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Kinect for Xbox One hands-on

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David Pierce checks out the brand new Kinect for Xbox One. And how much it really, truly, eerily knows about you. More from The Verge: Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theverge Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/theverge/videos Visit our playlists: http://www.youtube.com/theverge/playlists Like The Verge on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/verge Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/verge Follow on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/verge Read More: http://www.theverge.com
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Text Comments (274)
Radiance (5 years ago)
1:05 look at the guy on the left lol
alexander maier (5 years ago)
the whole reason for the kinect is to gather biometric data and sell it. tons of money to get there for microsoft. gamers don't give a shit about it.
Bayar Bakhdal (5 years ago)
the rating of xbox 1 was C+
ahmad ali (5 years ago)
yes its bundled with it
StoreBrand (5 years ago)
All I want is elder scrolls with full motion control. If that came out I would never see daylight again
MrXxsesshomaruxX (5 years ago)
But the problem is that many Xbox fans don't like the kinect, they just want the console, I'm not gonna lie at first I was a little disappointed about that but after learning about what the new kinect can do I'm willing to give it a chance, but I think MS really needs to make another XB1 without the kinect, it could be even cheaper than the PS4 and that would help them sell more consoles. But to me (MY OPINION!!) the XB1 seems more next gen than the PS4 which is just a PS3 with better specs tbh.
MrXxsesshomaruxX (5 years ago)
This is actually pretty cool, I really hope developers take advantage of this, they could create many amazing games with it.
Jalal Mehdizada (5 years ago)
He talks about how amazing it is while a man has a spaz attack on the side of the screen. :D
Noel Delfin (5 years ago)
Are you still disappointed after their reversal?
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
I'm disappointed with the route that Microsoft took with the Xbox One, to be specific, the fact that they focused on trying to make a console that's not meant for its time. They attempted to make a "All in One Media Center" type thing, and it blew up in there face, gamers wanted a console focused completely around gaming and improving there expierence, not Windows 8 and Cable. If you're talking about the 360, No, I'm not disappointed with the Xbox 360 at all, just the One ingeneral.
Noel Delfin (5 years ago)
How did you get disappointed with xbox gaming? And could you be specific with your answer if you don't mind.
Revital (5 years ago)
motion control died with the wii
CLOL (5 years ago)
TheDman7605 (5 years ago)
Does the Xbox one comes with the kinect when you buy it?
Von Blitz (5 years ago)
There is no denying its a large improvement but i have always felt Microsoft ads regarding the kinect misleading.
FordGTGuy (5 years ago)
The "DUDE" that fell off the screen was a photographer that walked away so the kinect stopped watching him.
FordGTGuy (5 years ago)
I goes on or under your TV not the Xbox.
FordGTGuy (5 years ago)
This is a private organization a petition has little effect on what they will ultimately do.
FordGTGuy (5 years ago)
*Looks at Steam* K Bro.
FordGTGuy (5 years ago)
You should actually look at the UI navigation with voice and the system-wide features such as setting up splitscreen position in games automatically and signing into profiles automatically. Far from a gimmick.
FordGTGuy (5 years ago)
No because even when trying them out we noticed the problems of Kinect but this one is clearly improved by a large margin.
Von Blitz (5 years ago)
anyone else think this reminds them of the original kinect when microsoft has it works like magic but when the consumer has it the thing next to broken.
Omnia Nihil Films (5 years ago)
Well we will know either at E3 or after
Omnia Nihil Films (5 years ago)
i dont remember where i heard it or not but oviasly there going to make 2 versions microsoft isn't going to force u to buy a kinect
El Gato (5 years ago)
They didn't say anything about that, stop making stuff up. ;)
Ferdinand (5 years ago)
1:02 Watch on the left of his TV. That was the most interesting part of the video. Tell me more about that.
busnut33 (5 years ago)
fucking GIMMICK!
Omnia Nihil Films (5 years ago)
no right they said it before
Dr. Frasier (5 years ago)
No, wrong.
claypool0 (5 years ago)
Go home micrsoft , its over. People want open systems.
