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The Hard Lives of Britain's Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

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Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs after using them recreationally. On the eve of the ban, VICE travelled to Manchester to meet some more vulnerable users who have become addicted to these over-the-counter substances and discovered that solving the problem won't be as simple as making legal highs illegal. Watch the newest VICE feature on Fentanyl, The Drug Deadlier than Heroin: http://bit.ly/2aB2Ead World's Scariest Drug: http://bit.ly/1MpY7GI Teenage Heroin Epidemic: http://bit.ly/1gQ9L0D Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (9695)
odalisque1814et (1 day ago)
Give up everything just to get HIGH! OK 。 We should‘nt blame anyone, We have OUR RIGHT.
Pat Eastman (1 day ago)
When I smoked spice, it was the craziest euphoric moment in my life. I’ll never forget, I smoked three drags off a strawberry juicy jay rolled up with spice. “Bizarro” it felt like a dream I’d been having my whole life that was being lived out finally.
Maddog Mofo (1 day ago)
Fuck i need some of that siht
Tayght One (1 day ago)
T-i-t-c-h (1 day ago)
David Dorrizzi (2 days ago)
For Gods sake legalise Marijuana!!!
DukeBeri (2 days ago)
Uk always been drugies now america cathin up
Stevie Baby (2 days ago)
See this is what happens when you don't blaze the bud anymore you start blazing the skunk.
luger 925 (2 days ago)
The Chinese make spice. I think they are getting us back for the opium we forced on them in the past. Opium wars much?
Tiia (2 days ago)
Titch need help
Steven Granados (3 days ago)
I dont get it when real bud is harmless.
Ibrahim Kouyate (4 days ago)
Just call it edibles
keterpele (4 days ago)
bozai adamı bozayiiii
Charlie Mätur (5 days ago)
how is this legal when its affecting so many people in that city, this video should be prove enough to stop the sell of this.
Counterpart NSA (5 days ago)
This is because you're idiots. Test it to find out what's in it so you can inform them.
Joel Walker (5 days ago)
I'm high asf watching this lmao
Blue Butterfly (5 days ago)
I know the (obviously valid) conspiracy theories- just looking for answers as to who actually creates this stuff and makes it legal? With a warning label that is obviously saying it is harmful? For what purpose is this actually created? Is it actually classed as a legal high on the packet, even though it is harmful?
youwhatmate (6 days ago)
Where I live the local council houses loads of migrants here but our own are on the streets. This is why people are pissed off.
Shane Dorr (6 days ago)
Zahoor Toofany (6 days ago)
It is black mamba
Mister Mystery (7 days ago)
The fact that this shit is/was legal to buy in a smartshop says enough . drugs = weapon of warfare by shadow government.
PhantomPh1re (7 days ago)
lol UK makes weed illegal people start smoking shit worse than weed. States in US legalize weed and aside from a few people misjudging their tolerance levels and driving off a cliff while blitzed as fuck (what i like to call "natural selection") we don't really have any problems. It's pretty much well known here in colorado that it's impossible to overdose on marijuana, and even if you somehow managed to smoke 90% of your body weight in weed you would probably just pass out for 24 hours and wake up with a case of severe munchies. You can get pretty fucked up on dabs but worst thing that can happen is you puke from coughing too hard or get so incredibly stoned that you pass out for 24 hours. if you're over here in a legal state you just treat weed like alcohol (don't drive, don't go bother people in public, etc) and you'll be more than fine.
Kagan Wolfe (8 days ago)
Dude put on a good show lol as soon as she said its like a heroin withdrawal he started scratching and looking around
Al420 (8 days ago)
This has nothing to do with cannabis spice is a different drug
Kereltje (8 days ago)
England is so marginal in so many ways compared to the rest of western civilization... damn!
Tyler Storms (8 days ago)
Ewww fuck spice 😒😕
Roo (9 days ago)
If they'd just legalize WEED everywhere, this wouldn't be an issue. Real Marijuana doesn't do shit to you.
flatusmaximus88 (9 days ago)
K Lets smoke some AB-FUBINACA
Violett Reyes (10 days ago)
When I was 16 or 17 I tried k2 before weed was legal at Colorado... I didn't know what it was but I was dumb and heard it would get me high so I took it. It's not a good experience, it made me feel crazy and I felt like everyone was watching me, it felt creepy. The entire time my heart was racing and I can literally see my heart beating. I'm shocked I didn't have a heart attack, never saw my heart doing that even when working out.
