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True Tiger - Big Love (Ft. Maiday) (Haze Remix)

9972 ratings | 810550 views
Available to buy now: http://ukf.me/QkYQ0c Become a fan of Haze: http://www.facebook.com/HazeDubstep True Tiger - Big Love (Ft. Maiday) (Haze Remix) is forthcoming on 'Eye Of The Tiger' Vol 2 on Stripes Records. Become a fan of True Tiger: http://www.facebook.com/truetigerofficial Follow True Tiger on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/truetiger http://www.truetiger.org Follow Stripes Records on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stripesrecords Become a fan of Stripes Records: http://www.facebook.com/StripesRecords http://www.facebook.com/ukfdubstep http://www.ukfmusic.com http://www.twitter.com/UKFLuke http://www.twitter.com/UKF
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Text Comments (1731)
Corydon Rose (8 months ago)
Good song, immature fan audience
Lim Lam (9 months ago)
Fuck yeah, that's some fucking dank chillstep/melodic dubstep, whatever you wanna call it, shit's dank. That's some good music right there.
crisblind (9 months ago)
2018 bro
Hasher Mcbudz (1 year ago)
This was the soundtrack to the start of my psychedelic journeys. Good times
valerie fuentes (11 months ago)
Hasher Mcbudz same!
stoffmiester (1 year ago)
2017 here 👌👊
ellisy0 (1 year ago)
rip haze <3
SKELETON ᴍᴏʙ (2 years ago)
Holy throwback
Brooklyn Knights (2 years ago)
I still think of this and all the other Dubstep from 2013 and older to be real dubstep, and not whatever the stuff is today
FREEMAN DUBSTEP (2 years ago)
damn, funtcase KILLED this track <3
Shayni hamadi (2 years ago)
this music is best music more than the modern chillstep
BΣΣЯΔМV (1 year ago)
Chillstep does not exist.
Patriotis (3 years ago)
Old dubstep never dies.
NEVERGETTINOLD 1312 (3 years ago)
i checked the old Songs from ukf and in every comment i See you man hahaha
djexclusivee (3 years ago)
So amazing, what a classic!
Pelamaronna Z (3 years ago)
Earthquake in my room!
Kayven Ellis (3 years ago)
OMG still love this song
danermanerkider (3 years ago)
1 year later for me, still as big and great as when I discovered it. Amazing bass, I cannot get over it, I would say it even beats Skream's Midnight Request Line and Bahl Fwd. Melody is simply hypnotic as well, really wish I could find more like this. Love everything about it. Need moar!
Habetniko (1 year ago)
can't agree any more with you.. i need more quality stuff like this, everything is on point and the bass is just right
Sinead Sanders (3 years ago)
Fucking love it!! Perfect;)
BMXrace321 (4 years ago)
aw man this is fucking killer
skatelakai007 (4 years ago)
Dubstep producers need to make more bass lines this way, these people claim they make "bass music" this song is a damn good example of true bass music!
Jacob (4 years ago)
That snare though... It's on point. mmm
C MICHAEL (4 years ago)
AVSbeats (4 years ago)
Fucking brings back memories ;)
woadancincolours (4 years ago)
Dubstep anthem all year every year.
DGV (4 years ago)
inamajo (4 years ago)
Super voice! I like it.
Redrash12 (4 years ago)
Haze is funtcase right?
ijeshwar dhillon (11 months ago)
+Gurdeep Singh bs honestly not suprised
Gurdeep Singh (2 years ago)
+arke killa WHAT THE FUCK??????!!!!! mind blown bruhhhh
ScreamMaster115 (4 years ago)
arke killa (4 years ago)
Vince Thomason (4 years ago)
Dubstep didn't begin in the early 2000s it dates back to the 80s
Brayden O (3 years ago)
+woadancincolours Yeah. I Can't Stop was an absolutely shit track. It was just noise and had no melody, sub bass, beat or soul. I'm being fucking sarcastic of course, you're fucking retarded if you think Flux Pavilion is bad.
Patriotis (3 years ago)
+CircumcisedUnicorn lol
Midoriya (3 years ago)
+Patriotis Ay dw bruh I got yo back with this reply
Patriotis (3 years ago)
+CircumcisedUnicorn That awkward moment where i reply to a comment more then a year old
Midoriya (4 years ago)
+woadancincolours The genre's just evolving, don't have to frown upon it so much. Look at dnb for example. The way jungle evolved into neurofunk and then paving way for modern dnb is pretty amazing. If you check out some of the neuro titles of today, it's as if they're engineered instead of being produced, the production value of some artists is insane. But yeah, it's just evolution. Learn to embrace it.
StayUnique (5 years ago)
xXUltra_SpeedXx (2 years ago)
+StayUnique no
danermanerkider (5 years ago)
Omfg this is fucking point. Its been a while since I've seen my sub move the way it is right now. This is so smooth, crisp, melodic, and the bass is exactly how I love it. I need moar like this
sergey9429 (5 years ago)
kingemocut (5 years ago)
dubstep was invented in early 00's. sxrillix started in '08. the older stuff sounds better too than his stuff, he just got it into the public eye.