Omnia Nihil Films (5 years ago)
theres going to be 2 xbox ones, one with the kinect and one without it
raystinks1 (5 years ago)
they are not forcing you, if you don't like the kinect.. Don't buy an xbox.
JMG1397 (5 years ago)
I have started a petition on change.org to stop the forced use of Kinect on the Next generation home console from Microsoft (Xbox one). If you feel the same please take a short few minutes and sign the petition and share the link to anyone that may feel the same way. /petitions/microsoft-stop-forced-use-of-kinect-hardware-2
Toshiro Hitsugaya (5 years ago)
wow I can imagine that behemoth kinect on top of Xbox one
hardkore360 (5 years ago)
however it can't track DPS (dildos per second) like the PS3 Move can lol
SexyDolphin (5 years ago)
I know that you are gay you don't neet to tell me
Julian (5 years ago)
Haha imagine a character copying that movement in a game :P
Zaylez (5 years ago)
XB1FORUM.COM The Official XBOX One Community
P Roh Dusah (5 years ago)
is it that obscure? seems like common sense to me especially with the better recognition. that's the problem with going 2nd who knows what either came up with. if you would saw them doing it before the sony reveal would sony be copying? of course not because that would assume they made the controllers after they saw microsoft do it then program it to do it.
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
Magic. They pooled all there magic into the Kinect and completely forgot the console :D Now we get to track our movement... better...er... and even track our heart beat... while playing CoD... or something... Or just exercising I guess? It's honestly not much of a feature at all... I go to the gym for that... Whelp... Have fun.
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
Btw on the hater comment, I've used the Xbox since it's original release. I'm far from a hater just a seriously disappointed gamer ._. Microsoft screwed up big time and we all know it, time to admit it.
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
Honestly.... No. I'm not even a hater just stating simple facts, the first Kinect UTTERLY failed the only reason it even sold was because they started bundling it with the base Xbox 360 and the few who were expecting something out of it in the beginning, now with the Xbox One they add on Voice Commands, Cable, and a craptastically enhanced Kinect which no one will use, We want games not a thing to flail our arms around with to scare the fuck out of our neighbors thinking we're having a seizure.
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
.... What? I thought cable was for watching tv... that's really all I see with the Cablebox One... It's for fat asses to lazy to get up off the couch and get there remote, or walk 5 feet to there PC or get there laptop. It's practically promoting getting a lazy chair and a big mac and sit back and watch tv for the rest of your days ._. Hoorah for the inovation of fucking Voice Commands.
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
Honestly... Just please... Stop speaking. The reason the Xbox 360 became the top selling console? It was TOP SELLING BEFORE KINECT EVEN RELEASED. Learn you god damn facts man, the fucking sales of the Xbox 360 alone triple that of the kinect. Go somewhere else with those others who talk the talk they have no right to talk about.
cmnweb (5 years ago)
Looks like the kinect is lagging
Daniel (5 years ago)
Wow, how the fuck can it measure my heart rate?!
Jonny Kanthan (5 years ago)
wow. this is reallly BIG!
Beast of the Far East (5 years ago)
no gameplay yo show us ?
Aqil Kamaludin (5 years ago)
The side of Xbox One people don't see.
reptomicus (5 years ago)
War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Xbox ONE is games
Bradley Whelan (5 years ago)
it can just enhance everything, if the game see's your heart is beating fast maybe it intensifies the music, makes the game go slow motion, that sort of thing, on casual games its useless but think DayZ, think horror games. OR think Fitness crap, if you really can't think of anything
nick (5 years ago)
It's going to be creepy af if you got ghost in your house.
Ray (5 years ago)
im afraid to tell you that the kinect is the best part of the xbox... Pathetic
ChiquitaSpeaks (5 years ago)
because the first one sucked, this looks wayy better. whatever, haters will shut up after E3
ChiquitaSpeaks (5 years ago)
thats the guy its picking up all the way in the back corner with camera equipment who's not even trying 2 be in the scene…and it still makes out its structure
Console Castle (5 years ago)
The kinect comes with the system.
