you know what I mean), and mainly because the people on those countries are friendly with Westerners. One of my Filipino friends took me to a cockpit once and I can definitely say that it's primarily for gambling but it does employ a lot of people and there are a lot of poverty stricken folks out there. I've also tasted live Octopus back in 2015 when I was in South Korea, my girlfriend at that time wants me to try dog meat as well but I refused, South Korea only became an economic powerhouse in the 80s and used to be dirt poor, I do understand why dog meat would become a staple at one point of it's existence (nowadays it's treated more like a delicacy and a cultural thingy as more and more people are also becoming like Westerners and refuse to eat animals considered as pets). Like I said, they have reasons why they do it. It might look awful to us Westerners but to them it's part of their survival, history, and culture. If it's a human that is being maltreated then there is no excuse, but if it's an animal I can make exceptions specially if I don't know the whole story and my own lifestyle is more cruel to animals than other people are. Change will come eventually when everyone is on equal economic footing with the West. But given the world as it is today and seeing how miserable peoples lives are all over the world, I wouldn't call something that helps them escape and forget their problems as pure evil. Nothing is pure good and pure evil anyways, everything has some positives and negatives attached to it.
RADNI GHAFOORI (4 months ago)
Doctor Doom I understand what you were saying towards the end of your comments we're not trying to make other people have the values that we have in America but please go watch the video again and listen to every word they're using this is not because they're hungry this is not because they are providing jobs this is just a sport to them away of gambling and making money and they don't care if some poor soul loses all his money and can provide for his kids as long as they provide entertainment for the poor and steal their money and that's only for the cockfighting the dog eating has nothing to do with them being hungry with them trying to provide job if it was it would simply kill the animal and they would eat it Torture would not be part of it but I'm fortunately I understand where you coming from I've been to third world countries have seen how they live how they think and I would never want to leave United States to go visit any of these people we have enough of those kind of people with backward mentality who still think Confederacy is alive who still hold black people back we have enough of that here I don't need to go see other people but again please go back listen to the video again word by word if you hear any of them say that they're providing job that there doing it because they're pretty poor then get back to me again please
Doctor Doom (4 months ago)
@Radni Ghafoori My advise to you is to stop watching too many negative documentaries and basing your opinions on them. There are things that might look awful at first glance but a deeper look shows a different picture. Eating dogs might be wrong in our culture but for others it's a way to fill their bellies specially on poor countries. You might look at cockfighting as evil but for others it's a means for employing people and providing for their families. Jobs are badly needed in 3rd world countries. My point is, there's a reason for everything, as long as no other humans gets hurt and is in a way helpful then we shouldn't be too quick to dismiss it as pure evil. Many of us Westerners thinks that everyone should just copy our values and way of life and everything will eventually be fine and the world will become a utopia, but reality is way too different.
RADNI GHAFOORI (4 months ago)
Doctor Doom I don't try to judge people but when you see the things they do in Asian countries which is torture all kind of animals and rooster just happened to be one of them what is your excuse for them for torturing dogs, taking the skin off of a dog while it's still alive and begging for mercy, or wind a dog alive while it's hanging from its hind legs on a tree. What is your excuse for people in Africa that make moonshine and when they're done drinking torture poor goat by kicking it in the face as hard as they can before they kill it for food and this is part of their tradition. How can anyone respect these people if they don't respect themselves how can anybody else respect them. Again listen to my previous comments people like me just try to bring attention to this kind of disrespect to life. Now weather it's animals or humans. I have traveled many places but I refuse to go to third world countries where I can see this kind of ignorance and their society I rather stay where I'm at and United state of America where at least there is some kind of a la or law enforcement that will punish people like does people
Doctor Doom (4 months ago)
@Radni Ghafoori I'm just having fun and I'm not really mad. And like I said I'm totally neutral on this one. Expect to be called something else if you try to call someone ignorant and savage first. XD. Also, I don't breed roosters, but I like to point out folks who like to judge and call other people inbreeds when they themselves is contributing to a system that has been more inhumane to animals than what these people do. I look at the mirror and I see someone who can fit in wherever I go. You look like someone who has never traveled to other countries and looks at yourself as superior to other people.