Javier Lopez (10 days ago)
Scary Spice
Kigen Kibet (10 days ago)
How is this even legal?
TheOceanic Way700 (11 days ago)
Lmaoo i have no sympathy for britian , this is KARMA for the enslavement of many colored people for hundreds of years! Same for the USA , the usa mistreats colored people an look how tge drug cartels flooded there borders with drugs!
Nicky Cotton (11 days ago)
They're all dribbling their tits off around here in broad daylight, standing up half asleep, starting fights with randoms, having seizures etc. Then get very confused and psychosed without it. He's bloody right about it being everywhere in Jail too. Please don't touch this stuff as known Smackheads transfer over to Spice or end up on both. It's the Devil's green dandruff ffs
Arthur Morgan (11 days ago)
A fucken Pokémon card wow
Jonah Motley (11 days ago)
Smoked this shit called "Diablo Gold" felt like I was having a heart attack for 10 minutes and made my Butthole sweat.
STONEDay (11 days ago)
Vice on spice. Fucking media. The crap in this video is not synthetic marijuana. Calling this crap synthetic marijuana is like calling rubbing alcohol synthetic vodka! In fact on the molecular level rubbing alcohol is closer to vodka than this crap is to cannabis. Real synthetic marijuana (nabilone and other pharmaceuticals) are made by big pharma. Thankfully cannabis is legal here and we don't have a problem with fake drugs like this crap.
Snack (11 days ago)
What about freedom of choice? I know tons of people who tryed it out of curiosity and didnt get hooked. Also the sellers tell you to not consume that stuff. Its like drinking from a bottle labeled poison and marked with a skull and warning labels and then blaming the manufacturer for putting poison in a bottle. You can go to any hardware store or any pharmacy and get like 500 things over the counter that can get you fucked up or kill you. Or both. But you dont do that because you were educated about those chemicals and have better options avaliable. Imo selling isnt the wrong part as research chems have an important place in you know, chemical and medical research, but rather the misinformation and missing education about all those substances that are around us constantly.
David Taylor (12 days ago)
That shit is nasty
Yeezusbro 12 (13 days ago)
You musty mf if you fw spice 😂
Blox Vlogs (13 days ago)
why are they smokin that wtf weed is good
Eric the Punk (13 days ago)
The solution is stop banning actual weed
neros art (13 days ago)
It´s been 3 years since the release of this documentary, can anyone from England elaborate on the situation today? Is this shit still legal?
Bring Us Peace Please (13 days ago)
Let the lads smoke real weed for fuck sakes
Arthur Stein-Tarnowski (14 days ago)
Yo bro it’s bullshit big up yourself grown man get some weed bro lock off
ben cowie (14 days ago)
I died from it and now im a reincarnated elephant
Chris Chapman (14 days ago)
We should forcefully isolate these people
Kyle Owen (16 days ago)
I remember back in 2005 I was a sophomore in high school and the synthetic marijuana market had just made it's way into the U.S. I tried it one time out of a friends bong and within seconds of smoking I started freaking out and ripped my shirt off and ran into the backyard because I thought my shirt was melting on my skin. I never smoked it ever again and I dont know anyone else that smokes this stuff.
Hot Lightning (16 days ago)
I was addicted to K2 for 8 months. I stole from my family, I lied, I did unspeakable things. Never again. Please never try this. Just smoke weed please
Yoel Arenas (16 days ago)
i actually would like to try it
Angel Paredes (16 days ago)
This is k2 wtf
Modular Mountain (16 days ago)
The saddest part about this whole thing was seeing that the crack-head spice addict owned a dog at the end.. that poor dog.
Maxim Chau (16 days ago)
When that gray screen came up I thought the to be continued meme will pop up
Brendton R (17 days ago)
Just legalize pot for Pete's sake
David Lakin (17 days ago)
I don't know. Yes spice is horrible but I feel like the kid in the white t-shirt, while obviously he seemed to be hurting, I feel he liked the attention he was getting and played up the spice junkey act a bit for the cameras. That being said spice is no joke and it produces nothing but harm.
031doolittle (17 days ago)
pure cannabis could save lifes and cure them all , but the government wants you dead....the truth about depopulation....
Young Nigga (17 days ago)
How tf would you expect Aliens to ever contact us when they see shit like this is legal?
Elijah Ragland (18 days ago)
can we just get these brethers some real kush? can i get a ‘legalize it?’ …or ‘legalise it’ as they say in UK.