Kyle Kimberlin (5 years ago)
do u have to have kinect with the new xbox
Norbert Mieczkowski (5 years ago)
Lol this guy just made my day he asked how the xbox would react if you started jerking off in front of thr Kinect
LosQuintoz (5 years ago)
jmantime (5 years ago)
Xbox 720 is a better name
dumb cunt (5 years ago)
Carl John Franz (5 years ago)
"almost no lag" so there is lag. So it sucks, lag means it's broken..
FutureMillennium (5 years ago)
1:04 green skeleton on screen - Kinect in a nutshell
ibrahim iqbal (5 years ago)
Jackie Kernaghan (5 years ago)
IT'S GOING TO BE ABLE TO CONTROL OUR MINDS. AHHHH. Sorry it just all seemed so serious. Heartrate? Brace yourselfs...Xbox One fitness games are coming...
OpenInsanity (5 years ago)
The focus should have been on this instead of live TV and Star Trek.
RSDOlivier (5 years ago)
Holy shit, heart rate lol.... Man ahahhahahahahahahahhahah
Tyson Caradine (5 years ago)
Wow.. if only a single developer even bothered with the original kinect this would go somewhere... They honestly didn't get the hint that no one gives a shit about Kinect after it's first version?...
TheTorrentSavior (5 years ago)
Strygger (5 years ago)
This is probably the only good thing about new xbox
Black Star (5 years ago)
How would the xbox respond if you were to be jerking off in front of the kinect LOL
Krystal Maier (5 years ago)
your garbage
Krystal Maier (5 years ago)
Awesome, just total awesome. Have to get it.
Baran A (5 years ago)
Go and say that to game developers not to console makers
GCJ (5 years ago)
Probably the best part of the xbox one right now.
Michael Simmons (5 years ago)
What about disabled gamers and gamers in wheelchairs? I being an incomplete quadriplegic can't even open my fingers, please don't forget core users that need/prefer non motion based titles. Don't add motion everything damn you. I can only use the controller and even that's difficult with my limited abilities. Also make developers have Burton remapping in all games. Thank u though it won't happen :(
tigertom53 (5 years ago)
The method, which we call Eulerian Video Magnification, takes a standard video sequence as input, and applies spatial decomposition, followed by temporal filtering to the frames. The resulting signal is then amplified to reveal hidden information. Using our method, we are able to visualize the flow of blood as it fills the face and also to amplify and reveal small motions. Our technique can run in real time to show phenomena occurring at temporal frequencies selected by the user
Eddie R (5 years ago)
This sucks
shadowam2 (5 years ago)
IR can detect blood/heat in your head, which is directly correlated to your heart beat
Seth (5 years ago)
You suck
Amirul Syafi (5 years ago)
the remote perhaps
GAMERfReAk692 (5 years ago)
nice tv
djksketch (5 years ago)
it shoots a microchip into you when you're not looking
djksketch (5 years ago)
someone mentioned the pre owned game fees in the room and the machine went schizo
djksketch (5 years ago)
will it be pay per minute to use this? Wouldn't surprise me
Devara Gian (5 years ago)
Kinect watch you fap, lol
Bad Luck Billy (5 years ago)
what if the heart rate lags and my grandfather thinks he is going into cardiac arrest?
Rico Suave (5 years ago)
Still don't want one.
choco arteaga (5 years ago)
enchantrand-esque (5 years ago)
no thanks, ill just not buy one instead
eSKAone (5 years ago)
Look at your Notebooks, they have "plugged in" cameras for years now. If it scares you stick a sticker over it ore something eöse when it is not in use.
enchantrand-esque (5 years ago)
not me. i would never buy a console that requires me to have a camera plugged in. are they insane?
enchantrand-esque (5 years ago)
how is it in any way awesome? i think its creepy as fuck.
Ameen Ali (5 years ago)
Infrared which can see your body heat and other stuff.
enchantrand-esque (5 years ago)
enchantrand-esque (5 years ago)
well who would have thought the Wii U would win this gen
Blederin (5 years ago)
ye thats bullshit
Novoneel Chakraborty (5 years ago)
it monitors changes in the pigmentation of your face with the infrared sensor to track your pulse
Dusan Kloosterman (5 years ago)
Does it have TV?
astudios (5 years ago)
Now Double Fines wacky action theater games will be boring :(

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