MrHispanicGerman (5 years ago)
no he fucking didn't
Wen (5 years ago)
UKFDubstep THE BEST !!!!
Edvinas M (5 years ago)
best this song remix :)
LiamHeuvel177 (5 years ago)
the internet brings out the darkness from within every one
TheAngrywhore (5 years ago)
TOTALLY DUDE. 10 months ago. How could you even find that?
Jorge Lam (5 years ago)
i will make love with this song on
Ritmos Continentales (5 years ago)
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Jamie Reed (5 years ago)
errm no benga and skream did
Carl Ballhaus (5 years ago)
RunLikeCC (5 years ago)
Bass boost? ;)
Silhouetters (5 years ago)
449 people did not know that Haze is actually Funtcase aswell!
TheDudeman147 (5 years ago)
Imma bet five bucks he'll remove it in about a year xD
Charlotte Felski (5 years ago)
My favourite song EVER
Steve larson (5 years ago)
i avoid every signle song with the word " love " (due to personal experiences ) on it but i gotta make an exception for this one
Craig Armstrong (5 years ago)
fucking sick!
Leanie Moore (5 years ago)
you have the ukf bass tattooed on your chest? That's pretty funny.
TheMathews22 (5 years ago)
arke killa (5 years ago)
Craig Flanagan (5 years ago)
big bass!!
Dom Phillips (5 years ago)
True tiger never disappoint
Christian Darrin (5 years ago)
love it!
226956 (5 years ago)
OOO, wasn't sure at the start it scream Caspa, pretty obvious 1st thought, but that bass hit, sounds and Vocals really tuned in and shit started feeling good.
Utaveus D. Karter (5 years ago)
really fantastic remix, makes me really feel like i'm in a world of my own, equal to the original :)
Jordan Hinsley (5 years ago)
This is really good
Joskarr (5 years ago)
Funt goes in!
DriftIRL (5 years ago)
dubnorris likes chuckstep
Tosa Vlad (5 years ago)
Billy Feller (5 years ago)
LOOOOOOOOOL I totally agree ! :D
TheAngrywhore (5 years ago)
If that was the case, you must be feeling the stupidity radiate much more off of yourself since you fail to see the troll.
FuntCaseUK (5 years ago)
amen to that
Darth Pinks (5 years ago)
This song is awesome. The vocals are awesome and the melodies spot on. Bass amazing
T. Doni (5 years ago)
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Kathryn W (5 years ago)
Kick ass songg :)
Well thank u shithead..
Search on wikipedia and ahh ur grammar:@!
VeryMagicPanda (5 years ago)
Habetniko (5 years ago)
Looks like you're the poor idiot that couldn't pay the school bill. Get yourself some money and go to school! Then buy a sub, and then we'll see if you'll say the same thing.
OvoJeMojUser (5 years ago)
you don't have taste in music idiot bass is amazing !!!
Ivan Navarro (5 years ago)
rene pusepatten (5 years ago)
Why so? He was just stating his opinion + this song is actually catchy and the bass is good, so your argument is invalid.
MattBurton1987 (5 years ago)
I look at the comments and no one is arguing about Skrillex. Today was a good day.
Piers Fountaine (5 years ago)
ahahahahaha look at your english and i think you will find you sir are the idiot.
Octopusskull (5 years ago)
ishuqrydah (5 years ago)
you sir a officially an idiot
Fan tasy (5 years ago)
Habetniko (5 years ago)
this song feels way to good! the bass is PERFECT! <3
Joshua Rivera (5 years ago)
this song would have been better without the vocals
Habetniko (5 years ago)
THIS! this guy knows what he's talking about! guys get a sub and feel the song!
MrHispanicGerman (5 years ago)
then dont bullshit on this page, stick to where people give a shit
Zoltán Csákvári (6 years ago)
perfect sounds
Alex Fisher (6 years ago)
I honestly don't think you can understand this without a subwoofer.
koolaiddude7685894 (6 years ago)
you know what blows my mind funtcase creates some fucking HARD dubstep and some people love it and some hate it for not being musical enough well in his own words they just need to listen to this track and then FUCK OFF!
DHFC D (6 years ago)
love it
RealTrueTarget (6 years ago)
Dat voice makes the whole music. BIIIIIIIIIIG LOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE insane. It's like I'm falling into utopia.
Ryan Meijer (6 years ago)
You sir, are one funny guy.
FlowStream HD (6 years ago)
Hey everyone we have a dance video to this would you mind checking it out please :)
Ayebroyoumadd (6 years ago)
wait...if dubstep is stupid, why are you here? ...makes sense....
Ayebroyoumadd (6 years ago)
Gangnam style has 1bil views, justin has 800k. :D sorry pal, is that all the troll you got?
drogan8 (6 years ago)
Duuude , Do not feed the troll ...
Vypi Mixes (6 years ago)
Die in hell b!tch !
YOLO Biebs (6 years ago)
hmm ok idiot, I am a belieber
FPKMASSACRE (6 years ago)
lawl ikr
Daniel Gustafsson (6 years ago)
obvious troll is obvious.
YOLO Biebs (6 years ago)
lol ur jealous admit it
Moritz M (6 years ago)
you´r right but ... HA ! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

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