Orthiundox Noises (18 days ago)
Smoked k2 once before in my life.. it numbs your mouth that's all I remember
Orthiundox Noises (18 days ago)
He gotta be acting .
yellow cones cousin (19 days ago)
I tried synthetic weed and it made me freak like I was paralyzed trapped in my mind going crazy for like 30 min I was stuck in a zone after one hit from a bowl I smoke real bud fuck that fake
Shristy Blair (19 days ago)
Stop comparing shit to weed. This is NOT anything like weed.
Nachuak (20 days ago)
It seems kind of dumb to me. Why doesn't the government just make it illegal for anything resembling spice to enter the country from China, even if they've manipulated/altered the chemical makeup to get past regulation?
Nachuak (20 days ago)
If it doesn't grow out of the ground and it's not consumed in its original state, then don't do it
Nachuak (20 days ago)
From what I see, a lot of British people need to learn to speak English clearly.
Shristy Blair (19 days ago)
Brits speak English the proper way. Smh dumbass
Nachuak (20 days ago)
Why don't you just go buy a bag of normal weed ?
Si L (20 days ago)
I tried two brands and it's criminal this shit is legal and weed isn't. One made everything brighter and sort of floating about as if it wasn't there, but a nightmare and made me very physivally weak, I could barely walk for 15 mins. The other made me shake uncontrollably and paranoid. Weed though just made me life easier to handle, the only thing bad about it was the price, too damn expensive where I live.
Obviously not going back to spliff , cheers USA for MDTs ..all your fault
Legal Alien (20 days ago)
they used to sell it as "potpourri" where I live. I knew a co-worker who smoked it at work because he was on probation he would buy one packet for 20 dollars and that shit made him more retarded than he already was. I knew another co-worker than tried it because he didn't have any weed on him that shit made him pass out and now he's on oxygen because he was diagnosed with COPD.but he was a heavy smoker also
Barbara Out (21 days ago)
Why is It so Much more addictive then regulair cannabis if they mimic the effects of normal cannabis and works on the same receptors , could Any one explain this ?
sarp sarp (6 days ago)
It is not so much more addictive. It is just so much more harmful. Synthetic weed is not physically addictive like heroin but it is too harmful. It is an ideal drug to live short. Sometimes I ask myself why not smoke this and live short.
Barbara Out (11 days ago)
+ilkov what do you mean with completely saturate receptors? Like more potent ?
ilkov (11 days ago)
From what i read around. First of all spice can be different kind of chemicals so effects can depend on actual composition, however cannabis is "partial agonist" while spice is "full agonist" meaning it can completely saturate brain receptors, while this doesn't happen with cannabis.
trucomment (21 days ago)
i remember i had a speck of dust of this thing through a pipe along tobacco and i was tripping soo hard i couldnt know what i was thinking i forgot how to talk and kept salivating for 4 hrs... those nutjobs are smoking whole js?!
Abdul Akram (22 days ago)
Junkies 😂
David Stroe (22 days ago)
In romania you can buy it with 2£ (10 romanian lei)
Hahahaha spice boys! 😂😂😂 the shit in Australia I smoked back in 2012 was called triple x black label. Holy fucking shit! It was fucked up and I thought I was mario marching everywhere and got paranoid as fuck.
Teaghan Finks (24 days ago)
Is his name titch or twitch
christian garcia (24 days ago)
I've tried it. it's nothing like weed the only reason I used it is because I couldn't get weed. No it doesn't take the pain away it just makes your heart race really fast for about 10 mins. Britain please legalized weed to get this shit of the steers
Master Qué (24 days ago)
if you relly wnna go higher than a normal weed why dont you use some live Rsesine?