Helena Johansson (5 months ago)
let em fight without the metal spurrs.Tat would be more humane and more natural
Andy Calizo (4 months ago)
Helena Johansson yeah, so how is that different from butchering an animal? knife fights barely last a minute. and they are dead. which is shorter than peta's "humane" way of butchering. and we put knives in their feet because of the gambling. if we didnt wr would have 5 or 6 fights in 1 day. with knives wed have 100 to 150 fights. thats 150 government taxed fights. 150 chances to bet and make money. ita not cruel. they are killed in a shorter amount of time than when they are butchered. its not cruel. you are just squeamish
Helena Johansson (4 months ago)
nr 1 if you dontlike the throll of blood and dath you wouldnot but knife spurs on the animals,simple as thatr nr 2 i live in the nordic country Sweden,not USA here we have banned all blood sports that was popular in the mideval ages.Time gour your country to catch up.
Andy Calizo (4 months ago)
Helena Johansson peole dont wath it for blood. If you want that then hang around the butcher. And unlike you westerners, i know how to butcher farm chickens. Blood and death isnt taboo to us and we dont get a thrill to it like you westerners get a thrill from shooting a school full of kids. Sick fucks
Andy Calizo (4 months ago)
Helena Johansson admit it you dont know shit. You basically want people to gamble money and wether they win or lose that money is subjective to some harmless dominant shit. Gambling needs aomething concrete. One who pecks last wins. As simple as that.
Helena Johansson (4 months ago)
a fight determine a winner.they dont have tu have sharp knives to cut eachother with.ever heard of japanese tosa fighting dogs?the aim is to fight and win,not to kill.admit uít you just want to see blood and death you sick fuck
Cayedence Garton (5 months ago)
OMG cruel burn in hell all of you
tyler durden (5 months ago)
Usa chickens come from brazil some are inbred. But all live in cages then butchered. In the philippines they are trained, rested, given vitamin shots to prepare for war. The gambling on it is fun, its like $100- $300 USD per bet,the smaller onez are people on the floor.
Donald Endicott (5 months ago)
U guys are a bunch of pussies
ok then (5 months ago)
You know what's more cruel, chickens at a farm being decapitated :<)
Renee Jin (6 months ago)
I am a young farmer myself this is cruel I will never send any of my chickens to this watching this makes my heart stop I cried I will risk anything to save them
Delusive Shotz (6 months ago)
You're all titled to your own opinion, but personally it's not wrong. Yes animals are being hurt but regardless of them fighting they have that chance, that's where the fun comes in it. You see your creation fighting it's like you. So when you fight them it feels like your there and its your pride on the line .
Mad Sam (6 months ago)
13:19 LEGEND
Mauro Tolpe (6 months ago)
I always cockattack my girlfriend 😂
Defenitely not me (6 months ago)
This aint animal abuse dumbass Its a sport
Dozzszz (7 months ago)
Im moving to the filipnines
Ryan Fernandez (7 months ago)
All I see are my fellow countrymen defending our culture. I may not be into cock fighting like my father but I'm proud to be still in that tradition and culture.
salina yang (7 months ago)
I completely agree - this is far from animal abuse and in fact, gives chickens an honorable way of life instead being breed to be killed for food. In Thailand, where cockfighting is highly - respected, apart from Krabi and Pak Tai area where knifes are placed, the other provinces do not practice this game methodology aka the fighter cock bloodlines are not placed with knifes on their feets. They are showered with love, well groomed and when sent to the rings, fight with valor and sacrifice. While the owners love their fighter cocks, there are also time limitations of the game rounds preventing heavy injuries from occurring and normally, there are no deaths. If you are interested to get one for yourself from the best bloodlines, please contact me via facebook @ salinafarm or salina yangconghui. I have collaborated with other top farms in Thailand known for their reputation in honor and glory, and will be able to source what you might just be looking for.
Zac Stirman (7 months ago)
If I was a chicken I’d rather grow up training to be fighter than locked in cage and injected with hormones till I’m fat enough to slaughter, so if u think this is any worse u a bitch
Black Saker (7 months ago)
Why does cockfighting have to be a blood-sport? Why not just let the birds fight with rubber spurs, dull claws, and a dull beak, until one bird becomes too exhausted to fight, and is declared the loser? I know that it would take out part of the tradition, but people wouldn't look down on it so much if the birds didn't kill/maim each other, because then sport would be more like boxing, which is popular in America. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved watching the birds fight in Puerto Rico, and I do think people who see cockfighting as abusive but buy chicken/eggs at the store are hypocrites... but I feel bad for the loser chickens that are tossed into a heap after the match to die slow deaths.
