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Iggy Azalea - Kream ft. Tyga (Official Music Video)

1537802 ratings | 128000748 views
Listen to ""Kream (ft. Tyga)"" -- Spotify: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/spotify Apple Music: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/applemusic iTunes: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/itunes Google Play: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/google-play Amazon: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/amazon Tidal: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/tidal iHeart: https://IslandRecs.lnk.to/KREAMDL/iheartradio Music video by Iggy Azalea performing Kream. © 2018 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/7qm8Ma #IggyAzalea #Kream #Vevo #HipHop #Tyga
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Text Comments (106459)
Diana Wyltk (26 seconds ago)
Le Coq Sauvage (42 minutes ago)
I love it
Eliana Henao (1 hour ago)
Like por las nalgas de Iggy azalea :v
Różowy Diabełek (2 hours ago)
is this girl who sing problem with ariana?
Yvonne's Vlogs (2 hours ago)
Ctrl Gamers (2 hours ago)
For some reason this looks better in 0,5x speed😈
Marc Winkler (2 hours ago)
Pussy in your face
darius alexandru (2 hours ago)
2019😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 te iubesc mult.
Wicked Pls (2 hours ago)
These lyrics are beautiful, very meaningful :)
Jade Cupcake1 (2 hours ago)
Imma' be honest, this really bored me. 2019, please, don't be the same year as each previous one. The industry is sick to the head. We need sexy artism, not sexualized materialism. And especially not empty, shallow, basic money ideology. We're grown. Teenagers know more than the industry knows, it really underestimates their musical tastes. We really need artism, not money. This is already a meme to the vast majority of intelligent music fans. That's why I call this out by saying it's boring. This culture is BORING. Let our kids and us, teenagers, be happier than this shit. It's really confusing when we are actually, as society, evolving, and the industry's not. 💵😦
Hilary Clinton (3 hours ago)
The “highlights” of this video: 0:17 0:25 0:42 0:47 0:57 1:15 1:29 1:57 2:23 2:36 Thank me later🍑
Subham kumar (3 hours ago)
Pussy hh bitch fuck lasangna
Shabbir Abdullah (4 hours ago)
Because ill see tik tok
Weechokills420 (4 hours ago)
Tyga just caught a murder charge with that verse and them adlibs. 🔥🔥🔥
EMINƎM (4 hours ago)
Kanye Ruins Every Award MoFo
Naresh Mijar (4 hours ago)
After tik tok who is here
Marcel Kachiani (5 hours ago)
Theres a little bit music in your porno😊
P N (5 hours ago)
Whoes here in january 2019?
Kamryn C. (5 hours ago)
What has rap become?
Ahmed&Snow ShafiqAlAir (6 hours ago)
Hello Ulysses freelance winter Garcia to leave so he didn't care if you didn't see us through of the funkiest is Captain America. So f****** hot
2019? 🤑
Mateus Fonseca (6 hours ago)
Queen 🔥
Kim SuYon (6 hours ago)
Welcome to the porn club
aman das (6 hours ago)
Sex Education 🙂
Who said white girls can't have big asses
Rosica Markova (7 hours ago)
I'mNotStupid Just Slow (7 hours ago)
Is there a uncensored version? Assing for a friend. Thanks
Edward Xu zhang (7 hours ago)
Who's this person again?
Midnight Blvd (7 hours ago)
Yovry (8 hours ago)
How to get banned from my Christian Minecraft server
Rihanna Navy (8 hours ago)
I only watched 25 secs of this then I turned it off it is just inappropriate
isaiahstochl117 (8 hours ago)
I PLAY GAMES (8 hours ago)
Terri Brown (8 hours ago)
Them yellow boots popping
Sky Mill (9 hours ago)
I think Iggy is the baddest on the planet
Khallel Vitor (10 hours ago)
Brasil? 🇧🇷❤️
Samir Nissan (11 hours ago)
Fuk the money n power filthy slut God will destroy u sold ur soul to the devil u slut people like u r destroying these young innocent kids the Illuminati I s destroy this world for money n power let our god come n will see wat will u say then I hope he destroys this world n it's filth
Asaf Beats (11 hours ago)
luisa martinez (11 hours ago)
99 % porn No 1000000% porn
Beatríz Medrani (11 hours ago)
Hey Iggy! there is music in your porn
Carlos Fabela Bera (11 hours ago)
It's the first time I've watched this video, only big asses appear😱🍑
Chelsie Mullins (11 hours ago)
ass bags.
Eilene Rose (12 hours ago)
Iggi sounds like a man
tony elvir (13 hours ago)
Like si no entiendes una mierda pero te quedas x los culos 🤣
Beautiful Life (13 hours ago)
Disgusting plastic whore
Ruushonda Bugg (6 hours ago)
Just like your Mother
Stuart Black (13 hours ago)
A very fine role model for her female fans.
XcuddleXbearX11 (13 hours ago)
This song is good for twerking or...hum something else but I feel like she trying to be Nicki.....idk just my opinion.