Patriotbadass (24 days ago)
Taste like perfume,it's the nastiest shit out there
Robert Fourie (25 days ago)
Kids die of this in south afrika
Anmol Acharya (25 days ago)
Its not weed
isaac 2high (25 days ago)
100xs? The thc... I don't believe it lol
X Y (25 days ago)
This is what governments make real weed look like... How is it weed is illegal and this is legal... Absolutely disgusting
Cam Sweet (25 days ago)
I did spice from when i woke up to when i went to bed for about a year. Eventually i did it so much whenever i would smoke it i would start to freak out. I would get pain in what felt like my brain, and id have anxiety attacks even when i had been months sober. It damaged my mental health. I hope to God no one does this shit, its poison. Which makes me wonder, why havent scientists decided that they NEED to study this shit. Its becoming more of a problem especially to youth
Shrek (26 days ago)
just make It illegal
Matt Rayner (26 days ago)
Spice gives weed a terrible name. It's more like smack. I've never seen a stoner act like these guys
Nikhil Sharma (26 days ago)
It will fuck your mind and no one will help you outta it Lucky enough to be saved. But about other 80% who need help more than anything from our govts. Coz they allowed it in country0
matthew mitchell (27 days ago)
Fake propaganda
matthew mitchell (27 days ago)
There are side effects from coming off of it your stomach will hurt feel nauseous and you won't have a filter your say just about anything
matthew mitchell (27 days ago)
He is stupid he's putting on for the camera i've smoked so much spice over the course of 10 years I smoke everything that came out of China Russia Mexico and some s*** we made ourselves this is fiction spice keeps us out of trouble
Brian DiVincenzo (27 days ago)
At 2:52... The dude talkin looks and sounds like one of the junkie peddlers in the movie "Rock N Rolla"... I wonder if its him... Its probably not bcuz I'm sure they would've mentioned it. But still looks and sounds alot like him.
Danielle Hellam (27 days ago)
Pahahahah THAT TITCH FAKE ASS JOEY .WHAT AN ABSOLUTE WALKING DOINK HE IS.... N YA DRIG WORKER HAS HOT ABOUT AS MUCH INTELLIGENCE AS YOU TOO... NOT ONE CLUE BETWEEN THE PAIR OF THEM.... PAHAHA oh and weed _skunk pot is absolutly noyhing like this there is not one single effect that replecates smoking skunk at all.. Dozey pair of farts a clueless drug worker( whos probly just a support worker) and has no specific training in drugs at all...and a fake ass over acting ass hole whos clearly spending too much time round smack heads rattling ,and thinks its clever n looks good. Saying hes getting same withdrawls as a heroin addict ....TICH UDE BE CRAWLING ON THE FLOOR IF THAT WAS THE CASE SWEATING IN AGONY WITH MUSCLE CRAMOS THROWING UP ETC ... WHAT A TOTAL pair of compleat doinks....n she wahts SACKING THE USELESS MISSINFORMED WAST OF TIME...MY GOD!!!!👎😆😆👎
Duppy Man (27 days ago)
- "I threw that in to a spliff this morning". - "But thats about 40 spliffs there isnt it?" Then he takes a big nervous gulp ha the interviewer never smoked anything in his life. 5:25
U kno (28 days ago)
This is not synthetic weed it's an incense not for human consumption
tanker1960 (28 days ago)
China/India, is indeed getting their revenge.!  It seems there is more to come. This is the pain the Opium/Heroin addicts felt. Our Creator says "You will reap what you sow".  Why isn't the royal family stepping in with their billions of pounds, they have collected since their war with Spain, centuries ago??  How could they just sit back and watch their subjects suffer like this??  TMH Judge Righteously. .
Abs Ashraf (28 days ago)
Your hairline is fucked 😂
Titch is completely over exaggerating the withdrawals from spice. As an ex user myself, it never affected me or any other user I know like that. Yeah you get hot flushes, but the withdrawals are more mental. You certainly don't have twitchy legs or the nonsense he was putting forward. I don't understand why dickheads like titch make it look twenty times worse than it is just to look like a massive user.
david lehan (28 days ago)
I know a lad who goes hanging out in town with rest of them he said even the smack heads r using this .instead of brown .cheaper and fu.cks u up more than the brown because all brown is shit now a days .I was on h 25 years so I know what I'm talking about we use to get street herion 40 50 % u be lucky to get 10 % now a days .it's all shite
david lehan (28 days ago)
They spray it with suff like nail varnish remover and stuff like that .worst drug ever in UK
He could buy a Q of real blow per day for the same price or cheaper. I know what my choice would be...
Tofuu Squad (29 days ago)
Who the fuck is telling these people that synthetic cannabis is safer than any other contemporary street drug? Heroin is safer. Meth is safer. Crack is safer. Synthetic cannabinoids have the worst safety profile of not only regular drugs but compared to other RCs as well. This is the epitome of why and how the broken “war on drugs” hurts more people than the drugs themselves. The only reason we have this shit in smoke shops is because the, safe , real thing is illegal. The only reason this misinformation is spread is because we focus on criminalization instead of recovery. We need to fucking end the war on drugs by switching to a recovery based system in as many places as possible.
VERSA RECORDS (29 days ago)
Fuck that shit

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