Andy Calizo (4 months ago)
Cuz that would take hours for one fight to finish. These are game birds. Unlike your farm chickens who will run away once dominance is established, these birds wil fight to the death
kajamesfckin_a (6 months ago)
it will be a snoozefest and not exciting! even with knives, some fights are declared draw after 10 minutes.
John Figueroa (7 months ago)
Id rather be there living like that than in a factory in my own shit being force fed antibiotics and processed pellets then killed.
Landon J Hardt (8 months ago)
gladiator cocks VIII
Red Province (8 months ago)
If I were a chicken I'd prefer to die as a warrior rather then as a piece of meat at one of these factory farms.
Kalvin Cruz (8 months ago)
I live for rooster fights
Ishan In the wild (8 months ago)
These rosters have better lives than the chickens in the food industry here in America
_Paws_ (8 months ago)
Now imagine velociraptors doing this...
Brian Otiz (8 months ago)
what happens to the dead roosters
Blobs E (8 months ago)
This is disgusting.
Justin Quilit (8 months ago)
President Abraham Lincoln was a referee and that’s how he got the nick name Honest Abe, but they didn’t teach you that in grade school
Rickman (8 months ago)
I love how he says there’s more honest person in a cockpit arena than the church.. haha so true
Howl Castle (8 months ago)
Believe it or not, these chickens actually have better life than most of the other chickens in industry where they're locked up in a small cage as soon as they come into this world. They never see the day light, or any freedom throughout their short life. Even though I don't agree with cock fighting or any animal cruelty but these chickens have much better life compare to many.
SandyRocks (8 months ago)
If you win get money if you loose get Tandoori chicken . Its a win win situation :D
Octavio Octavius (9 months ago)
9:30 She's cute
david 300 (9 months ago)
i got gamefowl and i treat them better than my phone. raising roosters is beautiful and money
Azliana Lyana (9 months ago)
Oh dear... What did I just watched?? :( Wrong channel! I thought I'm going to National Geo
John A (9 months ago)
It would be interesting if they looked at how the big drug (shabu) dealers have gotten involved in cockfighting
Kenneth L (9 months ago)
What if it's a gay rooster? Ooooh he gonna die
Nightcore Naruto (9 months ago)
Its not cruel! Its their culture every country has their own culture I mean you guys might be eating KFC right now... By the Way: Im Filipino
GJ Aguilar (9 months ago)
Bruh roosters have a better life than me.
carmina (9 months ago)
why is nobody talking about the advertisement tho, its amazing
Mad 1976 (12 days ago)
+Buddy Ollie, Extreme roy Jones the one of best boxer he love cock fighting
Buddy Ollie, Extreme (4 months ago)
carmina hell yeah
Karla Mondragon (9 months ago)
poor animals.
Yanick Avril (9 months ago)
I gotta tell you this is the same thing as.pokemon
Yanick Avril (9 months ago)
I dont get why people cry about this and think this is than killing a chicken for food
Yanick Avril (9 months ago)
Rooster i chose you use high jump kick
John Cena (9 months ago)
This is pretty cool👍
Rui Q. Z (9 months ago)
THIS, China could do some cultural exchange with Philippine.
Googleparrot GT (9 months ago)
they just left the poor thing in the midde of the thing.
Mikaél Rence (10 months ago)
It doesn’t makes raising a chicken in a so crowded area and cutting its head when it’s big enough.
Mikaél Rence (10 months ago)
What is so graphic about this? Lol
Lemurian Thunder (10 months ago)
Self-righteous hypocrites everywhere. none of those labels like vegan can change historical and current facts about YOU.
Goofy gaming (10 months ago)
I like how people are getting mad about it when did you know that when there’s a chicken fighting bust in America all the chickens are put down so what is the point when a chicks fights it has a chance to live but under the government they just die and they say a chicken will not fight to the death unless they are trained to do so which is wrong when roosters are trained they are conditioned I bet all my money if you put 2 roosters together that have never been exsposed to anything fighting they would still fight till the death cause they have been revolved to do so
Dave S (10 months ago)
Truly wish we could enjoy this in the United States.
John Pinto (10 months ago)
best game. kill the fowl and fry it after its dead.

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