Slime _slime (15 hours ago)
First you get the money Then you get the power Respect Hoes come last (Oh my God, Ronny) Ay, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it Ay, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it Ay, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it Get it, get it, get it (Cash rules everything around me) Uh, open up the safe, bitches got a lot to say Pussy in your face, that'll put you in your place (boom) Seven letters on the plate, fuck you when I brake (bitch) I got cars, I got bags, I got real estate (Cash rules) Foreplay, I ain't come to play I got big fish money, he gon' bite the bait (ya) Can you drop it down, make that ass talk to me? Keep that energy, gon' up that Hennessy (ass) I need my bag quickly Separate six degrees, bitches said they know me Sex pistols, Sid Vicious, wet you when it's horny Hit me on my cash app, check it in the morning Cash, in this bitch shinin' Dressed in designer, she could get grimey And it's perfect timing, gin with the tonic Bella Hadid, homie could get it Ass Cash, cash Ass, bags Bag (Cash rules everything around me) Cash (ay) cash (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Ass (ay) bags (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Bag (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) (Cash rules everything around me) Ass rules everything around me Deep in that pussy, yeah, I'm drowning A shark in a water, how you found me? Best gift from 'round me (I'ma dog) I go hunting like a bounty (woof) (Cash rules) Ya, make my own rules Tattoos on that ass, she do night school Welcome to the players club, Ice Cube Diamonds might make the news, uh Bitch that's photoshop like rappers with that autotune (cash) Uh, your cheques is not a proof RM 52 and a Skull, waterproof Niggas talk a lot of boof, 'til they outside the booth My niggas like Golden State, inbound, pull up and shoot Cash (swish) Cash, ass Ass, bags Bag (Cash rules everything around me) Ass (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Cash, cash (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Ass, bags (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) Bag (get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it) (Cash rules everything around me) Ass rules everything around me Deep in that pussy, got him drowning (drownin', drownin') Cash rules, everything around me A shark in the water, how you found me? (found me, found me)
Eric The Kitty Gamer (15 hours ago)
When you get 100 dollars for your birthday.
cosmic zone (16 hours ago)
Getitgeitgeit 0:20 *RahHh* b0Om *BBitch* haHhh
David Gabriel (16 hours ago)
hard to type wiv one hand
Sally Walker is Coming 🔥🔥🔥
Algachimi Ange (16 hours ago)
Oh my god body
busa89 (16 hours ago)
Funny how many people claim to hate her but this shit got over 100m views 😂
wifibaby msp (16 hours ago)
I like how family friendly it is
Felipe Miranda (16 hours ago)
nicky mitrava ft travety
steffi_ c_n (17 hours ago)
At the beginning of the song you hear the voice of Bhad Bhabie "oh my god ronny". does that mean something?😂
Big Nasty (17 hours ago)
I'm just here for ass..
Chloé Coppens (17 hours ago)
such a mood
Michelle Moreno (18 hours ago)
Omg guys are singing this on too tok so hot
Alto (18 hours ago)
Is she a singer or a strip girl ? Maybe twice...
Sapu ._. (19 hours ago)
What? ;;-;
Malaïka Tshiteya (19 hours ago)
Instagram edits
Nish Lawai (19 hours ago)
Tho its porn type song,but i luv d way iggy rap it.
No nut 2019 i dare you
Kamal Ezzarouali (20 hours ago)
SNO DOG (20 hours ago)
darius alexandru (20 hours ago)
Te iubesc.
Emanuele Shirazi (20 hours ago)
Let's get it to 200 milion views before it's birthday, 6th july!
Mundy Mondy (20 hours ago)
King Respected Everywhere And Mansion…^…^…* Illumination Celebrations…^…^…*
Anthony Padron (20 hours ago)
Love you Iggy
Manny G. Forever (21 hours ago)
This video has more views than Nicki and Cardi latest videos combined 🤷
Adrian Fuglesang (22 hours ago)
When you trying your hardest to Get views
darius alexandru (22 hours ago)
Anjali Baruah (22 hours ago)
Tiktok brought me here
Alpha laama (22 hours ago)
I was watching this music video and my mom walked in to my room...
Malaïka Tshiteya (19 hours ago)
Alpha laama oof akward
M. AyG (22 hours ago)
Peter leurs chevilles hein t'entends
ankit gupta (22 hours ago)
Porn......everywhere nowadays
Nessy edits (23 hours ago)
cant wait for Sally Walker music video 🔥🔥🔥
Ein Matti (1 day ago)
her ass gives her cash and her cash gives her bags
darius alexandru (1 day ago)
100 iubire
Nuub Nuub (1 day ago)
This is not a nice toturial kids fuck you
Marcelo Augusto (1 day ago)
É só eu que achei Money da Cardi b com várias referências desse clipe da Iggy
Letras Brasil (17 hours ago)
Achamos kkkk
Diego Strehl (1 day ago)
darius alexandru (1 day ago)
darius alexandru (1 day ago)
1 st
MR SAO ENT (1 day ago)
Who is after tiktok
Пацаны где российские?)
darius alexandru (1 day ago)
Te iubesc mult
Sara Righetti (1 day ago)
“Bella Hadid, homie could get it” is for a few people
IB Black (1 day ago)
Is this age restricted
Cletus Ntih (1 day ago)
100% porn 😇❤ 2019?
Tamer Rashed (1 day ago)
أجمل مقطع 0:23 😉😉😉 2019.............................. لايك وإشتراك بالقناه 😍❤️
Admir Menzilovic (1 day ago)
Anyone wanna fuck?
Admir Menzilovic (1 day ago)
I wanna fuck
NaGz Vevo (1 day ago)
Damm she's Fit thou.. Smash the Hip hop outta Dat ! 🇬🇧
Andrew Randhawa (1 day ago)
Angelica Robertson (1 day ago)
Now nicki cardi and iggy ?
Jesse Tilman (1 day ago)
dumb bitch tryna appropriate real hip hop FUCK OUTA HERE you aint slick neither are your promoters.
Romi Miraka (1 day ago)

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